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    120u - 45u hand mixed with a big spoon. Dried and frozen whole bud run. Over 15% return. 20 minute pre soak layered in ice, 3x 15 minute runs with a 10 min settle before draining. Fresh water each new stir. Edit: sorry for shit pic quality, lense broke on phone, those dots and shadows are artifacts on my lenseless cam. High quality melt though. *One more edit* just to be clear. This is everything below 160u caught in the 45u bag. Fully mature resin. Properly dried, stored in the freezer and not knocked to hell in the wash will render a full spectrum full melt. I only sieve never microplane.
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    Good morning Starduster, Alpenglow..
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    Greenbud's Lemon Pie (Lemon Skunk x Amnesia)
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    I have had these seeds in my fridge for many many years and finally decided to pop them. My last run with Octopots wasn't a great one, apparently I'm the only person who can fail them. I decided to go back to hempys buckets. These are 2 gal buckets 100% perlite. Water only grow using 4 tbps of osmocote plus CRF fertilizer pellets mixed in the media. I may add some jacks bloom later flower. Using RO water with 1 tsp of calmag and 2ml of hydroguard per gallon Started April 1st so 1 month of veg. Probably going to flip Sunday depending on the growths of my last toppings. I'm really bad at determining preflowers, it looks like 4 girls and 1 male which is perfect because i want to make some seeds to preserve this strain in my seed vault.
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    lots of you folks might know who silverback was or might have even been friends with him in some capacity. I DIDN'T PERSONALLY KNOW THIS DUDEbut had heard about him on various boards. he had a wealth of information and a nice dude on icmag put all of his stuff together to use for reference and useful grow knowledge. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=299104
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    most of the time only 2, if yu do a 3rd one the quality is not like that.
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    Guess the Cheetos is possibly next on my list. @santero your PMS are full as usual and says you can't receive messages. I have a few pics of your stuff over on og, the Hallowed Ground was some of the best smelling stuff I've had and I didn't even do it justice. I'm going to revisit that once I have a grow that goes completely smoothly. Just put some snow thrower, sanfune f2s, lemon chiesel and choc fudge into flower. I popped a pack of toblerone as well but either got no females or jumped the gun on the pre flowers and killed the few females by accident. I heard the choc diesel crosses can have high male ratios. Welcome back to the land of internet. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been working on lately, having withdrawls
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    i did, but i'd love to smoke some grown by you (they would blow mine away, haha, you grow so much better than me, brother !!) ... in my testgrows of both lines we found nice things, though ... but i don't feel like i saw enough of them yet. the cheetos was my favorite = it was released to the public (here is one at 56 days of 12/12) and the d-livers was my wifes favorite = those went into her private stash (here is one at 60 days of 12/12, suffering in the 2,5l pot, lol) i can't wait to hear about what you will find in them, broski. either way: enjoy the ride and enjoy your smokes !!!
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    To keep things proper and clear - this is a thread for the Blue Chem f2s. Ask questions, show pics or whatever. I say this as these threads can get confusing with cross information ;) I started these a few weeks ago, and although a little leggy they're good and healthy (floros lights I used are for shit. Finally gotten rid of them). I'll continue to update as I go along.
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    i use only the best trim, i let the trim rehydrate before i use my painting mixer, and i dont over mix it (3x10min)...no magical here. here is a 38 to 180 i just do yesterday and the day before:
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    I understand your comment on pure but I guess I mean of an established pedigree, a namesake. The difference between incrossing a pedigree and outcrossing to backcross are emensly different and to establish that in the most concise way helps us all out. But isn't blue chem a parent to berry dawg? I ask because calling it berry dawg neglects the backcross to blue chem (a parent to berry dawg). Not trying to be a nut buster, my attention to detail is why you love me and I want to be corrected if I'm wrong. Knowledge is power.
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    Seriously mate, hands down these are the best seeds I've popped since I've been back. It's a shame your so far away because I'd love for you to try the finished product.
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    This is just me But any plant that lived thru and did that Is a Keeper. Shes pretty
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    Anytime brother. The real deal bubblegum has always been of high interest to me as it's one of the first elites I smoked along with the real cheese (not the exodus cut) I believe the father to be originally Mexican, but the amount of work that went into this line, that could have of changed. From what I understand it's heavily inbreed. I had a good chat regarding this with Caleb (Nspecta) because he was looking for information regarding the origins and he'd never heard of Silverback. Everything I stated to him was then later confirmed by Pip (Souvenir Seed Co) who's responsible for getting the original clone into the hands of Caleb and Mosca. I think it was pips uncle that had the clone since the early 90's. Santero will confirm my interest on the Bubblegum (if he remembers lol) as when we first met on Seed Depot all those years ago, it was one of my grails. I'm currently working on a bubblegum project with Moscas work. I've got 2 males that I've selected from a couple of packs of Old Time Indiana Bubblegum that stink like bubblegum like you wouldn't believe. Last year I grew out some IBG S1's and was extremely impressed with what I found. So I'm going to pop the other 3 packs and look for that pink bubblegum selection again and go from there.
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    Two BlueChem F2s with the lights out going on 8 weeks
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    Aloha. Here's the cola on one of the Blue Chem F2's I've got going - the second plant/pic above. She's at about 6 weeks (I lost count as they started flowering outside before I took them in).
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    I ended up with two females out of the 5ive. and remember that serrated leaf trait from one of the males in the f1? here they are pronounced in the f2
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    They've been spending time outside. Taking advantage of this light cycle to get them to show which way they're bending peace brothers and sisters
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    i really want to try the ultrashack and the cobra if i have the time and space the look great
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    there are no wrong seeds i know i will try them both
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    Like @Zanzibar said theres no wrong one und you will get very nice plants from each seed from both lines
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    Thanks for stopping by, @groene vingers It's become an unfortunate issue regarding this BlueChem name. There's confusion, and it basically stems from e$ko releasing two different versions of BlueChem. So, first off - there is no "wrong" one... there is no wrong version. Although I have not tried epicgenetic's, I'm sure it has it's strengths and is worth growing out. And I want to, and I'm too busy with projects to fit them in right now. I think you did well to get the epicgenetic version into your collection. I really want to see them side by side... for no other reason that I'm very curious to see how they both look next to each other, and because I"m not able to right now. Maybe you can grow them both. So there is no wrong version, only different versions. I hope that's clear. Also, yes, SH has a re-stock of the Amnes hz x Choco Rain,,, I think he's waiting for the weather to get a little warmer before he posts them. I think San will send some things in as well. Peace and happy growing
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    thanks for reproducing these i m ordering now. orderd (the wrong ones)the F4 's are there more e$co reproductions to come?
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    All five have been up-potted into 3 liter pots. I gave them a foliar spray of fresh aloe vera juice, coconut water, fulvic acid, and silica mixed with water. If there's a little residue on the leaves - that's what it is Nothing much to report except all are doing well
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    It's time for my official opinion of Lemon Sunrise (Lemon Skunk X Arise; Irie Seeds), because its been curing for a couple of weeks and I just got high AF on it. I'll keep curing it for another couple of weeks, but my opinion doesn't need any curing. It is ready to go. For some reason, I didn't take a pic of my favorite plant. This is my second favorite, by only a slight margin: All three plants looked similar. The difference is in scent, with some slight variation in effects. All three are insanely potent. b I'll try to cover the typical items in smoke report, but I don't have a template in front of me and I'm high AF, as I mentioned, so there could be MISSING ITEMS that will annoy you. But there could also be ADDED ITEMS that will amuse and delight you. Or not. Scent: One plant, my favorite, has a significant skunk scent, very noticeable before the bud even gets to the nose. When the nose arrives within half a centimeter, it notices a lemon scent + 3-day-backpacking-trip-no-shower-armpit-stench bouquet, and it commands the mouth to ooh, ahh and say stuff like "oh man," and/or "ooh, baby." The other two plants had what are more or less a Lemon Pledge scent. If you've smoked Love Potion #1 or LSD, it's a similar scent to that. There is still the presence of a touch of stanky armpit, but not much. If I were going to rate the scent, it would be up there around 8 or 9, so using my sophisticated formula for arriving at a rating (WAY too complicated for me to discuss here! You'd never understand it!), I'll put it at 8.5. Taste: I notice a smoky taste with smoky undertones, with… oh, perhaps a touch of smoke in the background. I usually don't discern much difference in tastes unless I vape, and I have not yet vaped Lemon Sunrise. I'll have to give it a shot, but not this second, so back the fuck off. You're being kind of pushy. Potency: I will get this tested. I believe it's above 25%. On a 1 -10 scale, it's a 9, easily. Effects: If this were in one of my local dispensaries, they'd call it "75-80% sativa." Its very clear, mostly in the head (but with some body) and energizing. It definitely has a nice heart-racy effect. It's the kind of weed I could function fairly well on, but every once in a while i realize that, holy shit, I am high as all fuck. The lemon pledge phenos are slightly more racy than the lemon-skunk-armpit-stank pheno, which also seems to be the more potent of the three. Potency differences are very slight, though. This would be a good strain choice for someone who only cracks a seed or two at a time. Character/structure of buds: People who like nice, dense buds (Who are these people? No one I know, that's for sure.) will be pleased. As sativa doms, go, these babies are pretty solid. Not much in the way of tails. If wispy, airy buds are a 1 and put that bud in a sling shot and kill a squirrel is a 10, these are a solid 7. Bag Appeal: Good as fuck! What, you don't like it? Well TRY a fucking hit! Oh, now bag appeal doesn't matter so much, you just want it! But the price just went up, motherfucker! Sorry, I was arguing with some motherfucker in my imagination. I've had it with that guy. Anyway, no matter what that dick says, it's good. Don't even talk to that guy, you shouldn't be associating with him. In summary, I'm giving this an overall 9 or something really good like that. It is one of the types of buzzes that I have NEEDED in my grows. BTW, as the strain description mentions, this may be intense for new smokers. I would remove the "may" when it comes to new smokers, but you stoners will be fine, and thrilled — unless you have a tendency toward paranoia — in which case there is someone following you.
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    I’ll check them out, super Irie prices and good timing, I want to pick up a pack of his morning dew. Fuck Ethos, some good genetics, but he’s not liked here, got caught abusing animals, I won’t support him.
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    Well, I've been working on some Lemon Thai F3 weed the last couple of days, except near bedtime. For me, it's a fairly unique plant, though I don't have a keeper this round. First, the great part — scent and taste. This stuff smells like you've shoved a straw up your nose and snorted dry lemonade mix. It is remarkable. For a while during the grow I was starting to sense other terps, besides limonene, but now I think that is pretty much it. And it is intense. On the way home from the field yesterday, I lite up a joint (rare for me, as I generally smoke bowls). This must be the best tasting weed I've ever smoked. So for scent and taste, 10 and 10. Bud structure is odd. If perfect, rock hard, indica-dom buds are 10, these would be down around 4, though they are much better than any other Thai dominant strain that I've seen. The buds are mostly tails — almost like claws, but the trimming is EASY. The non-10 buds are not really a big deal to me, but they could be important to some. If I like a strain, it looks the way it looks. For potency, I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. None of the three girls I had was very potent. It is true that I have been smoking A LOT lately, and if I were smoking less that could go up to a 7. The buzz is high-flying and a little energizing. Definitely daytime smoke. In spite of the potency score, I really like this stuff. I don't have a keeper, but I have more seeds. All three plants were super-lemony, like this one. I will grow it again, with something that might kick up the potency in a cross. At this point I'm thinking of pollinating @santero's Lemon Bubba with a male Lemon Thai. Which reminds me, I'll have to do a smoke report on that Lemon Bubba. I did find a keeper (my only girl) on that one. REGARDLESS: @smilestyle made and distributed these seeds a few years back (at least 5 years) so there might not be many around anymore. If you have them, and you're into lemony goodness, you have to crack them. When I cross it with Lemon Bubba, or whatever candidate, I'll test them and send them out, if worthy. But that will be next year. My current grow will go through most of October, and the next one will hog the rest of 2020. BTW, while we're on the subject of 2020, I'm giving the year a 1 out of 10. I do not recommend 2020.
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    Thanks for your reply Dieseldog! I'm not trying to sound picky, but that hash looks like it powders when you cut it and i am looking for a press that turns my hash into a block i can cut without it crumbling back into powder.
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    No Sir, I do not. When you said "Warlock", I immediately thought of Magus Genetics double skunk/afghani called Warlock. IRG doesn't give a very informative description of their Warlock, but what it does say, leads me to think that it may be the same as Magus Genetics Warlock... or maybe a knock-off, and that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be shitty. Pretty much everything I've grown or seen grown from IRG has been outstanding, especially their Grapefruit Badass, Detroit Badass, Northern Lights and Moon Baby. IRG have put together a nice catalog of strains and more than half of them are nicely yielding strains. I'd say give it a try, it's probably not going to suck coming from these guys... they're good with plants and they know what they're doing.
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