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    happy new year to everyone !! enjoy your plants/smokes/meds. this is the last week for the free share. i'll wait until the 7th. hit me up asap, if you also want a carepack flyen your way.
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    Final shots of fall colors and fade. Everything coming down to be hung.
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    Salutations Bug Bangers, I gave out these Honey Badger Haze plants (clones) to other gardens maybe 4-5 years ago. I asked to have some copies made, and totally had forgotten that godawful cat piss smell, that plumes from them, as you happen to brush against them in deep flower. And a shot of the Australian Dead Head top that fell over. You all have the best new year you can!
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    Green Ale (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) @ 11 weeks
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    happy and healthy new year,Opengrow!!!
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    NL#5 x ATF by @ indican at 8 weeks
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    What up San, happy holidays my brother! Hope all is well with you and your family. Your generosity is always an inspiration. So guys the SFV78 was something I had made for personal stash. The truth is those seeds were made in a solo cup hempy. I ended up getting way more than expected and after talking to my friend in Australia I decided to send in some freebies. I didn't want someone to buy a pile of them for a fridge and figured if I made them freebies more people would get a chance to grow them. I thought the flavors and effects would complement each other beautifully. Some nice but strong citrus satty leaning plants I could dig through, enjoy, and possibly breed with in the future. I am most likely going to cross the SFV78 to Colombian Gold, and Oaxaca Gold lines. Maybe even hit it to the Mox, and some of the old Haze cuts if I get lucky hahaha. So many directions to go. Webeblzr, I can't thank you enough for the grow and show plus awesome reports. You made the journey worth the work!
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    Banana cupcakes with banana frosting, 140mg each.
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    Hi We wish everyone a happy new year, full of success in your projects and take care of you and yours Best regards
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    To all at open grow a merry Christmas and a happy holidays to all peace paps
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    Rainmaker/Gelato Day 49 Bloom 83.7F 180 PPM 43% RH Started the flush a few days ago and trying to drop the humidity as much as possible. Buds are dense with some good color but still sprouting new pistils. Looks like a 9 week grow at this point which I’m ok with. Very satisfied
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    Solilo Queen, just before the harvest, 65days in:
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    Harvested Devil’s Poison and Mango Haze at week 10, they were ready!
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    Australian Dead Head buds, snipping to jars. Honey Badger Haze 3 delicious stinkers!!
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    Cherry AK cut and hung at day 66, smell is on point
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    Devil’s Poison at week 9
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    Big Sur Holy Weed being absolutely special at 9 weeks
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    Big Sur Holy Weed at 9 weeks
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    I was traveling through Massachusetts back in February, had a look at the Weedmaps app and found a recreational dispensary along the route I was taking. The bud tender was directing me away from the high potency strains, telling me I was just going to fall asleep. So I told her I needed a lot of sleep. Now give me that sleepy Durban Poison cross already.
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    I have to rant, WTF is up with the newbies to this, we are suppose to call it cultivars, not strains, Sativa and indica are incorrect, you have to smoke it a certain way, go through a ritual with the shit. WTF has happened to the cannabis world, we got all these newbies saying we been doing it wrong and calling it by the wrong names. It is like you need to go to school to pick out a Cultivar To smoke in your new dab rig, and only when in the realm of inner peace WTF!!!!! The new cannabis world is nuts.
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    Hola from a wet and windy beach. It looks like the first day of Winter out there today, just glad it isn't too cold. The house is filled with the smell of molasses ginger cookies baking in the oven as I type this. Last night it was magic cookie bars. Sadly they get tucked away into the freezer until Christmas day but I enjoy the smells for now. Today I chopped the Green Ale after 11 weeks. The better half said she could smell it when she opened the car door in the driveway coming home from work. IPA's are always stinky, even if you cross them it seems. Of the 4 youngsters I had vegging only one turned out female so my male glut continues. The one female was one of the 3 HammerHead v3 I had going. I kept one of those males and the HammerHead x Silverfields that was also male. The NYCD x Lemon Thai is the only other girl in the flower room. She is at 40 days in 12's now and building nicely. Can't wait to see how this one finishes. With my current lack of ladies I popped a fem Amnesia Haze x Black Domina from Oaseeds so I know I have one more girl coming. I also dropped 4 x Critical Mass x (G13 x hashplant) x Citral that I got from SeedHeaven and hope to get a couple ladies from them. So, cross your fingers for more girls around here to start the new year with. Here's a look at things now... Males - HammerHead x Silverfields left and HammerHead v3 right. HammerHead v3 female NYCD x LT @ 40 days. Green Ale @ 11 weeks and harvest I'm happy to soon have some Green Ale again. I'm trying out the scissor hash from it now....mmm...mmm...good. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas even if it is not a normal one. I'll soon be enjoying hot buttered rums and all manner of good stuff to eat. HoHoHo!
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    Hey BG, those plants taught me so much, and for free!! Best wishes Bob!! Since I was blessed with so many stuffed jars from this cultivar, I've been gifting it out to those I know are scrambling to make ends meet right now.
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    On a higher note... here's some Rhaspberry Truffle f2s finishing up. these are two that I had indoor. photos taken at 60 days #1 #2 #3 - this one flowered outdoor
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    Happy new year to everyone!! new year new round in the tent this time(4x4) 4 females : -bluecokkies x snowqueen (thanks to @douglasfurtrapper) - silverfields f2 from tall girl -silverfields f2 from short bush - honey badger haze (dynasty)X Bubbalemon (thanks to @santero) In the 2x4 closet for this round 2 plants -another bluecookies x snowqueen -another silverfields f2 from tall girl its been multiple round reusing the same dirt just amending without disturbing anything ( no dig/no till) and must say im quite pleased with the results! Take it easy everyone!!
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    GG4 bx3 done at day 66.
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    AC/DC x Ringo’s Gift at week 9
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    Black Lime Reserve faded out on week 9. Smelling killer
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    William’s Wonder x Herijuana almost there at week 9
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    Oh happy, happy, happy! It was either a Christmas miracle or perhaps my eyesight is not as good as it once was. The HammerHead x Silverfields and the HammerHead v.3 that I had pegged as males both turned out to be female after a week in 12's. Woohoo! This makes a world of difference and I am quite pleased if you hadn't noticed. I do now have the potential of having too many girls once the youngsters show but that is a better problem to have I think. I'm excited about the HammerHead x Silverfields. It had a pretty good stretch in the first week and then I up-potted it once I realized he was a she. Curious to see how long before it takes off again. Thanks again to @oldschoolsg for sharing those. The two HH v.3 girls are a little different in appearance. The #2 is stockier while #3 is more slender and has very upright branches that I may have to spread. It's been a couple years since I've had HammerHead around so really looking forward to these. The Amnesia fem from Oaseeds (amnesia haze x black domina) is looking good a week after up-potting and will get up-potted again in a few days. Space may get tight in the flower room depending on how many Critical Mass x (G13 x hashplant) x Citral girls I get so I'm gonna veg conservatively for a bit. Here's a look at the veg space. note the front left plant, a (NYCD x LT) cut that I took 7 weeks ago and put in a paper cup of soil. I took it on a whim and did not really care if it survived. After two weeks it looked the same. After 4 weeks it was still alive and green but had not grown at all. I decided to up-pot it to a #1 with some new medium and after 3 more weeks it is starting to show some growth. I've never had a cut hang on this long before, hope it keeps on going. The flower room , now suddenly full of girls... The HH's NYCD x Lemon Thai @ 7 weeks I got the Green Ale put into the jar yesterday. She gave 3.5 ounces of bud from her 29" frame so I was pleased. Several of her preflowers had seeds that must have come from the NYCD x LT male I had. I'll have to give those a try down the road. Nice to be back on track with new grow medium and lots of girls. Here's hoping 2021 brings us closer to normal and closer together. Cheers!
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    The trumpet fell off, shortly after I pollinated it. But this time the base of the flower stayed on. So I think it worked, and this will become the "thorn apple". I would not call it triploid, as I am not able to count it's chromosomes. Misterdirt is right, that is called a whorled phyllotaxy. The trait often fades away as the plant becomes mature. It's a cross I made between two cultivars. Probably polyhybrid. Looks like "wide leaf drug type" to me. But I lost the label. it's one in a group of sixteen plants that I recently started. I'll show it again when it has made it's next pair of leafs.
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    I just have to show off my friend's handy work, she surprised me with this beautiful afghan.
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    I only exchanged a few emails with Bog, long ago, well before his beans were in a shop. Such a very nice guy. Very sad day for his fam.
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    The Datura Metel today: I gave it another pot with some fresh soil, have been fighting off the aphids, and placed it indoors about five weeks ago. The flower burst out of it's tube yesterday. I think I'll try to pollinate it tonight.
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    Cherry AK almost done. 9 weeks
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    One that comes to mind is when I had a dispensary person tell me that there was no difference between sativa and indica. It has to do with shelf life and the older the date more indica affect. So they recommended middle aged weed.
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    A few shots of Koma Blueberry Sativa x Hazeman Chocolate Thai. They are at 70 days. I pollinated buds on each plant (3) with (AK47 x G13) x (Drizella x mrs Universe), courtesy of RAS-T. Unfortunately, RAS-T, I got zero females with those beans. 5 USC Amnesia, 23 days above ground, moved to flower yesterday. They are in 15 gallon bags that finished Selene a few weeks back. I'll be topping and training, males will be culled.
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    I know what you are going through because it happened to me. I won't go into fine details but it cost me a lot of money and 4 years of my life. As Clint Eastwood rightly said, "Don't give the pricks the satisfaction". What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. If I can be of any help to you please do not hesitate to ask. Stay strong.
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    Silverfields- different pheno, this one smells sharper, fruitier.
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    Some Raspberry Truffles... the first two are more strawberry (which San had pre-sorted within the batch = Strawberry / Raspberry) and the third is the more Raspberry. It's interesting to note that the more Strawberry plants have 9-finger leaflets, and the Raspberry has 7. #1 Numero dos and the third These are all at Week 4 Happy growing
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    Sorry @Sacred Plant Warrior I had to show the keeper cut one more time before I cut it, she’s finished and pretty. Blueberries and Chocolate from Useful Seeds.
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