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    Sugar Punch on rock-wool in week six of 12/12 going into week seven.
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    Sugar Punch and Skunk Afghaan x Shack at day 53 flower.
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    Finally the real deal Blue Dream, not a large plant but smell is really nice, dank berry ha ha
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    I took a few pics of some of the other strains, then ran out of time so they're not all accounted for. The first two are of a Nepalma that took an injury to its main stem early in life, so it has 4 main tops now. The third pic is another Nepalma, who wasn't abused as a child. She shared a pot with another, which turned out to be male, so she seems pretty happy. The fourth pic is a Holy Princess. The fifth pic is a Nepalma and a Cheese Berry, sharing the same pot. The Nepalma is taller. Finally, a couple of Sweet Spots, sharing a pot and smelling very sweet, so far. I spared some lower branches, because I may have to re-take a few clones when I get back. Until then… see ya.
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    I found some 12 year old Sanniesjack buds that I kept cool and dark loaded with seeds. Good to see the change in color after twelve years of curing Pictures are made from around the 125 stacked photographs to create a bigger depth of field greetz sannie
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    Here are a Chocolate Rain and a Spider Bite at day 60 of 12/12.
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    The first of the new breeders choice feminized strains is now in the shop : Motherlode kush (madkush X Motherlode) Good strain for starting growers and growers that are looking for a medium size plant with high potency and medical qualities, indica dominant hybrid with around the 9 weeks of flowering. Enjoy greetz sannie
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    The faster one of @santeros Stardawg (Illuminati) x Sour Diesel
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    DJ Short Newberry seeded with Newberry male Greetz
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    More of the Killer Cherry Truffle
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    Thank you guys for your support! Big update today, things are coming easier now, it has been a lot of work, small tent but hard work! I end up with 6 females on a 11 beans pack , it is perfect for me, it is what i expected. I hope hermaphrodism devil will stay away from my girls! fingers crossed! Here is the tent today, 11 plants, 6 Newberries, some have one week of 12/12, some have 1 day of 12/12, and one, the #2, the only female of the firts 5 seeds batch has 4 weeks of 12/12. She is seeded with male #1 (big sativa) and male #5 (early indica). The other plants are 1 Hawaian spice Chimera cutting, 2 critical Mass 2003 (one big and one small), 2 Z7 CBD "JGL" cuttings, i will pollinate the criticals and the Z7 with newberry pollen. The #2 newberry female, seeded I took one cutting of this one, it is a small mother plant now. This phenotype is very fruity, lemony, and highly sensitive to nutes, she needs absolutely nothing but love, light and water! Here is the Z7 CBD "JGL" cut, 2/1 CBD /THC, great female for Newberry male. It si Shanitbaba's afghan skunk CBD selection. Critical Mass 2003 cut from Belgium, very healthy and stable plant, fast, resists to mold, yields a lot, a true hash plant, a dream for pollinator afficionados. Will be pollinated with newberry males. Hawaian spice Chimera cutting frome female seed Kauai electric x steeve's sweet skunk , 12 weeks pheno under leds. Newberry male #8, a beast the newberry females: the #7, aka pink lady, gorgeous indica lady, sexed today! newberry #11 very nice indica too, bigger and more vigourous than the #7 Newberry #9, the biggest female, with variegations but not very variegated, 8/11 plants are showing variegations Newberry #10, very variegated leaves Newberrry #6, sativaish, huge leaves, i had to LST her to get side branches Greetz! PS: i have a very nice E$kobar cheeseberry, but unfortunately it is a male.
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    Green Manalishi Ctp F2 #3 dried budshots. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    @santero s Stardawg (Illuminati) x Sour Diesel , the slow one
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    Look San, your babies!
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    Hello OpG, Here is a little update; my favorite blueberry sativa is a confirmed male, so there gonna be crosses with it *yeey*. JC Haze is Sannies Jack x SiFi from Justcozz. Thanks bro! The SSH x BS is a gift from Luma, but Barrie84 Made it. I am very happy i maked a extra clone, because she look and smell potent! Sadly the mango haze is a couple weeks behind, and is whining.. she is a very difficult one. But she smells after ripe mango So I gotta love her another photo of the Double Jam. Do you see Guys she is building up? well, i am gotta smoke Killing Fields and calling it for today. Thanks for watching, Next time i Will show the Amnesia’s and zücker slaps SV
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    Honey Hoo Hoo is simply amazing.... AAA yield also with these girls... Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    It was sort of a mad rush yesterday, getting ready to leave town for a week on biz. I did get a couple of pics of the Willie Nelson girl. She's about 75 cm tall (2.5 feet) from soil surface to top. As you can see, nothing much in bud development. The pistils are pretty obvious. There's only about one more week of stretch, except for this girl, of course. I hope she doesn't get too close to the sun.
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    Some NL #5 and a lilMota Rebel Snake Eyes.....
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    today the last 3 Gm cat piss F2 are ready....awsome profiles cant wait to smoke test these feno's. and a very beautifull specimen of gm ct #1 that goes purple.... Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD