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    The problem with soil is that once you add, you can't go back. Well, you can with N a bit, but that P is probably stuck in my soil for a while. The soil in those pots will be going into a new, outdoor raised bed for tomatoes, this spring.
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    I just did a run of oil, Amazing return, I got 18% Back! I've never gotten more than 15% before. Beautiful oil as well. Love it when the oil runs turn out so grand.
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    The ever-evolving scents on these plants are amazing. One is still very apple. The one that was developing an apple-wine scent has gone more toward the wine side and the apple is just a scent you can pick up in the background. This strain is touted as a "ceilingless sativa," but the scents of all four plants are different. It will be fun to sort through them with a pipe.
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    Thanks webeblzr, This was about the only one to not get eaten by rats and rabbits or be a male haha. I can’t find anything about it online now but I’m almost certain it was a once off Dynasty genetics freebie I got from JBC and I think it was Ms. Universe x Agent Orange. But I’ve never seen Dynasty use Agent Orange anywhere else so I’m probably wrong lol . Anyway, the stem smells of oranges so I might be half right hahaha. Yeah I friggin love Basil too, mmmm pesto..
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    I’m telling ya man, I’m really pleased so far with the gator bait. This particular gal had manageable stretch and has a pine and lemon permanent marker nose. The sister is all pine,with almost 2x the stretch. She had me crunching stems almost daily through 3 weeks from flip, but is all pine. Deep mystical pine. Both share Golf ball nugs all the way down, and rock friggin hard. I’ll get better pics and do a proper report on her. Still getting used to all this.
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    Dynasty ‘cherry orange’ freebie. And Basil.
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    Here's the gang in their potassium-lock-out-caused early fading glory. With help from @Hempyfan and @e$kob@r, I retraced all my actions. My troubles began when I added a high P containing liquid fert early in flower. I'm now convinced that resulted in K lockout (and possibly other nutrient lockouts, but there is no doubt about the K, which is probably the main problem). Then, thinking this was an N deficiency, I added more N, resulting in the hooked leaves. Oh well. This is always a danger when using a new nutrient line. Roots Organics is way too complicated for a simpleton like myself. But I have a bunch of their nutes, so I'm going to use them up during the next grow, noting not to use the "HP" additive. Until the point of using it, the only issue I had was from trying to make the soil in two of the pots slightly more acidic, and then ended up making them MORE than slightly more... The Dark Hollow plants (the acid-preferring ones), a Blueberry Butcher and the sweet apple scented Scarlet Begonia plant will likely be done in another couple of weeks, judging from the look of them today. I picked off a small bud of each and will give them a taste later this week. Dark Hollow smells like garlic + other savory scents. The Blueberry Butcher is blueberry-mint + some kind of nasty body odor-type stink. The sweet apple Scarlet Begonia plant smells like… Hmm, I just don't know, maybe sweet apples. Until next time, I'll be easing up on the P. And the N. And pretty much all the nutrients.
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    Lights out today will mark the end of 8 weeks veg. They have bushed out a bit. Some of the taller girls had a little super cropping and bending on their tallest branches, but height is not an issue here at the end of vegging. I'm going with my flipping as I head out the door option, leaving them alone for the first 5 days of flower. They'll probably have just woken up from their vegging slumbers when I get back, and no unreasonable stretch will have occurred by then. (I said it. Now it's up cannabis karma to slap me silly.) These girls are poised for greatness. I can feel it in my bones. They got beneficial nematodes this past week, along with a dose of microbes. Everyone is over-joyed, except this bitch: But she seems to be improving. This seems to be extreme Mg deficiency, related to pH. She prefers more acidic soil. Here sister here has similar problems, except she's very vigorous, in spite of my apparent inability to keep acid-loving cannabis plants happy. I may have over-compensated toward making things acidic. But I'm not fucking with this one strain anymore. They're going to be flowered with the rest. There has been a bit of a fungus gnat problem. 10 million nematodes later, I put up a fresh sticky trap. Let's see what it looks like in a couple of weeks. It just occurred to me that when I first started doing grow reports, I'd try to emphasize the positive. Now I highlight the unhappy plants and speculate as to why they failed me.
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    Greetings, marijuana enthusiasts. I went nuts buying seeds during the pandemic shutdowns/slowdowns/majordowners, and had to try them out. They're at about week 4 of veg, so I will not bore you with too many seedling pics, I'll just bore you with a few, here and there. Two have the same dad — a male of a cross called Arise. From what I surmise, Rasta Jeff of Irie found a great male Arise plant that mixes well with many other strains. Since he is deeply involved in the Colorado commercial growing scene, he has access to many special, well-selected females for many of today's well-known strains (US well known, can't say internationally). So he crossed it to a whole bunch of gals and much of his stock are those crosses. Scarlet Begonias is a Red Headed Stranger x Arise cross. Dark Hollow is a GMO x Arise cross. He also recently found a reportedly great male F2 of TGA's Jack the Ripper. Blueberry Butcher is a Blueberry Cookies x Jack the Ripper f2 cross. Buzz-wise, Scarlet Begonias is supposed to be a ceilingless, energizing sativa. Blueberry Butcher is supposed to be an energizing hybrid, probably with many qualities to the sativa side (but blueberry cookies puts me down, pretty much). Dark Hollow is supposed to be very relaxing, zone out weed, which I figure would put a guy like me to sleep. Anyway, so far there's one female each, for certain, a few males. The majority are still "questioning," I guess. And one of the questioning Blueberry Butchers gave me my first whorled phyllotaxy! I didn't even realize it until a couple of days ago. This is clearly an omen. I was going to sacrifice a chicken to satisfy the spirits of my tent, but I wasn't up for the headless body, running around bleeding all over the place part. The spirits settled for some fried chicken. Or at least I think they did.
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    Hi guy's & girls, I'm back with a new project I call it the "ONE POD". Over the years I've build a few grow rooms/cabinets for myself and others. Mostly converting small spaces like wardrobes and so on, this was always a challenge because of a few critical factors heat, smell and sound. But now with new technology’s there’s more room for innovations. I'm using cob lights and that eliminates one big factors HEAT! Meaning no more big extractors no more noise and low voltage 32V DC. I make these pods out of birch ply that can be decorated on request so fully custom made. You don't hear it (extremely silent) you don't smell it when flowering (custom made charcoal filter) has a display that shows: • Temperature • Humidity • Soil condition • Light On/Off • Date & time Fans are controlled and speed up when needed. Humidity is just info. Soil condition tells you when to add water and how much. Light On/Off indication, light are set for auto flowers (20/4). I'm adding more functionalities over time when I have the ONE POD app ready. My goal is to preload the soil/pot with everything that's needed for one cycle I'm using Sannies products like the tabs and hope this will work out, but time will tell after the first grow. It needs to be dummy proof just plug and grow. (watch the video of my progress and feel free to add comments & tips) That's it for now to be continued. Grtx Growboy AKA Rainman Ps. I made this as it is still illegal in some countries to grow cannabis (stealth) and it needs to look nice (no tents or something like it)
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    It is expensive but I used Azera, worked great. Outdoors have no issues, indoors you have to turn the lights off after spraying for a few hours.
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    What y’all got for the new year already sinse sales were abundant. i finally ordered AKBEAN Brains Freezeland IBL I’ll figure that out once the beans pop and show how similar they are or not. smoke test after 30/60 day cure will determine if I like it’s qualities enough to marry it to others for projects.? i thought my Inkognyto order was no longer possible. Well, it was my fault for not checking an email to explain invoice. I was like tell me what I ordered or I can cancel the order… so, it’s a done deal now. Only snafu was ir was slated for last months budget not this one. So, with no more suspense I had a tough choice between Ink’s Funk & Skunk kush and his Banana Peel. Selected Urkle S1 x his Pestilence BP is Banana OG clone X Pestilence. urkle is one I been wanting but getting the legit clone is like Chinese arithmetic frfr lol, if ur old u know that one. As most know I had the elite GDP clone only at the time I had to shut down. No ken Estes stuff. Smoked oz of grape ape and loved it as well as shared pics here. i didn’t initially notice it was S1 but then so selected. Now, we know ink knows his shit. But know way to know how many were popped to find his selection nor the source of the seeds. They could be from inspecta aka csi but with Ink’s connections it’s sheer speculation. So, I decided on banana peel because I’ve lusted after it on the down low. Have chocolate banana Kush made by jaws but can’t guarantee they germ. pestilence should easily allow the BK power to be maintained and not destroy the flavor imho. I’ll find out first hand. I’m not a big fem fan but Ltd resources/circumstances dictate how I move as I do. so, also have some blueberry beans coming in, a couple blueberry hybrids with complimentary genetics imho. If u been following you know I already have some new BB gear hybrids from the bakery genetics. So, like I said I make grabs based on a certain vision in hopes to have genetics that click when bred together just like dog strains of the same breed or outcross to a very different strain… yup I saved some goodies for last that came in last year actually. just peep the listed names in the pic. Should be flames galore in them imho.
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    I still get hoppers, Minion ants can't catch 'em. And, I now have a smattering of tiny white flies and some occasional Avocado glass bugs. Hmmm, tried to upload image, Got upload failed. Potassium Bicarbonate and insecticidal soap spray is keeping both at bay. Does anyone have a more final solution?
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    That is what happened to me, but instead of using individuals, I used the whole fert, I really screwed up. Way too many ferts and having to try to correct it, damn near killed a couple. Sometimes I don't think my brain works correctly, cause I know better than adding ferts when you don't know what the issue is.
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    Nothing sends my wife scurrying out of my room like a gnat up the nose.
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    Reviving this post because just had this issue. Cinnamon sprinkled on the soil and on my smartpots sent them truckin’.Interesting smelling your buds thru the spicy addition indoors, but it calms down after a few days.
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    the tk x chem pic looks like a nice balanced mix of the parents. nspecta surely creates great varieties. enjoy these beautiful plants, mate! the tk x sour i made had also the same budshape but sour leafs. it seems like the triangle kush inherits her budshape to her kids often (f.e. cookies also has the same shape of buds, without the skunky crowns)
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    I got the cure for ya, don't lurk, keep posting ha! We miss you. Looking good., I grew the first Grape Earth he made, one of my patients used it for night smoke, said it made her knees shake.
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    Something with Banana Punch (Symbiotic) and Slurricane (In House) ...Very hard to describe the taste. Banana Smoothie, kiwi, ice tea kind of terps. Have the LA Kush version to. Hello Toker, nice to read you again. Cherry Bomber = Nostalgia! Yes Santero, long time indeed, but there was no other option. We never surrender right. Evolution is here now, esko 2.0 from the space station. Did not sit still the last years.
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    Luckily they're just an annoyance… until I start seeing them stuck to the trichs on a mature bud. I might deck the halls with yellow sticky traps.
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    Beans arrived and got an unexpected freebie from Riot Seeds. i didn’t realize dirty dancing was created by Riot as I wouldn’t have bought them. Upon checking he sells them for $120 a pack and I bought for $60. lineage of the freebie is Peaberry = Katsu Bubba x Blue Bonnet. So, two blue bonnet male crosses in the vault and I’m not going to trade or sell dirty dancing as intended initially because riot is a huge penis that’s not envied by decent folks aside from his bank acct I’m guessing. I have another strain that has some riot work in it that was gifted to me. Those I feel are good to go as the cross was made by someone else. For those growmies who have been around since 04 on overgrow and other popular sites and know many of the more well known personalities in the community who are considered unsavory piece of shit type folks. this intro should be in a serious pot movie about Growers from those days all they way to now with who’s still around. so, Matthew Riot is the poster child for a huge lying snake who now enjoys making good money because so many don’t know his shady past in how he got genetics. This dude is also known the crown prince of growmunity liars. Yet, seeing what he had the Gaul to write on his packs is hilarious and outrageous.
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    Yeah, it’s because the bakery genetics (nate)has been flying under the radar even though he’s been around the community and knows much about various strains of who and what. he’s only got one major vendor that only carry two offerings Miller Mac and My Alien Wedding 90$-80$. some of his team offer his gear occasionally but usually offer what they have made from his genetics along with other stuff too. with that said if you don’t follow him on IG you won’t be able to buy his gear when he makes drops. his team members and affiliates get a pre-drip drop before the doors are open to everyone else. thankfulky I’m considered an affiliate and very grateful to him for doing that. He fancies himself an artist not a breeder. So, he Bob Rosses/paints all manner of gear. What’s cool is he takes expensive cultivars and Does his thing with/too them. Then they are off for testing by his team. If they pass the test, they get released to the growmies. that’s the basics the flip side is you really have to pay attention to his posts/lives. if don’t, come drop time there always going to be gear that’s available but you won’t know wtf it is. If you been around awhile you might guess and get it right but the way Nate names his artwork can be misleading to newbies and others alike. I’ve got a list of 14 strains I still don’t know wtf they are and knowing him I’m not guessing. Lol too poor to guess and mainly because so many like/love strains and combos I simply do not. He’s a bit paranoid about copy cats of genetics/his strain names as it’s been happening quite a bit. So, yeah the mystery is frustrating for me but I’m used to it now. here’s his seedfinder page and no it’s not up to date completely ever Because he’s always painting another piece !!! he’s already has an international following which s ironic because many in the USA aren’t aware he exists lol. Their loss I must say. you have to be accepted on the bakery genetics landing page initially prior to being a growmie who can buy gear. It took me quite awhile to learn what I posted lol. I’ve gone back 2 yrs checking on his gear that was available. I’ve got 38 of his strains so far and based on what’s coming I’m not done yet. Ha! https://en.seedfinder.eu/database/breeder/The_Bakery_Genetics/ get someone that has the software that will basically dictate what you say. Writing a bunch can be challenging. It is for me now but didn’t use to be. After my mental crash all sorts of mental snafus have arisen smdh. yesterday I had a serious anxiety attack while at the red cross blood drive. I’m going to cut and paste what I said in an email to the Red Cross. I just sent this via email to the red cross blood drive folks. I walked out cursing I was so upset. Anxiety through the roof Blood appt 12:45 pm 333 W. Camden Street Suite 500, Baltimore, MD 21201 Fuckiing directions to the blood drive had me walking around the whole building and the place is across from the light rail 2 min. Then I get with the chic and she’s about to ask more questions and I asked, why weren’t these questions asked online with all the rest. This chic says I should donate more often to understand their process. Wtf you’re supposed to explain the process ahead of time. Those question can and should be asked online and all is needed is to verify a completed questionnaire. How difficult would that be and why are you not doing it this way. You have people go through so much shit to donate it’s made me angry w/anxiety too. Then you wonder why you don’t get donors. Donating used to be cool and now it sucks big time. Most sincerely, xxx
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    After 2 weeks of stretch, the tent is beginning to look a little jungle-like, but not out of control. The vine-like lemon sunrise was moved to the corner, where she can be monitored. I get complaints from the other plants, "Lemon Sunrise is touching me! Tell her to stop!" I've threatened to turn this tent around, but they know it's an empty threat. So LS has been tied and pruned. That back corner has a couple of shorties in it — my whorled phyllotaxy Blueberry Butcher and my short Scarlet Begonias. Both looking good: The tall phenos are playing well together. Here they are with their bound-n-gagged Lemon Sunrise sister: Everything is going well, except fungus gnats have never been worse. The nematodes are not controlling them. I think I'm going to try both Bti and a predatory mite. No real pests, though, just these nuisances.
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    Just before I flipped them and walked out the door on Sunday the plants looked like this: Then, after 5 or 6 days of stretch, no big deal: The only misbehaving girl is the Lemon Sunrise clone. until a few weeks ago, I forgot that when it is topped, the first internodes of the resulting branches grow to be about twice as long as they would normally grow, completely destroying any height-restriction from the topping. She's going to be trouble, as usual. She grows more like a vine than a pot plant. The Roots Organics products seem to be doing a good job. The lights are at about 85 or 90%, no sign burning or cupping at all. We'll see how everything tastes and smells, soon enough. There are plenty of additives I wonder about — kelp, amino acids, etc. I recently interviewed a bunch of farmers (not pot farmers), and one of them was sold on amino acids. I wonder how much "bro science" exists in real-farmer world?
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    It's the end of 7 weeks of veg, everyone has been up-potted to 5 gallon containers, and these gals need to be flipped. Unfortunately I will be away for about 8 days during stretch!!!! It's like deja vu all over again. I have the choice of flipping them this weekend and being present for the first week of stretch and missing the second, or flipping the following weekend, missing the first week of stretch, but leaving them to veg another week. Which would be preferable? The third option is flipping around Thanksgiving week, after way more vegging than I've ever done. I'm leaning toward flipping this weekend, training, bending and twisting for the first week of stretch and letting them rip for 8 days, unsupervised. Regardless here they are. SB = Scarlet Begonias, BB = Blueberry Butcher, DH = Dark Hollow, LS = Lemon Sunrise. The pot with LS in it is actually two clones of a mama plant that went into flower. Then I revegged and took cuts. They're up to 3-leaflet leaves now. They're not going to produce much, but they will produce it a few days shy of 8 weeks. Not to mention I just love Lemon Sunrise. Structurally, Scarlet Begonias has two phenos here — tall and branchy vs. short and bushy/xmas tree type. The SBs in the center and center bottom of the photo are both the branchy type. The Blueberry Butchers are all bushy, xmas tree types. I've been told there's a tall pheno, too, but I didn't get it. The DH plants are both tall and branchy. The one in the lower left corner wants more acidic soil. I think I gave it to her yesterday, so we'll see if she improves. I abandoned the idea of doing a side-by-side of a lightly defoliated plant vs. an undefoliated plant. The BBs are way too bushy not to do some defoliating on, for both air circulation and uncovering growing points that will produce a nice bud if uncovered.. The lights are cranked up to about 80-85%. I'm going to try for higher. I seem to have gotten a handle on the increased nutrient needs to prevent burning them. Almost all will show slight Mg deficiency, in spite of Cal/Mag or epsom salts with every watering, and a good dose of alfalfa meal in the soil.
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    It's almost the end of week 5 of veg, and everybody seems to be happy. I decided to try some minor defoliating — just removing some of the giant fan leaves to let the light hit those lower tops. Obviously, that one right up front has not lost many of her big fan leaves yet, but her sister did: I left the fan leaves at the top. We'll see how she does compared with the one up front. Both are Blueberry Butchers. Obviously I'm not yet game for the kinds of massive defoliating I've seen people do.
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    Old thread, new info. Had the aphid rancher ants in Ca. We have small, black, ants here that were on my gals. Panic! set out shallow pans with a brick in the middle put my plants on the bricks. That made a moat that the ants could not negotiate. Had just finished when one of the ants tried to eat my leg. Sat what?! Grabbed it and whipped out my magnifier. Hmm, from the mouth parts it was not a rancher. It was a carivorous predator. Upon inspection, I caught one munching on a flying aphid. Yay! I've got minions. deconstructed my moats and invited them in. Did some research. Found that they had been imported by cane growers to control cane worms. And, just like the cane toad and the mongoose, it did not work out for them. However, it worked out great for outdoor growers in Hawaii. The moral? Always carry a magnifier. Know thy enemy. Aloha, Weeze
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    Ease up on the rough sex. It's all about technique.
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    Woops Was thinking of Freezeland not Friesland. They are not quite the same. Freezeland was the name of clone only variety from SSSC back in the early 80's. The Freezeland clone was a development of the Friesland variety. It was the Canadians who did the development and the name change. The Freezeland we have today is descendant of that clone that was crossbred to the SSSC plant called Pluton. The original Freezeland tasted like you were burning a Red Cedar tree(Strong Evergreen and Cinnamon odor and taste)
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