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    @Sacred Plant Warrior This is what I've been up to One of the things that is
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    A few more pics . sorry for the fuzzy photos. i will admit all plants look very good in person. i'm guessing if i had vegged them like normal they would be another 6" taller and yield better obviously. i expected far more stretch but it never happened. thus i raised the plants to the light instead of changing the light's height. the dimmer feature does help and it's super KISS. i also imagine if i do this coco grow correctly, things should speed up in veg saving time and money. it will also let me know just how much more i need to do to dial it in better. I'm going to make some type of adjustment with choice of coco based on availability and the fact that grostones are no longer made even though they may still be sold somewhere. i would choose something that is seemingly perfect for the application and then they go belly up. Note: all the gear i have was bought 4 yrs ago approx. super nice knowing that stuff was at the ready including nutes. smdh lol. I'm thankful my water is good !
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    This is a mutation I found on a Majestic Lemon. The stem is splitted naturally into two small stems growing healthy leafpairs. smile
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    My clones spent the first night in the greenhouse last night, no incidents. Got a ways to go though, hopefully everyone has a good Summer and gets the meds they need, Amen. So I'll get some pictures, meant to post this last night.
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    Great to hear your ok I stop by from time to time only to check on you and have not seen you around was hoping your ok peace my friend
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    Hey I am doing OK, just got sick of the mouthpieces over here lol How ya doing, can I help you with something?
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    I don't know about cutting back the root ball. I've never done it. I have revegged this way under HPS, never under anything else, but I am sure it would work under any light. Hit it with veg nutes when you do this, too. They'll need the N.
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    Cheers web, so much knowledge on her I really appreciate it man. Yeah I would really love more info on your organic stuff man and what you use, I try to go organic myself but results have been a bit mixed so far. If I could get even a half pound per pot I would be so stoked lol.. Yeah we were thinking large, dug into the ground beds chock full of composted goodies and it sounds like the HBH will be perfect and we’ll definitely be doing some topping and training too. I hear ya with the prying eyes, I grew in my backyard for a few years but it got too hard in the end although I occasionally have a couple small girls overflow from the tent but they can be easily hidden. Luckily we have a few acres and a lot of natural bush to hide it in so fingers crossed. The emergence and popularity of drones around here is always a worry though. Cheers
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    Ok, so looking at them as I do I noticed the biggest No. 1 clone has new growth Yippy. No. 1 is my 1st choice to clone. Obviously based solely on looks. some pictures with no. Tag. Picture with finger is no. 1 and picture with nothing is no. 6
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    Most of the plants are growing since 3 weeks now. Gelato is younger, as it is a replacement for another Gelato , which didn´t make it. They ´ll go another 3 weeks to let the Gelato get a little stronger. The guard cat is supervising me and the grow. Santa Marta Haze KC 42 Big pot: Majestic Lemon. Small pot: Gelato smile
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    4 silverfields x sannies jack 6 weeks done in 12/12
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    NO RAWHIDE OR PIG EARS even if they are free. at1 yr add 2tsp organic apple cider vinegar w/mother. easy to recall the dose because it's the same for humans. only their amt. of water dilutes it more . buy better food to help avoid the vet as much as possible. sign up for dog food advisor email for recall alerts on snacks/food stuff ! ad organ meats to her diet, green tripe, chub mackeral, canned salmon but scrape the skin off. not good for humans or dogs. and do not feed albacore tuna especially to a pup. med cabinet 10ppm and 30-35 ppm colloidal silver 4oz at the ready. can save a serious vet bill or a life. make sure to get a spray bottle for easy peezy dosing. i filled out a application at the local shelter. new facility $20,000.000 and today picked up the neighborhood cat that has claimed me as her human from being spayed. she is now fixed and no more back to back litters for her ! she was pregnant again before her 1st kittens could even grow up. i bought her in the house but she was already looking for the door. i didn't want her to jump to the screen door to get out. she's done it twice before so that was a concern. i found out yesterday that since i'm a vet they will waive all fees for me to get a dog/. i was happy because it will cost me $300 pet security deposit for another dog. i'm not about to add another cat either and pay another security deposit and have to put up with double the cat issues. smdh dog man mos def but i'm a damn good cat whisperer too. hell i feed one of my neighbors damn cats. unfixed male. he lounges on my sidewalk sun bathing and shit. always come to eat and drink that filtered water. he was caught in the act of raping the female kitten from the 1st. litter baby gurlk had. the lady who watched it said it was 3 males raping her and orange juice was the worse one. = cause hes slight build and would get his ass kicked by an adult female. i look at him different but don't hold it against him. it's his humans fault. moved in with an unfixed cat and they let him roam the neighborhood. smdh i'm going to try to get him fixed after i enlist a translator neighbor who lives close to them. i'm trying but i can't be feeding all these xtra cats. my cat food come to me @$35 a bag. and i used to be ahead by 1 or two bags all the time. not now = fuk i need to order some today. smdh let me stop cause it's so much more to say. suffice to say that it would be ,much better if these fucking humans acted more responsible when they choose an animal. grrr lol
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    @coxnox looking lovely. Hope your well.
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    Beautiful frosty flowers. Well done!
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    Thanks Sour Diebble ( Sour D x Sour Bubble):
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    All are beautyfull, thanks for sharing
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    Here's my SanFune. VERY fruity, yet complex. A potent smoke for sure. Thanks Santero! Looking forward to popping more of your gear in the future!
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    I like Bright Moments. The buzz reminds me of a Pineapple Fields pheno.
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    Bright Moments at 71 days of 12/12:
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    NYCD x Lemon Thai (Santero)
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    Silver Fields at 68days of 12/12:
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    Amnesia Star - very smooth smoke, sweet taste and heavy stoned, but very nice balanced, like living in cotton candy with a smile on your face. best vibes and smoke save
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    Some Amnesia Star, extreme sweet/sour/grapefruity, more Amnesia leaning pheno but with a nice punch of taste from the sensi star best vibes
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    Frosty before headed to the grinder. Love taking pics of the same nug in various ways.?
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    Sugar Punch, green pheno
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    I hear you on limits, but Golden Tiger Thai dominant is on the horizon for me, as is Killer A5 Haze. They will have sexy time with 88 G13 Hashplant, if I get a male.
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    Only one thing can purge you of this blasphemy. Cut her off at the knee and burn the witch!
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    There once was a bitch who refused to amber up. (Planet of the Grapes-73 days).
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    This is bought but technically connected to the grower ha. It’s one of their house strains GSC it was headed to the grinder so... yes, this is my 1st GSC and it’s good imho. The best, nah but worth keeping a few jars in the stash MOs def ! chase a pug with blueberry passion fruit sorbet band water .
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