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    4th run of my keeper cut, Punchy Blewster and love it more everyday (Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet), I can’t keep my nose out of it, intense blueberry candy and Banana Terps. I have it outdoors this season and can’t wait to see it finish.
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    12 plant no till grow. Small bed is surfr seeds freebie: Oregon purple diesel x cookies and cream. Middle is thug pug’s sheb breath. Last is Mountain Wizard from substance seeds.
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    Ethos “End Game”..........
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    He is cute as a button, does he like to partake?
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    @Sacred Plant Warrior I have a really nice convection oven stove. I love my airfryer, only two of us skinny folks who don't eat much lol we cook all kinds of things in there. Heating up frozen foods or reheating foods, much healthier than the micro and less expensive than running my oven. I am happy with it.
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    I am impressed with the do si dos zkittlez, her buds are stacking nicely. I found a place that had LA Cheese seeds, I miss that plant one of my favs, so glad I found seeds of her. If you have never tried LA Cheese, it has an amazing smell and taste and nice relaxing high, one of my patients uses it for sleep.
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    @webeblzr i went to etsy looking for beets and got overwhelmed by the selection and types. how did u choose the beets/what type did u order. i want max flavor that's easy to grow. plus now have me thinking cabbage too. i make a mean fried cabbage but am interested in making kraut for better taste but more for the probiotics. will make a medium spicy fresh kimchi eventually as well as kimchi cucumbers my va-baby sitter mentioned to me. vague temp garden list- strawberries, kale, cabbage, garlic, ginger, green beans, some type of onions, cucumbers, turmeric, beets, basil, rosemary, peppermint= bugs and drinks, that's all i can think of. i'll be ltd to a 10' x 10' plot/raised garden but can do a few herbs in buckets and even keep them in the front yard. big question. my big gate in the back yard has two sides that swing open. i secured it by using a metal rod pushed into the dirt. that way the dog couldn't get out. now, that disappeared and can't seem to find a simple replacement. any ideas to secure the fence so it can't swing open. yes, i have a thick chain on it but it won't keep the fence together tight enough. and my damn bulldog will slip under the chain and run off smdh and she knows she can do it too. bitch too smart frfr. I need something to secure the fence to prevent the escape artist. that's why i never teach my dogs to jump over shit now lol.
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    Update on the Skywalker OG x Black Lime Special Reserve, still 3+ weeks left.
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    Chop day tomorrow......... the last pic from 1/2 the room.
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    So, the beans have been in cups. One had a little fuzzy and rubbed off and planted. She’s in the kfc cup.
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