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    Thanks guys Coming along getting closer to harvest for some.
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    Thanks a lot Pops! I always enjoy your comments on them too! The third day of flowering. Not much action yet, but i took a picture anyway.
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    Soon the Datura Metel will open it's flower. The grafted Datura and the capsicum on the Datura refused to grow. Plenty Jalapenos coming, they are productive, ripe soon. But the Peruvian Purple steals the show.
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    hey, cristalin, nice work , most jobs are shite , youve made a ' heroic' step for US brothers n sisters , onelove sunstone .
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    Hi Ouzbékistan has a Big stretch, you can have good results with scrog, supercropping ... Best regards Cristalin
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    Didn't have any problems for several days then two days ago found this in the morning. Also found a road runner over under the tables, noticed it had a rat trap on its leg. Got it loose and went around outside and shooed him out, he was running and flying fine. Hope he learned lesson. Actually only lost one plant that was cut off at the ground. The rest perked back up. Next day lost another plant and found a big rat with a trap on his nose but still alive. I let him go and he ran off, I think he flipped me off when he was leaving but hopefully lesson learned. I usually go from cups to 1 gallon but I'm going to put 30 in the beds, the rest into gallons. I could have done it yesterday but it's hot right now and cooling tomorrow. So tomorrow afternoon transplant day.
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    Hi HĂ© Mr G. Honestly i don't grow outdoor ... Only the ducksfoot are made in greenhouse and the swiss project in/out, cause both are principaly for outdoor ... I don't want to take risk with outdoor plants (only few times in the greenhouse) with all the room in the house it's risky ... I'm not in us or spain lool But yes i know a little my strains and they are resistant to the mold .. flowering time is short, you can easly grow ouzebk outdoor, you will have a giant indica with good veg If you have more questions you know ... Ciao all
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