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    Holy Moses, the gent just let me know he will have outdoor he wants me to run. So much for not doing any more oil for a year. I am gonna die from doing all this ha!
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    I have my first pollen chucking project in my hands. Holy princess, reclining lady, sanfune, raspberry truffle, amnesia x CR, mazarjamaica and some ugorg's strains.. Im poppin 15 HPs to find a male. Im planning to harvest the male before it opens up so I can paint only a few branches per plant... (A lot of things can go wrong at this point xD). Any help is welcome (info about holy princess males, harvesting a male early...).
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    That glass trey in the fridge I put paper on that and if comes right off Ya i like them and need a real dab rig 2 butter knifes and a half of 2 l Bottle aint getting it
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    G13 Hazeplant. These are actually from the same plant, the one on the left is a cut of the one on the right. And that's had a multi-node clone cut off of it. The vigor on these things is marvelous. I'm such a sucker for the pinstriped stems. The original plant is still obviously a month or so away from harvest, at least, but she's looking beautiful so far.
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    Getto wax I need bags First press approx 20 sec Pardon my plant matter Used a flat iron lol Maybe a better tool? Im such a self taught newb lol C99 bud Wax hits ya and then diminishes Eating is fooking hard core Lol If i hit to much wax i find ice cream to make everything all better If i eat to much....days it can take hehehe
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    The right side reminds me of a plant with its mouth open
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    So sorry, I lost my Mittens last year. I still can't talk about it.
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