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    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
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    Blueberry Quintessa flowering phenos. There are four plants in this pot. Yesterday was day 28. They began putting on frost around day 24.
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    Almost finished and it's going to be my last grow report. Sorry guys and gals, but updating feels like playing in front of an empty bar.
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    A couple more got the ax. But first, a word from one of the Road Kill Skunk phenos of PF. Around week 9, when I grabbed a bud to check her out, she was just a straight column, covered with buds: Yesterday (Week 10 + 2 days) she looked like this: I was impressed that she needed no support, until yesterday morning, when she started leaning pretty bad. So I tied her to a stake, and she snapped right where I tied her. She has some cloudy trichs, but no amber, so She'll go to 11 weeks. At this point I'm going to just let her hang, unless I can hold her up from above. This is my other Peyote Pancake, who came down yesterday: I also chopped the last of the Blueberry Quintessa. I'll give the three another taste with a clean head. I'm looking for a plant with THC and CBD, about 1:1, as potent as possible. I can't say I'm really excited about these, though they look and smell great. I just rarely need CBD. CBD worked great on a pinched nerve I have in an ankle. Amazingly, when I take it, the pain goes away for about a year or more, before it starts coming back. So I personally only use it about once a year. Anyway, here she is: Aside from the Road Kill Skunk gal who snapped in half, I'll probably be taking down the other RKS pheno and a pheno that smells like a pineapple candy pheno, but has nicer buds. A Lemon Thai or two or three might also buy it. Only the stretchier Miss U Jacks and the other pineapple candy pheno PFs will remain. I'm going to try a revegging method, mentioned on a podcast. They ("they" is Rasta Jeff from the grow from your heart podcast) say you can start revegging up to 2 weeks before harvest, and it won't mess up the plants. No reveg growth will appear for 2 weeks or more. The other plants are harvested before or just when reveg growth starts to be visible. I'm a little too chicken for that, so I'll flip them back to 18/6 at week 11 — about one week left for the remaining plants. I need to do this for the three plants I got no clone from. The rest will just go along for the ride.
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    that realy looks white as milk......just yummy !!! .......enjoy @Smokey Pockets some Auto-Gelato ........
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    Gsc forum cut end of wk7
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    Con Leche from Swamp Boys Triangle Kush x White Og
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    Well, now that is all sorted out, I can post again... sunset sherbet
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    A few pictures of the Silver Fields pheno i have(sorry i 'm not proud of them, i will try to grow them better on the 2nd round):
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    Old school, Lowryder 2's 9 and half weeks from seed, today.
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    Outdoor Season Stricly organic soil water from stream Purple Kush x Purps SnowLotus x Rosetta Stone f2 (AK47 x G13) x Rosetta Stone f2 Green Manalishi f2 x Rosetta Stone f2 Rosetta Stone f2
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    Day 45 for Strawberry XL i will leave here in for 2-3 more days to finish up completely.... beautiful strawberry tasting and smelling strain which flowers insanely fast… with a superb long lasting psychedelic HIGH…. here you can see the inherited traits brought in from the start. from my Green Manalishi #8. my first pain relieving female. we later on used this female to create G-39(Green manalishi x Headcandy)…. beautiful potency brought throughout all the genes made by NAW… many more to come.... Stay safe and Fly OnlY FooKIng HiGh....
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    Hey MiNdLesS,hope you´r fine!! sounds of a nice project!! .......i had your CB fem some yrs ago,and it was lecker!! not the best yield(due to my 12/12 from start-run),but the bud was great gonna watch this....
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    Didn't have any problems for several days then two days ago found this in the morning. Also found a road runner over under the tables, noticed it had a rat trap on its leg. Got it loose and went around outside and shooed him out, he was running and flying fine. Hope he learned lesson. Actually only lost one plant that was cut off at the ground. The rest perked back up. Next day lost another plant and found a big rat with a trap on his nose but still alive. I let him go and he ran off, I think he flipped me off when he was leaving but hopefully lesson learned. I usually go from cups to 1 gallon but I'm going to put 30 in the beds, the rest into gallons. I could have done it yesterday but it's hot right now and cooling tomorrow. So tomorrow afternoon transplant day.
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    I am once again living in interesting times. My outdoor garden is full up, no room at the inn. Everything's in the ground, even the Critical Sours. The rain's been coming down and I've had to tie everything to stakes. I looked outside this morning and everything was flattened again, just tied it up and the next day its all down again, bracing and bandaging, over and over. The forecast is calling for plenty of rain this month. I'm out hunting slugs just about every day. Today I learned slugs don't eat my slug bait. Found a big ten inch monster on the top of my tallest plant this morning, I picked it up, gave it a mean look and launched that thing into space. The indoor plants are in their final stages. The Blue Angel was cut after 45 days of flowering. She came out great, lots of smell, the buds were popping full of developed flowers, some blue hues and sparkle. All in all an impressive yield of fattened buds finished in under 7 weeks. Oh the smell! Starts like blueberry and finishes like grape, I cannot wait to try her out. The Mighty Grape is in her final week or so, the dense little buds look like deflated soccer balls. The grapefruit smell is really coming out now. Looked really shitty a few weeks ago but is much better now, most buds have doubled in size. The flowers themselves are tiny, pistils and flowers less than half the size of all the other plants. She had all the the indicators of a runt didn't end up that way. She was listed as finishing in 40 days but I'm going to put it at closer to 55 to 60 days. I figure the fast flowering OGKZ will be done around the same time. The buds look exactly like HSO's stock photo, not gigantic but dense and so heavy the plant can't possibly support it. Its leaning on everything, they smell like Coffee Crisp. There's something about it I don't like, the buds and the plant structure look very...autoflower. Super buds and all but it looks like a big autoflower. All the Cookie hybrids are distinctly resembling their parent plants now. The ones that were made from the Killer Cookies with the Blimburn GSC have produced two distinct types of offspring. She produced a few short kush plants, slow to develop, very resinous and reeking of OG Kush. They didn't stretch much and have remained that way. The other kind were taller, not by a lot but notable. They filled in the gaps better with much larger buds that actually smell like vanilla cookies, looks like Green Crack as well. There is the potential for a big harvest with these. This one is a delight to behold. The big winner this time round will have to be the Killer Cookies crossed to LaSAGE. It also produced two types, tall ones and stubby ones. The smell is the same in all plants, pungent lemon Skittles. I've smoked a lot of Zkittles lately, the fragrance is identical if not even more authentic. Its just so good, I don't have the words for it. In the short plants the nodes are all full up, plants have smaller leaves with greasy fans and buds look a little kushier. The tall ones are the real eye candy, the buds most resemble their LaSAGE mother. These buds, however, are better in every way. Bigger, whiter, tighter, fatter, smellier, shinier, everything box checked. They are resin bombs. Its taken a great plant and made it even better. So good, like I said, I am living in interesting times.
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    I'm thinking the cbd hash idea isn't so bad, after all.
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    Hey SPW, thanks man. Yeah the m39 is awesome, despite the beasters that overtook the US , And gave it a bad name. Anything you cross it to, will be awesome I’d imagine . and sorry , the pics are old, I don’t remember exactly the taste , but I remember really liking it .
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    Suppose to make a couple tie dye medicated cakes for a wedding, they have a wedding cake they want these extra. So flat sheet cake, experimenting lol this was on a bowl, have to add cannabis, shroom, and music theme. This is just to practice. Need more blue, red, yellow. I made a little shroom after I took the pic. It has to dry, why it looks wet, should come out flat.
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    Finished trimming today they look real good have some seed here and there on the surface of some buds but nothing too bad. I hated the smell of #3 when trimming but after 2 days in a jar strong mango developing #2 had nice chocolate terps The jury stil out on #1 and #4. The best looking and yielding so far is #4 pictured here
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    HuckleBerry Destar f2 Got Miss Universe and Destar too but Never crack yet I have grown approx 30 seeds of my f2 batch Found so many differents phenotypes Real pleasure to grow incredible trichs production very complex terps Vanilla, peach, diesel, spicey ones First Time found this pheno above pure indica looks like Oregon Huckleberry leaning Big Hope on this one Another pheno 3 years ago
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    I am so jealous of your setup. My ideal setup would be centered around a greenhouse dug into the ground using thermal heat from the ground to keep the temperatures in check. It would be integrated into the design of the home. And it would grow a lot more than just cannabis. Someday i will die. Until i do, it's a dream to sustain me.
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    More of Sans Tahoe Og x M39
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    Here is some of @santero s work , Tahoe Og x M39. Also older pics. these were absolutely awesome plants, great work San.
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    Strawberry XL at day 39 flower.... she's almost there....
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    Cool, lemme know how she smokes when the time comes.
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    Harvest time left killaqueenxbluehammerX silverfields and right ipa x huck @BeachBud thank you brother!!
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    killaqueenxblhammerXsilverfields has been in 12/12 for 7 weeks and ipa x huck has been in 12/12 for 6 weeks
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    Ipa x huck is starting to have nice buds Getting fatter by the day have good weekend everyone!
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    Left is killaqueen x bluehammer X silverfields and right is ipa x huck
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    Back left onyx fire, back right huck x destar f2 front left spiderbite and front right sanfune x silverfields
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    Left killaqueen x bluehammer X silverfields and right ipa x huck
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    Left killaqueenx bluehammer X silverfields and right ipa x huck kush
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    Starting week 6 since turned to 12/12 front chucky f3 and back is sifiblaze Made a little defoliation last week end to expose the under buds a little better
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