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    Spring has sprung here at the beach and I am struggling to get the ole body in gear for another season of yard care. Gotta mix up a few gallons of weed/grass killer to spray my gravel drive and also sprinkle a few pounds of moss killer around. Fun times. First though, I will catch you up on the grow room starting with the 4 Phuuu's IPA clones recently up-potted to #5's and a week or so away from going to 12's. I'm still waiting to chop the NYCD x LT girl. She is 82 days in now and definitely ready to chop but with the Easter weekend and what not I haven't had a chance. Maybe later today if I get my chores done. I really like this stuff and am hoping to find some seeds on her from the Red IPA (IPA x Nepalma CBD) pollen that I hit her with. Fingers crossed. The Amnesia Haze x Black Domina that I chopped a couple weeks ago is impressive in both appearance and potency. She smells of coffee and hash with just a hint of lavender and has a sweet but harsh inhale. I imagine a good cure will mellow the harshness. The effects are immediate and intense starting behind the eyes and expanding to the rest of the body. It is uplifting but also intoxicating and somewhat disabling at first. Once you get past the first few minutes it is a wonderful buzz with good legs. It may however significantly increase the time it takes to do this update. Here's a look at one of her dried buds... The Critical Mass x (G13 x Hashplant) x Citral lady is a bit of an enigma. She has a classic indica structure, is only 2 feet tall, she is 9 weeks in 12's and shows no sign of being ready. That leaves the 2 IPA girls who are 36 days in now. As I mentioned in a previous post, these are the short pheno of IPA which usually pop up about 25% of the time. as they have developed and matured you can now see how they differ. Number 1 IPA is very similar to the #5 pheno that I worked a couple years ago. It has flattened buds that stack up and are maybe 50% more frosty than usual. The #2 has the conical bud structure of most IPA's. You can see the earlier versions in my gallery here. IPA #1 IPA #2 There you have it. Time to get to work around here. Take care and stay safe out there.
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    Pineapple haze barneys
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    This was a limited release by e$ko, and then repo'ed by San. San sent a lot of these out and they were also on SeedHeaven for awhile. I just wanted to make a thread for people to show their Rhaspberry Truffle grows. I love the aroma, the high, and the structure of this plant - short and tough, is extremely nice. Here's some of mine: latest re-run Earlier version: OD Dried ... please post more
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    LA cheese almost ready
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    Tomorrow it's the first day of week four of 12/12. Nutriment is kept to a minimum and they seem to like it!
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    I just looked and saw that I've had a membership here for 10 years! Ten years and a day, to be exact. So to celebrate I'm going to start a thread! And since this is the e$ko room I thought I'd do a thread on Banana Taffy, but I don't have any Banana Taffy, I don't have any Cakes either, and I'm not currently running any fake repros from Humboldt Seed Organization... So I"ll do a thread on some Amnesia Haze x Choco Rain F2's I'm testing out: a couple weeks old A week later: and then I up-potted them: and this is them a little over a week ago: ... They all show 11 leaflet leaves, which is very cool. they've stretched and I've found two males, which I'll cull and turn into juice with some carrots - a lovely drink if you don't know. I'm not sure if I'll top the others,,, they've stretched quite a bit so I still have to decide. I"ll put them back in the room to flower in a few days.... I'll be sure to post their progress. Ten years seems like such a long time, and yet I"m still figuring things out as I go along. I learned how to grow on this forum. I started with a bubble-bucket system, and then switched to soil and organic after watching people on here. Peace and good vibes to all you growers! Z
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    The end product. Cheers All.
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    hi there ive been away from the forum for couple months ..both me and the mrs come down with covid in feb ,,we were quite ill and the plant got trashed just couldnt look look after it ,,,,but i'll be be back ,just gotta sort my seeds out ,,,,hope all you growers here at OG have kept healthy and not had covid ,,,,,mac,
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