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    Hey, it's almost 4:20 PM on 4/20. I might have to knock off early today, by about 40 minutes. Happy 4/20, people!
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    Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 44 Bloom 83.1F 40.1% RH 400 PPM
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    Amnesia Star - very smooth smoke, sweet taste and heavy stoned, but very nice balanced, like living in cotton candy with a smile on your face. best vibes and smoke save
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    SaintFune (cheesus x SanFune - > thanks to Santero) 1Gall. twintower it grew like this from seed
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    Another one more shot before chop. Big Cheese ( Critical mass f2 x Exodus Cheese Bx1) from Professor P / Relic Seeds. Full of seed from Chocolate Diesel f3 pollen.
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    This is awesome, I have 2 full packs to sift through for potential F2 or OPF2. She will also be the basis for a BX to Woodhorse Herijuana and also a parallel line which is a hybrid using Woodhorse Heri. Have any finished shots?
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