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    Next is the lemon chiesel. I have 2 indica leaners and 2 sativa spears (which my dumbass thought were sanfune at one point :p ) or bld and nld. Looks better in person. #1 is the plainest smell of them all. Mostly lemon with a barely noticeable touch of gas. #2 has a stronger smell. Hard to describe though. Like funky floral lemony urinal cakes(which apparently have the same smell chemical as moth balls but I’ve never smelt them) and a slight touch of fuel, more than #1 #3 is a sativa leaner, If I wouldn’t have thought these were sanfune phenos I probably would have let them go a bit longer than 10 and a bit weeks but they were sharing a trellis and tray so untangling instead of chopping it all would have been a pain. #3 and #4 both have smells that are hard to explain but I really like because I’ve personally never smelled weed quite like it. Dark artificial grape, orange peel. bit of fuel, sour powdery candy and maybe a touch of licorice. Pretty happy high too. Seems to put me in a better mood. #4 is very similar to #3 and I also really like the smell. This one is a bit stronger smelling too. Similar high. I’m going to be disappointed when these 2 are all smoked they aren’t pretty in the traditional sense but they smell great and it’s nice to smoke things that don’t send you to sleep after too much sometimes. Still hasn’t finished curing but I’m hoping that smell translates into a bit of taste. In the volcano first bag has some of the flavours, then second bag tastes completely different. Pretty interesting. up next will be the snow throwers.
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    @gardenartus i am with you there. screw the shamers. stay safe, GA. you are needed
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    I am not taking it, I have a good reason, not an anti-vaxxer, antiscience. I don't feel like it is right for me, with 17 diseases, 5 of them being Autoimmune, blood clotting disorders, history of DVTs, and strokes. I talked to my doc and he agrees, we don't know enough about how it would affect someone like me. The bad part, I am getting shamed lol People are so judgemental and a few outright freaking nuts. I wear a mask and do not go into stores, I have really isolated, screw them that shame me, this has really dampened down my life, and I am scared of Covid, but I am also scared of the vaccine, so we just do what we need to do to stay safe. I have not had anyone in my home for over a year. This all sucks, but what are you gonna do when you are someone like me. Damn Covid needs to dampen down.
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    Shit Im wasted Auto Critical Orange Punch by Dutch Passions 1\4 joint shit
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    Nice looking bud there.
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    I normally lollipop and this time I didn't Holy Crap, I ended up with more popcorn bud than anything. Will never do that again. Time for an oil run I reckon.
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    If your immunity is low, it's going to be less effective. I heard about one woman with an immune disorder who has NO ANTIBODIES, just 6 months after getting the two shots.
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    After I saw NJ reported 50 fully vaccinated people died from Covid, I went to the CDC website. This is what they report for all deaths after the vaccine. Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. More than 339 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through July 19, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,207 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause.
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    Cinnamon Altoids 1mg each. One and done, off my bucket list, too hard will not make it again, but at least I did it once!
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    IMO no pot is worth 250 an eigth or 1k clones, that is insane. But if folks will pay that price, it will sell.
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    All the outdoor plants but one are as tall as me.
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    Hey Harforc, yeah I've been reading about folks asking crazy money for AF, like $700.00 for a clone of it. I very quickly give the finger to a price like that, as when you wait, it will eventually fall from the must have crowd, and I'll get it for pennies on the dollar. I love the herd mentality, I just never follow it. FOMO, has driven new cannabis strains to stupid costs, for ages. In my post above, that guy (dabincy) is in 2nd place, on a Honda Super Cub 125 cc's!! No chase truck, all his gear, spare tires, on the scoot, he rode from California to Bar Harbor Maine, to ride back to Cali, in 10 days. Yesterday's leg #7 of 10, Hot Springs SD to Rock Springs WY, with 2- 10,000 feet elevation points, a total of 526 mile ride to the hotel!!! 67 started, I think 34 are still in it. The 65 miles of dirt roads, had riders bailing out! Some reported their scooters parts were flying off from the horrific vibrations they were enduring. 2 rides have been ambulanced to hospital care, but seem ok. Some broken fingers and ribs, I think. I love the grit these folks have!
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    Hi hall, 11 years later, Madonna is still alive, yeaahh A friend bought a pack in 2009 and gave it to me few months ago.Germination was difficult and only one plant survived, this beautiful lady ! Smell is amazing, smoke will be too. It was one of my favorite smoke for years, i'm so happy to find her again 62 days of blooming, grown in soil with organics nuts All the best ! ++
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    So I saw on Reddit the other day that someone in Sydney bought an 1/8th of an ounce for $250 Aus. WTF, I know product is tight from COVID but seriously haha. Dude said it was worth it, strain was Apple Fritter.
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    Trich goo Chocolate chip cookies with black cherries, made in an air fryer. Not only is the cookie medicated, so are the chocolate chips.
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    Oh no, it's Ona time. https://onaonline.com
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    Note to self 4 plug ins not enough Must get lots more My yard smells like cheese xxl Thankfully the Sheriff Lives 2 doors down That's like 600 yards around here
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    That is the fun with made up terms, I can use them how ever I want to, and if it fits my bullshit all the better.
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    I actually had Covid last June/July, they just tested me for antibodies, zero.
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