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    This is bought but technically connected to the grower ha. It’s one of their house strains GSC it was headed to the grinder so... yes, this is my 1st GSC and it’s good imho. The best, nah but worth keeping a few jars in the stash MOs def ! chase a pug with blueberry passion fruit sorbet band water .
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    There once was a bitch who refused to amber up. (Planet of the Grapes-73 days).
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    stunning Ladies,as always that AHxBD is killing it!! trimming her just takes you minutes ...sehr fett!! Thanks a mio,Bruder!! i got to get some frames....excellent fotos!!! the sundown seagulls are gorgeous !!! hope,my card made it in time....Frohe Ostern !
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    I just inspected the plants. One of this girl's sisters has some amber trichs on calyxes. And, wonder of wonders, so does one of my Sugar Punch girls. For some reason, I can stand to have a couple of long-growing plants if I get to chop others all the while. But 12 weeks will be the limit
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    Only one thing can purge you of this blasphemy. Cut her off at the knee and burn the witch!
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    More pics BLG in the tent if only they all looked like the lead female. Yet, looks are deceiving and plants reveal themselves regardless in the smoke test.
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    This thread is my happy place. Thank you all growers for being keepers of the sacred herb.
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    Totally predictible, the Cheeto's taking over in the stink department. The Livers X Sour D isn't too far behind though.
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    Can't get enough of this 707 Nuclear Chem (Chem D x Chem 4 IBL) So much like the SKVA cut its unreal!
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    Like a f1 is: not stable I sprouted 10 seeds got 8 ladys and keept 7, there around 3-4 phenos, all are keeper for me because I love the parents, some are very sweet, some has a nice smell like bubblegum and some are very fruityhashy, but all are very nice hashplants some more impressions, the mainbud from the lady on the right side are nearly 1 meter long but needs some weeks more in the middle we have some aurora indica, one/only male of them will be the father for: (aurora indica x amnesia x sensi star) I will shot better pics when they are finished
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    Nice plants Beach. Crazy looking buds. Have tried the NYCD/LT before? I'm going to use my LT seeds soon and hope to make some seeds while at it.
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    Happy Friday to all you working stiffs out there. Time to catch you up on the grow rooms. The 4 Phuuu's IPA cuts got up-potted to #2's the other day and I cranked up both of the larger LED fixtures. After this run it will be time for maintenance on those lights. Gotta open them up and blow them out and wipe down all the fan blades. Amazing how much crude builds up in the darn things. All is good in the flower room. I have a couple of chops coming right up. The Amnesia Haze x Black Domina is 11 weeks in and looking like she is ready. I am really impressed with her, big ups to Oaseeds for producing this chunky girl. Her buds are like clubs and they are really dense. Even her low inner buds are huge, no popcorn on this girl. I did a sample bud at 10 weeks and it was probably ready then but the extra week works out better for me. She has a very nice up high that is balanced by a good body buzz. Can't wait to try more of this one. Also nearing the end is the NYCD x LT clone. She is 10 weeks in and has formed an impressive main cola. Gonna give her 1 more week mostly because I love looking at her. That brings us to the Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral, she is 52 days in and building some nice (though rather smallish in comparison) buds. This girl didn't turn out anything like what I envisioned it would but she has a nice sweet hashy aroma and nice form. That leaves the 2 Phuuu's IPA fems who are 25 days in now and are about done stretching at about 36" tall. This is the short pheno of IPA and it comes through about 25% of the time in my previous batch of seeds. Getting 2 short ones right out of the gate with the new seeds makes me wonder it they will be more prevalent in these. We shall see. The only drawback to the smaller pheno is yield so I just have to grow more of them. OK, on to the pics, better get your drool towel ready for the Amnesia Haze x Black Domina. Flower room. Phuuu's IPA fems Critical Mass x (G13 x hasplant) x Citral NYCD x Lemon Thai clone Amnesia Haze x Black Domina I was dissapointed to find that none of the Hammerhead buds I hit with 2 year old Huck Kush pollen produced any seeds. On a better note, I was thrilled to find some NYCD x LT x Green Ale seeds. Those are gonna be high on my run list for sure. That's all for now. Stay safe out there.
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