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    Afgaan 90 Bubba Hash G13 Hazeplant
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    The Russian Blue (my wife's cat) passed on last year at 16. The tabby female is the newest kitten. 3 female cats 1 male chihuahua
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    As I stumble around, trying to gather up growing skills, I do enjoy when someone kicks me in the naughty bits, and opens my eyes to something out of the ordinary. I found this write up and pod cast, on OverGrow 2.0, Auxin Whispering: Growing Weed from a Free State of Mind. This has got to be the cheapest way to get bud. There is also, a podcast, I usually do not bother with them, or I'll give them 30 seconds, and if the music and personal build ups are still running, BAIL. The John Kempf talk is very illuminating to me. I'd be thrilled to give NPK the boot!! I found this as I attempt to make some keiki paste, and since cannabis loves to root, a 2 for 1 sale!! https://overgrow.com/t/auxin-whispering-growing-weed-from-a-free-state-of-mind/62404
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    KC 42 (New Zealands Best x KC 639) KC Brains A strain of different penos, different length of blooming and a good yielder. Taste: The taste is okay. Nothing special. Smell: smells like marihuana, sweet, when touched. Yield: good to very good. Strength: It depends on your thc level. It´s so easy on the lungs, that your level will rise. It´s so dreamy and relaxed, that you won´t notice that you smoke too much. Fortunately it´s a strain with a lower level of thc ( 15 -20%) which is very strong. Is it worth, to grow this strain? For people who have patience (10-12 weeks bloom), it´s a winner. For people with commercial interests, it´s a winner. It´s not made for tastefreaks. It may be out of time, but the discription of KC Brains and Ed Rosenthal still fits today. No budrot, no other pests. smile
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    I will be using their information to reduce my food costs for the plants. I got a bag of calcium nitrate for $5.00 that will replace cal-mag and cns grow. Then a bag of vegetable fert, (tomato food) 4-18-38 for the P and K values, for $13.00. That replaces the cns flower juice. And since I have a large bag of epsom salt for some magnesium, I do not need that. I'll also keep the Langbeinite from Dr Earth, for the occasional K boost. Since finding ReCharge a while back, (all my plants are loving it), and that is the final ingredient for a total nutrient profile.....if what I've read is correct, and I think it is. I found their values to water ratio, so yeah, pennies on the dollar goodies, without loosing any of our plants good stuff.
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    Can I steal your dog lol so darn cute, cuddlebugs
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    You know with me, I have been fast-tracking how to make the best medicine, that has been my forte I will leave it up to the pros to make seeds for now. I am pretty much an expert now when it comes to medibles. So might be in the next few years I try that out, I get bored lol so might be I will experminet all I want with topicals and medibles and move on to breeding.
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    @Sacred Plant Warrior Sorry brother. Smoked a zip of the garlic kinda tasty potency of GMO Cookies half a year back. Never grew her out. (shame on me) Wouldn't pay so much for clones personally. Gotta be better options for you mang.
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    Thanks, hard to know what's gong on in the beds. I had some color things earlier but they all look the same to me. So I just started adding a general organics feeding for a few weeks, plus I've put a lot of other stuff on there but it wasn't right, needed more. I have friends with worse problems. My beds were built right so I have to learn how to replenish the soil in the off season better. They built their beds a few years ago (no layers) and now they're having problems. Short of buying all new dirt, I don't know. I guess you can try and back into a no till grow by adding another board and another layer to the bed etc. Anyway things coming along bit by bit.
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    She is a pretty nice smoke, was hoping she would put out the lovely show as she did indoors.
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    Small bud of Cannatonic #4
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    Strawberry Starburst bred by Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics still a bit to go, keeper out of 10 females. She reeks of Sour Strawberries and is a huge yielder.
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    100%. I went through my favorites of my last grow a month ago. I'm smoking stuff I won't be growing again, now. (And it's AMAZING how I've changed my opinion of it! "Hey, this stuff isn't half bad!") But I still love the surprises of growing from seed. And I've invested a lot in surprises.
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    I don't think I could take on patients until I drop the job that sends me all over the place. But this is the end of week 5, so THE MASSES ARE CLAMORING FOR AN UPDATE! That gang: The fun begins, because scents are starting to develop. Here are three of the Peyote Pancake clones (same mom). The dark one had the Coast of Main soil. The difference may be Mg or a combination of N and Mg. So far, I can't say buds are larger with one over the other: Buds of Lemon Sunrise seem to be about the same, as well — though I THINK I see more bud sites on the CoM soil plant. It will be all speculation until I weigh the yield. The first is a FFOF: Maybe I should have used flash on both pics? Oh well. Here we have one of the golden goat girls who will entertain a Lemon Thai. This gal is tiny, but if her first run is any indication, she will stink up and dominate the scents in the tent in another week or two. And the "stink" is tropical fruit. Just as important, the potency is holy fuck. This is one of the other Golden Goats that will be mated to the Lemon Thai. She is more standard size, but not very tall for a sativa. Stretch was minimal — only added about another 50-70% of its height. Those are some FFOF Lemon Sunrise gals in the background. Until next week, this kiddie bud porn show will be over.
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