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    I popped these in late June - got two males and two females (the fifth didn't sprout) BlueChem chemdog (from seeds) x blueberry (esko's blue dude). they go 9-10 weeks. the plants mix well, but there are dominant phenos as well in the F1. __ Bluechem is Chemdog vs True Blueberry, average flowering time is 9.5 weeks. Tell your friend he must look for big leafed metalic bud shining phenotypes. It was first designed to give to Marshall Seeds, but they never reached the internet. That is why u can find them listened, as bluechem, on seedfinder. But there it says Chemdawq vs Blueberry Sativa .... = wrong. Blueberry Sativa, was later in the timeline, so logical thinking, excludes this one. Cause i never wanted the bluechem to be sold again, i made it freebies in sanniesshop. Right now, i am preparing to remake them, also a bx test, and some other special things.... to just give them away again. That i made it freebie, made it a bit underdog, but some years further now, my pm box is hot about this one. I cant follow the messages anymore. LOL. Grdz e$ko, __ Yes my Chem is not the dawq version, i dont want that one. These seeds were a gift from a well known international breeder, and on the pack it said Chemdog. I did the selection for him, i ended up with two wich i could not choose, finally i used CD2. Wich is allready in the BlueChem freebie with Chocolate Rain.(freebie introduction that will proove itself auto) More yields and intense sour taste. Uhm, u really have to like this hard taste and very expanding sour smoke. The Chem91 is a hybridclone i got collected, wich is softer in taste, not from the same source. I most confess i dont know allot about this one from background. __ Here's one all maled out and buzzed up Bees_0021.mov and this is the other male, showing pronounced double serrated leaves I"ll post the females soon :D
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    1 or 2 weeks and i flip in 12/12, 20MissU, 15SoliloQ, 28 Desst and 1KaliG(11 others KG in the veg room waiting space to join ^^):
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    Just some quick impressions from the moms, whole tent smells extreme sweet/tropical/hazy all are very resinous in tent, the male was nearly 2 meters at the end:
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    Rainmaker/Gelato Veg 84.1F 50.5% RH 340 PPM Too lazy to put the net in. Plants have really kicked into gear and are growing rapidly. They’re also drinking an entire notch on the Octos everyday. I would estimate around 25 gals in the last 2 weeks.
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    no,we eat it! ...amethyst deceiver in your language ...and they got special benefits (hope,they don´t see this in China.....they gonna rob our woods)
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laccaria_amethystina ...it looks more trippy,than it is
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    Thats. Cool Never seen this color Is it a trippy one? I wish i had the knowledge to hunt shrums But i have always been fearful
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    gonna be tight soon in your tent. looks good
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    You need to send them to me!
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    I won’t disagree but I run full organic.
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    Looks really great, but i personally think rock-wool is much easier for small plants to maintain.
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    Lower bud of the same Killer Cookies plant from Sept. 29 post. This one is at 11 weeks, moments before the snip of the executioner's clippers.
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    bringing back more of the Green Manalishi and G39 traits in smell taste and GOO! as she keeps exceeding her already trough the roof potency.... and "Future XIII" just dripping...... stay safe and Fly FOOKING HIGH
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    Thanks bro.. I need to try a room with them. If u will shoot.me their # and wedsite.. Got 88 seedlings going and a hopefully big grow of UK blue..the other 2 are not yet tested 3 way crosses.. Talk at ya later.
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    I moved to led (d.i.y) just recently cause i couldn't afford it earlier. Even though a lot went wrong with my first round, i broke all my hps records. So, my advice is: don't invest in old technology and switch to led. With the d.i.y. Samsung strip kits you have the best bang for the buck if you ask me.
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    Hi all @bigun good to see you on the boards bro we need a bigun grow log to wake this place up lol i started with 400 watt HPS they where great lights With the old Chinese ballast They Got Hot too much heat needed to draw air And heat from house Also 600 cfm vortex fan wow the power bill was crazy I went to mars hydro 2 each 96 chip reflector series they lasted 5 years and were used for recently I purchased 1 California lightworks 500 full spectrum and a hlg 100 full spectrum both are killer less heat and great bud
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    I use a HLG's (QB120 (DIY)) $100.00 LED from my veg tents, it is one of the finest small light sources I've used ever. I also run a HLG (QB192 (DIY)) $149.00 for my early veg tent. Just a stunning light source for the money. IMHO. Tiny current, tiny price, BIG results! I'm still learning their longevity.
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    That reminds me, you and I are travellers of the infinite. We exist as molecular structures.
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    (please don't take the internet so serious all the time, people.)
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    That reads like a line out of the "New Age Bullshit Generator".
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    i made the double posts invisible, its not nice for the eye (and they read a bit too negative as well). imho its best to keep it to stoned ramblings about weed and harmless topics. others might not be able to sit comfortably after reading these kind of opinions. the political (and religious) stuff creates negative vibes that leads to hurt egos ect. i hear you, sunstone, but we need also to keep it together somehow. enjoy your day everyone. let's not get sucked into this spiral of desperation/negativity.
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    The World Food Programme has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to combat hunger.
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    The most pain and one can have in a game Ole school war games Still fun as fuck A thinking persons game that evolves as war does on its own Kinda like pondering that first move in chess And wondering where it will all end up. Its very very complicated The most accurate recreation in this formate Of war on the tactical level made i know of. Everything is almost perfect in tokers war room
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    Why did kinky cheese get so low it sounds delicious well all of them do lol but that one caught my eye.
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    Olive eggers are just that They lay olive green eggs I think i have a pink one here They are just starting to lay (easter eggers) Called that because they lay like.i said Pink blue and green eggs My legbars and marans and americuna Will begin in a few more months This pic i pinched off the web But its what i will have Thomas my turkey turned out to be a thomassina lol Welshies all grown Geese huge Pekin turned out both males Spoiled asses Chow hounds But i love them and they follow me lol No my birds are therapy and egg birds to me And i dont care who likes it They give me joy Theres 50 plus chickens out there to lol
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    the male selected from 10 or 12 cant remember right, he is like amnesia is, not a very heavy budder but smells extreme citron/sour and without a good filtration you cant grow him or youre crazy busted motherf.... Green Mojo is a nice strain, impressive plants, very fast budder and heavy rooter G13Widow f5 seems to be a slower budder, same for the sensi stars, fat fleshy leaves sshg13, compact plants, very uniform, nice smell sour/earthy, cant wait to try All together, true haze love in tent lol best vibes and keep growing
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    I'm still waiting for the Metel to open it's flower. The fruits on composite Capsicum #1 (Bell pepper scion on Peruvian rootstock) are getting ripe. The Bell is only half the size of a normal Bell. The Bell on composite plant #2 is still green, but the fruits on the Peruvian scion change color now. The sunny weather is over, the challenge starts now.
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    Keep the tomato wars but leave the Bulls alone unless they allow them to be unaltered/drugged in anyway to face the matador !
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    Yes, @saxo, only mammals. Birds don't feel the heat either. It's funny to watch a parrot eat a very hot pepper. You can use hot peppers to repel elephants. That works well for me, not an elephant in sight!
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    well fuck, that's sad especially if you get hurt or have your house fucked up imho. needless to say loss of plants is a bummer. yet, the rub is normally they are golden. i can't even dream of having what is their norm. so to relieve the levity some here's some Kat. i need to go to sleep so i can catch a bus in a couple hours and try to rent a van because the driver didn't have sense enough to check ahead of time on availability/arrangements. . if it works out then i'll be happy to have a new-used leather sofa. toss a blanket over it for the dog.cat and not worry about fabric pillow cases etc. be washed. i even have a cover i can use until i get a suitable blanket ... yall take care.
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    as long as the weather is nice, after work we went to the Biergarten for a glass or two...... Schönen Feierabend Euch allen Cheers!
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    So, I promised Horacio the bulldog = APBT I would come to get him today. To his surprise we didn’t stay outback near his porch. I walked him over to my house on the leash. Coaxed him up the 3 steps and just hung out with him. He was really happy and relaxed a bit more. He knocked over the first bowel of water so second bowl worked better. Put 1 teaspoon organic vinegar w/mother in it. Soon i’ll Have him in my back yard to run free for the 1st time I. His life . That’s all I want for him aside from having him calm around people. Which so far he is at a distance. He was never socialized around people so I need to be careful. Sorry video is dark. Forgot to turn the light on. 6CE59CC7-FCDC-4AEA-98A4-B14D29BC5AC8.MOV
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    Smoking a bowl of Uzbek right now for a little wake and bake. That's a pretty one. Mine was mostly green at the end.
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