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    Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 42 Bloom 81.7F 38% RH 270 PPM Both strains looking good and frosty at this point. Buds continue to bulk up and we are definitely approaching the end. Brought the nute concentration down and getting ready to flush.
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    @santeroHupla is doing alright. I had plans to cross the pond and visit him entourage to the f1 races at spa and monza, but that's all gone to shite now. Nothing in the works right now. @TokerI'm in the same boat. No rest for the wicked! @MisterdirtI'd love to see some pics. @saxo @beachbud, good to see you folks as well.
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    Things are in a constant state of change. All the autoflowers are outdoor plants now, they look good and done. I'm going to give them another ten days or so, what harm could it do? It turned out all the cookie hybrids were females. Its one of those outcomes I didn't bet on and was unprepared for. My indoor space is full, I ended up giving two girls away and sticking one outside in a 3 gallon pot. I've taken down the CFLs, they didn't work out. I had clones under them and it wasn't showing good results. When placed under the Mars Hydro LED all the clones and starts just came to life dramatically in a couple of days, I wish I had another now. The indoor flowering plants are about 3 weeks in, they look promising. I'll take some pics of the autos before they are cut. Here's some of the indoor stuff, various clones and starts. The flowering area at about 3 weeks, the cookies are really stretching. Blue Angel, OGKZ in the background. This is the Mighty Grape that reacted badly to the fertilizer.
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    Light was on so yippy. I made an adjustment to 11-13 and synced the timer closer to real time. Turned fan on low but it’s not synced to the light so a second timer might be employed. Unless temps rise o only want the fan on 9 hrs approx. 250 isn’t hot for them and chose not to move them closer under the 250. I just turned them and removed bs leaves. Based on how they look now I’ll decide what to feed on a day or two. Pots are still heavy so I let them be. The 5 pigs are on their way this is day 2 of light Change !
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    Thought I'd drop in and say hello. Been a while. How's everyone doing?
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    Do You Ever have One Thing Positive to say to another Human, or do you just like Being a Fucking Dick
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    Think these might work great for plucking off fan leaves, called thumb knifes
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    Looking nice! I used to love C99, but as I got older, it just became a bit too speedy for me. I've got a bunch if Mosca's C99 BX F2's I made, that was all the rage a few years ago, not sure who has the "real" C99 these days, but Brother's Grimm is back in business. Heck, when I started growing 15 years ago(50 if you count the hippie ditch weed grows, lol) C99 was the holy grail, but you couldn't find seeds anywhere. Then they started popping up again a lot 6-7 years ago. Your's are darn pretty!
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    lookin great in there,Tread !! pretty nie tops in the make
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    Well my opinion of 10 gallons pots is a good one One cindy in a 10
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    dude u made me laugh frfr. thankfully i found the incoming herm making light source. already have my first snafu. i went to check yesterday and sync the fan for circulation with the light being on only. grabbed 3 prong extension cord not too long. pulled pout the timer and put it into the extension cord with the fan cord already in place. i plugged it in and the light didn't start or even act like it wanted to come on. i rotated the dial to see if that would matter and it didn't/. so i left it all connected and i'm hoping it will be on when i check it which will be in a few minutes up to an the hour. if it's on then i'm good . bulb is almost new. and and the 250 ballast doesn't get hot at all, only warm as i can put my hand on it. i sure miss my old hydro farm 400 i could leave my hand on that thing. i guess i got lucky as it was for my first legit pot closet grow. and turned out excellent. it disappeared before i got here. still puzzled on that. so, the plants were liking the light and looked pretty. they'll get another application of green light root stimulator... and then let them feed off the nute charge in the epsoma organic potting mix . once they start full flower in approx two weeks they will get another application of Green light root stimulator as needed to take them to week four. then will switch to tea to try and finish them. 3-3-3- combined with 1-5-8 = they are made to be applied like that but u don;t have too. their 3-3-3 is their foundation nute. finish with 1-5-8 and lastly molasses water at 8 -10 weeks. that's approx time because i'll be running 11-13 schedule about to make sure that's how it';s set now so they are used to it when the 600 comes on the seen. if they stretch to much the 600 will be set up pronto. it's already ready to go and i put electric tape around the wires to clean things up and make it sturdier too. i didn't add anything extra to the Epsoma like perlite or other amendments. . it's good as it is, as i used it in the begging of the marathon before i switched to bio bizz lite. later i need to see if that light bees on. lol peace
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    was really hard to take good shots sometimes. i often bracket multiple photos and just choose after. sometimes the after chosen just sucked like above. cause what i saw that looked nice i couldn't duplicate via normal, close up, or magnify mode. that's why i let folks know ahead of time. because none of those buds are more then popcorn or micro popcorn in reality lol. smdh the frosty ones look nice in person i just wish i could supersize them. thx. Mr. Dirt things should get better this round.
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    killaqueenxblhammerXsilverfields has been in 12/12 for 7 weeks and ipa x huck has been in 12/12 for 6 weeks
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    [repros of old lines (esko & others) is what i'll continue to prioritize.] Well for myself, I'm finding such wonderful jewels in your offerings and others at SH.....and at such fine prices man. The Queen Bee's are just *slap your damn face delicious*!! A perfect plant structure, so easy to grow, huge buds, stunning nose to her. I'm cutting my last SFV78 to day, she went 22-23 weeks or so. I did keep each processed plant in separate masons. What a fun journey it will be to sample these at different ages of cure. They are all fine, some are very good, and with all the Thia showing through, on the last girl, she will be special. Heck all the cuts, I gave away, have folks smiling ear to ear man! Since the cost of these offerings have not been inflated to silly numbers like so many are today, I can give them away free. The Killer Lemon Haze, just a great plant also! Thank you san, and others at SH, for all that work, for a very reasonable cost.
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    Ipa x huck is starting to have nice buds Getting fatter by the day have good weekend everyone!
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    Thanks everyone. Growing is keeping me busy and sane right now.
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    Tell the truth dirt you bought them didn’t you Own it ! lol
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    6 weeks flower. ph 5.7 ec 1.5 (yesterday) Temp 26.5 and 63RH I will start to taper things off a bit maybe. I think sannie said this was a 9 week strain. Couple of pictures to hold you till next week!
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    Stage 2 of this marathon. Fixed the window from oncoming light = culprit for my tiny bean factory smdh. They had 2 days of normal heat after transplant to soak up the initial water in with green light starter and root stimulater 3tbl per gallon. Getting them used to more light with the 250 before being dosed with the 600 hps set up vertical style.
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    Hey everyone, hope you are all safe and making it through as best you can. We have been blessed with nice weather lately so my outdoor chores have been kicking my butt. Had 6 yards of topsoil hauled in a few days ago. Gotta move it to the back yard to replenish flower beds and fill in low spots here and there. Gonna keep us busy for awhile. The grow room is looking good. The last PHK, a green pheno is almost 8 weeks in and showing the color she lacked earlier. She'll get another week or so before the chop. The 2 Kali Snapple x SSH are 15 days in and looking good. They are very similar in appearance and already have a nice lemony aroma. The Phuuu's IPA fem is also 15 days in and has out stretched the KS x SSH by several inches with more to come. Both of the clones from her were recently up-potted to #1's and will veg for another couple weeks or so. On to the pics... KS x SSH @ 15 days KS x SSH #2 top KS x SSH #3 @ 15 days Phuuu's IPA @ 15 days Purple Hindu Kush - Green Pheno - 54 days flower That's about it for now. Stay safe out there people, cya next time.
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    Blueberry, very cold short shake.
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    Found the perfect boxes for the cupcakes, amazing what all I have in this house.
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    Hi all Thx for your comments ! I'm sorry i haven't a lot of Time, still at work ... I'll prepared sannie's restock this weekend, yeah we have 3 days ! And ship it next week @sunstone colombian gold must have some weeks of veg in little pot, but be carfull with the stretch JGL made cg in little pot with a good veg in 1m2 with only one cg , it was huge ... Thx all See you soon Best regards, Cris
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    Left is killaqueen x bluehammer X silverfields and right is ipa x huck
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    ...what they said above!!! always a pleasure having a peep in there,Trapper
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    Everything is showing your passion!
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    Looking awesome again!
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    Mac1 purple punch Mac1 and purple punch coming up. Flip in the next few days.
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    Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 35 Bloom 86.7F 38.1% RH 470 PPM Trichs have gone crazy on RM but not so much on NL. Bud structure is also very different with RM looking like rocks and NL growing into spears. NL starting to bulk up.
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    This stay-at-home thing is driving me crazy and making me a fat guy with a drinking problem. Eat, sleep, drink, Xbox, smoke, tend plants, resist the temptation of going outside, its like everyday. If I go anywhere I'm dressed like I'm about to rob a train. I have to keep fiddling with everything just to put my mind at ease, the limited space becomes more limited with each passing day. I've tucked the autoflowers away, into a corner. In about a week I'll stick them outside, let them finish there. Taking up so much space for such little return. Four of them came out reasonably well, dense sticky buds on them. All the female Cookie hybrids (seven of them) have been moved into the flowering room with the other photoperiod plants. My little grow tent is now full of clones and starts. I've selected a Seraph male for breeding; it gives off a pungent lemon stench that's noticeable from five feet away. I love the lemons. I've set it aside on a 12 hour cycle right away. Mighty Grape had a slight issue with the Power Bloom fertilizer I gave it, burnt of the flowering tops at the branch ends, has recovered quickly. Its side branches are growing long and spindly, it might become an issue. The OGKZ looks promising and the Blue Angel is putting on flowers fast. Here's some pics. First is mostly autos, the second is of the feminized plants in the center with the seven Cookie hybrids surrounding them.
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    Hiya. This should be 5 weeks flower now I think... EC 1.5, 28c, 65rh, 5.5 ph. Till next week. Keep it frosty!
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    Back left onyx fire, back right huck x destar f2 front left spiderbite and front right sanfune x silverfields
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    @Mr Goodfellow Yes, the nanners are more nuisance than anything. Most show up late but in this green one they were out at week 4, seems to be more numerous in the greeny as well. The green one also has less lavender smell than the purples. The purple ones went 9 weeks, could go ten if you want. Not much stretch, maybe 1.5x but they can get pretty bushy and will benefit from pruning the fans now and then when in veg and after the stretch. Also, they root fairly quickly, need only a week or so between up-pots. They will droop on you if they get root bound. The IPA fems you have are from the #2 pheno. It tends to be taller and less bushy than the #5. For indoors I'd veg her to 15" tall, that will end up between 40" to 50" or so. Adjust accordingly for your head space. They do respond very well to topping and bending but they do great naturally as well. Their lower branches grow long and will need support when they bud. Expect 10-11 weeks flower time and a wonderful hoppy aroma. Best of luck with those and the rest of your attempts. I'll be watching with interest.
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    I think it's bad karma to name a strain Nannerville. Just sayin'.
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    It has been a few weeks so better get an update posted. Having the Mrs. home all the time has changed my schedule a bit and my grow log has been neglected. Getting lots done inside and out around here though. All the Purple Hindu Kush except #3 have been harvested and are currently curing. The Trucks are in jars as well. I've been sampling both of these and really like both but for different reasons. The PHK starts with an incredible smell and unmistakable taste and leaves you with a great combo high that reminds me of Dynasty's Ms. Universe. The Truck is a heavier hitter. The body stone reaches all the way to your toes while the head high is a mellower version of the Train Wreck Mom, which is a good thing. PHK #3 is a green pheno that otherwise looks just like the purple ones except she has thrown even more nanners than they did. I did hit her with Poisoned Chocolate pollen and looks like I'll have some seeds. Hopefully the nanner trait will get filtered out cause I think it will be a nice cross. We shall see. I got 2 girls and 1 dude from the Kali Snapple x SSH sprouts. The dude went to 12's 10 days ago and the ladies went in 4 days ago. Very consistent structure in all three so far. The Phuuu's IPA #2 fem also went to 12's 4 days ago after I took a couple cuts. After a couple rounds growing the #5 IPA's it will be nice to get back to the #2's, they are bigger, less bushy and easier to chop. On to the pics... 2 IPA cuts 5 days in the bubble cloner. Flower room Kali Snapple x SSH ladies and the dude... Phuuu's IPA #2 fem PHK #3 @ 6 weeks Nannerville... That's about it for now. Please stay safe out there people. It's a strange new world.
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    I have praised shoeless work as i know others have Well he deserves it Mind u this is no fluke He sent a boat load of seeds And none needed 9 weeks Of couse you could if ya wanted to Day 34 i shit you not Cindys in tent Cindys in closet with autos that still are not done or as fat as shoeless cindys Cindys in other closet Ya i dig cindy
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    Saginaw valley skunk kief press 185f thru 36u pressing screen
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    Dry sift Frisian dew, sticky stuff . last pic is with led light. Greetz red
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    cold here today and that means good conditions to convert some 2010 buds to hash buds tumbler var speed controller keif hours later....a jar of keif, ready to press If you look close, you can see the different colors layered in the jar from different strains ran across some buds that I'm holding out for a BHO oil run hash pipe by Barney ...sweet
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