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    Uzbekistan X Killing Fields at 11 weeks
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    Day 44 oh the jungle on the right @santero ‘s shiva dawg on the left side is @sannie ‘s sugar punch
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    Sugar Punch @ 61 days flower
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    thanks for that, beach S.Punch x Black Lime R
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    Just because it’s day 50 and they seem to be stacking in front of my eyes i defoliated a little and I was sticking to everything great finger hash and it’s still got time to go they are drinking at a rate of one line every 48 hours a bit more then a gallon I believe ! i feel like I should just use clean water next time I refill the Rez start the flushing process and the Octopot things is new to me so hope that’s not to soon? Just a note the lemon gas x chem 91 in the micro grow is going to be a winner even under the worst conditions the buds are rock hard and a decent size so I can’t wait to see them in the Octopot
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    Picture Blast day 46 of 12s. Mini cup challenge...still mini All the rest are labeled
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    Sugar Punch 63 days - manicured.
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    i'm busy reproducing a few of esko's classic lines and also realizing a few of his ideas, he never followed up on, while making sure that some of the rarer stuff does not dissappear ... all in addition to my own projects and repros (for me and others). BBS: koma has its own interpretation of BBS, same name as esko's version, tho ... it's true DJ BB, so it IS a reliable enough variant for sure. i have no plans for any of the named stuff for the near future myself, sorry. but i am working on a way to maybe get someone else's variation of esko's BBS released soon *crossing fingers* (u know hoo u are, bro). mexicans: the "eskobar label survivors" (no, "esko" was never only a "one-man band" ) never felt like following up on his mexican projects ... i and someone else have spend quite a while with a few of the clones esko kept from his mexican adventures, but none of these testlines amounted to anything of significance (so far). his own tests were a bit disapointing but we noy giving up, altho the micho, jalisco and oax (al least 'his' one) are a thing of the past for me, there's other stuff around i care more for, imvho ... maybe in the future a combo with the winner guerrerros turns out worthwhile but so far, no dice and i am not realeasing anything that just sounds nice, no thanks ... it must be good or it spends time in the corner, period. guerrero-keepers might make an apearance in combination with amnesia haze (as "aztec haze") or with elite's lemon larry ("sicario"), but i have to be honest and admit that the "hazel" (amnesia x sour diesel ibl 2010) is WAY better for my taste in tests so far and the real amnesia x old blowfish ("dory") is really KILLER but she had intersexed traits, so this project is on halt for now and therefore turned into my personal stash (*yay*) here are a few of the DORY-impressions. she might never come out in a big way. but i will have a blast exploring them further later on, maybe i will remake it later. "true" haze (haze-hybrids are NOT true haze, but ah well, lol). done in 56 to 63 days. narcotic AND cerebral ... mixed phenos make me want to write a symphony while fighting the urge to nap, LOL amnesia phenos are hazey-fruity headbombs wiht heavy feetz and the blowfish phenos just send me to sleep, lol.
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    Happy hump day OG, gonna squeeze in an update before heading out to tackle chores. The eldest Sugar Punch is getting close, I'll probably chop her Friday at the 9 week mark. The other one is a week behind so I'll get to her the end of next week. I took a sample bud from the elder SP and I can see why it receives much praise. The name pretty much nails it, like a punch to the head, it gets your attention. It has a very nice body influence and definitely slows me down a notch or two. Good for chilling, listening to music and other pastimes that don't require much concentration. The 2 Blue Magoo girls have stretched out some after 15 days in 12's. BM#2 is a wide body while #1 is more compact. My little mutant BM turned out to be female and she is 22 days in. I will flower her in the 2 gal. pot and see what I get. In the veg area the 3 Phuuu's IPA fem sprouts are recently up-potted to #1's and looking good. The flower room Here's a look at the BM mutant. And, here are the other 2 BM's w/ #1 in front BM #1 BM #2 Now to the Sugar Punch, here's #2 @ 55 days And, #1 @ 61 days. I could not stop taking pictures of her. All this talk of Green Ale lately has me thinking they should be next up in my room. I have a few dregs of it left in the bottom of stash jar that I broke out and sampled yesterday, reminded me of how much I like it. I may need to make more seeds of it anyway, they have been popular. OK, enough puttin' off the chores, much to do and the Sun is shining so see ya next time.
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    Not bud but plant lol Deathstar, thing is so heavy! Think gonna get at least 12 off her. One worth growing.
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    Hey everyone, I know I haven't been on in a few weeks... I've been working way too much and, more recently, went through a couple big quakes, a 6.7 and a 7.1. Some of you on here already know I live in Ridgecrest California and we got seriously rocked on Thursday the 4th of July, then again on Friday night and have had countless aftershocks since then. Most aftershocks have been small, but there's been a few that rolled us pretty good. They come along every couple of minutes or so. There are still a lot of freaked out people around the valley and close to a quarter of the population here bailed as quickly as they could. Earthquakes aren't like storms or something you can get away from... these quakes were felt in four states at the same time! There were no fatalities, there were a half dozen house fires due to ruptured gas pipes, there was major flooding due to ruptured water pipes, there is a lot of property damage that needs to be repaired. I commend the first responders, our emergency crews and my community in coming together to do what was needed in keeping communication lines open and helping those in immediate need. This is the easiest way for me to let people know that we are ok and everything will be ok, but it's gonna take a little time for most. Just a quick heads up to let you guys know I'm fine. I was burning after work on my front porch when Fridays 7.1 hit... scared? No, more like excited... I've been through every earthquake that has rocked this region my entire life, since July 1968 and this was stronger than the quakes we experienced in the early 90's. I believe that my "oh shit" button is broken... but my wife's works well enough for both of us! I'll be around more often, I'm taking this weekend off to celebrate my 51st birthday with family & friends. At least 7 aftershocks were felt in the writing of this post. Take it easy and have a good day! DesertGrown
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    Ok a few notes Texas tomato food & urban farms veg food is the shiz ( thank you @gardenartus and @JetDro) I nolonger use anything but liquid kelp ( the seedlings and the cuts love it ) never seen a deficiencies yet this grow all plants look healthy and stacking up nicely @gardenartus if anyone of them turns out like your Death Star I’ll be ecstatic the sugar punch is very sticky and has that great sugar punch smell ! Woot woot now shive dawg on the right side of the screen is just exploding and getting bigger each day , and did I say it’s a frost monster big time the plants are drinking on a quicker rate then last week . The two older plants ( back of the tent ) are all ready due to fill the Rez but I’ll let the two in front catch up ( tomorrow night at the rate they’re drinking now ) they are actually bigger then yesterday the ladies are 44 days from flip and they started developing buds after 10 days so really 34 days I am impressed with these Octopots thanks @gardenartus for talking me into the change over to this awesome system @JetDroas well for some great advice Peace Paps
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    Thanks @gardenartus I did the first run of bubble hash (leaf only), plants 1&2 ,it's as blonde as can be.
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    a few of the best pictures Dynasty Genetics Cherry Vanilla Cookies
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    I little update, just bud pics. Pistils are still changing, and no sign of seeds..... 2 obvious phenos... wonder which one is going to be best Some NAW gear I want to run this in the octo....I'm not doing it justice in the region pot Finally budding up...sure hope it gets those pink pistils like advertised. That's all for now. HAPPY 4TH of July to everyone celebrating. Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Was not sure the day would ever come, but Amnesia Haze, R.P.P. X Chem, Napali Pink, and Silver Fields have all joined the general population, they are out of forced quarantine. Pretty damn sure no bug's remain, the A.H. and R.P.P. were both treated 9 times, the NP and SF 4 times. Nice to have them all together.....................off to the left side of the picture is the awaiting future home's of Amnesia Haze, and RPPxChem. They are not ready for them yet, in fact they have just turned the corner, and not back to 100% yet, but CLEAN and ready for some real light over their heads. The HO T5's ought to pull them through their last bit o "funk" and get them ready for the Octopot's. Thought on it long n hard, what to do and how to run the A.H and the RPP. The answer was the OCtopot's. Just no better choice for me since I have fallen for both of these strains, and MUST have them ASAP, lol. Cannot afford to lose either one, only have ONE of each, and still not sure who is who just yet. So throwing them straight into the Octo's now, would be really rolling the dice. I will let them get back to 100 health, do some growing, and get big enough to pull cuts off of. THEN they, or a cut, can go into the Octopot's. Thinking 3 weeks out from that, 5 weeks IF I go with fresh cut's in the Octo's. The Papa's Punch are looking GREAT a week into their flip, and NUMBER 3 looks to be way different from the rest. The others are much more Sativa leaning, in appearance I mean, # 3 has FAT FAT leaf's, and a different "pattern" to her growth. Another one is down the middle, keeping my eye's on those 2 plants. Up potted #'s 1-5 Of Papa's Punch, one set of them, have 3 sets. They went outside, chilling in the shade adjusting to the real deal BIG light upstairs. They are hanging out with 4 others that went out 2 days before. In a few days they can all join the BEAUTIFUL Papa Punch Male along my fence: And his "harem" of 6 old "Mom's" from my small screen..................Goji's and Chucky's and Cloud Watchers. All that is pretty set now, outside is done. With our weather here, will be a miracle if any of them make it to full flower finish. We get 5 inch an hour rain storms, 110 degree heat one day, followed by near freezing the next night, and everything in between. My fine ass GreenHouse from 3 years ago...............IS DONE!!! Roof split and has 4 foot open slot the entire length. All the mesh screens are toast, the big zippered doors split in half during a storm last year. The 6 ladies I put in there 2 months ago to flower out, all got Bud Rot, and were thrown out. It is like 140 degree's in there, no wind coming into it, and feels miserable standing in it. They will do better against my fence. They are on their own, will be "extra" Bud if some make it, last year a bunch did, and added in a pound or 2 to my harvest which was nice. Now I am going to concentrate on Amnesia Haze, and getting her RIGHT!!!!
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    Deathstar did well, 10 1/2 in jars, 5 for medibles One worth growing, dank and sticky, sticky, always pulls well.
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    Better look at the screen with the HPS off. Looks much nicer now that I can actually see it. 35 days to go, oh yeah, I will have Bud for a minute.
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    Hi San this is your shiva dawg at day 48 from the start of bud development she’s is really starting to bulk up know I figure I’ll start flushing next watering and start checking tricones in 10 days thanks paps
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    Skipped an extra week, and we're at day 42. Two more weeks to go. Im a little disappointed by the development of last week. However I had that feeling the entire flowering cycle last round with this strain, and then the weight turned out a lot better then expected. So all should be good. As long as my old friend Botrytis doesnt decide to show up, that is. Branches are starting to hang more and more. It doenst negatively affect the positioning of the buds though, so as long as they dont snap, thats fine. That last round I already had a few snapped ones at this stage, eventhough there was a lot less bud weight. However they had stretched a lot more back then. Thats it for now. Till next week
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    Forgot to put stardawg finish on lol 565g off a single stardawg on soil coco mix
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    Strips installed plants looking lush. So back left is a jillybean the other 3 are Jackberry fems from seed
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    Gg4. They got about 4 weeks to go.
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    Just because it’s Saturday day 37 Look at those stems
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    Gg4 I’m about to chop.
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    Just letting you know I have your Killer Cookies and Lemon Bubbas gracing my garden this year. Killer Cookies is staying short and branchy, a lot of clones have been cut. The Lemon Bubbas are also short and feature huge leaves with fat fingers. I've pulled a couple of males from the Bubbas already and found them homes. It wasn't difficult, they reek of Lemon Pledge. I am dying to see how these turn out.
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    R.P.P. x Chemdawg is a crossing done by Collie Weed. The R.P.P. was created from ms Universe x New York Diesel done by forum member Crimsonfart a few years back. Crimson arranged a contest that i'won and the prize was 23 of those seeds. I grew them and the results were to our likings. Luckily almost of those seeds turned out to be female. NYC Diesell x Ms Universe = R.P.P. And because of the buds reeking like berry and the grow came along online, i suggested to call the strain Raspberry Pi Processor (RPP). Breeder Crimson liked that name so we went with it. Even though the buds were big, they were a little airy, so Collie Weed decided to cross her with Chemdawg, known for it's amazing density. That is how R.P.P. x Chemdawg came together and the buds are now indeed dense. I hope this helps! R.P.P. x Chemdawg.
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    Wishing everybody the best. Nothing but love and respect from here. One thing I know is that both parties have been responsible for strains that rocked my world and even before I could pay for them. The first jar to go from last year's grow was San's ShivaDawg. It really tickled me at the old school smoke with the chem mixed in. I smoked it up! Right now, I'm smoking a strain with one of the very best flavors I've tasted in my whole life of smoking. NAW's Cartel Haze. I mean world class good. I'm really not shitting you. Sour lemon diesel with greasy coated lips on the exhale. On the third toke the greasy lips and sour lemon give way to a chocolate tastes that gets stronger with the next two hits... I may have to try and vacuum pack a bud to prove it, but I have so little. It was the only plant in a one gallon pot, and the smallest of them all. Pretty good yield but, not nearly enough now! It really is one of the most unique flavors and the tastes on the lips that I've ever experienced. I'm blown away. I love it that much. Rhino says he never saw this pheno, but now I have to look for it in what I have left. Hey, @Baqualin lives a couple hours away now.... I might be able to get him to verify it before it's gone. Love all of you guys!! You're bringing peace, love, and healing to lots of people. Prayers and best vibes sent for all of the other stuff in between. peace Edit: oh, and the Cartel Haze has a really nice uplifting and motivating high with some stone to it, too.. I wish I had a pound of it. x 2
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    jup ... ok, guys ... poldergrower, the rude. I. of his name. so be it, i can live with that. may this behaviour help you with this venture too again my apologies for offering anything your way. (may it be genetics, knowledge, whatever) ... i really didn't know you are not able to handle this kind of things. i absolutely respect your condition (not your fault at all) and apologize for any stress i may have done to you. my next smoke is in your honor. of course, i see it like you do that "we are one" and nothing changes that. but man ... pls learn some social skills, eh.
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    Just did a peek of the grow room. Found a baby black widow. It's dead now...was going to let it live and eat any other bugs, but dont want webs on my plants. Scared me for a second when I spotted the web on the SF. Tough to get a pic of the little bastard, but its definitely not mites...woot woot
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    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Headed to Red Rocks to cover Blues Traveler and Leftover Salmon. hope to catch shots of the Denver fireworks from the top of Red Rocks! I'll be toking some Straw Nana Berry tonight!
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    Down to 16 with the blockhead still holding out on me. Just don’t feel comfortable yet chunking due to the strong grapefruit smell present. Plants are rebounding, soil is much better and no ph probs. Best of all no gnats! These will all get cloned I believe and then best eight will go to flower. Still waiting on air pots to arrive and electrical work on light and control board. I’m impressed with these little hlg lights! I think the pucks and exotic boards are going to take them to a next level. Have a good evening—G
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    Im a little late with my day 28 update, but the pics are from 3 days ago which was day 28. Halfway point of the 12/12 cycle. All is going well. Only thing is that the leaves directly underneath the leds are noticeably lighter then the rest. The light intensity is the highest there, and there's the least amount of heat radiation there. Temps have been very high here recently, but the humidity as well. So I just think they lag a bit of evaporation at those sites. But I'd be happy to hear if any of you has another point of view. Especially the leaves from the plant in the left front are affected (which is lighter in general). Btw, this was the problem plant, which now has the biggest buds. That probably has to do with the fact it stretched the most, so its not necessarily going to bring more weight then the rest. Still I'm happy to see its producing fine. The yellowing you see in the left front on the picture below is exaggerated by the reflection of light of the flash, but that is the yellowest bud of the bunch. Also the one closest to the light.
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    Too hot to garden outside, so playing with my camera inside. Sugar Punch is in the Octo, starting week 6 today, I think she's going to be a fast finisher. Almost no smell, except some old school skunk, touch of sweet, not much, much less than Silverfields, but hey, it's only one seed! Hope it's a good one, as my 2 SP clones are going crazy in DWC, just stripped them yesterday, will flower them next week. Now, my Kali is going crazy, growing about two inches a day, I've never done her in pure hydro before, so she may get away from me. BTW, these were all taken with lights out, hence the droopy leaves, she looks awesome once lit up. Now, the Bohdi Goji OG is five for five, THAT hasn't happened in awhile! The tiny one may need some seed surgery, as she's 4 days behind the others, but still emerging. I normally don't have this much going on, but, got bored, and hey, I don't want to run out of weed, lol. Peace, all. Too hot to
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    Willie Nelson is hanging upside down in the tent now. I cut her just before I ran off to the other side of the world, set a timer on the tent exhaust fan, so she wouldn't dry to a crisp before I got home to jar her. Now that I'm back, she isn't ready for the jars yet. But here she is in her pre-execution pics. I cut her at about 19 weeks, give or take a day. This wasn't based on trichs, it was based on the principle of, "It's been fucking 19 weeks already! You're coming down!" I took a sample at 16 weeks and tried her a few weeks ago. I forgot what ALL IN THE HEAD actually meant. My first reaction was, "I guess 16 weeks just ain't enough." Then I went for a walk with a friend and his dog. about 5 minutes into the walk I started getting bubbly — yakking away, happy as can be. Within 10 minutes I was saying it was great, but very different. Ultra-happy mood elevation, but it's so different from hybrids of any kind — even sativa dominant hybrids. Zero body buzz is a shock. When I got home last night at 3 AM, I smoked a few bowls of whatever-the-fuck-my-wife-had-ground-up-in-the-tray. Might have been Holy Princess, might not have been. It fucked me up good, so my born again virgin head, after being in a non-canna country, is no longer there. I'll give her another try soon, before cure, then do a full report after the cure. Her colas are beefy, unlike many pure sativa landrace types.
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    well after months i finally got her....it wasnt easy or cheap,but shes mine now!lost the first package to customs,so seller waited 2 weeks cause he had to cut another ...and she arrived today healthy and happy along with a cut of tropicanna cookies
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    Now I'm cooking, got my other light up. 1200 watts of LEDs.
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    a few have a safe work week.
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    Finally hit the 3 week mark. Not a lot of pics today, just a few bud shots from the ones that are starting bud up nicely.
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    The Goji x Hgk that was on the Mom screen is getting near testable. This is Pheno #1 who is also 1/2 of my big screen:
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    Big Time Score! I just got Snowed on!
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    Good morning! hey what do you know sannie has fem silverfields out now very interesting. Just bought 20 reg. Better that way now that im dipping in the pollen chucking world anyway end of week 4 for the 3 bubba lemon and the blueshaze smells are getting yummmmmmy! Trichome production is kicking in
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    At least one of my Amnesia Haze clones is going to make it! It's gonna take a while to supply myself with enough Amnesia Haze cuttings to fill my grow-room . But she'll be the mother. So, that gives me plenty of time for another project i mentioned earlier. I cleaned out the fridge and planted half the stash that was giving to me by breeders like Collie, Jet, Sunny and some seeds i don;t recollect where i got them from. All seeds are regulars, so i'll have to take out the men later. Since i cannot tell gender during preflower i'll have to make the selection during flower. I'll post the strain names later. And last but not least: the five R.P.P. x Chemdawg cuttings are doing fine. Even the smallest of the five finally took off! Thus far i haven't detected any bugs, i'd be really happy if i finally got rid of them! And that's all the news!
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    we are operational and i have plenty of goo so better knock off practice for awhile.
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    Flipped big screen to 825 watts, Papa's Punch screen to 725 watts............promptly flipped a breaker Go up to fix the issue, my big screen looks MUCH nicer with the damn HPS off...............lol..............guess it is on track after all
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    Guess my big screen is ok after all, just that I see them every day and do not notice the growth Papa's Punch # 3. Throwing twisted leaf's. Twist in the middle, curled in on the tips. SAME conditions and feed as all the others who are not showing this. Must be in the genetics???? I believe GG4 is know for twisted leasf's too?????
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    My stuff was a hit, I am In Business! They just placed a nice order. Kind of shocked I don't use any store bought, they thought my crackers were store bought and I just medicated them lol they were pleasantly surprised it all comes from scratch.
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