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    I recently started some Cannabis from seeds, one of them turned out to be a male. Instead of throwing it away, I grafted two scions on top of it, coming from my favorite mother plant. A plastic bag was covering the scions to keep them moist. I took it off after about nine days, this is the result: A female scion growing on male rootstock. A clone with a tap root.
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    Octopot, its a soil hydroponic hybrid system. Here is a link to how they work https://www.octopot.com/how-octopots-work.html Looks like Octos are getting popular here on OG. @gardenartus has been raving about these for years. @JetDro jumped onboard a while ago, now there are several of us giving them a shot. I figured it was time we have one spot for us to discuss octopots and show how we use them. Hopefully we will be able to have one spot to answer questions and discuss individual techniques. I will start this out with a short tutorial on how to set them up. there are a bunch of videos on the web also if that’s what you prefer. This is how they are delivered, six pots in a box, and yes, Octopot has their logo on the outside. But, its really no big deal. Here is one complete pot ready to be put together. Here is the bottom that goes into the bottom of the grow sleeve. the reservoir with the top on and the base inserted into the grow sleeve. this is the grow sleeve installed in the reservoir. inside the grow sleeve Octopot says to use only soilless media in their pots. They suggest a 60/40 mix coco coir or peat moss to perlite. In my first 3 I am using peat moss/perlite. I want to compare coco to peat moss to see what works best for me. Now, I used a 5 gallon bucket. Measured 2 gallons of perlite and toss it in the bottom of the bucket. I then fill the bucket with peat moss until full. that will give me my 60/40 ratio needed. Then I dump everything into my kiddie pool and start mixing it up. I use a small dust pan, it works perfect for tossing this stuff around. I also spray a little water as I mix just to knock the dust down. Now its time to fill the grow sleeve. I toss in a scoop of material and pack it into the base. Octopot says to pack it fairly tight to insure the material is able to wick up the nutrient solution. Too much air can create pockets that will interfere with the wicking action of the Octopots. Here it is filled and ready for the cutting. I added some mykos to make the roots happy. I moved the pots into the grow room. I poured 2 gallons of nutrient solution into the reservoir, then place the grow sleeve into the top. Here are my two clones I picked up. NaPali Pink from Dark Heart Nursery. Crappy pic, should have moved them under regular light. Finally, I have the clones planted. Octopot says to water through the top at the time of planting to start the wicking action. This will be the only time you water from the top. The roots will reach down to the reservoir and the wicking action will keep the grow media hydrated. So there it is, easy peezy. The Octopot grow system up and running. It took me about 30 minutes to set two of these up, that including me stopping to take pics. I hope you all got a little something out of this. Feel free to ask questions and make comments. All the OG members using Octos will be more than happy to share their experience and answers questions.
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    Starting to look like the runoff streams in Greenland...
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    Simple plant checkup and moisture check too. Love the see through cups cause they will give insight into the standard cups.
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    NYCD x Lemon Thai @ 77 days
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    Figured I would update this with pics of the Rhino Blood. The Octopots are doing great. This was taken right after she was topped Here is it again after a few days and some training. 6 main stems...she is going to be a beast. A week or so later..she is filling in nicely. Standing in the center....right where she wants to be on the first day of flower. Flower day 10... Flower Day 20... It’s amazing how healthy the plants are in the Octopots. No yellowing, No blemishes, just strong girls with roots down to the reservoir. I’ve had my eye on these for a couple of years and now I can’t give enough thanks to @gardenartus, @JetDro and the rest of the Open Grow octo crew for talking me into getting them. Best grow equipment I have purchased.
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    Here is my Rhino Blood cutting day 1 and day 16 in the octopot.
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