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    hi @Misterdirt the tropicanna poison fast version is made up of tropicanna cookies (girl scout cookies xtangie and of the auto strain of red poison) its not an auto .the auto just makes it flower faster .....heres couple of pictures 1st picture just over a week ago and 2nd picture yesterday ,,,,mac
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    When we used to vape I tried to put my weed away moist because that vapes better. Only thing you have to watch out for there is mold, so I dried them to 50% humidity using a calibur 3 meter. We would put them in jars when they were good and stable, never had a jar mold on me. But the way my hands are now I cut out as much hand activity as possible so I don't do jars anymore. I like these things I linked to. Having a hard time finding the big ones, these are 16 cup size but they have a 19 cup one I have to order. I dry this stuff much drier but not bone dry, there's enough that some 'curing' may occur, maybe. Minimal trimming but I don't loose any medicine that way. Works fine for cooking.
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    I made some sleeves for a couple of jars, with my seal a meal and black/white plastic sheeting that worked very well.
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    It's the forty-sixth day of flowering. We're entering the final stages. Almost time to start with GHE Ripen.
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    Now that the plants have grown back I'm back onboard with the mainline, just sucked seeing them so small after cutting back the plants. Update, removed one confirmed male. Middle back plant is only confirmed female. Far left plant has me puzzled. Added pictures of the preflowers for help. They are pointed like a female preflowers but no pistil. There are also round like a ball so I'm confused. Preflowers always seem to mess with my head on what I'm looking at. Upped to 1.5 tsp of Jack's(7.5g) 2 tsp of cal mag and 2 ml of hydroguard. Foliar spray with liquid seaweed mix.
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    fook,in, hell, how long do the rest of us wait before we can purch airbourne jack? wich will come fore sale fst f3 or f4, n same fur your haze? please?
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    Are they too good for the bathroom now? They demand the living room? You may have a discipline problem with those plants. I recommend bondage. You have to show them who's boss.
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    Thanks! Yes ripen sends the plants into autumn where otherwise i keep them green until harvest.
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    Hunting for the colours!!!! has brought me Pink39 - Blackberry Haze(clone only) x G39 F2(male) smelling 1 on 1 like Cassis(blackberry soda) now this lady is made with the same male that made Airborne jack F1.... now gonna add in some Killer stuff and i will make "Pink Manalishi IBL" ASAP.... and working on starting the creation of "W.O.M.S, weapon of mass seduction..... i will make a Christmas topic somewhere in December just add your profile name there and i will select 3 lucky winners on or right after the start of the new year.... Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz
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    Hi @Hamme Hydro did you notice any big differences with or without ghe ripen? But a always all of your plants are looking great, wish you a nice smoke. best vibes
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    Thanks Baq. Here's a shot of the Selene ladies in the back. Blueberry Sativa x Chocolate Thai is up front.
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    Walmart, last fall they had them on sale for a stupid low price and I bought all they had in stock. They might have been on close out. I just found them on Amazon, but they’re expensive, $21 each for 32oz, I paid $9.98 for a 4 pack of 32’s and the same for a 2 pack of 64’s, I cleaned out two stores here.
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    Hello, brothers 7 weeks and 3 days from 12/12. Thanks for watching and comments. Have good vibes. One love. VID_20201106_212920.mp4
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    Sour Lemon Haze Huckleberry Kush x Snowqueen Malzilla Chocolate Rain 26 days 12/12. All plants have stopped growing and building buds instead. smile
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    left rear plant in above photo is probably a male, middle row rear plant confirmed female. 2nd topping today.
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    I mainline practically every time. You'll be happy later on when they are nice and uniform and the same height. Keep training to a 4 pak and follow Nugbuckets tutorial.
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    Last run of 2020 and I think it’s time to flip and lay in the screen. left side: Big Cheese (Critical Mass F2 x Exodus Cheese BX1 by Relic Seeds (Prof P / @Dynasty Genetics) right side: The One/ Panama x PCK / Chocolate Thai by Swami Organic Seeds aka Gascannastan Ran these outside this past summer and these were my picks. This is the second run on the pot with top dress re amend and water only, don’t think I will be chasing nitrogen in flower. LOS / No Till.
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    What's the cross? Durban Poison x somethingorother?
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    Silverfields! 25 micron, pressed, on the left. 45 in the middle, 110 on the right. It's like a low dose of acid and muscle relaxers. Like a symphony inside my face. I feel like baby Gohan on the flying nimbus. Its power level.... it's over 9000!
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    Little piece of Durban dry sift hash. Just smoked it, sweet earthy and pine taste, very head-high.
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    Frisian dew aho, very short and cold rinse with 96% alcohol, then evaporating at room temperature. After that 45 min in the oven at about 38c, then scrape with a blade, wait a few minutes and it's easy to splinter.
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    Some finger hash from the last few days of trimming. peace mrG
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    This bubble right here also from homie bonezzz. A mix of at least 8 cultivars two being from our very own loveable clown Indican. 72 mic. This is what I do to smoke bubble and shatter in a joint. 2nd paper eliminates burn off even though I hate extra paper. That turds in 2nd pic go inside the joint surrounded by gooey herbs. I known it's a hash thread but I had to include the herbs that went into that night cap.
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    7 grams of pull and snap from some Sorbet and 2 to 3 grams of Apple Cobble bubble hash from my pal bonezzz. It pressed itself on the ride over in the mail. When it will crumble to powder then smear tan. The pull and snap has been at 75 plus degrees for a week and is finally settle the shards into a glob stable and made from ripe material.
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