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    All three phenos of my ACBD smell of grape soda or grape candy. I'l give a smoke report once they cure a little more.
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    Eating cannabis might help with the coronavirus! Seriously lol T cells is what attacks the myelin sheath in those with MS< cannabis suppresses that storm, it might help with the coronavirus as well. Thus, cannabinoids can exert immunosuppressive effects by increasing immunosuppressive cytokines and decreasing T-cell activating cytokines https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4470840/?fbclid=IwAR25z3YyT4ld9O595umkYkPiqbnXKpjJba9_v_O5YvmVYeA_UgPcQEuZSIo
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    .....better grow your own...... ...at least the kids are happy with the situation. "...yay,Holidays from Monday on !!!..."
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    NoShe came down tonight
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    This is the same plant in the picture above, about 3 weeks or so later, today. Boy, all three phenos really smell strong. Mostly berries and some variation of candy, exotic, tart,... The smallest one smells like strong fake grape soda. stay tuned for ACBD "girl-zilla"..... it was 3 times the size of the other two... and, it's finishing later...
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    pulled these out of freezer and bam!
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    Someone said even Amazon is out of TP, so I go look, and there is one that says, 2 offers of used ha ha ha
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    Very cool. I was just thinking about that yesterday and wondering what affect it would have.This is a perfect time to study the number of cannabis smokers who may have been affected and what sort of experience they had compared to non cannabis smokers. I really do want to know that. I was thinking back to some data you provided in the past on how cannabis prevented the duplication of cancer cells. This could be a great time to show the world the power of cannabis... if it would somehow suppress the virus. I wonder who we could follow in this regard, as in anyone creating data on the subject? It would be an easy study in some regards. There sure are plenty of people, in all environments on earth, to gather the data from.
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    This one sounds very nummy, you have some nice breeds going.
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    I think they think they are going to shit their brains out, news for them, they already have
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    For sure @Dogtowns They've been curing for a long time now. The high is very mellow, and very smooth smoke. Mellow like not crazy potent, but gets a nice buzz going. I like it a lot. There's a nice lemony scent to it. There's still a little chloroform to it as well, which I"m wanting to dissipate but it seems to be taking it's time. I think I prefer the more purple one because it smokes smoother. I'm thinking the greener one will mellow some more with age. The buds are nice and airy. It's very nice to have around and the experience of growing them gives me a lot of appreciation for the ganja. I totally recommend that everyone grow some IBLs, especially the long-flowering kind. You will never find this smoke on the streets or in a dispensary, and it's not just for novelty either,,, It's important to expand what you know. Peace and happy growing :D
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    Last night I try a little bud from the sugar punch pink blue phenotype . The girl was on 7 days dry and I had 2 friends at home still not dry and it really blow our head . Very great smoke so far the best smoke of all.
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    Thanks but it is DJs Blueberry. She was fed with Budswell tea.And came down tonight. I hope she taste like the blueberry I had years ago
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    She came down tonight
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    LOL, that's the BEST place to catch the virus!
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    The stretch has started
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    Well lets keep it going. The keeper that I almost didn't get a clone of. Never pass on the runt! BB & C
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    Thanks,my freezer is packed with some good stuff I need to pop. Here is a OG Kush auto from Ethos. It had a really great buzz and taste.
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    That is very lovely Mr G, and sounds yummy
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    Here is the one that went outside. Showed her first pistol today
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    the peeps around here are not that crazy(we got no confirmed case yet!)as in other parts of the Country......let´s wait a week ...... there are more shoppers bevor xmas or easter holidays..... ...but the tissue-shelf is empty too ........TP is the new Tinfoil Happy & Healthy Weekend all !!!
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    the smell is sweet and earthy right now. I chopped her tonight.
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    LOL All I am seeing, even in my emails, is the coronavirus!
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    I miss this strain so badly, I should buy some seeds, is she stinky delicious?
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    Yep, it's about to get weird. Hopefully the testing will at least get some organization going. That started happening on a larger scale today in a lot of places but will be slow. I don't eat like I used to either and especially since I lost the extra weight. I have enough to live a month or so, maybe more... just need more milk and beer, heh. I only live a mile or two from the Walmart. It's actually the only Walmart I ever liked. It's never like other WM. Never really crowded, always a good parking spot, people are all super nice, .... see... not like WM at all. It's not as big as the new ones either. This is nothing new for me. I stay home most of the time now because of finances. But I have a cool place. I can go hiking out back door and plenty of it. We have lots of critters that visit, too. Coming home from WM last night I came right up an a huge buck deer right on the side of the road a few doors down. I pulled right up to him and then he walked off. He had a huge set of antlers. A bull elk was in my back yard one night last week or two. I never saw him but wish I had. Other neighbors said they had seen him behind the houses for a while. he jumped the fence and cruised all over my yard. Then He went over the fence on the other side of the house. I got a shovel and bucket yesterday and walked around and collected all of his poop for my compost. heh I got about 2.5 gallons worth.
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    CB is one of me go to when in doubt grow chuckys bride plant looks nice and healthy
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    About 6 or 7 weeks into flower I had to tie up the main branches because it could not support the buds. Did do some pollen chucking. I had a beautiful male that was the last one in the bunch to show its sex. By then I did not want to cut him down. So I dusted the CB female with him and a forum cut GSC female .
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    I should have veg alot longer for sure. Gonna do a F2 batch in the future.
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    i have changed 2 of my HPS rooms to Leds... the production of resin is way faster under the leds but it also means that because I ave also high humidity.... bud rot comes faster in annual weight I think I wont be able to beat HPS
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    Hi @Zanzibar your Nigerian's are gorgeous! Did you already had a test smoke by now? We're this the last ones for the last season? Keep us updated, man you did a great job on these! Thanks for sharing Dogtown
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    the favorite pheno almost look like a sugar punch pheno we like.
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    When the lights go out...a snapshot of the few minutes of "twilight" my plants receive. It's just the inconsistency of the timer. It's about 5 min behind the gavita and I never really bothered to change it. Got some fuzzy but satisfying pics through the cctv. Some black and whites to spice things up 
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    And, Alaskan Fish Fertilizer! I forgot to mention that one. That was the weed growers fert of choice. Heh, we were organic before the fake shit was even made! Some of the older guys on the other place have really hooked me up with strains I thought I'd never know. Now, age anxiety is setting in! Will I be able to grow them all before I die?! I better start now to be sure, buwahhahahahah!!
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    Hey ya Mr Goodfellow, if you wanted information you spent time in a library. Now a days, you carry a whole TV station, a whole library, in your pocket without thinking about it!! I'm very blessed in this world, and in my weed world, more than overly blessed. In the past few days, every bean I processed, has cracked open, and got dirty. And I cracked a bunch this year!! In fact they are calling me, "time for our morning shower" !!
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    Man my plants do not look nearly as nice those!! The SFV78 at 10 weeks. Damn come on MAY!!! Thank you again Bob Green, if you see this, I wish i could do better by them. I'm loving my time with them.
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    I'm interested in seeing how well putting the ethylene source in the tent worked on M/F ratio. So far, only a few have shown: Lemon Thai: 2 males, 2 females, 1 unknown Miss U Jack: 1 male, 2 females, 2 unknown Pineapple Fields: 1 male, 7 unknown Blueberry Qunitessa: unknown Lemon Bubba: unkown Peyote Pancake: 1 male, 4 unknown So far, the boys are in the lead! I don't expect to hold. Let's hear it for the girls! I was hoping they'd all show before I left for work for a week, and I can transplant them all into final pots. Most of the bitches just won't cooperate with my schedule. I've grown to expect this kind of disrespectful treatment from Cannabis plants, which is why I've subjected them to severe training and UV lights in the past. It wasn't about quality or quantity anymore, just payback. OK, maybe I'm revealing too much about myself. Until next time!
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    Day 52 the 2 sugar punch from sannies . First photo the short one with the fox tails smell amazing don't know how long still milky Second the taller pheno looks like it will need more days smell amazing I can't wait these two girls both smell sweet blubbery Gaz colure are amazing but photo don't do justice the 2 X 630 CMH destroy the magic
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    I have an update on the Afghani CBD cultivar. FYI, I love it, we didn't get much bud off the first run and they weren't very photogenic since they were started outdoors very late in the season, so not much veg time, but the high and flavor are awesome, doesn't totally fuck you up, just makes you feel super euphoric and relaxed but not sleepy, great for daytime, night time or for stress relief, love it for my stomach problems! The flavor and aroma reminds me of a cultivar here in Colorado from Irie Genetics, Golden Goat, it's a sweet syrupy hashy flavor and smell, I love it. I have 3 other people running it and waiting to hear back. The first run outdoors they had the shit abused out of them and came through it perfectly (no Herms), we have kept 3 mothers for the next run (no variations seen, very homogeneous), see pics below (pics are from my partner grow). I have taken clones from them to run indoors myself in March under my care for a clean and serious run and will post the grow.
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    Another nice shot since I"m in the midst:
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    These are the two I have. This first one has matured faster, and will be done in like 12 weeks OD (maybe two weeks from now): and this is the second, much longer flowering,,, maybe a 20 weeker IDK - very beautiful plant with strong lemon aroma:
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    This is the other, seeded, AHxCR. It's getting some purps. The buds look loose - in a while I'll post some of the indoors I've got going and you'll see that it's just environment and that this one's seeded. The aromas are dark and sharp ... Keep growing, amigos.
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    Things are doing great at the end of August, but i will make an update tomorrow 8 & 9 full weeks of flowering of these two babes, so just a little teasing :p
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    me too Mr. d ..i like structure. his smell was loud..he had a decent taste after i chopped him. got a buzz lol..if they are good and i will tell ya in a couple months. i have some growing i a fine spot. no bugs or mold and we have had rain almost every evening. i sprayed all of them with the triple action safer shit. i think it works and also keeps the deer away. i don't have a male house. wish i did but guys i think that is not entirely the way it works. good moms produce good weed even bred to an average dude. i also elieve the male is the dominate factor in strong structure and limbs. just fng ramblin as i do when am fucked up..have a good day
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