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    I finally got the oil run done, took me 3 weeks. Got 1346 grams back, one hell of a haul, I don't want to do oil again for a year ha!
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    Be nice if I could recognize what the colors mean in a plant.
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    Yeah, that’s dreamy as fuck. I got the opportunity to chill in a much smaller version of that type setting. I recall how peaceful and wonderful it was. Watching the fish and tadpoles in the pond as we puffed …
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    lot’s the easiest thing to do in cannabis, can use, small brush, finger tip, cue tip whatever to apply pollen to the nice fresh hairs 2/3 weeks old. afterward just leave them alone and clean yourself up so u don’t pollinate something by accident. I usually spray the plant down with water after I’ve let the pollen. Sit for two/three days. But that’s not mandatory 24 hrs is sufficient. then just let them bake well = 9-10 weeks or until plant is dying while the beans are ripening in their calyx’s. isolate the bean mother during pollination as long as you choose too. Boom bam done. Make meds with the leftovers u don’t want to puff ! here’s some trim shots couldn’t get the hair before pictures.
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    Small bud of Cannatonic #4
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    SBR on right week 7 5 CBombs finishing I never did it by the book Quit feeding 2 weeks ago and the leaves Look like autumn At this point its whenever im ready first pic is 1 sbr 2 c99 3ish weeks into flower
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    Sounds tasty No ive not grown those Yet Lol
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    You seem to be right about OSB. AllBud says it's mostly indica. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that jack glue is GG#4 x Jack Herer. curkel chemdog? uh… Some chem in there, somehow...
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    One more "baseball bat" pic for @gardenartus.
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    IMG_4830.MOV My Soul Jah had to be killed because of complications of advanced FIV which was a total surprise btw. It’s contagious but she’s never been bitten by another cat in 8 yrs we have been here. Sexual contact is a lower level to get it but that’s out cause she was spayed before she got here. so, it’s possible it occurred when the male cat tried to put it in but didn’t succeed. But info says 5 yrs life expectancy after contraction … I guess I’ll never know and frankly it doesn’t matter now she’s gone in form ! Soul Jah was an awesome being and not just a mere cat ! To smart to say unless you saw her demonstrate for you. Compassionate with other female cats that were being accosted by an unwelcome tom cat. Twice she ran to the rescue and drove these big males at least twice her size away ! I never saw a cat do that for another cat before. Too bad it couldn’t be filmed actually. She stood up like a Mir Cat and assessed the situation and boom she sprang into action and trotted off to intervene. that’s just a small part of how Her name Soul Jah suited her ! She loved her dogs too, she knew Sassy and Elisabeth both and her partner in crime die the last 6 yrs was sweetie pie who loved her soul Jah MOs def ! Soul Jah is/was loved and she did a lot of loving herself frfr ! Missed in form but not in spirit ! from Jackie = My Condolences to you and Sweetie Pie. Soul Jah was the sweetest Pur Baby I've ever known. From Coffeee = My condolences to you and sweetie pie. You know that was the only cat that had got up on my chest and just wanted me to show some love and I'm allergic to cats but he didn't bother me my eyes did not mess up I'm so so sorrry, I know how it is to loose a pet. from Donna = I'm so sorry flowers RIP Soul Jah. IMG_4830.MOV
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