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    Just before I flipped them and walked out the door on Sunday the plants looked like this: Then, after 5 or 6 days of stretch, no big deal: The only misbehaving girl is the Lemon Sunrise clone. until a few weeks ago, I forgot that when it is topped, the first internodes of the resulting branches grow to be about twice as long as they would normally grow, completely destroying any height-restriction from the topping. She's going to be trouble, as usual. She grows more like a vine than a pot plant. The Roots Organics products seem to be doing a good job. The lights are at about 85 or 90%, no sign burning or cupping at all. We'll see how everything tastes and smells, soon enough. There are plenty of additives I wonder about — kelp, amino acids, etc. I recently interviewed a bunch of farmers (not pot farmers), and one of them was sold on amino acids. I wonder how much "bro science" exists in real-farmer world?
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    This one was with Mica paint for soap. A couple more, a bit different colors on the one and then the MJ leaf mold, that one came out pretty sweet, these have CBD in them.
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    The rest and Jerry rigged dome just because of the larger branches. normally I have never used a dome with this cloner as it’s not needed. however, I think the unit might be a second but can’t recall the hole being like that and swore it had a more nozzle like opening. the bubbles only cover the two rows of the cloner well enough while other areas you don’t see bubbles or they are negligible. i will do what I had planned years ago. toss in a flat bubble stone to add more oxygen and speed up rooting. gotta find the missing pump that’s hiding. And if I can not I’ll buy a new one since they are cheap. If pump is found it can be used to power the smaller diy cloner never quite finished.
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    Continue on more wasted root riot cubes no germination after extensive time and temp adjustments. seeds with seeet pepper seeds added for hormones. A few drops of CS in the water before and after adding seeet pepper seeds. the big boy was growing into the light literally so he was topped and cut out in the cloner. Put the last BLG water cut in the cloner. So all cuts are in the cloner now. all others are potted up except the one cut of BLG that’s living with rhe beautiful replacement male who will get topped today. the bigger routes branch make seems to be doing well. While the two BLG clones potted are still alive. The rattiest one doesn’t look too good but either she thrives or not.
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    pfff we all have moved on since 1/2 year, dude. there indeed is no need to revive this cleared issue.
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    just move on your mind mate, this board is dead like fear the walking last 3? dead season 999 we all are sannie missing here now since many years, its his board but it seems he decided to leaves (t)his board alone and us! and any words of a kind "moderator" could never change this feeling so chill and move you on mate go back to your roots and live your life think write speak grow smoke live fuck what you want but always with love best vibes and stay save
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    I am always willing to spend more on better equipment, I hate cheap shit.
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    Yeah, it's pricey, but since I run a soil-related business, it came out of the business account. Their regular pH pen is supposed to be great, and it's the reason I was looking at Bluelab in the first place. I hate watching a pH meter slowly work its way to the reading. It makes me avoid taking pH.
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    Ok, as you can see I prepped the big league grape cuts and they will test the cloner to dial it in. Off gassed tap water will be used because my ph is good and guessing ? My ppm is in a decent range as well. my thermometer is off by 8deg’s so needs to be adjusted via wrench . the cloner instructions want air to flow underneath it so that’s why aluminum pan. Can’t recall what I used years ago but will definitely find alternative options on the cheap:free. friidge cuts were turgid and temps won’t allow rooting . Obviously the other cuts started to root. Will see how or if putting one in the cloner will increase its roots proliferation or not.
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    I got the soap painting down, this one I infused with THC.
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    @santero personal thoughts are so important. Maybe @Zanzibar could tell us his thoughts as the recreator of "BluChem" But im tired of such discussions cause Im doing this for love to the best plant on planet Peace
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    it seems there is some confusion about the (former called) "berry dawg"-seedline, but things are easy to oversee, imho. indicalicious has been very open and clear about what he did. (but he may have confused his line for a pure "blue chem".) the initial cross of "(blue chem x blueberry)"-female and "blue chem f2"-male was NOT a "blue chem f1" ... THAT was a "blue chem bx" (because of the blueberry-bridge in there ) from there it was incrossed to f2, f3 and now made into f4. there was no reason to rename it ... it IS "berrydawg" ... no more and no less (!!!) zanzibar = blue chem f2 (pure) indicalicious = blue chem BX1 f4 both lines are made with passion and legitness, if you ask me. calling them both the same is wrong and comparing them is also futile, cuz they are different from the get go = not need to compete. hope this clears it up best vibes to everybody.
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