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    I was thinking the same thing been a bit since you were here Drip .
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    The young ones a few could be transplanted but will wait and let those roots grow more. all are going in coco and as long as I can dial my coco care in well, I’ll stick to coco for production. Saw that one root show in the 2 liter already so happy about that. don’t know why the problem child isn’t happy but Will let her stick around to recover as usual. these likely will be the last Big League Grapes to be flowered. Will I make a mom for myself ? I doubt it as I need to move on. I never planned on 3 separate runs of it and because this tent run wasn’t what I expected it’s cool the 6 girls under 600 hps have started flowering already a couple days ago. the 3 BLG’s left in the tent will be chopped in 4 to 7 days. The ratty one was manicured some to pull the micro buds lol. They will be puffed. corner shot of 2 FPB’s males and the 3rd in a red cup next to a girl I didn’t realize until I looked closer.
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    not a question if someone moderated or not. i sure hope that you understood that I DID (!) jet merely didn't like me doing it without favoritism towards him. so again: if there is trouble, JUST REPORT IT !!
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    @drip-n-wet you're alive ?!?! (LOL) good to see you, bro.
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    no, jet was not angry about no moderation. he was angry about impartial moderation. here's the story: he was attacked by someone and instead of just telling me, he PARTICIPATED for many posts. then everybody got a warning (the initial creator of trouble aka. "wilbur" was banned!) and jetdro was warned along with everyone involved. his account stayed untouched, but he felt like leaving. i guess he was angry that i did warn him too (for participating) and sadly never let that grudge go. esko is back tho = he will show again... along with a lot of the others give it some time. if not, his loss. my suggestion is: never let ones and zeros influence your real life day
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    I really really really like the calyx bro gear frosty and sticky small tent bubble monkey 47 days
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    I can asure you that Dynamite and Blue Dynamite are very good strains! They can still compete todays strains. I know and grow them since 15 years. You made a good choice. There is no HID light that can compete a good LED. You are right that the buds are bigger from HID grows (cause of the IR radiation). But size does not matter (LOL), its weight, terps and potency. IR radiation from HID lights make buds always more fluffy. Led lights destroy HID easy. 200% up to 400% more yield, potency levels are of the charts. With less energy = more and better. Buds that are that dense that even my Santa Cruz Shredder has some troubles crushing em. I been phenohunting for over 20 years and have seen allot in HID ops. The moment i stepped over on HLG leds, i reviewed all my collection. What an amazing adventure that was! Terp space station, had to double the carbon filter systems (in and out). Trimming buds has become a risk. For LED growing you need= Leaf Temperature surface, Air temperature and RH = VPD. Its very important data. Volumetric water dryback data = must have data. Data of Saturation Extract Ec vs Bulk EC vs Pore water EC = must have data All this data togheter = crop steering. Highly recommend it.
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    I going to devote one thread to my Cindy. This is a clone of a clone 40ish times over She just went into flower today. Her base is just loaded lol Don't have the heart to Trim her up . Took 2 cuts of her yesterday
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    My suggestion is Moderators moderate and shut the stupidity down, especially when members of this forum keep asking for it to stop. Do Your Job
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    Happy New Year. Should check out the Late 80s NL5 x Haze from AKBB, along with the pre 2000 NL5.He also has pure NL1. If you didnt message AKBB for a seed list, thats what Id do. Hes got way more stuff straight from him vs what he supplies to Seed Vendors. dankortowne@gmail.com Also look for Cricketts, and Cicada to do a drop soon of an almost pure Puck AKA Skelly Hash Plant. Its called Puck HP BC2. Its a cross, and back cross of the original PNW Hashplant, Puck HP, and NL1. Its over 90% pure Puck HP. Skelly, and Puck are the same clone. The Puck/Skelly cut comes from 1989 and is a cross, and then a backcross of the PNW HP x NL1. They took a Male of the PNW HP x NL1, and backcrossed it into the PNW HP. PNW HP is the mother of Puck/Skelly, and is the most sought after of all the PNW HP clones. They havent dropped yet, and are in testing. Theres some photos of it on Instagram. @mrbobhemphill and @hannaboldt. They also have a Red Lebanese HP x Puck HP BC1 in testing. Both look like pure fire.
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    I've got both in one room, the bud does much better. Could not get heat high enough where as the other room I can, so put the 600 HPS back in there with the SKY, actually pretty perfect for large bud size.
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    I take my ballasts, anything metal to the scrap yard and they pay me FAR better then trying to give them away. I've been a HLG fan boy for a long time now. However after a room I help out with, we packed it full of HLG's LED's the 550's were the hot lick then, we have had 3 that needed taken down, taken back to the shop. The first time, we picked out a new light kit, as the board was sent back. The second and third time, the shop had a box of drivers sent to it, and they swapped it out by the next day. BUT they sent a box of drivers to the shop, is there that many failures going on? Is that a big deal, maybe not, but the folks that purchased them, a left wondering. It does expose you for the 60 mile round trip. And the fact we spent $3800.00 on their top models, it shakes my trust in them. I went with growlightsaustralia, that prawn connery designed, and grew with. The 4- 750 wideboard kits, even with shipping made it a worth my while to run them.
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    Seems like its the same problem everywhere ... Hammered the reflectors down, dismantled the Gavita Pro's untill not recognisable. Smashed 4 Adjusta Wings. Thors hammer went lose here. Never want to see this prehistoric stuff back. @drip-n-wet That is FIRE!!!! LED ftw. Welcome back on OPG btw, nice to see you here
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    Can I use both? Lol. I used to lay four foot hortilux high UV power strips underneath my canapy to increase uva exposure while running HPS. Seemed to make a noticeable difference in frostiness. When I first switched to LED’s I was running DWC, which was much twitchier than soil, a lot more can go wrong quickly in hydro. Not so much in soil. Having been shut down for over a year, I have t kept up with the latest Led technology, I’m sure it’s changed. I’d forgot about the heat issues. I’m in the upper Midwest, was minus 5 F yesterday morning, and I also needed to pipe in heat with LED’s. But, Man, they are simple! None of that six inch ducting, cooling fans, sealed hoods, space age light diffusers, ballast noise, I used it all, what a pain in the ass, lol! LED’s I just hang ‘em up and forget ‘em. Anyone know what you do with all that old HPS light stuff? I’ve got boxes of it! Can’t exactly set it out with the trash that says “grow house here!”, lol. Goodwill, maybe?
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    Going to put these together for Valentine's Day. Both CBD 100mg, soap and bath bomb.
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    Wow. Anyone remember the 1000 watt metal halide street lamps growers used in 1988? How times have changed! I just got some seeds for a strain called Dynamite from Next Generation Seeds I really liked while in Colorado I’m going to run with my old HPS stuff I haven’t used in 5-6 years. I believe I always got bigger buds with HPS than LEDs. I doubt that’s true now the way you can dial in spectrums specific to the strains. Getting so you need an advanced degree to grow commercial. Kind of like brewing.
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    This is definitely a breeder to explore if you enjoy a variety of different kinds of highly potent sativa doms. The Dark Hollow, which is an indica dom, is also spectacular. Powerful indica with a touch of "mind spark" to keep you interested and awake. The keeper has a heavy garlic scent. Another pheno has almost no scent. I doubt she'll be kept.
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    Another pheno from Strawberry Rain (4 keepers in total collected in the last years) 3 weeks to go
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    I just did a run of oil, Amazing return, I got 18% Back! I've never gotten more than 15% before. Beautiful oil as well. Love it when the oil runs turn out so grand.
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    Ease up on the rough sex. It's all about technique.
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