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    Back to the future haze F2 #1 newest strains coming up soon.....+ many more.... so from a kick-ass fast flowering profile in strawberry XL i enhanced the flavour and potency by using my polarbear #2-(green Manalishi #8 x Hasplantdoublestrawberry diesel male) and also increased the flowering time from 45 days to 63 so... by it now having so many hazey influences brought in by Airborne Jack-(Jack hammer F2(knutsel) x G39 F2 male) i thought why not shoot for the moon and bring in some more sativa by pollinating Back to the future haze F2 #1-(silverhaze1996 clone only x Airborne jack F1) with the longer flowering profile of strawbear XL bx1 male-(Strawberry XL 45 day clone only x polarbear F2 male) and see if this will shorten the flowering time of this classic haze....many more to come.... Stay safe and fly FooKInG HiGh
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    Harvest! Afghan CBD x Strawberry Kush bx. I love this cross so much. 54 days flowering. Some of the buds were finished. Others could have used a bit longer. But I couldn't wait.
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    More pics 7DABA461-C4A4-4095-BC12-C7E775039B3C.MOV
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    This is the Warriors Tonic pulled from flower area. Has not been cut down just in the dark. Also no further defoliation will be done and will be dried as is after washing .with the new sprayer. Left the other one in flower that was making beans. Will deal with her separately because i’ll Leave the bean branches intact so they can bake longer. All the pictures are the same plant
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    Hello,all brothers growers around the world. I hope all is fine for you and you're green lady's. I just start to grow strain named The New from Humboldt seeds organisation.I can read than is affilied with Dinafem Spain...? I grow Organic with Sannie's tools,Bacto+Trichoderma+Buffertabs in my biobizz light mix + Coco.Pot size One Gallon for starting. Pictures and vidéo speak more than words.Sorry for my bad english. Have good vibes,One Love. Friendly. Ps:All comments are welcome,thank's for watching. The new+gorilla.mp4
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    Unwrapping the last two attempts at inarching an extra stem and root stock. I used copper wire on the Jalapeno. For the result it doesn't matter. The added rootstock is either a Habanero or a Bell pepper. I'll never know, because it's not allowed to make any shoots. It feels like it's firmly joined. Below is the other side of it. Then I unwrapped the fourth attempt at inarching, the second added stem and root stock on "the three legged plant". The base plant is not a Habanero, as I stated earlier. I can now see by it's first fruit it's a Bell. The stem on the left side is a Peruvian Purple, and the latest added part is a Jalapeno. And below is the other side of it. This one also feels like it has joined. I sealed the wounds and will remove the last bits of wire in a week or two. So far so good.
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    Day six of flowering. Yesterday i poured 75 liters water with nutriment, pH 5.4 and Ec 1.3 (GHE BioSevia + BioBizz Fishmix.) in the tray and left in in there for the plants to drink the next couple of days. How much easier does growing get? On the left side Amnesia Haze and Super Shiva Skunk and to the right Super Orange Glue. Left. Right. The plants to the right are filling up a little less nice but when they are done growing i can switch crates with those that perform better.
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    4 #5 crosses Pulled a few early to replenish—50-55 days or so. Prefer 65-75 on most or longer. All are really good and some lean towards the #5 mom in Huck smells and some picked up orange from a CaliO. The C&C crosses are like #5 with more density and kick. Repotted seedlings in 1 and 2 gal fabric pots GGS1 #5 x C&C room full cream & Tina enjoy today
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    This is somewhat strain-dependent. I am unfamiliar with your strains. Growing in soil is slower than growing in coco coir with hydroponics nutrients. I use coco & hydro-. There are also two ways of doing a manifold. The guy who originally described the technique (Nugbuckets?) cut the manifold back to the first node, grew out two branches from that point. Then, a couple weeks later, he cut back those branches. A simplified method is to grow out the manifolds to two or three nodes rather than trying to grow a scaffold node by node. The simplified method is faster by a couple of weeks or so. I don't think it is a good idea to top the plant until it is at least three weeks old. Grow out to 5 or so nodes and then cut back to 3. If you do it any earlier, you may be stunting the plant. Then, say you want a manifold with three nodes per branch. Then you need to grow the manifold out to at least four nodes before cutting it back. After that, it is a matter of how big you want the plant to be before flowering. But after you cut the branches back, you might want to give the new growth buds at least a week, and maybe two, to get to the size you want. By this point, you are looking at 7 or 8 weeks. Longer if you grow the scaffold out and cut it back, node by node. Good luck, @Rickybkushand post some pictures.
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    heck yeah! I've been craving lately for hazes.
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    once i had a mite issue and was able to clear it up without having to shut everything down. a hot shot no pest strip in my tent killed every bug within a week or two. you have to be careful using them; they aren't really safe to use inside a living space like a bedroom. and it would probably be good to buy one of those insecticides that hook up to a garden hose and spray around the outside perimeter of your house. if you haven't already looked into those options try it. the pest strip is like 5-10 dollars, easy to use, and the insecticide will probably be 5-15 dollars and also easy to use. i think it would change everything for you. those mites are affecting everything including your yield. i bet your yield would double. most likely you have mites outside your house; i think you should not take your plants outside anymore.
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    Today i harvested the twelve Amnesia Haze plants. Due to the spider-mites a week earlier than desirable but nevertheless it seems to be a hell of a haul. Since this is my last grow report it would be nice to go out with a bang! When the nuggets are dry i'll let you know the score.
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    The yield seems better now in soil than in hydro, the buds are more dense and compact! Enjoy it! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
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    Almost finished and it's going to be my last grow report. Sorry guys and gals, but updating feels like playing in front of an empty bar.
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    Today it's the forty-seventh day of flowering.
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    lol your post got the corona and spread like a mother
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    Here's the two Amnesia plants grow that is sorta like a test. I feel i lack control with these big containers but i just water every now and then. I asked myself if i could find a good reason to not grow Amnesia Haze the next round ....The new Amnesia haze cuts are ready to roll. Starting out hydro and finishing with soil.
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