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    Hi Colombian Gold 72 (not a nice Bud but a nice repro) Best regards Cristalin
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    It’s a typical Durban/ Thai type high with added body from the Affy, smell and taste is a sweet old school funk. It’s 9 to 10 weeks and some could go to 12, they get fucking huge 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 times stretch, the Affy dom I’m running at the moment has been easy to control in a scrog and being in a 20 gallon LOS pot it has room to stretch its legs.
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    This never gets old for me 33 days i think i let these go
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    aloha folks, i'm wanting grower feedback from those who have run USC's indica offerings. which of these 4 Strains wins for heaviest/most potent couch lock type of stone ? any other relevant info on these that u think is relevant info for these strains please add that as well. thank you all in advance for any assistance. OUZBEKISTAN TURKISH BLACK AFGHANI TRIPLE PAKISTAN please list/rate them from 1 -4 with 1 being best for my criteria. thank you in advance folks
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    Great to see the Malzilla (Malawi Gold X Shackzilla). Can you smell her already? Good luck!
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    The 61th day of flowering. Since the plants started collapsing and seemed ready i harvested the first ten today. Zero mold, rock hard nuggets and almost no fluff. Two more plants to go tomorrow. The next twelve Amnesia Haze cuts are ready to go and since i plan on doing everything the same and there is not much interest, i won't keep a journal anymore. When the harvest is dry i will post the results in my final update and then i'm done. They say you're only as large as your last hit and this could very well be my biggest yet!
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    He can be incriminated for aiding and abetting a marijuana crime. Be careful. The cops might blackmail him to wear a wire and testify against you. OK, I admit I've been indulging a little too heavily into some high-paranoia weed. But still, cats always seem to be watching.
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    Thanks for the show. Always great and I grew 2 gems outside and I do better in side with these ipa's u sent to me.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. BEEN A LONG YEAR HERE IN VA.
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    Here is some pics if I can upload them. The.pink buds are huckxheri x c.99.. These are at 29 days when the pic was taken. Hope u enjoy..
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    This one is actually a small aero-cloner I got at my local grow shop. According to the grow shop guy, "All the kids are doing aero-cloners, man. Get with the program. It's cringy to ask about DWC cloners now." And this one was on sale (BTW, in case you're cringy, it's the new word for uncool. Using the word uncool, itself, might be cringy. I'm not sure of all the rules on that.)
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    I have 30 seedlings getting ready for a room of them c 99 f-6 and Mohawk=c-99 x pineapple skunk..clone only here..
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    Malzilla top. Hole plant.... plus a shy guy, who did not want to be pictured. smile
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    ok so i was about to go to page 26 but felt it more prudent to send that PM as instructed by "Sifu San" the nick name mos def fits because he's a master grower and teacher as well imho. his generous nature is quite known by all. thank so much Santa if i could choose to be certain breeders/chuckers you would be one of my multiple beings. mos def
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    DTA....Durban Thai High Flyer x 68 Afghani. This one is an Affy dom and is at the end of its indoor run. Really strong sweet funk with a loooong lasting up to start then dreamland. Great job @Indican LOS / No Till using Gas’s mix and water only this run!
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    damn i love the dragon on that obviously lol. now, u make me realize i don't recall who i got MPI from hmm. not likely the same source since they weren't something sold somewhere just repros.
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    Thanks Mindless, appreciate it man
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    Con Leche from Swamp Boys wk4
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