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    I was not thrilled with the Hanna pH/conductivity pen I've been using — takes forever to come to a stable reading, so I splurged on a Bluelab soil pH pen. Not only can you use it to measure pH of liquids, you can put it directly into the soil and get good, stable readings. Anyway, after using it, I'm now thrilled. It got just about the same pH putting the probe directly in the soil as the slurry pH. I have a feeling I might go off on a soil pH reading-spree.
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    New soap mold, I think I will have fun playing with this one.
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    For portable pH pens, Hanna and companies like Oakton (or Oak-something) were pretty much it for a while. I had heard about Bluelab being rock-steady and was going to get a normal one, then I saw this thing. My old soil chemistry professor, if he's not dead and rolling in his grave at the existence of this thing, would drop dead and roll over at the existence of this thing. Getting soil pH without doing a slurry was not possible 30 years back. It's not cheap, but it's only about $20 more than my Hanna pH/EC pen. But I'm writing the fucker off as a business expense. I'll take a few pH readings next time I'm in the field.
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    Due to costs raising faster than the depleting bank account can refill itself, I've had to get creative with window treatments. We had set aside $1000.00 for treatments. That was due to where we get them from, making a count and sizes of the windows, and what prices were at the time, right around the covid containment time frame last year. I choose to wait as that is last step items. We should have had a 20%to the plus side of that estimate. Well that was then and this is now. Same place, same window sizes, and the cost is now around $2200.00 . Since other unexpected items popped up, I really do not have the money to lay out. So, I gather up, my cheap ass side of me, and go hunting. I find a company that sells window films. After my initial sticker shock wore off some, I find a discount area, just my style, so as I rummage around there, I find some small rolls 35" wide, for $3.30 a foot, and another 36" length, but $6.00 a foot. Cost me like $45.00 for the rolls, and $15.00 for their application kit. I got 3 windows covered top and bottoms, with perfect privacy. It took about 2-3 hours, after I figured out a system for a cutting table, a wetting area. So easy to use, and when I'm not a broke assed bitch, I simple peel them off and hang whatever up. This project has me exhausted, and little bit insane right now, so I had my daughter bring me her dog over for a few days for a play date. And he is ready to go play ball now.
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