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    My G13 Hashplant keeper, a couple weeks out from being chopped. She's been hit with pollen from Original Haze, very excited for those beans. G13 Haze! Also my keeper cut of her. One of their babies: G13 Hazeplant. Made from the G13 Haze above and a male from the Ghash line. Bubba Hash, she's also been hit with pollen from both G13 Hazeplant and Original Haze: And Afgaan 90, from the Real Seed Company/Kwikseeds. It's a weird line, lots of reports of herms and sterile males, but that's a beautiful cola. Watch the smoke be horrible...
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    I am getting exhausted, have 3/4 of the oil run done, I have 960 grams so far, this is the largest run I have ever done. Think I am going to end up with about 1300 grams.
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    Hey now Toker. Don't ditch the flower just yet. You may find your lungs feel little heavy doing dabs all the time, at least I did. As a matter of fact I just found a box with a bunch of different concentrates I'm had forgotten about, probably a couple grams.
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    I haven’t put a grow on for awhile. I just finished one up and will do this next run on OG. I don’t have the seeds yet. I will start an open discussion, decide, order, receive, grow. No delivery trade secrets will be revealed. Now what to grow??? meanwhile. Smoking the Girl Scout Cookies recently cured and ready to smoke. Seeds from a personal visit to Colorado.
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    Hey all! So, I just wanna give a shout out to The Fudge. I believe it’s one of Santeros? I was gifted some beans in 2015/16 if I remember right. I grew them all and found my keeper. I cloned it and reveged it….11 times I reveged that girl. Every time she gave amazing smoke. One of my favorite, and my local circles, smoke. It’s never been a big yeilder but I never cared. Beautiful rock hard buds that smell heavenly. The consensus it a light cocoa with almost tha sweet amie haze fragrance. Soaring trippy high that makes you love everything around you. Nature walks are divine. She’s very demanding when it comes to soil. It’s all my own organic mix and only water with uns molasses is fed to the soil. Don’t have many pics but here’s one from right now of it. Outdoor
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    yes, that was mine, haha ... the "chocolate fudge"-freebie it's a chocolate diesel bx (made with the gg#4 as a mother). your beautiful lady shows choco diesel and choco trip traits. the ChocoDiesel f1-male made a lot of males in the offspring. it's really great to see you found a female that you enjoy, mate. also, very cool to see that those perform great outside as well.
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    Deathstar hangs with you for awhile. Unga Bunga.
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    Love tatters You got quite a bit there, do you can them at all Web?
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    What month does this finish? Nice looking buds.
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    Yeah, he’s a bit of a troublemaker. He sets up the others to get blamed for his “fun”
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    That husky looks ready for mischief.
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    Sweet! What a nice place to relax in, lovely yard.
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    This is some of my crew lol. Had the frog since a tadpole and the hawk is a regular at my pond.
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    Ok, 2nd trim job done and took pics of Suomi nugs too.
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    Heavy smoking is similar to the way George Carlin described drivers: Anyone driving slower than me is an idiot. Anyone driving faster than me is a maniac. So from my perspective, when it comes to heavy smoking, you drive like a maniac.
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    Ok. Enough small talk. Plan B is scrapped. Throwing those out. They started well and continues my faith in them. However. This is a Silverfields Femanized thread. So let’s begin.
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    So the Candy Store offers me a self femmed seed. I’ll add this to my collection. Hopefully I can get another three or four seeds from this ounce and I’ll do a run of it in the future. This shit is top fucking shelf!
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    This is Candy Store from a recreational dispensary in Ann Arbor called Information Entropy. I got an ounce of this to sample. This will be my first sample of it.
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    I did a bit of backpacking in the Maroon Bells area once. Got caught in an electrical storm/blizzard at 12,600 ft, but it was kind of my fault. We were up on a pass, in strong sun, watching a dark cloud come up one of the valleys toward us, with lightening bolts coming out the bottom. Our main interest was taking pictures and remarking about how cool it all was. Then it wasn't, but I lived to tell of it.
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    Tip of my ball cap in the lower left hand corner. Cropped my ugly face out. Getting to the top of one of the snow capped mountains in the Rockies. A top shelf level excitement and experience. Traveling through rain, which turns to snow, which turns too above the tree line. Just another reason to enjoy Colorado.
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    Silverfields is one I've meant to grow for years, but it hasn't happened yet. Pulling up a chair.
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    ah, no need to start a new one ... i moved this one to the right place. enjoy your grow, mate
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    Actually this should go in the grow reports section. I will start it there when the seeds arrive. It will be feminized Silverfields.
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    the captain looks like a variety of mocking bird. so i'm guessing it's another species altogether me thinks. Captain sure is beautiful. ur boys laying together look like the YIN-YANG TWINS mad cool. thx for sharing them all
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    Here's where things stand right now. The second Sinai is in the front left corner, Motherlode Kush is the double-cola plant in the center, USC's Black Afghani is next to it. There are a number of Uzbeknepanama and Uzbekistan around them. The less thrip-affected Silverfields. These buds are thick, and would completely flop over without the support. Love it! Serious Seeds' AK-47 Kalashnikov Siberian Haze And some hash that I made last week! The initial yield, unpressed. This is the 22 micron hash, pressed and kneaded with heat until it all melted. It's absolutely better than the unpressed hash, in this case. The initial test dab. Go big or go home!
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    Wanted to add some of the resources that I've found helpful along the way, too. Ooh! Youtube embeds automatically here. Fancy! DLI and VPD are the two principles that really helped me understand things.
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