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    Do Si Dos Skittlzes is sparkly! She is a keeper, smooth as smooth, and quite potent.
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    Hey guys! tomorrow I will be leaving for a week of vacation. this is how I leave them and I'm looking forward how tall they will get within this week. next update will be next Saturday then. cheers!
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    Coming along... I've been cutting the led night light down little by little, so should be off of light in a few weeks. Hopefully that won't throw it right into flower. Last box on the right wasn't working, something going on there, those plants aren't drinking the kool-aid. That was one of the last boxes filled and might have to be rebuilt. I started giving those plants General Organics. I used to use that in pots, still have some left over. When the roots find those microbes they grow a lot more.
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    My last good friend just moved, had two move over the past few years. We actually are not legally allowed anyone in our medical gardens here, that would actually put the person at risk if I had them work in here. But No I actually do not trust anyone to take care of them, a close friend or not lol.
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    @Toker nice new family member. my cousin surprised me with a new family member too. a white germ shepherd puppy from Nebraska. i didn't think he would be ready for a new dog so soon and frankly he said he wasn't but got outvoted by his wife and daughter . glad they did because that pup will help heal his heart . can't wait for the visit so my big dog can play with the pup and the pup can play with the cat too hopefully . i wanted a pure ole southern white bulldog but can't find them. ones i found were mixed and that mix will spell their doom. yet they won't get much better performance/working dogs by doing that. they will only kill the ole southern white as a breed. they can't think beyond their own selfishness. i found a bulldog kennel that i like and text the owner enough to realize they are a smart legit breeder. it was refreshing to find that out because normally i'm disappointed by ass-hats that aren't legit breeders. or dogs that are beyond my price range to purchase = levitt bulldogge, boerbole and a few more. i was willing to go with an amstaff from a trusted breeder. his pups are $1,800 and i was willing to pay that. yet, the american bulldog kennel i found pups start at $800 , so i can get a pup for no more than $1k likely. http://nobilis-ab.com/ they have a littler on the ground now but i;m nt ready so didn't try to check if all were spoken for. she used the bitch i really love and a nice male . the male i wanted to go to the black bitch is a 1/2 brother they explained why they didn't want to make that breeding and it made sense to me. i would be more than happy with the stud they used but timing will tell what happens. as of right now they are my only reasonable priced kennel prospect. but i'm still hunting and have time.
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    understanding them will be a short learning curve imho no matter which ones you choose. some folks use both in various applications. i've looked at the boards because of convenience mainly. but still need to pay more attention to cobs but they seem like more of a hassle to set up etc. imho. i'm looking for kiss always keep it simple stupid .
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    almost......ready.... Stay safe and fly foOking HIGH
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    want to order some seeds from sannie, but, it seems liek this place has been dead for a while? is sannie still bredding, safe to order from?
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    @Indicalicious so? you just answered your own question?.... Atomic Jam is an F1 cross, unselected, and not tested well enough by me. i discarded her from the start because of the weaker plants found in that strain due to colour. but i love to repeat myself.... so again genetic diversity plays the part and because of working with real multihybryds this can always occur when working with untested and unsolidified genetics. but i don't want to sound like i know something, because i dont... i just breed on and on and on to create the verry best( wich is not Blackberry haze or atomic jam or anything i have seen and bred myself that caries colour colour....(so far) the ONE who will change that will be W.O.M.S....Green, with purple, pink and red hues she will be.... so again... a simple but i thought to be a well known thing... quote: To bring our regular strains to a next generation, we cross the selected male and female as clones. The pollination takes place with 1 pheno type female and 1 pheno type male. By repeating this over the years and making the right selections, the strains become more and more stable and further into the generations (also referred to as F1 F2 F3 etc.) more winning plants can be found in a bag of seeds. . and HEMP is there for those working with HAHAHA auto flower(fantasy weeds) build up from HEMP... i have said it so many times.... play, act, repeat crossing ancient clones with ancient clones because the effort needed to properly select(in my opinion) is to smoke at least a 100 grams in 4 weeks to get to know a single pre-selected fenotype... ill just light up and keep testing breeding and foremost getting interstellarly HIGH because there is a lot more work to do.....
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    Xtra Lost in space... is the effect you will feel when inhaling any of the XL labeled strains. XL Limited Edition Stock These strains are made using my Airborne jack F2 male. all the potency he gave to these selected XL ladies, as they where subjects to a severe potency increase. expect great yields with beautiful buds ranging from landrace insanity to perfect hybridised flavour feasts and Airborne jack F3 will let you mind sail high with rocket driven power derived and re-stacked on top of each other from all genetic power inside. Medicinal properties of XL Limited Edition Stock This diversity has been stabilised where all power drips over the edge so instead of treating and soothing particular ailments these single phenotypes will have a lot of power inside a few hits will be more then enough to heal and or sedate most ailments. Smell and taste of XL Limited Edition Stock strains in Airborne XL is not much flavour present as this has been bred back on a landrace sativa profile's to hunt for the most powerful. in Airborne jack F3 has mint has fuel has orange has earthy has sweet caramel all mashed in to the best smoking package so far. and Strawberry XL is exceeding all in strawberry smell and flavour while still holding a interstellar high all lasts easy 4-5 hours
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    Yes if we grow in industry hemp or unselected landraces, but normally not that early in flowering for a stable selected strain? Then this should normally only happen nearly at the end of flowering if there is no male? Get hermies out of strains is the real work wich takes years for testing & stressing & crossing & testing & stressing & crossing & tes.... @Shedmonster: try to remove the sacks, maybe your a lucky guy and they not developing new sacks further.
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    My friend gave me some of his purple peanut butter breath maybe. Looks good. I was impressed by the amount of tricombs on the bottom of the bud.
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    So, they had some sun and now they are getting hps light until 12am approx .(that changed to 2:30 am after a nap) took a couple bud pics of a Cap’n Shiva’s crunch berries. They come down Saturday . No water for them until chop Unless they beg for it. Ijs then only feed the 2 warrior tonics once more this Saturday likely. Light dose of 1-5-8 then water only for a week.
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    Oh No! I put mine with a humidity dome, they are doing well. I didn't pop any BLR< did the Perkins cut CBD and the Green Ale, that Green Ale is doing really well. Might be heat? You have enough moisture too?
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    damn wish i were close by. love strawberry mos def
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    yeah, it's hit or miss it seems with pro mix. i was just fortunate not to have bug issues. i later mixed in food grade DE. i didn't use any DE with bio bizz lite or epsoma organic and had no issues. again fortunate is all.
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    Using 3% peroxide instead of water, either straight or diluted up to half, works wonders keeping the brown rot away and giving the roots a better chance.
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    for real? why you dont have good friends? u seem like a nice lady
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    hey rhino, what does the 'xl' stand for in the latest strain names? sorry if I overread it somewhere. greetz!
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    Yesterday i topped all of the bigger plants and made cuts from the Amnesia Haze. After that i poured 75 liters of water (pH 5.0 and Ec 1.3) into the leaking tray for the plants to drink the next couple of days. This morning i lowered both lights to the lowest point possible while trying to find a compromise between the plants in the middle and those on the side. Almost time to flip!
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    LOL, tripping. Those with tolerance, that use medibles for medicine, use the 50mg for dosing throughout the day, so I make a lot with 50mg dosing. What size do you use for daily? 20mg? Just curious of your tolerance level.
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    50 mg is what I used to use for long, overseas flights. One time there was some "mind spark" in the edible, and for about an hour before I zoned out, every bump or shake of the plane would freak me out.
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    JAW DROPPING BAMMIE XL #2.....(old seedmoms lower buds, just for showing her genetic profiling).... breeding on the edge of INsaNiTy greetz, Stay safe and FLY HIGH....
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    I found out more about that. Just using a Datura Metel scion will not make chili peppers poisonous. The poisonous alkaloids are made in the Metel's roots. The Metel scion is struggling on the Habanero rootstock (background , left). But I also tried to graft it the other way around. On the foreground on the left side of the above picture is a Habanero scion on top of a short Datura Metel stem. Next picture: I had three Habaneros growing in one container. I removed one of them, and planted a Peruvian instead of it. Then I inserted the stem of the Peruvian into the stem of the center plant. I have four Jalapenos and a Habanero growing in the next pot. I tried to add the stem of the the Habanero onto one of the Jalapeno plants. I also grow two Peruvians and two Habaneros together in one pot. I used one of the Habaneros and tried to add it's rootstock to it's Peruvian neighbor. And in the background in that pot is the plastic bag that holds the Jalapeno scion grafted on top of the other Habanero. The first two grafted peppers do very well. And both scions are forming flower buds. I wonder if the purple fruits still get purple on a green rootstock. The next two are still fresh, grafted a little more then a week ago. A few sunny days made a lot of difference. The fourth strain has a fruit now. I think it's Capsicum Annuum, the most common species. Adding a second rootstock is something I never tried before, but I will certainly try it with Cannabis. Adding the rootstock of different strain seems to have extra benefits. I read they grow water melon scions on top of the combined rootstock of bottle gourd and cucumber. They seem to produce the most vitamin C that way, More then on it's own roots, and more then after grafting them to either bottle gourd or cucumber...
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    The fifth day of flowering. Even just a day after defoliating the plants are still leafy. The different phenotypes all have different drinking needs, so i am lifting up the pots and only water those that need it. I raised the light a little to cause some stretch.
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    Thanks for the offer @Indicalicious but Sannie came through and shipped them anyway. Keep up the good work with yours, they look tasty.
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    hey guys, what's up? it's update time with some pics. the plants look awesome. they take of like a rocket. I put in a net two days ago and they already grow into it. still lush and green, no signs of deficiency or pests. cuttings from all plants grew roots so they are safe in that department. I put out the automatic and replaced with a salmon river og from a friend. it's a week ahead of my crosses and fills the place pretty good. my friend had some budrot because of huge buds staying the furthest to the fan, so I have to keep an eye on it. in about two weeks I pollinate the both ccb with the pollen i collected from the window-sill male. he is now gone^^
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    Aloha, a short update with some pics. The pictures are from 12 Juli, in order of appearance; Somari x Madchem - Critical + 2.0 - Ams. Since June 18 they go in the shed at 20:00 and out at 08:00, first day of flower July 1. And the Critical + 2.0 - Serious 6 in 65 liter. Removed a few balls last week from the first three, due to a light leak. That's solved, since then no male growth, but they are checked regularly. All the best, greetz red.
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    Hi @yesum I'm finishing a little stock of colombian gold (available soon) before to make a more important for october After i think to do double jam and perhaps double zamal But i have work on others strains .... I must have a pack of col'jam, i will see to put it in the store Thx Best regards
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    Hi @sunstone CG has 8/10 weeks on the pics The first little stock arrive soon Thx Best regards
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    hi fellows, time to show some pollinated boobs from the f5 mom, she is the only one in the tent that smells very strongly sweet and intense of fruits and berries:, fastest in developing buds, compact in structure and very resinous, even on bigger leafes at a time where all others not showing any resin. The next 2-3 weeks I will take some more images´of all ladys if the boobshow really starts. We are now in week 4 of flowering at 12/12 best vibes
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    2lbs of cherries Yay Then i see from Chile... I love their fruit And i watched a show on the country and it looks really cool But our Washington Cherries were left to rot Pissed No one has Cherries like Washingtons No one
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    Hi, I missed out on fusion seeds Lemon Thai when they were in the shop, thinking they would be back I waited but they never did re-surface. Can anyone tell me where one might find this strain? I know both bodhi and mota released versions at some stage but I cant find them for the life of me, any help is appreciated, Thanks gents/ladies even
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    Hé Thx guys, some news of Colombian gold In progress: Clones: See you soon Ciao
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    Thanks everybody, it's so pleasant to recall some of you. Don't expect bud porn b4 a few months as I'm in a shroom period for now. Oh and SPW thanks a lot for the tip on leds, I'll have a look even if I know I'll have to spend lot of time to understand how leds works b4 buying one (don't even kwow if I should go for cobs or boards..) c u soon guys.
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    stop, drop and roll up the good stuff is the best way to counter the virus. or fake news? it is just the way we look at things and we decide…only wrong things, keeping an everlasting unbalance between humans. don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes but preacher rhino rapped about this stuff long ago… lol… my goal will never change to create the perfect strain with colours pink, purple and green and with just a toke will have you see how the curtain of this facade will be lifted as you will get lifted over the veil that separates realities…WOMS will be her name…. working now at top speed that i hope in 2025 she will be ready…. Strawberry XL Flowers in 45-50 days. i flowered her 5 times since creation and 45 days seems to be her harvest day… you can leave her to 50 days increasing yield but trading a bit of the high in for a bit more stoney effects my preferred harvest day is at day 45 where she shoots everyone interstellar. a incredible profile from Strawberry Blues #4 and boosted up by my Airborne Jack F2 male made this fast flowering Sativa hybrid that yields and yields AAA strawberry Goodness. and she makes u HIGH AS FOOK….for hours…dribble dribble. now with the making of Strawbear XL bx1 i aimed for more grease, more pungent reeking strawberry smells and more magic in effect. for this cross i use the same male used to make Honey Hoo Hoo. and all is looking and smelling better than expected(of course lol)… many more coming soon… -Bammie Xl -Strawbear Xl bx1 -Airborne Jack F3 -Back to the future haze F2 -Airborne XL and still many, many more are being worked on to be released ASAP…
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    here is just a sample of my 2020 W.I.P and still on going…. never stop, never exhale… “Strawberry XL” From my “Strawberry XL” clone. i made this NEW cross using my same male (Polarbear #2) i used to make “Honey hoo hoo”… and here he unloaded yet another major terpene boost to the “Strawberry XL” mom she has given a 70% dominance in all the Strawbear XL BX1 offspring… great sturdy plants which support the thickest buds i have ever seen in record timing….the flowering speed was inherited from the mom combined with a strawberry smoke with a great long lasting HIGH. and then a terpene, grease and trichome boost came from the dad(Polarbear #2).Polarbear-(Green Manalishi #8 x Hashplantdoublestrawberrydiesel) 2012. And You know it.... Stay safe and flY FoOKinG HiGh Greetz NAW
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    This takes me back. Back in my early days, I had a setup that consisted of crap that I got from a company that I worked for that went out of business suddenly - in lieu of a final paycheck, they let us scavenge the shop we worked at and take anything that wasn't nailed down, so I ended up with a box of tools, a batch of Nomex insulation rolls, a case of 400W GTE HPS bulbs and a few industrial fixtures and ballasts to stick them in. A buddy of mine gave me 4 clones from a plant he had growing in his basement - he got the seeds up in Canada - the name of the strain is lost to history now - but we called it the Lemon Pledge plant - because it smelled exactly like the furniture polish - but it hit like citrus-scented sledgehammer compared to the brickweed that we were used to smoking - it's a flavor and aroma that I'll never forget. I had to cut that grow down when one of the magnetic ballasts got so unstable that I could hear it vibrating from the basement up to the second floor - and could smell the epoxy potting on the transformer staring to burn. I wish I knew what strain that was - I'd love to have a lemon plant in my stable once again.. it was such a treat. 25 years on and I still remember that grow... and that scent. BB
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