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    Epicgenetics Ultrashack, full in smell with sweet tropical fruits and a real heavy hitting yielder: peace
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    SanFune Selene F2 SiFi x Selene Honey Badger Haze Amnesia Amnesia Double Jam
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    Sunshine Dream, 2 hits in and look at that resin build up, smooth smoke this time around and Potent S
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    @Sunnyvale Thanks my friend!!! And I have to say that SANFune look 100% perfect:)Indicalicious @Indicalicious your girl looks like my old Chronic clone from Serious Seeds @Trichohisme LTD beautifullll:) gsc forum cut (in the middle smaller one)
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    Sans shiva Dawg last day of life
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    Ellen getting use for a stop motion still rendering the background of Adam street scene. Have some freddy`s to LOL cant wait for Neo and make a shooting nug stop motion matrix style
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    (split from my SANgear-thread) my dear OPENGROWERS i have a line that i would like to drop as a gift here for xmas. (just like NAW seed did ... *inspiring as always* !!) it's time for SANta to make an appearance again, lol. hit me up if you feel like growing some: (gsc forum x killer queen) ... just come and grab. the only exception = people that hate on me & new admited people after this announcement. you need to be a known and stressfree member here, please. 5 seed pack, one pack per person merry xmas everybody needless to say: you need to write to me to make this happen.
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    @Indicalicious woow at week 3? she looks like a keeper!! Wappa Roman Cut.. she is a fast flowering hard hitting indica with frutty flawor and perfect bag appeal.. (but week branches and low resistance against insects) on this pic she got some zoo: (spidermite and thrips:)
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    Hello fellows, thats my last (handtrimmed) christmas trees this year. Ive spend some buds to a friend wich say to me that it was years ago to have a high like from the ultrashack: heavy hitter and keeps a smile on your face like the first joint he smoked, that was the best gift for me this year as confirmation and makes me proud for all the work on that strain. My wife told me it smells like a sweet tropical fruit salad but at the end you will smell some of a deep floral and musky undertone. The next run I will use: BerryDawg, Ultrashack, and BlueBerry, but this time not just for the buds, I just want select from each strain 1-2 males for backcrosses. Blueberry F2 should be the only one this time for a F3. And I have here a AfghanChitral F2 male that smells like hell thats why I keept him, his pollen should be nice to play with. Cobra F1 and AfghanChitral F2 are doing well, pictures will follow later best vibes
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    Ive read a lot about Serious Seeds but never tried them. This lady is the pheno with most sativa impact and the longest floweringtime with around 11 weeks. Its not hard to find a lady like her again from some ultrashack beans The mom for the next generation was a fast and beautiful resinmonster even at week 3 12/12, similiar to this f1 mom before first bxed: happy new year!
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    Miscommunication i think... Stopping is impossible with these kind of genetics. We had to take a break and needed to de-bug due to insect fookers... but we made loads of new strains for everyone.. Greetz RhinoCBD
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    Beautiful pics from all of u guys.. IM GREEDY haha my biggest challenge to test some new strains... because usually AHCC and S5 are overgrowing everything. (except Rhino s G39 hahhah) my rooms climate and foods are perfected to AHCC (S5 like the same environment) and GirlScoutCookies able to perform very well also...but Im just learning her... I heard she is not a producer.. but I can make her a 1 bud plant also...maybe if I will be more time I will make a full room with her also and we will see her real potential.. For the new ones here ..some details. room: 27 m2 light:400w/m2 (gavita reflectors, Philips SonT pia + 600W streetlight) watering ebb and flow every 3 days, Ph 5.4, tap-water + 0,5 EC Nutrition: Yara medium : hommade mapito supporting net is at 70 cm DAY52 this garden turn to building up some weight... success if we get near 800g/m2 (means 2g/w) to get these numbers is a must that the plant makes buds from bottom to top and has got as less leaf as possible. Amnesia (and S5) ideal finishing height is 120-150 cm.. so as u can see she kills everything around her...hard to keep alive GSC and I just planted 1 wappa roman cut for the taste:) Happy growing for all of you!! hidronesia By the door I have a little space to grow GSC and Wappa... Wappa is ready in 8 weeks but I let her grow till 10 weeks and GSC maybe u can see on the pics also she has brutal crystal production...I think she is also faster than Amnesia or S5
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    Some great stuff coming from the UK brother frosty and SD making always fire BB Dawg Candy Genetics: Lemon Alien Dawg x Alien Rock Candy x Blueberry. Breeder: THC Development. By Frosty707uk
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    Freaky Jason can`t take it .... he run in thye wood...
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    Shiva Dawg party up in here!!! Wooooo!!!! lights out shot reaper comes tomorrow
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    Said to be a Kalamata red variety, seed came from northern Greece. Only had two seed (both female)a friend of mine sent from Greece love the structure for sure.
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    Wishing all my OpenGrow family a Happy Christmas Elev8 seeds Sherbet Cookies
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    Ok.. Chopped this girl yesterday. Pics are from 4 or 5 days ago... Gooey Grape. Shes a very nice n potent n as u see, yielding mofo.
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    Here is the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze. Super frosty. It's a little too dry, but not bad. A light shake of the jar produces a beautiful dust covered bottom. I will have to make a run just for hash and see what it yeilds. I haven't weighed it yet, but I think it's just over 2 zips. i rolled up a joint last night, dry with no cure and it is definitely smother than the seeded plant was. It was left to finish drying in a paper bag in the grow room for the last 5 days. She smells nice, with a hint of fruit and cheese and tastes a little sweet, very slight fruity taste on the exhale. Strong and potent high that hits both body and mind. A definite middle ground between a solid sativa high and an indica couch lock. Very nice relaxed stress free feeling but not a happy high. Maybe I just need to smoke more, lol. I do like that when the high wears off, it brings you back to normal. No lazy feeling, or residual haze. Going to have to smoke, "test" a lot more to give a final review.
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    sannie will be happy to see them continue, i guess ... b-cuz NAW is a very successful crew to have on board, imho. maybe just a blip in communication. (we can ask / assume to the max, but that's just ignorant babble.) sannie told me the same behind the scenes just a few days ago, but NAW posted new lines as giveaway just very little time after this. either way: NAW are exceptional seedmakers. i hope they do continue @ sannie's !!
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    LOOOL ... over 10 years of collabo & his name is still spelled wrong, haha yo guuuys, sannie will have a TON of interesting stuff in his new shop very soon so, we all can calmly concentrate on the future of cannabis ... sannie has invited a plethora of really, really good seedmakers ... we all are going to forget to weep about yesterdays heroes and welcome some "new" ones in an instant. (f.e. dynasty seeds will be again a part of the offerings = insanely good genetics *woot*) ______________________________________________ also: his work DOES live on in many homes and in lots of capable hands that carefully preserve his lines (and their following generations). AND also ... like i said maaany times now: nothing is lost !!! esko has shared out the parents that can make the very same f1's. ( so, it is just a matter of time and just a question of where these will re-appear again. )
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    Lots of work in progress at the moment. I am working on a new Sanniesshop and Bio-sannie, new software and new looks ready for the feature. Also Mephisto genetics and Koma kreations will be present in the new shop. Escobar and NAW seeds will not be for sale anymore from the moment the new shop will be online, both stopped breeding. The Madkush X Hashplant/DSD X Killingfields is ready for harvest The Hashplant/DSD X Killingfields seeds are harvested last week and hope to have them ready in 3-4 weeks The Killingfields regular and Madscientist are failed and have to start over again. Sannie's Jack feminized is looking fine but needs another 3-4 weeks to ripe. greets sannie
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    A close view of that Scullcap UKpowerd Karma rules always love the ones. Inside my Brain
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    Good looking out SANta. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of growing SAN gear, you are in for a treat. here is a pic of a few gifts from SANta last year. Thanks again Santero.
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    Here is another Shiva Dawg. Not very big, she has been stressed and abused, but still looks like she is going to be a great smoke. I am still considered a noob at growing, but with killer genetics, anyone can grow.