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    Seeded bud, open pollinated, Punchy Blewster ( Banana Punch x Blue Bonnet ( old worked DJ Blueberry). Reeks of Blueberry with a heavy Banana background. If it holds in cure, wow.
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    Golden Goat Fem, the short terp monster, moments before chop (60 days): Bebop, blueberry pheno, moments before chop (63 days):
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    Hey y'all, thanks. Great to see that some regulars are still hanging. What a crappy year we all just went through. I was okay until fall came and the lake was too cold to go to anymore. It was a little depressing but I grew a few plants and that helped. Since I got my shots I'm looking forward to a little more freedom. And, some work! Or, like Toker said, get some side work going. It's be nice to cover some electric bills. Gotta go make a big pot of beef stew now. More snow tonight, but the warm is coming. I'll try and pop in more regular. I dropped my dedicated internet connection because I only have one choice and they wouldn't close out my dedicated phone number that I added for a friend staying here. After 6 months of trying and all of their excuses, I just stopped paying my bill. Heh, they refunded my money for the phone for 6 months but never turned the internet back on after they gave me a date and time, lol.. I use my phone as a hotspot for about half of the month to be able to use the desktop. I'm going to get it re-connected soon. But whn it's just the phone it's not as fun to post. peace Hey @Gardenartus and @Sacred Plant Warrior! Hope to see all of you soon.
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    Hey-o my Opengrow peeps. I hope everyone is well. I'm doing fine, just much meaner than last year, lol. I'll try and not be a stranger anymore. I have a lot to catch up on, but just from a quick glance things seem to be about the same, heh. I finally got my 2nd vaccine shot and looking forward to a better year. I basically didn't work at all last year. At least the weather is geting better. Thank God for weed! I basically just grew my way through the damnpenic, I mean pandemic. Gotta bust some chores out now, before another snow event. We've had a lot this year. peace
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    Hey now MrG. Long time, no see. Glad to see you are safe.
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    Hello,I run clones strain the new HSO. 1 crescendo and 1 citral glue from ethos.Using 680w LEDs mix Coco soil and Sannie's nutes,bacto, Trichoderma... First weeks flowering.Perlaps I have a little too much plants in box... Picture speak more,all comments are welcome. Big up have good vibes One Love.
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    Glad your safe Mr Gf!! I've been crazy busy this year so far. Still working for the same dickhead, myself. Getting ready to add an addition on, with a well window, so I got a lot of getting ready shit going on. A 25' x 20' flagstone patio I laid 20 years ago, I'm lifting back up, and storing the stone behind my pole building. I think I bought 7-8 skids way back then. I have some really nice big ones I dug around for at the quarry, from busted skids in a pile. They sure went down a whole easier, back then. But I got lots of time, grab a coffee & cannabis, and do it with a smile, a little every day, now that we got some decent weather. Take Care Mr Gf
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    @Mr Goodfellow Good to hear from you buddy
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    Thanks for the read @Sacred Plant Warrior great stuff! /peAce
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    Mr G don't let the stupidness make ya mean lol Tell me about it lol Growing added much to my economy as well hehe Makes Trumps and Joes money look like peanuts. Ahhh the Jab Im passing but mom got hers and My sister to. Im in no hurry as our deaths are 188 out of 88k Approx 0.25 death rate and most of that was The very old. To each his own i always say. Ya its even more sleepy here now Reminds me of the continuum lol
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    On the tall silverfields f2 in the closet I had to break some necks for height reasons in the beginning of flower. It is quite interesting to see that the buds from bent/“broken” branches ended up 200-250% bigger than the others. heard in the past about the benefit of it but seeing first hand now im a believer lol have a good week end guys!
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    USC Amnesia at 58 days
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    What’s up guys starting to look and smell like fall in there bluecookies x snowqueen silverfields f2 honeybadgerhaze x bubbalemon honeybadgerhaze x silverfields closet left silverfields f2 from tall girl and right another bluecookies x snowqueen take it easy my friends!
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    Big Cheese (Critical Mass f2 x Exodus Cheese BX1) full of seed from Chocolate Diesel f3 pollen gifted to me by Useful Seeds. Chocolate Diesel was an 1 time auction from Maphial in early 2000 it’s Reservoir Seeds ECSD V 1.5 x Dutch Flowers Chocolate Trip “Katsu cut”.
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    Hey now Cristalin. No issues with my lights, maybe some overcrowding. I am growing in 15 gallon bags, with 2 in one and 3 in the other. The runt is in the 3 bag, and all plants are smaller in that one. The runt is just very runty. I should have culled it, but you never know if they'll grow out of it. They are at 48 days today. I have a cut of the right rear. By contrast, a single Ouzbékistan vegged about 2 months, very healthy. She's been in flower tent about a week.
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