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    Nilla Wafer/Herifields Veg 84.7F 55.1% RH 260 PPM So the plants have decided not to cooperate with my plans to top another time before the net goes in. A couple are just growing too fast for that to be feasible. Net will probably go in tomorrow and the tucking will start. Nilla Wafer is growing slightly faster than HF which is a first when growing a sannie strain with a non. They struggled a bit for a few days because I think I kept the solution level at 1 notch a bit too long. Doing much better since I raised it to the 2nd notch. So far so good.
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    All five have been up-potted into 3 liter pots. I gave them a foliar spray of fresh aloe vera juice, coconut water, fulvic acid, and silica mixed with water. If there's a little residue on the leaves - that's what it is Nothing much to report except all are doing well
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    So you've put the girls on birth control? Cutting edge stuff, dude.
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    On a higher note... here's some Rhaspberry Truffle f2s finishing up. these are two that I had indoor. photos taken at 60 days #1 #2 #3 - this one flowered outdoor
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    First, go to the stolen image and click on the triple dot > Report > It’s inappropriate. Choose “Intellectual property violation” and click on Learn more. You’ll get lots of information, but they’re informing you of your rights, so don’t just skip it. Then click on “Learn more about copyright violations.” You’ll find a form linked and you’ll need to fill it if you want to file a claim. Then, choose “Copyright” within this claim and select the reason for filing it: “I found a content which I believe infringes my copyright.” Finally, share the information Instagram requests from you. You’ll also need to share the link to where you posted your photo, in order to prove that it’s indeed yours. Instagram will take the stolen picture off, soon after you report.
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    there we go, nothing is secret online nowadays poor dude ...
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    Here's the company that does that. Here's it's website. And this is where he lives:
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    I’ve read about him already.. I dont know if it was in this forum. He was stealing a lot of esko’s pics. Maybe he also stole pics from the NAW guys and one of them already reported it on here (Im starting to remember something...)
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    Hey there San. I started looking through that dudes thread, and found a match for a picture that I posted for Vanilla Haze. This is the OPG post - posted November 8th, 2019: https://www.opengrow.com/topic/53042-saving-ecobars-strains/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-791362 and the escohighlife post is on November 9th, 2019 https://www.instagram.com/p/B4qofvUh62Z/ My guess is that none of images on there are his... they're all taken from someone/somewhere else. My conclusion is he's terribly alone and has no friends, or he's a cop... and most probably all the above
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    Mexican brick, my fave smoke yet
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    Hybrid tent finished out in a little over 9 weeks. A few last pics, proper flush and fade
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    Big Sur Holy Weed being absolutely special at 9 weeks
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    Cherry AK almost done. 9 weeks
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    Salmon River OG finishing up at 9 weeks
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    Thanks for the Eskobar Tributes San & Zan. A real 2020 morale boost...all things considered.
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    happy new year to everyone !! enjoy your plants/smokes/meds. this is the last week for the free share. i'll wait until the 7th. hit me up asap, if you also want a carepack flyen your way.
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    Mexican Brickweed by #mexicartels lol at week 8. yes we still get brick in Texas lol
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    Mango x Haze by derg corra collective at 8W
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    Santa Maria x Viet Black by me at 8W
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    Devils Poison by snowhigh seeds at 8W
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    AC/DC x Ringo’s Gift by relic seeds at 8 weeks
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    William’s Wonder x Herijuana by Mota at week 8
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    I know what you are going through because it happened to me. I won't go into fine details but it cost me a lot of money and 4 years of my life. As Clint Eastwood rightly said, "Don't give the pricks the satisfaction". What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. If I can be of any help to you please do not hesitate to ask. Stay strong.
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    salutes to you, my dear broski (dang i have to answer the pm, had not enough time yet, hehe) the one i am working on for derg corra is not the mendo purps/grape ape/purple erkel. it is a backcross made by ken via afg/sk. i'm growing F2's and will make F3's from that. (maybe this "todd" dude you mentioned used this line too? i don't know this seedmaker.) people greatly enjoyed stuff that was fathered by this GDP, like f.e. the "phantom cookies". so, it's about time to bring it back in "pure" form. i am sure people will enjoy to play/grow one of the elements that brought forth very enjoyable and therefore very desired smoke. but i need to check on them foist ... maybe they are not even true to the (expected) type.
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    Some Raspberry Truffles... the first two are more strawberry (which San had pre-sorted within the batch = Strawberry / Raspberry) and the third is the more Raspberry. It's interesting to note that the more Strawberry plants have 9-finger leaflets, and the Raspberry has 7. #1 Numero dos and the third These are all at Week 4 Happy growing
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    ok so i was about to go to page 26 but felt it more prudent to send that PM as instructed by "Sifu San" the nick name mos def fits because he's a master grower and teacher as well imho. his generous nature is quite known by all. thank so much Santa if i could choose to be certain breeders/chuckers you would be one of my multiple beings. mos def
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    the SFV78 was not mine, that was a freebie made by a fellow seedmaker i stay away from releasing any of the mullum-stuff i made so far. it's not my place to "boast" with these genetics (it IS the best around, in my book). but these are aus- tralian "heirlooms" and only them should bless us with these true gems. i also have a few of those sfv78 and something similar with my lemon larry-version mixed into it (which i imagine will play out amazing!) i can't remember who made those 2 freebies from the top of my head, but it's super highclass stuff for sure. you, webeblzr have a good taste, brother ! i made a variety of "mullum"-amalgamations (more and less pure) with my males and am curious what they do, but who has the time and space to check each and every line, lol (i must have made over 450 lines in my time now and i saw only 1/4 of it or so ... *it's just ENDLESS*)
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    Killer thread my friend! San always kicking out great gear.
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    hi guys, like on every xmas, SANta clause has gifts for all you. hit me up if i may share and you allow me to send you a gift there is enough crosses of holy princess, sanfune, choco deez, sour diesel ibl, m39 (=1987 nlsk) and a few more for everyone. please hit me up with a pm that reads "SANta clause" until christmas eve latest to get included into this share. ____________________________________________________________________ furthermore: i started some GDP for repro (derg corra) and also have esko's (reclining buddha x lady cane) almost ready for the esko-tribute ... my "snow thrower" (the white x sour diesel) will make an appearance after 2.5 years of continued work on this project = kushframe + fuely terps, 10w. plus, i'm selecting a pure sour diesel-line = SDriri x sour diesel ibl, that i made few years ago. maybe this "sansara"-line (sounds like 'SANsour', lol) makes an appearance soon ... i need to test it a little more. until then ... here's a peek of some of the plants i have been enjoying lately there's a few of my own and some of others genetics mixed, enjoy. Gorrilla Glue #4 ... i like the chemmy taste and her big yields. great smoke! one of my "Snow Thrower" plants ... grown from the (White x Diesel)-seedline Grape Stomper x (The White/Stardawg), made by hazeman ... wonderful tangy/sour grape-trichs, very good yield, strong punch. WOx (v2) ... this is an australian cross. it is one of the best smokes i have around. 11 weeks, nice yields. hazey-woody-lemony smell from the (Oax/Mullum x NLHz) and the taste has also some of the typical og/ kush-ish 'dankness' going on which comes from the WiFi-mother ... effects are strong (!), head and body! Sour Bubba = ECSD x P98 BK, made by Katsu just amazing ... it's everything you'd expect from melting these two groundbreaking cultivars. i love that the bubba made room for the sour in the taste as well, as she usually dominates much of the smells and frame (still does) of her offspring. MAC (F2 Pheno #6), gifted via a fellow seedmaker/grower ... (thank you a LOT !) amazing cookie-terps with a dash of woody-colombian and lemony-starfigher in the back. my own "Groot" = Grape Stomper BX (mother) X GSC Forum Cut (which hermied) just an accident, but the trichs on her fanleaves make her stay in my cabs (for now). again the "grape white dawg" ... i love those sugary trichs, she stings my nose without touching her. bubba's sis, made by katsu ... chem sis hit by reversed pre98 bubba kush. toffee-chem with a sweet kush afterglow, effects send me on the couch (!) Bubba's Breath, made by Katsu ... OGKB hit by P98BK = coffe-ish cookie smoke with very strong effect *sleepytime* This one is one of mine... It's one of the "Berry Nice Plants" (= Esko's "Santa Maria" BX1) Pure strawberry/rhaspberry smell and taste, balanced effect and good yields done in 8w. a different pheno. this is the BNP #6, my current keeper from this run. (i will keep working this line, until i have the "sm" reliably in seedform) Alien Tech x Sour Alien Dawg, bohempian's cut. she's done in 9weeks. she is kinda gassy/fuely/sweet-ish ... a bit hard to describe, haha ... (rotten cherry dipped in lawnmover-fuel ??), very strong body effects NL/Haze S1 from a cut grown out in 1989, found by rimmeo (in nev's NLHz). this one is special (to me). i love her appearance and very creative trippy effect. She takes 14 weeks, but is absolutely worth the wait. Sour Diesel x Chem91SkVA (reversed), made by DocGreen Wow, these do what one would expect from this combo !! Sour and chemmy ! Veeery strong effects and heavy yields. the smells are mixed, superstrong fuel and rotten earthy fruits mixed into (to me) canna-bliss. DocGreen did also hit up the Bubba Kush (Pre-98 Cut) with the (STS-reversed) Chem91SkVA clone. Sweet coffee-ish/toffee-ish taste mixed with strong Chem in the back. The effects are bodaaaaicous. he hit the "Animal Cookies" too = (GSC Thin Mint x Fire OG Bx2) X Chem91SkVA Chemmy smells dominate, but the plants took on a more Cookie-ish appearance. and here's an overview of one of the LED-tents, close to chop (many of the plantjes i just showed here are in there too ) _______________________________________________________________________ big thanks go out to katsu, docgreen and a few other fellow seed- makers for sharing/swapping their wonderful creations with me. i hope all of you are safe and healthy, happy and busy growing. let me know if i can be of help to anyone wit'sem of me beans. many greetings, SAN
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    Silver Lemon Haze (SSH x Lemon Thai)
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    looking fine, bro i love people using my stuff to create their own !! whenever (or whoever) i can help with more beans = just let me know. i can't wait to hear about how the killer grapes did for ya (also the first pheno, if you still have infos about that one). @webeblzr great to hear you found good smoke, mate. hit me up whenever you feel like growing some more. and THANK you a lot for the support. it helps immensly with all the free sharing *you rock, bro*
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    Thx broski, You are right. It’s so unfair, I hope the new elections will change that bro! About 5 plants and your stash. If You document everything, that You have your plants just 5 plants, the judge approved it. Sad part, the mayors are acting like they are the judge, with closing houses etc. I am in conversation with the police and mayor to grow 5 plants. I would love to grow more then 5. If not only for selections... Stay safe bro (and if You see something You like, PM me bro)
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    Left Killer Grapes. Right Silver Lemon Haze Big one: LemonMaryHaze (Lemon Mary x Sifi/Jaze) small one: Lemon Cheesel > this one is the daddy i am going to use. It’s a smelly one, reeks at diesel/minty Lemon. Reacts very well to training. I hope the Killer Grapes is the same pheno i had last time. It would be a great partner for the Lemon Cheesel. Since I only can grow 5. This is going to be the pool i am searching for some freebee crosses. Stay Safe, Sunnyvale
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    it's done, but i'm not going to release that (WAY too much hype). just made that for myself to play with and enjoy, not much more. i guess, i will continue this until i have a reliable glue from seed. but i have other projects that are of much more interest to me. repros of old lines (esko & others) is what i'll continue to prioritize.
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    oi, guys, i just bumped into this here, lol ... https://www.instagram.com/p/_-MqPOHcy_/ and https://www.instagram.com/p/_-Q0AnHcwB/ why would anyone steal pictures from my grow-adventures? (they are 2 of the phenos from the lines i tested for bodhi at the time) here is the link to my picture (posted august 2015!!): __________________________________ here is another one (this one at least says "san") https://www.instagram.com/p/-AVhcTnc8b/ (this one is a picture of one of the the wifi x pestilence-phenos that i tested for ink @ illuminati seeds, around the same time.) _____________________________________ this one was grown over at seedheaven (from my seeds) by southern sun in australia https://www.instagram.com/p/8UtJsTnc0I/ __________________________________ here is one from sativani that grew some of my "lazy larry" (around 2016 or so). https://www.instagram.com/p/9zWQ7sHcym/ this here is the original post form oct2015, lol. __________________________________ agreenpassion grew choco cheese from my seeds a few years ago and here is the guy claiming one of his pictures: https://www.instagram.com/p/6xyVSRnczE/ ___________________________________ this one was actually grown and posted by corsaire from dynasty genetics first release: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAIJ8M5nc_C/ ___________________________________ wow, haha ... WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY, LOL ?!? this "esco highlife seeds"-guy seems to have a complete profile made up of stolen pictures. amusing, to say the least ... *sachen gibt's*
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