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    My last Chucky's Bride, this is the one that goes with the roots picture. Huge plant, nightmare to trim, larfy buds. She's a great plant, just needs someone to fix the shitty structure of most phenos.
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    Strawberry Strudels from scratch 150mg
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    Yes the plants get stressed from the led lights. It is so severe with those viparspectra it “bleached” the leafs after a while plus from bringing plants from the balcony to inside and back and forward, gardener probably brought spider mites in unintentionally unfortunately.
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    I supposed I'd have to say hello here b4 posting again. Yes it's been ten years, and life hasn't always been kind. But now that things are going much easier for me, I thought it would be great to grow again. Don't know yet if I'll find new and interresting people here or if some old fellows are still there ? Time will tell. But after all that time, I'll have to learn lots of things again, to begin with leds as I think everybody use them now instead of the old HPS/MH couple I used to have. Oh and also, I still have loads of old seeds (around one thousand from 50 different varieties) but don't know if they're still viable. Tried to sprout some Heri last week with no success.. Does anybody knows if my long time fav Vanilla Sky is still around ? Sending lots of good vibes to you all. Weedstiti.
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    Harvest! Harlequin, day 60, two days ago. I bought some Harlequin regular seeds. I started with the fem. Then i decided that the strain was a keeper. This plant should bear some nice seeds. I selected both the male and the female for the specific phenotypical traits that I like. The structure of the branches and of the buds. Three plants were pollinated. The first one might have been too late in flowering. I got some seeds, but they barely looked finished. These should be in better shape. Of the three females, this one exhibits the best traits. These would be the seeds I would want to use.
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    Shes done I almost got her One cola is nice with amber and the others not so much I think Saturday i will chop her. Super quick Dense Whomever created this is a Hero Amazing plant.
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    A couple of harvests to report. A small Harlequin. Nothing impressive. The second is an arrangement of four Afghan CBD x Strawberry Backcross plants in a 3 gallon pot. These just got flushed a couple days ago. I took the smallest plant yesterday. Within a week these should all be drying.
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    Looking good, what are all the foil bags on the shelves there? Food prepper you lol
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    Probably just me, but your leaves on those finishing up look a bit odd, like they would go to powder if you touched them, never saw that before. Maybe just lighting?
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    i thought i was reading something i wrote dude. glad to know people with with legit critical thinking skillz are voicing a reality that's actually true. when i peeped the lynching and fit her with a noose... I was actually surprised but frankly shouldn't have been. Since i come from a heritage/people that were lynched and still are on the DL just not usually advertised it really pissed me off to know the sheeple have gone this far in their lack of thinking and the actions they have already displayed. This same group of wayward minds and souls reflect the hearts/minds of far too many americans in the UNITED SNAKES . I CAUGHT A TIDBIT OF INFO WHERE A WHITE DUDE WITH AN AK47/ASSAULT RIFLE basically said who yu think is going to win a race war... type of thing ! Frankly what the dude said in essence was a reality that folks who look like me aren't ready for. many who don't look like me who think the country should be theirs have been training their family and friends for 60 yrs in weaponry and survival skillz. while too many folks who look like me are still into superficial bullshit they were conditioned to act like, are still caught up with killing others who look like them/us = another contrived reality . Then you have those who lok like me who have been assimilated into the society of our oppressors/enemies as if they are just like them. sadly because history shows that people who have been oppressed for generations , like we have been routinely tend to take on the habits/ideas/actions of their oppressors. I have seen this my whole life up close and personal and it disgusts me. I have expressed my feelings direct to many over the years to include family and friends who exhibit this behavior occasionally or routinely. anyone who knows me well will tell you i'm an equal opportunity type of dude and i don; 't give a fuck if you are family/friend/acquaintance etc. know i will call you out on your bullshit and get gritty about it. If need be I'll kick them out my circle cause if your a racist piece of shit, if you're an uncle tom, if you're animal/child abuser, if you don't take care of your own kids, etc. etc. I DON'T WANT TO FUCK WITH YOU AND FRANKLY YOU BECOME MY ENEMY. I'm the atypical one in my family and they all know it. some love and respect that while others love me but their sheeple nature causes them to look/deal with me differently. I TOLD A STONER ON IG YESTERDAY NOT TO SAY WHAT HE DID BASED ON A BROuHGHT IDEA THAT WASN'T BACKED BY ANY EVIDENCE OR PROOF AT ALL. I USUALLY DON'T TELL GROWN FOLKS WHAT TO DO OR NOT BUT THIS TIME I DID AND IT WAS FOR THE GREATER GOOD TO INCLUDE THE SHEEPLE FOLKS WHO WOULD BE AND ARE IMPACTED BY FEAR/IGNORANCE. DOG HAS TO GO POTTY,. LATER FOLKS . PEACE AND NAMASTE the Original S.C.B. P.S. SOME GOING INTO JARS TODAY.
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    Now it looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.
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    Fried yard bird and rotisserie yard bard salad made with crushed Mary leaves. Anybody else get failures to load pictures. They aren’t too big cause I checked size. Then download it separately no problem. Idk @Toker those ducks u won’t eat are extremely beautiful congrats on ur farming dude. @gardenartustreats from the Queen Sistah looking tasty as usual. Two new spring formed pans arrived in the mail. Big and small but squared type with rounded corners. Only thing is I sure as hell didn’t buy any cause I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Addy is in-town and it arrived via priority. I don’t recognize sender info at all. I’m guessing the lady that made a cheese cake for me with the top way too dark. I was pissed as hell when I unwrapped it. My guest said it was good and it was. I spoke to her and complained as well as telling her how to make her cheese cakes better frfr. She called out of the blue a couple weeks ago. She said she was just checking up on folks in the pandemic. It was still weird cause we don’t talk and i’m Not trying to boink her. She’s my obly guess though . I’m going to call and ask. You ever seen squarish spring form pans, I know I haven’t. It might have come from a gifter off Craig’s list or freecycle.org. I’m stumped but very grateful. Stoned too o. The baby gorilla
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    I dipped the butter cookies in chocolate, some I put in the centers instead of jam. I also bought some Isomalt to play with. Looks like glass, I am going to play around with it and see what I can do, you can make really fancy things with it.
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    In this virus time and in general, India is facing quite a potential struggle. we have too many people, a lot of impoverished individuals live in areas of 20 sqm with 4 other people. social distancing isn't really possible, so we see people hanging out on roads. we have the concept of migrant labourers, who come from 'poorer' states to work in metropolitan cities and earn a living. these are anywhere from minimum wage down to daily wage workers who earn between 1-2 euro daily. that will just about cover 1 person's food for 1 day. with no avenue to earn, they're fucked. government and NGOs and private parties have been helping and donating meals. but there's a big gap between supply and requirements for the free food - more requirements than we are currently supplying. the labourers have been clamouring at the borders of states, asking to be sent back home. this should have been done on day 1. but obviously hindsight is 20/20. some trains and buses and trucks have carried them back to their home villages, but many ended up embarking on a 750-2000 km journey on foot. it's quite brutal. Caste (the Indian social hierarchal system, extremely prejudiced) issues run so deep in our country. we look at the cleaners like they are dirty, and look at filthy rich greedy businessmen as clean. we are all Indian, but divided on the grounds of religion, caste, and more. from a young age, Indians are raised with the mentality of sucking the dick of whoever is on top, and treating whoever is below them like a grunt. currently we are a part of the wannabe-fascist regime of a geriatric wannabe-dictator. we just passed a law that allows us to grant citizenship to refugees of all religions except for Muslims. and started a mass program to find all refugee muslims and keep them in massive detention camps that look like something out of Ausswich. Corona interrupted this master plan of his, so he has to wait. there's always a double standard at play though. now, with the country in lockdown, police are picking on the poor and as always, on muslims. there are a couple of states that are doing really well, in the face of corona and just in general. these are states with an 'almost communist' government run by a leader who actually wants good for the country. i think communism is a great option for a densely, highly populated territory filled with extremely stupid people. If you leave it up to the people, most of them make incredibly stupid decisions, because they're poor, uneducated, and kept to their way of life. because we spoiled Indians need to have a maid who comes to clean up our house and kitchen and bathroom every day who we pay 100 euros a month. we need a cook who we pay 70 euros a month. we won't ever lift our fingers to fix a tap. we will call the electrician if the light bulb dies. we have absolutely no idea how to even cut a 2x4 and drive in a screw. But why bother, when the carpenter will do it for 2 euro? ...I don't get how people here can be satisfied knowing how interdependent they all are on other members of the community. It's nice in one way, but makes everyone almost completely useless. i'd be very surprised if most of my friends here even know how to change a car tyre. this is literally a stoned rambling with no real direction.
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    I have not checked box store prices I know smaller stores will sky rocket In price because the walmarts of the world Snatch up most meat I will see what walmarts prices are but i been expecting this. That 50lbs of beef i bought last month is now worth close to 400 bucks. Mind u i paid 13 bucks and change for each 10lb log of ground beef So 10 x7.29is 74 bucks approx Can you say hyper inflation Now lets here all the legends in their own minds talk about staying home Hey dumbasses If you don't starve to death you won't be eating much meat if everyone stays home. Its a cascade effect that will fuck a lot of everything up Dont see much cattle around but i need to ride to.the west a bit. Their soil sucks and they raise a lot of cows On pasture cause the soil is not that great for Crops. From a store in my state
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