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    they don't need rescuing, lol. but they need a nice home ... your would be more than adequate, webe @neogitus yeah, the blavi will paint over everything quite reliably, lol. the g13/hp will "runt" along (in comparsion!) true ... the blueberry in there is extremely vigorous. bending / topping also results in "explosions in every direction" sometimes, haha. esko's BBS is quite dominant. so far i did find a lot of blavi-treats in their offspring. about two thirds turn out heavily blavi-dom, which is good, if you like blueberries like esko did (i don't, lol). btw, ey i did not forget you, bro. i am almost never home since a few months. i'm gonna take care of you when i return next time, got some specials on the side for you, hehe.
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    Blavender glue. Thought I took more pics but I'll make sure there's more than 2 next time. No interesting smells yet. Wonder if any of the stank from the glue will pop through on any of the phenos or if it will be a mostly blueberry sativa party. These were the most vigorous plants out of my grow. They grew super fast in veg and haven't seemed to slow down yet. I had to bend the crap out of some of them because they were like 7ft tall and growing into the lights. I have some g13hp that I started at the same time sitting at like 3 ft :p
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    I am getting exhausted, have 3/4 of the oil run done, I have 960 grams so far, this is the largest run I have ever done. Think I am going to end up with about 1300 grams.
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