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    Grafting it or inarching an extra rootstock could be a solution to that. It does not seem to matter if the rootstock is female, male or even hermaphrodite. I would (and might) try a land race seedling with a nice tap root. Putting stems and leaf trim of weed into a bottle of vodka is popular in Finland. They call it "Green Dragon". Hot Pepper vodka can be called "Red Dragon". Here's an update on two the latest inarched plants. The capsicum Annuum and it's extra Purple rootstock seem to be joined. There's a some lumpy stuff growing on the other side. I used a side branch of a Bell to better match the size of the stem of the purple host plant (below). That also seems to be joined. I sealed the wounds with some graft sealant and wrapped a little piece of masking tape around it. That allowed me to squeeze the sealant further into the seams without getting sticky fingers. Harvest time of the first nine hot peppers. I removed the seeds from one of them, then crushed it with sea salt. I tasted a pinch of the salt and it's hot!
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    Harvest! Five days back. Critical, after 55 days of flowering. This plant started as a filler plant when i grew out Blueberry Quintessa. I had ten seeds. I needed two more to fill out a third 1-gallon pot. It was a slow-grower, too, until about the fifth or sixth week, when it just took off. At some point, I got tired of always searching for female plants and grew to appreciate the wisdom of keeping mother plants. This was the first mother plant of the summer. I took about a dozen clones before letting it flower. I could have kept it going. But by this point I was looking at every female as a potential mother plant, preferring favorite strains over this one. Nothing wrong with Critical. It's a good strain. I like it. But it is not one of my faves. (But i like the head high.) However, i have a number of crosses from a Critical father. This is a good strain for pollen chucking. I have been using Mad Chem x Critical the past couple of weeks. That stuff is pretty damned good.
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    Here's where things stand right now. The second Sinai is in the front left corner, Motherlode Kush is the double-cola plant in the center, USC's Black Afghani is next to it. There are a number of Uzbeknepanama and Uzbekistan around them. The less thrip-affected Silverfields. These buds are thick, and would completely flop over without the support. Love it! Serious Seeds' AK-47 Kalashnikov Siberian Haze And some hash that I made last week! The initial yield, unpressed. This is the 22 micron hash, pressed and kneaded with heat until it all melted. It's absolutely better than the unpressed hash, in this case. The initial test dab. Go big or go home!
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    both times i grew Chucky i ended up with one tall lanky girl and 1 short compact one.
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    Hi MRD not to sure what one she is the one in the Octopot she was the fastest to show sex so I am thinking more to the c99 , skinny leaves like little fingers , I also have a CB in a 5 x 5 pot flowering now ( I do have a clone of her ) she took 2 weeks longer to show sex and she looks a bit different I plan on pollinating the 2 of them to see what I find min the big tent I’ve got a blue moon magoo 1 petolia pink greenrebelfarms 1 banana OG x sour strawberry greenrebelfarms damage case sinister now they are screaming for some of the banana OG pollen so this could be fun my cb male is not producing well and I may need to find another stud we shell see peace paps
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    Thankfully, a nice onshore flow has returned bringing clouds and much cooler temps to the beach. For a few days it was hotter than a $2 pistol and we, like most here, do not have AC. It was pretty good timing though since I had 2 IPA's to chop and it was too hot to go outside anyway. My only local (20 miles away) source for growing medium has been out of the one brand, Sunshine Mix #4, that they carry for weeks. I happened to go by there last weekend and found 1 bale sitting all alone on the shelf, like it was waiting for me. Now I can get on with the next run once I decide what it will be. Hopefully their supply chain will improve soon. Here's a look at the flower room. This batch of Phuuu's IPA have been exceptional. The clone I turned with silver thiosulfate has a ton of male flowers that I hope will start releasing pollen soon and pollinate itself. Fingers crossed. The other 3 clones are progressing nicely after 36 days in 12's though they are considerably smaller than their elders. Here's a look at one of them. On to one of the big girls @ 75 days and she is well endowed for sure... Time to figure out what comes next. I want to start a Green Ale fem or two but still deciding on another. I'll be back to share when I make up my mind. Until then enjoy the rest of summer as much as you can.
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    Hola Amigos! another update time. this is beginning of week 5 flowering. the girls grow their buds and produce resin, brown hairs appear here and there. honestly I expected some 'more' but I guess it's just my impatient ass telling me so because if I look at the pics it's actually a pretty good development. I fed them with 3ml bacto and a little cal-mag. who if you guys uses organic boosters and if so, which? I still have a bottle of pk-booster from bac (sannies shop) but I'm kind of hesitate to use since it's like 2 years old or something. next time I definitely need to cut more of the lower branches before flowering and defoliate more, there is a lot of popcorny and even smaller stuff down town and that is too much. maybe it helps my impression of 'nothing happening'. here some pics
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    When I first started growing (mid-70s), cottontails were my nemesis. In a forest full of vegetation, they would go to great lengths to get under my fence and eat my plants.
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    While not Gardenartus, I can't say I've seen any plant damage from fungus gnats. I just don't like them. They get all over the house. Predatory nematodes work wonders at reducing the population, but they never completely eliminate them. I guess it's a poor predator that wipes out its prey.
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    What CB phenos are you using to breed? My favorite one doesn't seem to be what Esko was looking for — the C99 leaning pheno. I have a pack of CB that I will pop in hopes of finding that pheno again. It's like speed, slightly mellowed by the Cheese mother.
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    Why are the leaves so "crispy" looking? Is that some pest that I'm too lazy to go back in the thread and read about?
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    Brief update: The stretch is beginning to end. It also seems that Killer Cookies has NO PROBLEM stretching and catching up to her older tent-mates in height. The stem in the front, way to the left, is a Killer Cookies girl. So is the tall one near the center. The Lemon Sunrise are not a major problem. I'm sure they will flop all over the place when buds start filling out. Two tall stakes per pot were installed, preemptively. As mentioned in the Irie podcast on the sister fem version (Lemon Jeffery) the leaves near the buds claw, as if there was some overabundance of one nutrient or another. I have heard that too much N can cause clawing. Then I heard no, it's too much P. Whatever, it may just be genetic. No one else is clawing: It is an odd "claw," in that the tips are curved upwards. This is a Killer Cookie girl — in the same sized pot as most of the other plants (5 gallon). She's about 1.5 weeks younger, and was much smaller than the Irie strains. So far, her stretch doubled her height. So, in some excitement today, the township I live in decided that everyone needed new water meters. So I had some unknown character in my basement, which is where my tents are. Thankfully, these gals were not in a stage of growth where they might stink to high heaven. Another couple of weeks, and the rest of September, will be a different story. It's amazing that, even when I OWN MY HOME, some local government decision can be made where I have to entertain some stranger near my grow. I need to wall it off, but I also need to do 10,000 other things, so maybe when I retire… I have been lucky so far, that I have been able to hide it. Maybe my next tent should be made with camouflage pattern, so they don't notice.
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    Something everyone who grows one of Dynasty's poly-hybrid crosses should understand is that poly-hybrid crosses can result in some "loser" plants. For example, in my recent PF grow there were two keepers (a pheno A and a pheno C), another two good plants, but the buzz was not my cup of tea (pheno B.) and two pheno C plants (by scent) that just didn't have the potency, and bud structure had a bit to be desired. If I grew out only a few seeds out of a pack, I could have gotten only poor examples, and I'd likely be turned off to trying any other Dynasty products. That would be an unfortunate thing, since I really like my keepers. My point is that you really need to pop a whole pack. Not so with F1 (or F2s and beyond) crosses, which tend to be more uniform — you may not find the holy grail, but you will know what the strain is like. I found this to be true with CCK, as well, but the "loser" plants that I got from that cross produced excellent hash. I guess the only issue there was leafy (but trich-encrusted) buds.
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    So guys, last images this year from the Ultrashack, now called Lilac, it was very hot this grow but I enjoy the rich smells and different aromes from the ladys and of course a good yield whit good hashpotential, not much to trim here like always. Smells goes from oldshool skunk, over supersweet to floral, but most of them have an background of lilac and musk. Ive smoked some good OG and compared to the Ultrashack I like the high much more of the Ultrashack. Not that couchlock, but I think leave her 12 weeks you can get it, but also nothing for smoking to much, but much more balanced in a heavy body/headhigh. stay safe and keep growing
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    Ultrashack, I call her "Sourwurscht" Pheno, intense soure smell and at the end something like "wurst
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    Thanks all! Yeah, I've grown vegetables and herbs for years, used to work on a farm, etc. but didn't realize how amazing cannabis is until about 3 years ago. Started growing cannabis last June and have been researching everything I can get my hands on to understand the plant more since. Luckily, there are tons of resources like this site available online. Marijuana Botany, the Cannabis Breeder's Bible, and Cannabis Breeding: Basic to Advanced Marijuana Propagation have all been invaluable. All of the technique stuff is just me tinkering with the grow as I've learned more about what works in my environment. Starting the regs off at 12/12 and then switching them to 19/5 once they show sex is a very recent development, after screwing myself over by putting seedlings that ended up being male in bigger pots than I would have liked. I figure at the very least it's a good stress test for them.
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    Focus on the boy . time to water him and place some sort of pollen catcher = black Styrofoam plate. i saw two yesterday and perfect for the job. now to figure how i will rig them; for drops from two different areas,
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    I used my herb dryer on half the harvest and hung the rest. About 88hrs in the dryer is perfect in my room conditions. I really like this contraption and I understand people’s hard line views on drying methods. Last harvest was 8 strains in 3 gallon air pots with total dry yield at 1.12 lbs this harvest was 8 strains in 2 gallon square pots for total dry yield of 12 1/2 ozs. Container size does make a difference
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    Ok just so you guys don’t think that I stopped completely And fell off the face of the earth here’s chuckys bride in the small tent with a new Octopots that’s #5 thanks @gardenartus now I’m hooked for life I have got a chuckys bride male collecting pollen and a banana OG x sour strawberry collecting pollen as well And they are going to get freaky with the Chuckys bride and maybe a few others the cb will be f4’s I believe peace Paps
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    The rack system works well moving everything up instead of out. Real space saver. The wire rack poles fit over the tent poles perfectly. Guy on Instagram taught me this. Cheers, G
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    Bloomday 1 Repotted in 11l and switch to 12/12 Orange Sherbert
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    Harvest! Afghan CBD x Strawberry Kush bx. I love this cross so much. 54 days flowering. Some of the buds were finished. Others could have used a bit longer. But I couldn't wait.
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    I purchased one of these maybe a year ago :https://www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com/products/horticulture-lighting-group-hlg-100-quantum-board-qb192-led-grow-light to supplement a 8 tube x 24" T5 Hydropharm as it would fit beside it in a veg tent I needed to over pack with plants for a spell. Perfect light, if it gives me a few more trouble free years. I also bought one their $99.00 I think the smallest they make, to play around with a single light cheap set up for a friend. Stunning wee light source. I also have a friend that runs Mars and loves the hell out them.
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    Harvest! Blueberry Quintessa, day 64. Four plants. One particular low-yielding pheno. They all have seeds. But selective breeding starts here. Only the seeds from the best looking plants and buds will be saved. Eager to report back once these dry.
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    Last year i made so many crosses that it turned this into a summer of exploring my own seed stash. Mad Chem x Critical is at 28 days. These buds started to become thick after 3 weeks. I can't wait to try it.
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    Harvest! This past Saturday I took down four plants in a pot. The strains were Ice, Blackjack, Aurora Indica, and Tangie. 56 days flowering. Feminized seed is another easy way to combine plants in a pot. Start three or four seeds in a 1 gallon pot. Transplant to a 3 gallon container as they reach maturity. Out of these four varieties, Ice and Aurora Indica work the best for my issues. Blackjack and Tangie were interesting. But i wouldn't consider them again. Now that i have some favorites that work for me, I will begin transitioning to mostly growing those. But before I can go that route, I need to finish bunches of plants.
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    Northern Lights regular was selling cheap for five seeds. I splurged. Out of the five, three sprouted. Out of the three, one of them didn't belong. It had a tall, spindly nature and leaves that looked sativa. There was a male and a female among the other two. The strange plant was also male. So i cut it down. I took clones from the female. Cut back the male. By the end of the week this second male should be gone. Today is the 9th day of flowering.
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    A look inside my tent. There are seven 3 gallon pots. In the back corner from the first photo there are also three 1-gallon pots. Each large pot has three or four plants. By batching plants together, a dense canopy can be created. This is the best utilization of both available light and root space that I have been able to manage so far. Weekly harvests to resume shortly.
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    Harvest! Yesterday i took down two plants in 1-gallon containers. The first plant is Short Rider, an auto flower. I probably let it go too long. 95 days. It was ready after 84. I haven't checked the trichomes under a scope. I probably should. The second plant is a cross between Harlequin and 'Strawberry Backcross,' after 57 days flowering. I would have let it go longer, but i need the space in my tent for new flowers.
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    I believe that the GG has been "watered" down, if you had the original clone it was so potent, and that high was really nice. I think what is out here, and think a few versions, is not repping the original. I had the original and lost it, the new one I have is not the same. Told Jet this before If you get the real deal, you will know it. The GG I have now is OK, but not like that one. This is a pic of the original. That plant had to be cut in two to get it out of the room lol
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    @gardenartus nice yield and getting better each time @Misterdirt the Octopots make a big difference in every aspect of my grow yield, denser buds bigger buds ect notes I really like the new feeding schedule I’ve recently switched to jacks for flowering and the combination of schedule ( knowing when to use what in what ratio ) and what level (ppm, and when to increase) and at what proportions ( 10/ 30/ 20 = 1/3/2 ect is the key the buds on lemon gas and shive dawg are denser , sticker , and fatter at this stage then of flowering then the last 2 grows I’ve learned a lot from my friends @ifish, @JetDro, and of course @gardenartus who for years has been preaching the glory of the Octopot these notes are jets and I’ve been sticking to the schedule and it works the only thing diff I’m doing is about week 7&1/2 or 8 I’ll give them a bit of meta k for a k boost when I see they need it and as little N as possible
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    Hey Papa, some GG4 JW cut, then OHGA, giving you a review of what to expect, lol. OHGA came out stellar and stinky
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