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    Blueberries and Chocolate almost there.
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    We're all in this togeather I'm just sharing the love , like others have shared with me : )
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    With your help, they really got that dialed in
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    Picked up a new herbal tea called Butterfly Pea, love the color. Make hot tea, add medicated honey, then ice it, nummy way to take your meds.
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    Sorry, the last picture I have is from Jan 29th. They were not in a great shape and I wasn't too motivated to photograph them. Moby Dick XXL was a freakshow. Some giants some runts, some strictly xmas tree structure, some bushy. No plants with single cola potential, to put it simply. Moby Dick were all coated with frost. They were all the same christmas tree structure, varied mainly in size. Scent was basically different levels of mango. Some were raw mango, some were ripe. If I were to pick one to grow again it would be the Moby Dick auto. More homogenous, bigger plants. Longer flowering. Neither of these are strains for a micro grower. Huge autos. Best XXL pheno:
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    Skunk/Afghan x Jackberry (2019 fem. freebie) 11 weeks 12/12 She was very easy to grow in simple living soil from the shop. After about 3 months cure she´s a calm and meditative blueberry skunk hybrid. Nice and comfortable weed... Actually favorite stash at the moment Not overwhelming and compliments a peaceful mind... She was also a good yielder, 3 full quart jars from a 5.5 liter bucket Many thanks to whomever gifted these beans.
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    @Papalag has a good system of npk ratios running at the moment , might save you some time in your r&d tent : ) thats a pottasium def on that one plant above : )
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    @baqualin The first pic is in for "bud of the month". smile
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    I think, 2 points: 1) this is the most advanced and experienced grow in the history of my country. 2) I am probably one of the least experienced people in the world to take on a grow this size. The fact that those two statements are not mutually exclusive is troubling on one level and quite funny on another.
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    Some pics: An amnesia freak with unbelievably large internodal space, reminiscent of landrace sativas: My biggest and favourite kolossus; in the runt row, that too. Started a week later than everything else, and started smaller, and is now among the biggest plants I have in here. Roots fast as well. Quality genetics here on "K23". She will be run again. Critical Plus 2.0 #1. I call her 2CP1. Not particularly stellar looking but something tells me she is going to stack on some weight. I've got a mom of her being kept alive but not sure if she will make it through to round 2. One of the more interesting smells. Sweet Amnesia Haze by sweet seeds. Doesn't look like a yielder but I have faith in sweet seeds sweet taste. She is codenamed "SAM". I have never been one to cheer for the clear and obvious winner. This below is one of my favourites. Critical jack #7 - CJ7 for short. Very very sativa fingered leaves, and even sativa like colas, but the internodal space is not so sativa, and the stretch (more than all other critical jacks) is very manageable, unlike her amnesia cousins. I've got my eyes on critical jack #4 (CJ4) as well. Already getting quite frosty. If not a huge yielder, looks like a fast finisher. While on the topic of "huge"... I apologize for not being able to get a better picture of my amnesias. I'm too short and the camera lens can only take in so much.
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    @Billman Cool dude, if she's anything like my keeper in 2014... you will be stoked
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    i have never considered buying soma seeds when i saw his prices and even if i had expendable cash, i'd still say fuck buying his gear. so, they have a technical name for our education lol. i had to google it lol. now i have a good answer for folks when they ask me what college/university i went too. most folks think i'm a college professor conversations dependent. young weed family brothers often called me pro/professor or old skool lol. i miss that young dude i hope he's alive and well. he was cool not a trouble maker . all i have to do is remember how to say it. wait i'll put it in my phone notepad. so i'll be god if the phone is close. i already know i would forget the word completely or not say it right. i can just say here show the, the screen and say this should answer your question ha. thx dude and mean it seriously. who the fuck is financing all that. who will consume it. i was sorta nervous about smoking in a foreign country. 1st. was okinawa . i used to walk off base and go into town to smoke in the city or walk off base and go into town not far from the tourist areas and clubs. it was cool. now, the Philippines was a different story. shit would hit the fan if i had been caught there. plus they had it so the locals could snitch on you and also keep whatever it is they snitched on. like if your bought black. market. goods or whatever. i did some wheeling and dealing but was really careful. i have always had a god rapport with the local women/dudes when it came to weed. women were better at getting the legit weed. in subic bay cause men were wimpy ass snitches galore. i can't wait to see the rest of this show . biggest one on a board i have been on in many many years. happy you can do it. i wish u all the best. by the way. i follow a dog on instagram that has some type of birth defect. they named him chupacabra but they call him Chupey for short. at first i was like damn. but quickly said fuck it and fell in love with this dog. he acts like a regular dog he justs look like a science experiment. i so wish i could meet chupey if he didn't already have a nice home i'd adopt him. he lives in georgia usa. yet, i act the same way with people who have various visible differences or noticable mental issues. i have always gotten along with them really well. they like me cause i treat them like everybody else. been that way all my life. i get it from my momma/family upbringing. peace i haven't been to sleep yet. tried awhile back but got perky lol. damn didn't even post this yet. smdh oh i forgot the video that's why. got to show more than one
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    I know man and this applies only to me Wtf do i do when my stupid neighbour Has no food for his children? I can not just sit here at watch It breaks my heart to think of it I cant go out that way I just cant.
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    Yeah I'm not an expert either. I'm really looking to dial in on the nutrient side of things. I'm thinking less is more and I'm waiting to try jacks nutes alongside GH. I also want to try GH at 1-1-1 ratio throughout the plants life cycle vs 1-2-3 (g-m-b) during flower. 1-1-1 doesn't seem anywhere near the ideal 3:1:2 npk ratio, and 1-2-3 is even further. Time to see wtf is up. Another thing I need to key in on is how to optimally use silicon. Man I really need a bigger R&D room
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    Man if you're serious I'll buy and try both of these. How do you use the mammoth one? It's basically bacteria that make phosphorus more bioavailable? Rev told me how to use PK. At the end of stretch before ripening, drop the normal fertiliser quantity by 10% and replace with PK. Example: if you're running 1.5 eC, for 1 week, cut down to 1.35 EC and add .15 EC of PK. Now for me, this has been too much. .075 EC of PK or so is where I'm at. Some strains have shown amazing responses to it. Others, it just accelerates the flowering at the cost of yield. Or I'm using it at the wrong time. There's lots of experimenting to be done that I can do now. If I run 2 cuts, 6 rows, I can run 1 row of each as control rows, 1 with .05EC of PK and 1 with .1 EC of PK. Let's see how this goes. I also need to compare general hydroponics to JR Peters Hydro nutes. If better, solid nutes are easier for me to import. I want to go back to bags of dirt. But can't deny the advantages of hydro in terms of minimising labour requirements.
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    Glad I choose isolation. I have a ton of dried and canned food and water. Plus I just reupped my 3 month insulin supply. oh and I have enough drugs for the next year.
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    @StankyDank30 ! So glad to see you, it has been a while and one always worries but it sounds like you are doing well. The Ms. U is wonderful, great tasting stuff and a nice high. I made some crosses with it but haven't tried any of them yet. Still have a couple more from you to run one day. So many seeds and so little space but I'll get to them eventually. I'm trying to decide what to run next and your mention of Kali Snapple reminds me I have that or a cross of that, can't recall but sounds like a good candidate. Sounds like you are keeping busy my friend. Making medicine for others is a worthy goal. Keep up the good work and don't be a stranger around here.
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    I bought a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in the truck to remind me to use it every time I get back inside. Our town is on a main interstate, I-25 , so it'll surely get dropped off here by somebody stopping for gas or going to the Walmart. I'm going to be staying at home a little more... I already do because of my finances atm, but I've been slowly gathering a few things to help me make it for a couple of weeks or more. We're in a rural area, but lots of travelers drive through every day. Eat lots of good foods and build that immune system. Anything that will help. Best vibes to everyone. peace
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    This is how I select. I get at least 100ish seeds. Sometimes more sometimes a bit less depending on situation. I grow them text book, removing all those who do not conform to my race horse standards. I back up everything twice. I keep removing genetics that do not conform. At end of grow I will try to keep 3 to 5 phenos. These will be further tested. Only potentials still. Going forward. One grow/tent per pheno. I had 3 distinct stress tents that I could play with in addition to my regular flower room. (I already would of been testing varied phenos before the first grow was over for those I favored.) In those tents I stress test. Not just on one plant but a full tents worth. Anywhere from 6 to 12 depending on test and goal. This is what most people have seen from me. Remove genetics that fail stress test, remember we are looking for race horses. The bar to keep is very high. Now, those who are growing from clones. The mothers I selected are race horses. I almost always selected for potency and then yield. I did not care much for getting picky over terpenes as potency and yield were the most important factors to me. Now for seeds, I do it differently but that is a longer write. In that is mostly the same but with later testing with known parents and selecting for males as well. Add in many many more grow testing, evaluation and record keeping. I am happiest when I select!
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    Truth Hempy, I've screwed up some breeds, and knowing how they come out correctly, they are nothing like they are suppose to be. If from the get go, you grow it wrong, you are going to think it isn't the correct one or you don't care for it, could be it just was not grown properly. I've stressed them to the point they are not even close to what they are suppose to be.
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    When a name of another becomes more important to someone or the hype of something is more than theirs then what commonly happens is a thing called baptism. It happens with seed companies too. Mostly 3rd party seed companies I have seen this. I even seen a key with is what at a major seed seller in Spain. Unless you get from breeder or you truly respect the ethics of a seller, do not easily believe what you are growing is what you think it is. That said, it does not mean it is bad and also when you get from clone only plants in a seed form. Well good luck with that being what you want. On another note. Do you know how many people have contacted me saying the end results are not the same as the dispensaries or coffee shops. Oh the many many reasons why are valid before we get to schenagans. From pheno's and the expressions from varied environments to different generations from seeds used from what was smoked is most common. So many people trying to make a buck or have a call to fame claiming to have something really really rare and special that the bull shit pit gets deeper and deeper all the time. This will only get worse as legalization spreads and more people add their shit to the shit pyle.
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    Maybe the clones everyone is getting are from a gg4 mum that has been reveged along the line at some stage ( watered down / loss of some potency )
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    I believe that the GG has been "watered" down, if you had the original clone it was so potent, and that high was really nice. I think what is out here, and think a few versions, is not repping the original. I had the original and lost it, the new one I have is not the same. Told Jet this before If you get the real deal, you will know it. The GG I have now is OK, but not like that one. This is a pic of the original. That plant had to be cut in two to get it out of the room lol
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    Hi guys Sorry we are very busy with the new website to be completed ..... we are finalizing all of this, and i hope the website will be open friday 6 ! I'll restock sannie too But it's a New aventure and a lot of work .... Sorry for the delay ans thanks all for your support ! Ciao
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    i have eskobars ck and i have the dna-selected chocolope available. the tools are here, but no f1's from me ... it's just not my place, nope. all i'll do for now is reproduce some of the old/rare lines esko made. EDIT: if anything, i would take on the f4's eskobar passed to me (it's the line he selected the pheno from for his fems) ... to me it would make not much sense to start again at anything earlier or use lines from other peo- ple (b-cuz he had already selected the CR for what he wants her to do). it's true .. CBSC made a reproduction (renamed and raised the price, of course). it seems like this is the only source for -at least- f2's, although silas&jamal said that they "changed the line and it has nothing to do anymore with esko's work". ... but they still called it "strawberry cream pie" ? LOL
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    Hey @Justcozz , thanks man, nice to see you again. The PHK has been a nice treat, can't wait for it to finish curing, I keep raiding the jars for one more bud...lol.
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    Moby Dick XXL auto. This thing has potential but my water problems early on fucked it up. The yield was shot but potency is on point. Doesn't seem any different from non auto plants. Quite a big variation in plant size and structure, runts and giants.. One of them is super fluffy incredibly dank. Moby Dick Auto: same setup, got fucked in terms of yield but not potency. Structure was much more uniform, size varied a bit but a lot about my opinion on both of these strains is very speculative. This was such a bad run that all I can say is, these plants get huuuge. And a massive amount of frost.  Back to plants: This sweet amnesia haze is looking super super frosty. I hope it yields enough to be worth keeping: My dear critical jack #7 is looking like she isn't going to disappoint. But this kolossus. Not too happy with the ppm, clearly. Looks like magnesium but I'm not too sure. Unfortunate, as it was one of the larger kolossi, and because the plants she's sharing this setup with are very happy with the EC where it is right now.
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    2 front chuckyf3 back is sifiblaze 3 weeks since switching to 12/12 got a tea brewing for the ladies later happy Sunday to everyone
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    that's truly amazing, doobius/fla :) *woot* thank you a LOT for keeping the jalisco alive and around.
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    I will make sure, one way or another that anyone who wants these will get them... it was my thought they would make a good freebee submission. Thanks yesum, its good to see you report on her here... thats also good to hear
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    Hey guys among the inorganic growers here - what's your opinion on PK boosters? I'm not sure they're always fully effective, I'm trying to find the right ratio. Not sure if it's just a bias from my end that thinks it works and adds bulk towards the end of stretch...or if the bulking happens during the end of stretch anyways.
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    Hello open growers day 60 into flowers and finally I have got my new microscope so I can check trichomes . Unfortunately I am pretty sure the first 3 that I chop have been chop early ,my old microscope was totally broke and I didn't realize it early . Never mind the first buch pistils look at the time coloured so I still think I will have something good of them So first photo is Suzy seeds Northern light . Second one is the c oloured sugar punch smell unreal colours are pink blue full of sugars ,I can't wait . The second one is Somari X madchem big colas amazing smell . All girls are at day 60 looks like I wi deco take more than 500 grams of them so good smoke the will be . All are in sannies organic !
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    i have completed the Jalisco seed run...based on Santeros comments Im not sure that it will be desired... Does anyone WANT Jalisco? Personally I was taken by suprise at Escobars departure (for those who havent followed this thread from the beginning) and saw nothing happening to preserve the work he had done (For clarities sake, I am Flatransplant. I changed my name as Doobious is more to my liking) . Santero soon made it known that he has the "keys to the Kingdom" (lol) but it was clear that his priorities and time were not gonna allow the type of sustaining that i had hoped for (optimally: everything, now). I WILL make seed copies (im not proud: The man did great work and it needs to be preserved: in many instances) but that's not my focus (I like playing with crosses etc). Its good to be able to do especially if circumstances dont allow more ATM). Time is also a killer of seeds...so many of his creations are ticking away and need to be run...or will be lost (again straight runs are desired I would prefer HIS work and not necessarily a cross derived from Escos work... its not the same thing). Again Im aware of Santero's resources... but again Im not sure what he will release or when. He clearly has his own agenda (as he should. The man does good work himself!) So again: Is Jalisco desired? Cheers Doob
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    Dinafem's original amnesia is top notch, price for 25 seeds on their site is not too bad. I got it on a sale where they had a flat 30% off. Soma's is amnesia haze, isn't it? Thats supposed to be longer flowering. I suppose I'll never know, I cannot pay that price for a single seed man. I die inside knowing that one seed of Soma in my currency and my country is close to 10 meals eating out, and like 20 dinners if I cook at home. I will never pay 19 pounds for a single fucking seed, my brain is not a fucking potato. I have a PhD in Autodidactism. Naturally, given the field, I bestowed it upon myself. Thanks for the kind words Best vibes,
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    Dude, love that Amnesia, on my summer bucket list. Anyone know who has the best amnesia seeds? I thought I'd just grab some Soma's originals and have at it. Awesome grow, where'd you get your Ph.d?
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    I think the problem for me lies in years of chasing PAR/lumen equations, sealed HPS, heat diffusers, ducting, venting, heat control, all in an effort to put our 600 watt HPS furnaces 3 inches from our buds, makes us wanna do the same with new tech. When I began, it was all about max lumens, metal halides, times change. Best comment I ever read, "If you nailed the light to your ceiling, it would STILL be more than enough to grow awesome marijuana" For me, the LED's don't look like much, sound like much, or feel like much, plus every dang manufacturer PAR tests them 18" and 24", which gives you blazing numbers, but it's simply not necessary. I always asked, "Then why do all the professional grow ops I see have their lights 4-5 feet above the plants?" As a side note, I immediately noticed much fewer popcorn buds with LED's, so apparently, their canopy penetration is considerably better. I expect nuclear lighting technology to hit the market any day now, lol.
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