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    On a higher note... here's some Rhaspberry Truffle f2s finishing up. these are two that I had indoor. photos taken at 60 days #1 #2 #3 - this one flowered outdoor
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    Got a few of Indicans version of Lui couple weeks into flower now . Very impressive growth trouble free so far ,even found a nice male out of 4 plants gonna try and save some pollen from him .
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    Hello from the cold, wet and windy beach. Things are progressing well in the grow rooms. Over the weekend I up-potted the Amnesia Haze x Black Domina girl to a #5 and put her to 12's. I also up-potted the 4 Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral (that's a mouthful) to #2's and they continue to veg until sexed. Also up-potted the NYCD x Lemon Thai clone to a #2. The flower room now has 5 girls in it at varying stages. The eldest is the NYCD x LT coming up on 9 weeks in 12's. The two HammerHeads and the HammerHead x Silverfields ladies are all 24 days in 12's. The HH x SF and HH #3 got up-potted about 10 days into 12's and it really impacted their growth as compared to HH#2 who was up-potted before going to 12's. HH #2 is an impressive specimen after 3 weeks. I accidently gave her week 8 flower nutes meant for the NYCD x LT girl the other day. Hoping it won't impact her too badly cause she sure looks good now. I blame the Green Ale bud I was sampling at the time, and the fact that I had just moved the plants around so my stoned brain got confused...lol. The NYCD x LT girl is nearly 9 weeks in and has bulked up nicely. I'm guessing she still has a couple weeks to go. I've been trying to figure out her smell but am having difficulty. She does not smell of lemons at all or anything citrus. There is some hint of lavendar and maybe melon but I cannot describe the overall smell yet even though it fills the flower room. In my last Phuuu's IPA grow I came across a very nice pheno that I hit with silver thiosulfate and was successful in producing many male flowers. I let her pollinate herself and after harvest I hung her up in the corner to dry. I finally got around to grinding her up and harvesting what I hoped would be a bounty of feminized seeds. I'm very happy to report that I got 85 good looking seeds so I should be set IPA wise for quite awhile. I have some 2 year old Huck Kush pollen stashed away so I decided to hit a few buds on the HammerHead ladies. Some Hammered Huck might be pretty good. Alrighty, enough chit chat, on to some pics... Flower room Amnesia Haze x Black Domina HammerHead x Silverfields HammerHead #3 HammerHead #2 NYCD x LT I forgot to get pics of the veg area so will catch you up on those in the next update. 'til then, take care and stay safe.
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    Update from outside Season 2020 It has been awhile but after coming here and bitching about Sannie I will first say he came thru now the postman needs to do the same so we will see OK so I worked outside the first time in lots of years and it was The Greatest Time I have had in 20 years I forgot how well outside plants grow duh:) this will be a bit chaotic this is a hedge I did outside here in New York 2020 is a 15 plant double row of assorted plants this is in August I had to cut them back to four foot at the end of July they were way too tall a nice long hedge of buds in the beginning they were in 1 1/2 gallon pots they started out in 4 foot page wire cages when they went into the ground to be continued need to find more photos see you in a few
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    yep, that looks the part, zanzi. density looks like styrofoam another (!) esko-tastebomb. i'm never getting tired of his work. @FotH thanks, but my pics are not copyrighted, nor do i feel "intellectually violated". others may and its their good right to follow up if the feel like, but i'm not really bothered by some guy, needing to fill his empty life with my boring adventures. (it's sad actually, i feel bad for the dude, tbh). ah well, just knowing that the people that i actually care for, really know what's up, that's already good enough for me
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    First, go to the stolen image and click on the triple dot > Report > It’s inappropriate. Choose “Intellectual property violation” and click on Learn more. You’ll get lots of information, but they’re informing you of your rights, so don’t just skip it. Then click on “Learn more about copyright violations.” You’ll find a form linked and you’ll need to fill it if you want to file a claim. Then, choose “Copyright” within this claim and select the reason for filing it: “I found a content which I believe infringes my copyright.” Finally, share the information Instagram requests from you. You’ll also need to share the link to where you posted your photo, in order to prove that it’s indeed yours. Instagram will take the stolen picture off, soon after you report.
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    Hi, and best wishes to all. I'm still out here growing away, just took an online break for awhile. Hope everyone is healthy, safe, and happy. Covid is great for growing, I guess. Spent a lot of time last year on some old Wold of Seeds Thai F2's I had from 12 years ago, out of about 50 seeds, only one survived, and it was female, gorgeous plant, and their Thai landrace was always pretty good. Yielded 3 oz off one plant, flowered at about 9 weeks, a lot more fruity than the original, which was more old school chocolate Thai. I had some Blackberry Haze from before they discontinued it, and it was just too pretty not to share. Tell me again why you discontinued it? Plants all pretty uniform, structure reminds me a bit of Chucky's Bride, but a bit more Christmas tree like, buds just flopping every which way. The octopots are 3 times the size of the 3 galls. Seven seeds survived, 5 were female, I didn't make seeds or clones, figured I'd do it as a one and done run. Wreaks to high heaven, extremely pungent and sweet, very berry like. It's not going to be a big yielder, lots of bowl sized buds. Here's some pictures from this morning, she's starting week 10 today. The purple one is ready to chop, the others probably have two more weeks to go. Excited about tasting her, she smells amazing. Take care, God bless everyone, and "let's be safe out there".
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    I’ve read about him already.. I dont know if it was in this forum. He was stealing a lot of esko’s pics. Maybe he also stole pics from the NAW guys and one of them already reported it on here (Im starting to remember something...)
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    .......this one looks like one of my pix/plants, i grew yrs ago (from SAN´s or BeachBud´s F2, don´t remember who made the one on the pic) no matter if my pic or agreenpassion´s Pic , i realy hope nobody is buying those fakeseeds !!!! here´s the original from my Gallery:
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    Not many bud shots (flash and no flash)but I did grow this Folsom prison blues myself and u can bet it will be run in earnest in the future. Got the last pack last year from Indy but not sure when he might make more. then kief shots via magnifying and light oops those are boobs not buds
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    any word pics imfo on this cross peps we found the sorter females were faster finishers and sweater tasting the medium size fems with the square buds are the ones to look for the taller fems are from sannies jack with a little sweatness can go 12 weeks plus but she is nnnnnnniiiiiccccceeee
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    Australian Dead Head buds, snipping to jars. Honey Badger Haze 3 delicious stinkers!!
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    NL#5 x AlaskanThunderFuck done at 66 days
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    Salmon River OG done at 66 days
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    Big Sur Holy Weed at 9 weeks
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    Salutations Bug Bangers, I gave out these Honey Badger Haze plants (clones) to other gardens maybe 4-5 years ago. I asked to have some copies made, and totally had forgotten that godawful cat piss smell, that plumes from them, as you happen to brush against them in deep flower. And a shot of the Australian Dead Head top that fell over. You all have the best new year you can!
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    the ones i grow are: (oax/mullum) x NLhz (aka. "MOx") and crosses made with that whatever OJD uses = i don't know ... must be something else, bcuz in the ones i grow / know the nevil's haze in not involved. ______________________________ i got other (more pure) mullum-stuff too, like f.e. wifi x mullum, mullum x thai85, mullum x thai78, nevhaze #21 x mullum, nevhaze #36 x mullum and a few more fem-lines with mullum too, but i have no time to check on all of them *later, later*
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    I use a HLG's (QB120 (DIY)) $100.00 LED from my veg tents, it is one of the finest small light sources I've used ever. I also run a HLG (QB192 (DIY)) $149.00 for my early veg tent. Just a stunning light source for the money. IMHO. Tiny current, tiny price, BIG results! I'm still learning their longevity.
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    Looks great shiska.. I eill wTch yours and get your report. I was tbinki g i could make a few crosses if it is REALLY GOOD...lol
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    Any chance of those golden wedding seeds will be up again, man I missed out on that one.
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