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    Hey all! So, I just wanna give a shout out to The Fudge. I believe it’s one of Santeros? I was gifted some beans in 2015/16 if I remember right. I grew them all and found my keeper. I cloned it and reveged it….11 times I reveged that girl. Every time she gave amazing smoke. One of my favorite, and my local circles, smoke. It’s never been a big yeilder but I never cared. Beautiful rock hard buds that smell heavenly. The consensus it a light cocoa with almost tha sweet amie haze fragrance. Soaring trippy high that makes you love everything around you. Nature walks are divine. She’s very demanding when it comes to soil. It’s all my own organic mix and only water with uns molasses is fed to the soil. Don’t have many pics but here’s one from right now of it. Outdoor
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    Violator Kush, indica dom, a sweet overall large cola plant that is on the small compact size, nice plant. With the pot she is 5 ft, pic makes her look smaller. This one will be great for indoor, on the smaller size but huge colas.
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    About five days have passed since i took the pictures above. This is how they look now. I gave each of the plants 1.7 liters of water with Biosevia grow (pH 5.5 and Ec 1.3) which i poured into the crates. Easy does it right? Hydrogrowing can be very low of maintenance, just tag along and i will show you! The humidity is higher then desirable, but in this stage of the grow no biggie. Bye, bye now!
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    thx. as it was just the genetics. i can't wait to get the pure bubblegum to do the nasty with her. personal puff with taste and body potency is the goal. payment terms have changed so i'll have to save up to budget those in. $100 i still can't target the color it looks like megenta to me somewhat. all in cure process now. two jars are 2nd stage burp starting tomorrow. burped every other day now then twice a weak and then done approx. i've got enough veg material to start making clones of the no. 6 from both plants . the no.1 clone that's a decent size doesn't seem to be having new issues but i will wait a week to make sure that's the case. my issues now are i can't find my fucking cloner ans i have looked like 6 times in a small place with ltd areas fo it to hide. smdh it's always something. I HAVE TO DECIDE TO BUY MORE BIO BIZZ-LITE or fid missing ec unit to check to see if the coco that should be just fine is actually hot. it's not something that seems possible biobiz coco hasn't had any complaints i have seen thus far. nothing but happy growers using it.` so, totally stumped why the clones in coco were going south instead of taking off as expected. that's the major reason i bought coco coir in the 1st place. root development AND FASTER GROWTH ...
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    Nice sparkly bud, she has a nice color too.
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    4th run of my keeper cut, Punchy Blewster and love it more everyday (Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet), I can’t keep my nose out of it, intense blueberry candy and Banana Terps. I have it outdoors this season and can’t wait to see it finish.
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    It's getting late and I'm smoking some of the Seraph. There wasn't much, maybe four grams but its just divine. A little spicy on the initial intake, like pepper. It then turns to a herbal, soap candy Sativa taste with a sherbet lemon exhale. The taste is outstanding, the smoke is rich and smooth and then it hits me, like a brain cloud. Its like my inner monologue just shut up. My restless leg stops and I just melt into a mellow mind and body stone. This stuff is the shit.
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