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    A few more still Big league Grape at the start of flower. Should be done in. 60 days or less. I’m not taking shit before 60 and as long as I have time will go 70 going for ambers. yep, that boy is done. It’s cool cause I have his spunkness in the freezer.. so, will not be topping any of them so the idea of getting cuts like that isn’t possible. I’m certainly not going to cut the main flowering top off to try and root it.? Little amnesia haze treat to sooty my back and reward my progress thus far. the fan was set up higher to give more air circulation and they like it. Still running it pointed at the vent hole. I can feel moisture when I roll up the vent cover but no issues thus far. I will add a fan inside as they bulk up in flower.? They have adapted to the brighter blight well imho. They drink a bit more Of course but have not noticed any negatives showing health/growth wise. Ki
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    2nd year for our Asparagus raised pit. I started seeing heads poking on the 6th. I gave the pit some Dr Earth BioLive just a few cups, maybe 3 weeks ago to get the biologicals started. Then some molasse water, to feed the bio's a week later. Now I'll just watch and see. We are supposed to not cut them again this year, to build a better rooting crown, but damn they so delicious looking. Getting my Fig cuttings I started last year into the ground this weekend, 6 sets of 2. I do not know anything about growing them, but I did get to taste these for a couple of years. I know I got to cover them over winter, not wild about that, but I got to drag Plumeria in every year also. I qualified for the Moldy Oldie life time fishing license fee this year!! Been buying a license from 16 - 65!! Last one for me. Have the best day you can.
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    Col'Jam x either G13 Hashplant or Killer Queen, getting cut in a couple days.
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    The tent is now closed for the season. (Next season starts as soon as clones root.) The last two girls look a little rough — 12 weeks under too much LED and death-ray UVB. Once they're trimmed, they'll look good. The purple Sugar Punch: Not pretty, but still beefy. The last Golden Goat had bottle brush-shaped buds. At least one of the Golden Goats will be a keeper. The Bebops are not ringing my bell, though they're good (just not for me). Full smoke reports when all is cured.
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    Give Lemon Sunrise a try sometime. It adds an intense, high-energy element. Great wake up and do something weed.
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    Hey SPW, this is the brand I get from PAHydro. I think for $15.00 once it hydrates it makes a good bit. I like to hydrate mine in a scoop or 2 recharge, with a molassas kicker, got to feed the microbes. I can do 2-3 (maybe another also) trays with a block/perlite/sunshine mix/lava rock or may try hydroton next time. I would not have guessed I could clone in the stuff as it is CHUNKY, and I like CHUNKY! With the large size perlite it becomes super chunky, I do not think I took a snap of that bag, biggest one they had, like $40.00. But I dumped the rest into a trash can (unused) for storage. I have dozens of 1 gallon and a few dozen 3 gallon pots, maybe 15-20 or so 10 gallon pots and all will go to be outdoor garden supplies as I go to 2x2 trays. Here is most recent shot of the plant in the Outlaw, again light STARVED, and will be rectified. I just wanted to stay on point through this grow, but DAMN, I wanted to install the 1k digital ballast hps when it was finished working the big tent a few weeks ago....so badly I wanted to blow them up, but I did not. Asparagus, is best raw!! Our stalks are nice and thick, super tender when plucking them raw, and so far 7-8 of the crowns are poking up new shoots!! We did not expect thick stalks this year as it's only the second year since planting them. oh yeah, I think I figured out how to post chunks of the Breeding Info I got from Bean Basement in your breeding info thread. I'll try to pop some over today, if you still want it. You captured some great snaps of sweetie pie!!
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    I’ll show the static pictures but not in order. I cut back the FOB male and took cuts and place in fridge under water. 22” down to Approx 14”. Left a cut candidate near the top just in case I want to use it/ prune it to make a better bonzai style boy. just want to get in practice for making bonzai mothers. Mole did that and others too. practical for a ltd space gro op I have his notes/post on it. Where hmmm !!! still I have a good recent source to guide me. Lights were made brighter oh yeah, lights are estimated @75% approx. = risky move cause i'm looking for more veg growth by upping the lights but not height. Yet, more light gives them more reason to grow well. obviously i'll be monitoring things daily. I want to use the root riot cubes to clone them. Do fridge life should allow that if they arrive soon.
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