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    Harvest 10. Beautiful fox tails at the top. Bud is as tall as the book of papers opened up.
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    There are 2 green phenos of the DSR. This is the one that has the higher number of leaves in bud than the other and grows with bigger girth.
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    Piecemaker pipe, stocking stuffer I picked up for my guy, we have not tried it yet, arrived late. Kind of cool.
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    Harvest 10 goodness. No flash.
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    Pics are in the thread already. Well pics wrapped up basically. I been finding using saved plastic wrap and occasional have to clean some before use. https://www.opengrow.com/topic/58901-southeast-asian-cure-method/
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    Here's the gang in their potassium-lock-out-caused early fading glory. With help from @Hempyfan and @e$kob@r, I retraced all my actions. My troubles began when I added a high P containing liquid fert early in flower. I'm now convinced that resulted in K lockout (and possibly other nutrient lockouts, but there is no doubt about the K, which is probably the main problem). Then, thinking this was an N deficiency, I added more N, resulting in the hooked leaves. Oh well. This is always a danger when using a new nutrient line. Roots Organics is way too complicated for a simpleton like myself. But I have a bunch of their nutes, so I'm going to use them up during the next grow, noting not to use the "HP" additive. Until the point of using it, the only issue I had was from trying to make the soil in two of the pots slightly more acidic, and then ended up making them MORE than slightly more... The Dark Hollow plants (the acid-preferring ones), a Blueberry Butcher and the sweet apple scented Scarlet Begonia plant will likely be done in another couple of weeks, judging from the look of them today. I picked off a small bud of each and will give them a taste later this week. Dark Hollow smells like garlic + other savory scents. The Blueberry Butcher is blueberry-mint + some kind of nasty body odor-type stink. The sweet apple Scarlet Begonia plant smells like… Hmm, I just don't know, maybe sweet apples. Until next time, I'll be easing up on the P. And the N. And pretty much all the nutrients.
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    Great news today, my friend's mom has lung cancer, double whammy so does her M-I-L. Bad part the mil is doing chemo, not doing that well. Her mom we put on the oil, she did radiation and was going to do Chemo, of course, we respect her decision but did discuss this with her, I think God lent a hand, she was allergic to the chemo, so was not able to use that type. This pushed her into only allowing radiation and did not want to try a different type. 2 months in, she felt like something going on with her lungs other than cancer, they scanned her lungs, she has pneumonia in the upper right area, and they said the rest is clear. My friend is like you do know my mom had lung cancer in that lung. Well No She Does Not! Took 2 months, and she has no cancer. Cannabis oil is miraculous, they kept pushing Hospice on her, I kept saying she is not dead, we are going to save her. I hate oncologists and cancer. We will wait until the next scan, hoping 3 months, then we will reduce the oil. When folks follow the protocols, cannabis oil does work to kill cancer. One of the things that really upsets me in all this. They were going to give her 4 more radiation treatments Without scanning her lungs first, she does not need it.
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    1st test of the smallest will be Sunday after 4 weeks in the fridge. I’m pretty sure it’s maybe 2weeks early based on fridge temps. will report back after a small sample to check any degradation.
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