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    KC 42 (New Zealands Best x KC 639) KC Brains A strain of different penos, different length of blooming and a good yielder. Taste: The taste is okay. Nothing special. Smell: smells like marihuana, sweet, when touched. Yield: good to very good. Strength: It depends on your thc level. It´s so easy on the lungs, that your level will rise. It´s so dreamy and relaxed, that you won´t notice that you smoke too much. Fortunately it´s a strain with a lower level of thc ( 15 -20%) which is very strong. Is it worth, to grow this strain? For people who have patience (10-12 weeks bloom), it´s a winner. For people with commercial interests, it´s a winner. It´s not made for tastefreaks. It may be out of time, but the discription of KC Brains and Ed Rosenthal still fits today. No budrot, no other pests. smile
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    I showed the lowers of that plant so folks could see 6 distinct branches to her. Being tired down some shows except the one obvious branch that was able to grow more vertical.. it’s my 1st first into manifold territory without being able to do it properly from the start. it allows me to explore what u can do with height restrictions as I go forward . the two. FPB males getting top heavy and shot in the room from two days ago
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    Thanks, hard to know what's gong on in the beds. I had some color things earlier but they all look the same to me. So I just started adding a general organics feeding for a few weeks, plus I've put a lot of other stuff on there but it wasn't right, needed more. I have friends with worse problems. My beds were built right so I have to learn how to replenish the soil in the off season better. They built their beds a few years ago (no layers) and now they're having problems. Short of buying all new dirt, I don't know. I guess you can try and back into a no till grow by adding another board and another layer to the bed etc. Anyway things coming along bit by bit.
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    No taste freaks? Oh well.
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    Haven't been around much lately but too bad to see you go @smilestyle i'll miss you in my topic. Maybe we'll meet again!
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    Is this your creation? It sounds like a guy could take it across borders where he wouldn't dare take reefer. Maybe putting a fake label on it... Just sayin'. Sayin' for a friend.
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    One day I will try, I am still a baby wha wha
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    That one sure is a leafy gal.
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    Gonna miss your posts. But anyway, best wishes for you.
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    yep, sad ... its been less and less traffic lately. leaving does not help, but its understandable. enjoy your smokes, smile
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    So he pollinated her I gave him a cigg And chopped him lol Here she is Hopefully i get some seeds
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    Lemon Diesel x Reina Madre Majestic Lemon came down after 60 days. Smell: During flowering Majestic Lemon was the stinkiest strain in the grow. It has a Diesel smell with some fruity undertones. Taste: The taste was on the father side. It´s a fine floral, incense, sandalwood, spicy taste. Oldschool and delicious. Not very loud though. Buzz: The high is a sativa dominant hybrid high. It´s mostly in the head, a bit blurry and has a warm body feeling. Little hangover when smoked too much. It´s a good yielder. Recommended for the all-around smoker. smile
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    I look forward to octopots, but I'm under constant threat of business trips still. I would have to leave it for a week or more at a time before even completing a first grow. I'm "stuck" with organic soil for the time being. If I want more weed, I have to add a circuit and a tent, which is in the works. I have the tent and fan, but experts say it will be a little dark in there without a light.
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