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    Hello open growers today I turn the lights off to try give girls 48 hours cause I want to try Photos are just before do that First 2 is the northern light Second is Sugar punch pink purple colure Third is the somari X madchem So also today I waight the first cut of three girls and total dry was 481 grams The second will much more so I expect More than 1000 grams from 2 X 630 CMH .Not bad for an organic grow
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    Jo folks Decided to diversify into aerial photography for reference, the vertical slotted angle channels are 6ft tall. The amnesias are far outsizing everything else. Some kolossi peaks are visible vaguely in the distance, but the juice is all in the amnesia row. I've got quite a bit of variety in terms of amnesia bud density. From stem base to peak, there are quite a few above 6ft. The entire left rectangular area in the picture below is one amnesia plant. She looks like she has potential to be the keeper, but I'm concerned about flower time for her. Here you can better see some of the big colas. I've never grown such frosty nugs in my life, these 1000w are gamechangers. Waiting to see what CMH will bring. Best vibes Elchupa
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    Northern Lights/Rainmaker Veg 84.1F 56% RH 200 PPM NL continues to show impressive growth and branching. RM I think is going to require a bit more coaxing to get em to bush out. I’m going to bring the nutes up to around 250 to keep up with how fast they’re growing. I was also surprised to see that no roots were in the res yet on any of the plants. That means the explosion is still coming. Can’t wait
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    @gardenartus she is a sparkly little bugger here’s lemon gas and HGK x GoGi OG and shiva dawg
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    They had a bag of lemons on sale for 2 bucks, and blueberries. I made lemon mini one bite size muffins, with blueberries, lemon zest topping. Made with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Darn things make me drool they make my mouth salivate so much ha ha
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    Hello open growers day 60 into flowers and finally I have got my new microscope so I can check trichomes . Unfortunately I am pretty sure the first 3 that I chop have been chop early ,my old microscope was totally broke and I didn't realize it early . Never mind the first buch pistils look at the time coloured so I still think I will have something good of them So first photo is Suzy seeds Northern light . Second one is the c oloured sugar punch smell unreal colours are pink blue full of sugars ,I can't wait . The second one is Somari X madchem big colas amazing smell . All girls are at day 60 looks like I wi deco take more than 500 grams of them so good smoke the will be . All are in sannies organic !
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    Oh yeah saxo, they are rabbit food. I'll put a bunch back in my garden that looks like a weed patch right now, and with in a few days all gone. Or I''ll collect a tote full and crush them by hand and scatter them about back there, like dried canna chips!! Then the whole garden web chain gets some. But yeah, I'm struggling with the early yellowing, and I'm sure that hurts bud size. Got some killer good things popping for the year right now also. Being able to run something from Mel Frank, is a canna blessing to me, as I purchased their (Ed's) book in 1978, and it is still with me, tattered, torn, chunks falling out of it. That was also the year my first child was born, so it's some universal OM stuff happening for me, a circle completing, my ouroboros if you will.
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    the buds do look good from here.....as long as you don´t smoke the Leaves,......
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    @Phuuu Ad GG2 IPA AK47 at 26 days . beautiful looking plant love her bud structure sorry for the yellow lights
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    End of week 8 in flower day 56 ! I have cut the first northern light ,the short pheno of the sugar punch And one somari x madchem Videos is what left over I will leave them am week maybe more ! Sugar punch pink blue colours smell amazing Somari X madchem one the back Northern light 20200222_212712.mp4
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    Day 50 looked like one more week for Northern light one of the sugar punch and one of the Somari X madchem ! Sugar punch have pink orange blue and smell unreal one of them the shorter phenotype has foxtail Trichomes are milky smell unreal in the garden !
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    I think I laughed for 10 minutes over this ha ha
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    This group is located one county inland from here. In the video they drive around Wahkiakum Co. which is cow (and goat) country. You might recognize the bassist, Krist Novoselic from Nirvana. This is off their first album a couple years ago.
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    Closet grow couple burned tips but overall looking promising smells sooooooo good
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    Sinister seeds atf x nl5 47 days from flip trichomes are very developed turning cloudy
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    Man my plants do not look nearly as nice those!! The SFV78 at 10 weeks. Damn come on MAY!!! Thank you again Bob Green, if you see this, I wish i could do better by them. I'm loving my time with them.
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    Why do I even have Scissors I never use them That is beautiful pot Indi
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    Day 52 somari X madchem freebies from sannie what can I say unreal plants smell amazing The first one is the short pheno colours are amazing smell unreal blue pink green orange hair not long for this lady to chop ,I have a feeling that I will regret that I didn't try to take couple of clones The second photo is the taller pheno unreal smell amazing beautiful colours need longer time . I am very please with both of them ,and I have a good feeling that Sannies will only Gona have amazing reviews . Take care guys !!!
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    Day 52 the 2 sugar punch from sannies . First photo the short one with the fox tails smell amazing don't know how long still milky Second the taller pheno looks like it will need more days smell amazing I can't wait these two girls both smell sweet blubbery Gaz colure are amazing but photo don't do justice the 2 X 630 CMH destroy the magic
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    Day 52 these are the 2 Northern lights Suzy seeds We have 2 different phenos First is the shorter one need about 3-5 days for chop chop ,and second photo is pheno 2 taller and it just pop up some more pistils so let's see how long . Both smell nice hope to found what I am looking for !!
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    The sugar punch fox tails all over . Smell unreal good
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    That's really cool bro. I hope to get some of those for my own if work comes along. That is cool karma. The High Times grow mag edition and the books that Ed put out were how we all learned to do it. No internet or cell phones. I kept that grow mag edition forever. That grow would have lots of energy imo, just because of all of the sentimentality. That's one of the reasons I'd like to get some. It's just the excitement of that attachment to the old days. Ha, back then we had to figure it all out on our own. I really think it's a hoot to have that connection to those times available now. I think I would almost feel negligent if I don't get some! Man, the memories of those early days are really something. What a time we grew up in. Bell bottom pants and black light posters! The heavy 70's!
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    Naturally i dig that if you say they ain't not exploding you really mean they is! And thanks for your confirmation!
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    impressive Colas, you´ve got there you did a pretty good Job on them, @Zeus77
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    because some seeds force you to use drastic measures. and i wasn't going to pay $55 for original seed cracker. i don't mean to promote matt riot but this video could be helpful to some to include myself. i do like how he shows he's not the brightest bulb in the room lol.
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    Very nicely done my friend beautiful work
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    If I said, 'They ain't exploding,' that would mean they are not exploding. At least, that's my understanding of 'ain't.' So if i say, 'they ain't not exploding', that would mean that they are. For sure you understand that?
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    Day 3 of flower saw the very first pistol on one of them. They got a bit dry yesterday but hey gave the roots a workout to go look for water I guess. Started cleaning under the net and I tuck every second day or so
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    Next round is well on its way and a couple of them have shown to be females cheers!
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    Is they is or is they not?
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    They ain't not for sure.
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    Sloth day 25 starting to pack on the buds
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    Lui at 25 days , she’s a bud monster .
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    Another week has passed. This is day 15 I think (yesterday, I was too tired to make a post) With this week are major changes to the plants. Their feet have for sure found the juice of life. I think I will go one more week (18/6 under 400W MH) and see if I can top. EC.85 Water Temp 23c Air Temp 24.5c 54% rH PH 5.9 Its been a while since Ive seen branching like that on a 2 week old from seed. See you next week! Keep er upright.
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    Thanks for your comments and for the likes too! Here's a quick pic of the current state of my twelve Amnesia Haze plants. Ain't they exploding?
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    Heath Robinson's Black Rose F11
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    Day 45 - Day 15 12/12 - Day 4 flower (this is the correct info, found my notes) I killed the Shiskaberry because i dropped one of the Blueberry's on her.. Besides that it's going well, for now some pictures with led-light, next week a few without, in real they are a little darker green.
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    Hey @Santero, is there a chance you know of any source that might have any f1s left of Chocolate Rain regular seeds? I’m trying to make some f2s for saxo who donated them but for preservation purposes, too. I only had 5, so if I could find that many I would at least be able to start over. Its probably not the best situation for preservation with only 5 seeds but it would have been a chance to get something. I’ve still never smoked any myself. Thanks SAN. You’re the only other place I know to look. Peace
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    I will make sure, one way or another that anyone who wants these will get them... it was my thought they would make a good freebee submission. Thanks yesum, its good to see you report on her here... thats also good to hear
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    I hope everybody is enjoying there evening. Indiana Bubblebum X Lavander (Somas cut R1) Ticked all the boxes this one.
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    the jalisco is solid. nice friendly high with gentle comedown. oaxaca is fine, bit of intense feelings. thc for either might be in the teens.
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    So, yeah, I’m sure the Jalisco is desired. At least from my chair.
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    i have completed the Jalisco seed run...based on Santeros comments Im not sure that it will be desired... Does anyone WANT Jalisco? Personally I was taken by suprise at Escobars departure (for those who havent followed this thread from the beginning) and saw nothing happening to preserve the work he had done (For clarities sake, I am Flatransplant. I changed my name as Doobious is more to my liking) . Santero soon made it known that he has the "keys to the Kingdom" (lol) but it was clear that his priorities and time were not gonna allow the type of sustaining that i had hoped for (optimally: everything, now). I WILL make seed copies (im not proud: The man did great work and it needs to be preserved: in many instances) but that's not my focus (I like playing with crosses etc). Its good to be able to do especially if circumstances dont allow more ATM). Time is also a killer of seeds...so many of his creations are ticking away and need to be run...or will be lost (again straight runs are desired I would prefer HIS work and not necessarily a cross derived from Escos work... its not the same thing). Again Im aware of Santero's resources... but again Im not sure what he will release or when. He clearly has his own agenda (as he should. The man does good work himself!) So again: Is Jalisco desired? Cheers Doob
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    Crap phone don't do justice received_497385011196577.mp4
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    I have gotten people off opioids with cannabis, off energy drinks, off Methadone, Xanax, Valium. Cannabis is one awesome medicine.
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