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    Hello,all brothers growers around the world. Update pictures from first dry buds. Thank's for watching and comments. Have good vibes,One Love.
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    Hello,all my brothers growers,smokers.For the moments I only cut some size branches and little one.... I think plants become taller because I use only 100 watts diming my HLG-185 with 4*cree cxb3590 3500K. I wait my net for fix the branches on it.I order Blumat digital tensiométer for better watering....Tomorrow,I put plants in 30 liters.For the moment i use 10 liters pots. Days 2 off 12/12,what's do you think about it ? I think it's too late for cute some tops ? Thank's for your help, comments and watching. Have good vibes,One Love.
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    Been awhile since a update. Took awhile but finally have All 3 confirmed female. I did a heavy defoliation day 2 of flower. Watered today for the last time with jack's 20/20/20 and switching to the flower nutrient next watering. Slight tip burn in the leaves. You are suppose to remove all side branching for this correct? I should only have 8 main flowering branches and all side branching removed?
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    What's the plan? I may have had a few, judging from a few web strands on buds in my last grow. No damage and no sighting of any living thing, though. I'm wondering if they just hadn't established yet, and maybe my UV lights kept the population down. Big mystery, but I'm cleaning out the tent.
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    I made infused bread I had to tweak the recipe a couple of times, but got it down, 100mg a slice
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    Hi, to y'all! found an pic. from last run, that I would like to show you. Nothing special , it´s a White Siberian from Dinafem. I liked it because the massive white layer of trichomes!
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    Dogs are in-the-moment creatures. A quick correction is best. If you punish a dog long after the "crime," they just know you're mad without knowing why. There's not a lot of self-reflection in dog minds.
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    leave the top and topcover like it is...underneed defoliation compleet and cut some branches underneed that dont get light away...then leave the plants alone do not touch further and after 1 week the will be recovered...best is to use a scalpel and after the cut of branches put some vaseline on the cuts so no bacteria or others can enter the plant. grtz
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    Just a ltid bits of cookie dawg . Dude thought it was an autoflower but since I couldn’t find an autoflower version it has to be a photo period cookie dawg tiny jar is almost gone and have a small jar of it that u’ll Leave alone and let cure up more. It has already changed since I first got it. Pretty frosty in person. MOs def the Stone is nice and comfortable but potent in the head frfr. For that reason it wouldn’t be my daily toker. While I believe others like that type of high far more than me.
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    great basic info, will be a lot of help for many growers
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