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    Starduster. Loose as fuck but I’m really excited to try her.
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    Supreme Lemon from Vision seeds. The smoke from her sisters has been nice, but she was the obvious winner in terms of bud structure, trichome size and coverage, stretch, and plant structure. It's part of a lemon project I'm doing, along with HSO's Lemon Citron, DNA's Lemon OG Kush, Greenbud's Lemon Pie, (SLH x Moonshine Haze), and hopefully a lemony pheno of the legion of Silverfields that are in or about to be flowered. Here's some of that Lemon Pie. The plant itself is actually revegging right now and will become a mom because the smoke is far, far better than I anticipated.
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    Figured I would throw up a few pics of my projects for 2021. I’ll start with a cultivar I picked up through a promotion and was a very limited release that will not be remade, at least not in this genetic configuration, Punchy Blewster by Matt Riot of Riot Seeds, he’s very controversial and can be a dick, but the MFr puts out some fire and knows as much as anyone about Cannabis history. I will also say that once you get to know him he’s a pretty nice guy. So here’s the 2x4, 3 weeks from flip, 2 pots, one plant in each of slightly different expressions. Punchy Blewster is Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet. Blue Bonnet is a heirloom DJ Blueberry worked and found by Lone Star from Texas Resin Company. Blueberry terps are already filling the room and stem rub is intense BO smell! I only got a few seeds, so cuttings from these two are in my breeding tent with the two males I selected to open it up.
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    Apparently most of the world has known of it and using it for a 1000 years or more. One recipe I'm starting today, SS leaf/vinegar in a jar. Lasts a long time, on the shelf, the strong leaf scents fuses to the vinegar, so lots of sauces/dressings can be made with it. Also found a stuffing recipe to try out. Looking now for winter savory seeds also. Life is full of simple small pleasures, if we choose to open ourselves to it. A few years ago, I'd have tossed those seeds to the curb, since I did not know of it.
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    Damn, you got space invaders too? Damn, what a hassle, and I know, since I'm in the same damned boat!! OK whine over, sorry SPW. In the asparagus bed yesterday, I was yanking wee random shoots from the bed surface, as asparagus hates any competition in the root zone. I snapped this pic, as I've been questioned on a different forum concerning my use of coco husks, and root development. The person, stated that husks cause roots to grow around the stuff, like perlite chunks, and it's too thick to be good for roots. I think the pic will rest any arguments about that. The roots are tiny and growing through the chunk like gang busters. Those chunks have already grown out a few weed crops, and now the second year in the outdoor beds.
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    Most of the plants are growing since 3 weeks now. Gelato is younger, as it is a replacement for another Gelato , which didn´t make it. They ´ll go another 3 weeks to let the Gelato get a little stronger. The guard cat is supervising me and the grow. Santa Marta Haze KC 42 Big pot: Majestic Lemon. Small pot: Gelato smile
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    4 silverfields x sannies jack 6 weeks done in 12/12
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    Another one more shot before chop. Big Cheese ( Critical mass f2 x Exodus Cheese Bx1) from Professor P / Relic Seeds. Full of seed from Chocolate Diesel f3 pollen.
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    One more shot before chop. Banana Punch x Bluebonnet full of open pollinated seed.
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    All chopped except left silverfields f2 from tall girl and bluecookies x snowqueen right That makes 11 week for silverfields and bluecookiex snowqueen is on her 10 th week in flower
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    Seeded bud, open pollinated, Punchy Blewster ( Banana Punch x Blue Bonnet ( old worked DJ Blueberry). Reeks of Blueberry with a heavy Banana background. If it holds in cure, wow.
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    What’s up guys starting to look and smell like fall in there bluecookies x snowqueen silverfields f2 honeybadgerhaze x bubbalemon honeybadgerhaze x silverfields closet left silverfields f2 from tall girl and right another bluecookies x snowqueen take it easy my friends!
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    Big Cheese (Critical Mass f2 x Exodus Cheese BX1) full of seed from Chocolate Diesel f3 pollen gifted to me by Useful Seeds. Chocolate Diesel was an 1 time auction from Maphial in early 2000 it’s Reservoir Seeds ECSD V 1.5 x Dutch Flowers Chocolate Trip “Katsu cut”.
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    Here’s a pic through the observation window in my little breeder tent with 2 females and 2 males of Punchy Blewster , making seed and collecting pollen.
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    You will be very happy with the results , so far in my small tent the Chuckys Bride is now in week 7 of the feeding schedule I boosted the PPm ‘s to 1030 using jack 1/3/3 week 8 I’ll switch to 1/2/5 npk till the end if you don’t mind here’s a quick peek paps
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