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    Nom-nom, one of my favs, Orange Zest Belgian Chocolate bar, 200mg, 20mg per section.
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    KC 42 (New Zealands Best x KC 639) KC Brains A strain of different penos, different length of blooming and a good yielder. Taste: The taste is okay. Nothing special. Smell: smells like marihuana, sweet, when touched. Yield: good to very good. Strength: It depends on your thc level. It´s so easy on the lungs, that your level will rise. It´s so dreamy and relaxed, that you won´t notice that you smoke too much. Fortunately it´s a strain with a lower level of thc ( 15 -20%) which is very strong. Is it worth, to grow this strain? For people who have patience (10-12 weeks bloom), it´s a winner. For people with commercial interests, it´s a winner. It´s not made for tastefreaks. It may be out of time, but the discription of KC Brains and Ed Rosenthal still fits today. No budrot, no other pests. smile
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    Hi folks I need all the info you can give me if you have grown out GMO please. I’ve decided to buy a clone = 1st clone buy ever. Fritters was the other option I passed on. Mainly because my plug will be working on fritters crosses as he already has her. I wanted the sour diesel clone but was too much even with 2clones for the same price of $350 each. All these seeds I have will never see me but a clone at that price ! how much will she stretch ? If the cut goes 12-12 at 1foot what should she finish at height wise ? Does she need to be staked/supported ? does she have any particular grow preferences or dislikes ? Nutes, temps, etc post your gmo please and thanks
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    Just a couple pics of the Big League Grape clones no. 1 x 2 and no. 6 x 2
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    She is a pretty nice smoke, was hoping she would put out the lovely show as she did indoors.
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    Sept 20th, she is getting there, probably pull her in 2 weeks. Maybe then I can get a pic of the entirety of her and the others when I pull them.
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    I have a press, I don't get much more than that. I don't make em cause I don't care for them and neither do my patients, but boy is rosin dabs a hot item. Did you put the parchment paper in the freezer? A lot easier to remove.
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    lot’s the easiest thing to do in cannabis, can use, small brush, finger tip, cue tip whatever to apply pollen to the nice fresh hairs 2/3 weeks old. afterward just leave them alone and clean yourself up so u don’t pollinate something by accident. I usually spray the plant down with water after I’ve let the pollen. Sit for two/three days. But that’s not mandatory 24 hrs is sufficient. then just let them bake well = 9-10 weeks or until plant is dying while the beans are ripening in their calyx’s. isolate the bean mother during pollination as long as you choose too. Boom bam done. Make meds with the leftovers u don’t want to puff ! here’s some trim shots couldn’t get the hair before pictures.
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    Small bud of Cannatonic #4
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    Lemon Diesel x Reina Madre Majestic Lemon came down after 60 days. Smell: During flowering Majestic Lemon was the stinkiest strain in the grow. It has a Diesel smell with some fruity undertones. Taste: The taste was on the father side. It´s a fine floral, incense, sandalwood, spicy taste. Oldschool and delicious. Not very loud though. Buzz: The high is a sativa dominant hybrid high. It´s mostly in the head, a bit blurry and has a warm body feeling. Little hangover when smoked too much. It´s a good yielder. Recommended for the all-around smoker. smile
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    And this is the mother used to make seeds. The smell is very unique. It’s a melt between mango/ litchi / red fruits. . But all sweet. No spices at all. With something afghany. I love it. And what is very special is the head buzz high that she provides!
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