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    Thought I give a little update on the Jalisco I let the flowers cure for 4 months before I test the first bud. First it gives an up high which didn't took to long while it changes to a relaxed high on body and mind. Even after 4 months the high is pretty good but it wasn't that what I hoped for so I let cure further for 2 years in total. So I tried it again and I was totally blown away by the high uplifting, euphoric, sociable, promotes a good mood and creativity while keeping a focused and clear head high all the time. Writing texts is an easy task as the words bubble out of your head. Curiosity and inquisitiveness are awakened! Can be consumed as a party weed or in a small group with good friends, fun guaranteed. After two years of cure the flowers have a decent smell and taste of citron and mint and a way better high than with one year before. Would be interesting if someone had similar experiences with the high development of this strain. all best Dogtown
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    Hi there @Sunnyvale The aromas from San's Raspberry Truffle f2 are a little different from those on the AHxCR. (by the way I have to say it my gf just called out to me from the living room saying something smelled like cat piss. Then she came the the back room and I said, pointing at my drying plants, "Are you sure it's not from these?" She was like "Oh wow, those smell AMAZING!") The ones I have, and basically all three are very close in nose... are more of a ripe papaya or concord grape. There's something sharp about their aroma - almost a cat-piss, but not. Acrid grape, perhaps. Maybe some sour cherry. They truly smell amazing, and the whole house is filled with this amazing aroma. They're also just recently cut so the aromas will change, of course. I think the sharpness will mellow. I really like the Rhaspberry Truffle. Anyway, the AHxCR is more of a sweet smelling raspberry. Fruity... for sure red berries. They are close in comparison, just by smell alone you can tell that they're related. But structurally, they are very different. I still have the AHxCR mom I used for the f2s. I still grow her out, as well as f2s. I'm still amazed at how different she can be in different environments. These plants want to get big. The Rhaspberry Truffles are short and stocky, making them very manageable. They're just really nice plants .I'm going to pick one of the three I have, maybe two, and run like 8 of them. I really like their size and structure. I think it'll be cool to SOG them. And doing the repros is very much an honor. I feel blessed to be a part of getting them out. I hope people will make their own crosses - play around with them. e$ko put together amazing crosses. He has such a keen sense. Very talented. And San has done an amazing job on making them available again. He also has real talent. This tribute is a very cool thing. It's about carrying on the work that e$ko did so that y'all can partake :)
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    Pssst, I am not sure which one you looked at on Amazon, the one I bought is from Spider Farm Store, and has awesome reviews. Cool, glad you like what you bought, I think I will be happy with this one too.
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    The Spider Farmers uses Samsung diodes too SPW I think you will like growing under them.
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    I read somewhere the aerial project, excluding California was a huge money pit, with very little return for the expense. Their investment was to get more narco dollars for the war on weed as big pharma ramped up the *use more opioids* campaign to prescribe opiates for everything from hangnails to toe fungus!! And a very productive campaign it was.
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    @Zanzibar Amazing bro! Can You please tell more about the aroma’s? And how do they compare with (your) AH x CR F2? P.S: thank You for your work in the repro’s Sunny
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    Saxo that is a crazy nice flower all the best Dequilo
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    Hi @Sacred Plant Warrior I only can give my two cents on 'Black Afghani' and 'Turkish'. 'Black Afghani' BA has a complex aroma which taste to me like different tea mixed with different kind of spices, very complex imo (I have to evaluate this more specific). The smoke is superb and give you full body and mind relaxation. It's a top pain relief and has a sleeping promoting effect. This cultivar is good for medicinal use or people how search for deep relaxation. 'Turkish' This one hit's heavy! Had this one outdoors this year and it finished mid. of September here at 50° lat. The aromas of this one reminds me of cedar and mint somehow, aromas and taste are similar to other cultivars like Maroc, Lebanese (going to evaluate this more specific). This cultivar is best if yourself want to knock out. After smoking this your body and mind become both very heavy. You better have a couch, bed or something in reach where you have the possibility to sink into a relaxed position because this it what happens quite fast and you will fall into a deep sleep. Please note that everyone has different consumption habits and the effect that appears strong for someone appears different for someone else. As I only had one plant each of them I don't wanted to rate them on that specific trait. I still hope that this short report will be of some help. all best Dogtown
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    Stunning! Your SQ looks more Ms uni dom then mine, still today one of the best smokes I had, so peacefull and awake. I love dynasty gear. Did You make F2 and/or crosses?
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    Ipa x huck is starting to have nice buds Getting fatter by the day have good weekend everyone!
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