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    The first harvest of SFF is looking to be in the 72 day range. We will see. Picture number 5. Also defoliated fan leaves that were ready for it after these pictures were taken during the maintenance period.
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    Big League Grape Ok folks, time to transplant the bottom of the big branch which were made into 3 clones. this is great for making mother plants or plants you want to have a great start for outdoors or inside as well. it won’t be fed nutes until two days. Never done this before but wanted the root powder to get a chance to help. Then CNS-17 grow 2T’s per 3liter water and will dilute it some after I mix it just for this plant
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    Aloha @agreenpassion, good to see you around town. Glad to here your Mrs. Is doing better though I don’t know u well. i see post on icmag of yours during my research travels. We are no longer SS and a new site name thread was up I saw so a more fitting name change is coming me thinks.
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    TY, no they don't get you high, great for skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, itchy skin, really helps. I am all into the medicinal with this plant and try to utilize it for anything I can think of.
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    Sugar Punch, 10 weeks from flip Bug porn
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    if they are siblings (both from the same generation) = then yes, "f2". if the male is her son, then i'd rather call it "incross" (as in "crossed inside of the line") or "backcross" (as in crossed back to the mother").
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