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    I got the soap painting down, this one I infused with THC.
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    Yeah, it's pricey, but since I run a soil-related business, it came out of the business account. Their regular pH pen is supposed to be great, and it's the reason I was looking at Bluelab in the first place. I hate watching a pH meter slowly work its way to the reading. It makes me avoid taking pH.
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    wow, looks beautiful, toker, enjoy mate
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    Well, the last drip drop is safe in the vault about to be riced up and head to the fridge the hard to see one is GTA aka Grand Theft Auto ! descriptions =
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    enough of this ... since we all know know what was renamed and why = this discussion has found its end. @Indicalicious there is not many people here left and the few that stayed are bored with this. why risk penalties for something that is so obviously not in you favor, pls chill. you claimed that your blue chem is pure, which is not, these are facts ... changing the name from berry dawg to blue chem does not make it purer. and that you had to rename it back, after you were busted is also your own fault. since then there is this "diss-cussion" here going on this does not help anyone. please just move on, mate.
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