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    This is how they looked yesterday morning, about 3 weeks, 5 days. It's taken from the side, so you can see the shorties in the back. Scarlet Begonias are producing amazing scents. The one right in the center is strong apple and spice. The one to its left is sweet and spicy with some of the wine/champagne notes mentioned in the description. The short one on the right is supposed to have some Romulan qualities from one of the grandparents. Anyway, this particular strain has a lot of phenos. Each of the four seem different from each other. I'm not getting much, scent-wise, off the rest. So far, just sweet smells. (Except for Lemon Sunrise, in the corner, which is a clone, so more terps early are expected.) Added some fungus gnat-eating soil mites this week and the population seems to be dropping, finally. This was way too big an infestation for nematodes. I'm thinking they must have been in a bag of soil material that I bought for this run.
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    Day 76 of flower. DSR harvest.
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    Dryer sheets worked wonders for me. Since ending the last run I’ve seen maybe two flyers max. Haven’t used the sheets at all on the 4 big girls in flower now. generic cheap dryer sheets !
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    Yeah, YouTube is full of shit and it’s there way to pretend to protect children while censoring off site content as if the adults who made their channels for adults; will then distribute them to minors. Yet, can do so without their platform. They have geeks that get paid to figure out how to censor and manipulate on the down low … now, constant warnings about “ this looks like other content that has been warned before or some shit like that. It’s on Instagram all the time. yeah, I encouraged the multiple branches from when it was younger. Not trying to do manifold etc yet but wanted to see the results. i haven’t had so many bud sites on one plant except my 1st. Real closet grow 400 hps. Cool to touch and it disappeared = walked away with help from nephews house hmm. That burns me up when all they say is I don’t know. Never give them the opportunity to affect ur grow again is the solution. that plant was named Asia after the friends girlfriends cat who topped the shit out of the plant. I took it let it recover and stopped counting bud sites. This was told long ago on other boards. Asia was some of the sweetest nicest smoke ever. My fellow cooks and friends loved it. And it hadn’t been cured at all. It came from the Jamaican connection but wasn’t really long flowering at all. Hybrid wonder I wish I had beans of.
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    So now we have age-restricted bud Porn cool ha! That is a squirrely-looking one, the Mystic I have is like that.
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    Hi guys headband x gorilla bubble it was a Collaboration between Tony Green Tortured beans and Karma And calyx brothers bubble monkey there at 54 days from flip
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    Big League Grape so, little cloner experiment. Yes, I see all the particles and will let it run as is. just to see if/how roots grow if at all. Water only works so, this should faster using the cloner pump in such a small container.
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    Trimmed little wilted leaves on the sprawl and some tiny branches and a few fan leaves. I’ve never grow our plants so crowded for space. A 5x5 would be perfect but it is what it is. mid i get buddage like many I have seen with crowed plants I’m going to have smilelitus me knows !
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    Yada yada not sure if I need to explain. I’m laying down with my thighs up 3/4 to vertical I guess and lower legs rest comfortably on the other part. It takes up 1/2 the couch and my bitch hates that. She tried twice to cross over the thing to lay her whole body on my chest/stomach smdh. can’t handle that for long so I forced her to get off me. She did so begrudgingly frfr. Mos def a Bulldog but she’s my Bulldog! so, had to stick a couple clones in cups. Dump the cloner then try to figure out the veg space with 3 males still one being the original back up male. well, push came to shove and I can’t get much light on the plants with the shop light and couple 9w LED’s still. I had planned to give them some tent time but you’ll see why that’s not going to happen. in the cup holes is rooting powder not expensive mycoz or that type stuff. If I had money to burn I would do a side by side and then calculate cost to production to determine it’s worth. “But shit ain’t like that” = who’s the first to name the song with that lyric in it. Hint is it’s before the year 2,000 and was popular back then. yall know I don’t mind showing less than stellar plants or reviving them as well. When your gro op , budget and circumstances are Ltd you do what you can when u can.
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    This Scarlet Begonias gal, from the center of the tent, already has a sweet, spicy scent (3 weeks and a day in 12/12). Smells a bit like apple and spice, but I wonder if I'm imagining the apple part, because the spices seem to go with apple. It could be that the strain description provided suggestions that make me think "apples." Whatever, I think this one will kick ass. Part of the description: The aromas are complex and beautiful. Warmer conditions seem to bring out the sweeter flavors. The high comes on fast and has no ceiling. Scarlet Begonias has been reported to help ease the effects of depression and stress. Flowering Time: 63-70 Days Yield: Huge Harvests Potency: 30% THC-A Effects: Energetic, Euphoric, Clear Mind, Focused, Motivated Aroma and Flavor: Spicy Green Apples, Champagne, Roses, Hints of Fuel I can't vouch for any of this, except the potency of all Irie's wares that I've grown is way up there. In his podcast, he claims that late at night, when everyone is about as stoned as they can get, Scarlet Begonias cuts through and actually makes people feel higher. Who doesn't need that? He has two more strains described as "ceilingless," which I have, waiting in Fort Knox to be germed. This one does NOT include a warning for panic attacks among newbies, which should be interesting. Usually, ceilingless and panic attack go hand-in-hand.
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    Still stretching — end of week 3: Those shorties in the back corner are in a hole now. I'll have to find suitable booster seats for the short Scarlet Begonias and the short Blueberry Butcher. But none of these are a big deal, stretch-wise. It also helps that I seem to have nutrition for LEDs dialed in. It's been at 100% power for a few days, and only one complaint — from a Dark Hollow with pH issues.
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    It's the end of 7 weeks of veg, everyone has been up-potted to 5 gallon containers, and these gals need to be flipped. Unfortunately I will be away for about 8 days during stretch!!!! It's like deja vu all over again. I have the choice of flipping them this weekend and being present for the first week of stretch and missing the second, or flipping the following weekend, missing the first week of stretch, but leaving them to veg another week. Which would be preferable? The third option is flipping around Thanksgiving week, after way more vegging than I've ever done. I'm leaning toward flipping this weekend, training, bending and twisting for the first week of stretch and letting them rip for 8 days, unsupervised. Regardless here they are. SB = Scarlet Begonias, BB = Blueberry Butcher, DH = Dark Hollow, LS = Lemon Sunrise. The pot with LS in it is actually two clones of a mama plant that went into flower. Then I revegged and took cuts. They're up to 3-leaflet leaves now. They're not going to produce much, but they will produce it a few days shy of 8 weeks. Not to mention I just love Lemon Sunrise. Structurally, Scarlet Begonias has two phenos here — tall and branchy vs. short and bushy/xmas tree type. The SBs in the center and center bottom of the photo are both the branchy type. The Blueberry Butchers are all bushy, xmas tree types. I've been told there's a tall pheno, too, but I didn't get it. The DH plants are both tall and branchy. The one in the lower left corner wants more acidic soil. I think I gave it to her yesterday, so we'll see if she improves. I abandoned the idea of doing a side-by-side of a lightly defoliated plant vs. an undefoliated plant. The BBs are way too bushy not to do some defoliating on, for both air circulation and uncovering growing points that will produce a nice bud if uncovered.. The lights are cranked up to about 80-85%. I'm going to try for higher. I seem to have gotten a handle on the increased nutrient needs to prevent burning them. Almost all will show slight Mg deficiency, in spite of Cal/Mag or epsom salts with every watering, and a good dose of alfalfa meal in the soil.
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