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    Silver Fields at 68days of 12/12:
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    Amnesia Star is a heavy mellowing st0ner hybrid between Sensi Star and Amnesia Hypro. Some buds are so trichome covered that the grinder cant grind them. Phenos are 2 more Sensi Star leaning, 2 more balanced between and 2 more bigger one. Our favorites phenos are the 2 bigger ones, they are heavy resinous and also good yielder in 9-10 weeks. Legendary keeper cross wich punchs you a smile on your face. best vibes
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    I will hunt you down..... Lol I hear 3600 in new biden money soon Could be rumours But that be nice Think of all the goodies toker would buy The finished product Night vision installed Maybe i go hunt some skinwalkers or better yet take a vacation to the Skinwalker ranch Toker got sumthin for you shape shifting bastards Lolol
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    Aloha. Here's the cola on one of the Blue Chem F2's I've got going - the second plant/pic above. She's at about 6 weeks (I lost count as they started flowering outside before I took them in).
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    Sounds like a nice list, that I know little of, to be honest. I just sent in my seedheaven list this am, a Amnesia Star, and a Hy-Pro Widow 13, my last beans for the year.. I got some strains from Cap, this past year, and I picked up on a bunch of the buck a seed offerings, I found over on Over Grow. I kept my Honey Badger Haze plants I've had for about 5- 7 years now, not mom plants, as I just run from cut2clone. But I got a cropper strain, a cat pissy pheno, and smaller sized very potent bitch, very terp heavy, very spacy buzz, for my personal stash. I packed away like 1 lb + of buds, and about the same for making edibles, for my shut down and rebuild, and get the perpetual cycle reestablished again. I went up to PAHydro the other day for one of my gardener friends, that needed a few items. While there, I got to check out the new Hydropharm Phantom LED that folds in half. BIGASS light source!! Like just shy of 50 lb's or so! When Gary flicked it on, it produced Celestial beams of delicious light that would make plants jump from their shells to wash themselves in it. Grow em hard man!!
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    Amnesia Star - very smooth smoke, sweet taste and heavy stoned, but very nice balanced, like living in cotton candy with a smile on your face. best vibes and smoke save
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    You cant get wrong, impressive Plants, here is another photo from the more Amnesia leaning pheno, but seems to be the first for harvest in the next 1-2 weeks best vibes
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    Hello mates, a small update from our Amnesia Star, her smell is amazing if you rub the leaves with trichs, it starts with a fine and complex but stinky sweet fulehash and when you rub the fingers more it ends up with a fresh supersourfruitiness, a delicious white hashplant first calyxes at the stem are fat like peas as you can see, the middle stem on the first picture is around 2cm fat, how will the finished buds in front looks like at the end, cant wait for the first smoke, amazing 1/3 are more like a Amnesia, 1/3 more like a bigger Sensi Star, and 1/3 are 50/50 of both, all ladys are 1-1.5 m big trees with broad fat leaves, 12/12 from seed grown, now around 5 weeks of flowering, should be 9-10 weeks at the end very goob balanced cross, both parents are nice breeding stuff and coming really thrue, and each of them is a unique keeper best vibes
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    I had her in 6.5 liter, her smell is amazing, sweetsourfruits hard to say but I like it very much, its a special lady and I will let her cure now for a few months, must be a delicious smoke. Mostly sativa with an indica look describes it best thanks @smilestyle
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    Yes there is now something to play for you all Some nice Amnesia Stars again but a bite more greener (psst ... the ladys went to bed) best vibes
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    and another shot of the "minty pheno" and some medicine of her And flowerpower seedbank proudly presents Amnesia Star 10 of 10 sprouted 8 of 10 were ladys now were week 2 of flowering, they are 5-6 Weeks old, like always 12/12 fs and only water and much love I would select only the fittest survivors wich needs almost no nuts to produce high quality flowers but thats just a first testgrow for me and you to understand her full qualities A good mix of the parents. best vibes and keep growing
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