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    Whoop Whoop! Success, the liquid Xanax did the trick, my patient woke like he normally does, but was able to go right back to sleep. YEA!!!!!!!!
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    Not much time to update my phototopic but i am still growing with led. And still in soil too... But not hating on rock-wool at all, i still have some stacked up for future use.
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    Here is my LUI at 5.5 weeks .....shes a stinky girl, like rotten sour flesh
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    Never tried amnesia haze. Looks delicious
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    looked at amazon awhile back after a grower on IG talked them up a bit. but i figured it was because he was sponsored. they sell them as a vendor on one of the boards if i recall. i just looked at their actual site yesterday and i too will be happy they turn out for you as well as others. just spent 5 minutes looking for the damn bucket and i figured out where it was. = less than 3ft away lol. easy floor to mop though simply green does a good job xtra cheap and safe for my furry family too. went in 1/2 on a zip blue cookies and though I’m going to sit on it awhile it’s worth the coin MOs def. not the best bag appeal but it has good feel appeal ! Anyone know how to clean the screen of a kief box without fucking it up. alternative is how to secure a new screen and best place to get a couple. this has lasted 8 yrs or slghtly more since it was before i moved here that i won it on PG. Fuck are me and @webeblzr the last overgrow to planet ganja refugees here ? hmm somebody say it ain't so shout out please !
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    looks like indi went for the thin leafed phenos, any grapefruit on them ?
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    what a beauty ... i really like the description of the reek
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