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    Do Si Dos Zkittlez I could not get a pic of her leaves, so I just took a pic of them, I love the colors.
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    Megafauna #3 @ 75 days and harvest
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    Chuckys bride F2. I can't trim for shit
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    The ninth day of flowering. Today i watered the plants and divided about twenty five liters over all twelve of them , pH minus powder pH 4.8 (a bit too low but it runs op anyway) GHE Biosevia Ec 1.3 and a cap of Biobizz fishmix. And after a refreshing drink: The plants are finally starting to look like i want them to! In retrospective i would not have hung the led so close to the seedlings from the get go. With hps it works fine to go full power soon as they show their faces, but when dealing with led it is a bit too harsh. But no biggie. The plants grew over their troubled youth and came out stronger!
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    Do Si Dos Skittlzes is sparkly! She is a keeper, smooth as smooth, and quite potent.
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    Hello OG!! The world is lightening up a little and not so paranoid... Starting a new journal for 2020. I started with Sannie and Dynasty in 2013 and joined OG in 2014. I got some Casey Jones X Green Manalishi freebies in 2014. I crossed the CJGM with Huckleberry Kush from professor P. still growing out the seeds today and all are amazing. Strong berry, pepper, skunk, fruits and gas. haven’t posted or commented a lot—but I’ve really appreciated everyone’s grows and journals. organic no-till —same soil for 5+ years top dressing and adding as needed. Lots of worm compost and crab shells. Water and sometimes malted barley powder, kelp meal, alafafa, or coconut Pics are 6 weeks CJGM x HK crosses: CJGM x HK = DayDream = DD#5 Pic 1: DD#5 x Cookies&Cream (Exotix) Pic 2: Tahoe kush x banana OG Pic 3-4: DD#5 x CaliO Skunk
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    Hi Saxo, nice to have you in the front row! I am fine thank you and how are you? A day after being topped this is how the Stardawg seedlings look.
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    Thanks @MiNdLesS Pic 1: this grow was started from 12/12 at 3 weeks from seed all CJGMx HK crosses Pic 2-3: 2-3 weeks 12/12 4 weeks Clones: Lemon Chiesel GG s1 Snow Cone (Tahoe x banana OG) and new seeds: space monkey (3 sprouted) cherry vanilla cookies x platinum huckleberry kush (4 sprouted)
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    Phuuu's IPA @ 71 days and harvest
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    Here's what I'm working with. Growing this year was rather spontaneous, I've only had a few outdoor plants the last couple of years and this year was going to be no different. A friend then offered to lend me his 18m2 (3x6) polytunnel. We started very late, end may/start june. 79 seeds sprouted and 42 females remain. Kaos (Huckleberry Kush x Ace of Spades) male (chosen out of 25, started january in windowsill) right left almost ready to shed pollen, I'll cut it down tonight and keep a few branches. It has a deep Afghan/Hash smell, hope it's good has a great grow potential though. Lastly the greenhouse with ladies in various flowering stages. Plants are: Atomic Jam Big White x Heribei Fayaka (Nepal x NYCD06) PiPi (Power Plant x White Widow) Sannie's Jack F9 Shackzilla Sugar Punch My own crosses: Huckleberry Kush x Ace of Spades Huckleberry Kush x Extrema (Huckleberry Kush x Extrema) x Strappleberry Huckleberry Kush x Hericules Huckleberry Kush x Mad Shack Huckleberry Kush x Mandala #1 (Katzu Kush x Killing Fields) x (Killing Fileds F3 x Sativa Queen F3) Killing Fields F3 x Sativa Queen F3 Kinky Blaze x Kinky Blaze Strappleberry x Strappleberry Unknown x Des*Tar Bx1 That's it. I have great plans for next year, but that's another story for another time. No updates until close to harvest, september. Have a good one.
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    The 21st day of flowering. Here's how the plants look a day after defoliation. I only left the lower leaves and removed nearly every leave that had a stem. I see that i missed a couple, but i'll remove them later.
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    Back to the Future haze F2(purple male)....... F3 coming this Christmas be sure to sign up for the party..... o yes, very nice!!!!. also with the slight icing on the cake(pre flower is showing due to this (soon to be purple) haze getting root bound).... fly safe and stay high....
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    Chocolate Marshmallow
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    Aloha, a short update with some pics. The pictures are from 12 Juli, in order of appearance; Somari x Madchem - Critical + 2.0 - Ams. Since June 18 they go in the shed at 20:00 and out at 08:00, first day of flower July 1. And the Critical + 2.0 - Serious 6 in 65 liter. Removed a few balls last week from the first three, due to a light leak. That's solved, since then no male growth, but they are checked regularly. All the best, greetz red.
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    yeah, your trim job is so bad i'd be willing to burn all those unwanted ugly trimmed buds for u. seriously though that will tighten up just right no question. good job dude
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    It occurred to me that I have some cleaning up to do, and maybe even some thinking to do on this grow. I was revegging a couple of plants from my last grow when I started this one, so the tent was never property swept out. Now I've got clones in there, as well, and a bunch of immature plants at various stages of development. Aside from the larger Peyote Pancake clone in the upper right corner, the big ones are Lemon sunrise and Storm Shadow. Lemon sunrise is on the right. I pinched it back and now the first two branches are making up for it by stretching. This strain will need attention. The Storm Shadows will be big plants, but not necessarily tall. They are looking like robust, "well behaved" plants. The one in the first pic on the center-right is an example. This next one is a Pink Lemonade, which is a pretty vigorous grower. Last, we have a row of Killer Cookies. Definitely smaller plants than the rest, but healthy and easy to grow. So far, all are easy to grow. The challenge will be training the Lemon Sunrise, of course, and putting the shorter plants on pedestals. Another issue is that I like to see preflowers before doing a final transplant. Then give them a week to root in the final pot before flipping. If I do that, the Lemon Sunrise bitches could be real trouble. Rooting question — do plants produce significant root systems AFTER flowering begins? It may vary by strain. When I transplanted an Anesthesia (very indica dominant) plant at the same time I flipped to 12/12, a few years back, I found that almost no roots went into the new soil when I harvested and dumped out the pot. This does not seem to be the case with more sativa dominant strains, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed this? I'll probably have to flip these soon, for the lemon sunrise sake.
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    Greetings! I'm a disabled medical grower in western North America. Been studying cannabis for a few years since it was crucial in getting my PTSD to manageable levels, and I've absolutely fallen in love with this magical plant that's somehow an antidepressant, a sedative, an anxiolytic, and a stimulant. I've been working with USC's genetics for a while, so I wanted to start a thread to document their grows. I grew out Nepalma, Uzbekistan, and Triple Pakistan (and Turkish, but I got all males ) over the last year, and I've got Col'Jam, Uzbekistan F2, Nepalma F2, and a cross of the two that I've dubbed Uzbeknepanama. Instead of using just one mother for the stock, it was crossbred twice -[(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uzbekistan)], and now the keeper phenos will be hunted, crossbred, and then selected for the most anxiolytic properties. I meticulously keep and freeze the pollen from the strong, stinky males of all strains for future breeding. My standard procedure for regs is to start them off under 12/12, wait for them to sex, then repot, top, and put under 18 hours of light until they're the size I'm looking for. The topping seems to take care of any revegging delays, and I think that if any phenos were to display herm traits they'd do it at this time as well. I use a soilless mix of perlite, peat, EWC, organic 4-4-4 fertilizer, coco coir, PFR-97 (for bugs), rock dust, dolomite lime, and humic and fulvic acids. They get fed with Botanicare Pure Blend Pro all the way through, supplemented with fishbone meal, kelp extract, micronized sulfur, epsom salts Lights are all LED, mostly Kingbrite. 600 total watts in flower, 325ish for veg. Here's the Triple Pakistan in late flower, just cut a few weeks ago. The flower space. Here's where the males live. Right now there are 4 Uzbeknepanama, 1 Sannie's Jack, and 1 Uzi F2. Another Uzi F2 and a couple of USC's Black Afghani are in the second picture, waiting to root and put on some bulk before going in here. Definitely battling some thrips here and there, I'm in an old farmhouse and they're literally in the wind. The seedlings under 12/12. 5 Col'Jam and 5 Herijuana are in the back left container, the rest are either RSC's Ukhrul, (ECSD x Amnesia), (ECSD x Moonshine Haze), and USC's Black Afghani. And here's the current veg space, with females of USC's Black Afghani, Uzbeknepanama, and Sannie's Jack. Excited to be here and learn from y'all
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    Well, I've been working on some Lemon Thai F3 weed the last couple of days, except near bedtime. For me, it's a fairly unique plant, though I don't have a keeper this round. First, the great part — scent and taste. This stuff smells like you've shoved a straw up your nose and snorted dry lemonade mix. It is remarkable. For a while during the grow I was starting to sense other terps, besides limonene, but now I think that is pretty much it. And it is intense. On the way home from the field yesterday, I lite up a joint (rare for me, as I generally smoke bowls). This must be the best tasting weed I've ever smoked. So for scent and taste, 10 and 10. Bud structure is odd. If perfect, rock hard, indica-dom buds are 10, these would be down around 4, though they are much better than any other Thai dominant strain that I've seen. The buds are mostly tails — almost like claws, but the trimming is EASY. The non-10 buds are not really a big deal to me, but they could be important to some. If I like a strain, it looks the way it looks. For potency, I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. None of the three girls I had was very potent. It is true that I have been smoking A LOT lately, and if I were smoking less that could go up to a 7. The buzz is high-flying and a little energizing. Definitely daytime smoke. In spite of the potency score, I really like this stuff. I don't have a keeper, but I have more seeds. All three plants were super-lemony, like this one. I will grow it again, with something that might kick up the potency in a cross. At this point I'm thinking of pollinating @santero's Lemon Bubba with a male Lemon Thai. Which reminds me, I'll have to do a smoke report on that Lemon Bubba. I did find a keeper (my only girl) on that one. REGARDLESS: @smilestyle made and distributed these seeds a few years back (at least 5 years) so there might not be many around anymore. If you have them, and you're into lemony goodness, you have to crack them. When I cross it with Lemon Bubba, or whatever candidate, I'll test them and send them out, if worthy. But that will be next year. My current grow will go through most of October, and the next one will hog the rest of 2020. BTW, while we're on the subject of 2020, I'm giving the year a 1 out of 10. I do not recommend 2020.
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    I flipped them on Sunday or Monday (sorry, I can barely remember to eat lunch, lately), so it seems like time for a Meet The Girls post. A cotillion of cannabis debutantes, if you will. I didn't know what "debs" or debutantes were, until I lived in the south. I still kind of don't know what they are. It seems like there's some custom, among high society in the SE USA, to have a big party when a girl/woman is considered eligible for marriage, or something like that. Weird crap, they get their pics in the paper, blah, blah, blah. But anyway, on with the coming out party. First, @santero's Killer Cookies: Yes, it's my lovely basement with great lighting. The red level on the left is exactly 2 feet long, for scale. There seem to be 2 structural phenos — tall and spindly vs. somewhat shorter and heavy-stemmed. This might become meaningless as the grow continues. Here are the two on the right, to give a better idea. I didn't top any of the Killer Cookies, because they were cracked later than others, and I figured they'd have a better chance competing for light if they had one main stem. Obviously the spindly one branches much more readily: I'm guessing the one on the left is Killer Queen dominant and the one on the right GSC dominant? I've never grown either strain. So there seem to be two of each structural phenotype. Here are the other two: And now, Pink Lemonade. As I recall, I got these at Mosca's booth at some medical cannabis cup event here in MI, before I had a med card. Yeah, I got hold of a wrist band, greased up the hand and next thing ya know, I'm in there, stoned as all living fuck on free dabs, and I'm buying seeds — even though I had no place to grow them at the time, and wouldn't for another year and a half! Did I mention free dabs at literally every fucking booth in the place? Anyway, getting off topic. I'll tell you about the search for my car in the parking lot another time. OK, here we go. Look at these two. Using my intimate knowledge and experience with cannabis over many decades, I'm going to say we have a short pheno and a tall pheno here. The one on the right is the tall pheno. Any questions? Now for the Irie strains. This is Storm Front, the cross between White Widow and Rasta Jeff's magical, everything's gonna be all right Arise male. Very uniform structure to these two. The main difference you see is that I topped the one on the left. It reduced the height by about 5 cm, compared to the untopped one. I don't sense ~trouble~ from these two. I think they may fall into my category of well-behaved indoor plants. The next three are the Lemon Sunrise plants. Irie has a fem strain called Lemon Jeffrey. I listened to a podcast on the fem strain, and the advice given seems like it applies to this one. It's a bit stretchy. Each has been topped, and as soon as that happened, the first branches to come out had extra-long internodes, kind of negating the height-reduction effect of the topping. Looks like I'll be doing some LST and stalk squashing on these girls. Maybe early pruning, as well. As mentioned in the podcast on the fem mother, this strain seems to be a nutrient hog — especially with Mg. There is 1/4 cup of dolomitic limestone per gallon of soil, for a total of 1.25 cups of dolomite per pot, and they STILL got Mg deficiency symptoms on the lower leaves. Thats 0.3 liters of dolomite per 19 liters of soil, for those who don't use what we so fondly refer to as "the English system" of weights and measures. And finally, in an encore appearance, Peyote Pancake. Her clones branch out like crazy. Grown from seed, she wants to grow as a single cola, with smaller branches that parallel the main stalk. I guess this is another strain I'm due to write a smoke report for. Or did I do that already? Did I write that or just think it? I'l find out after I hit Submit Reply, I guess. Edit: After re-reading this, I think you deserve to know that today's writing style was brought to you by @ProfessorP's Pineapple Fields, pheno C! So go to Sannie's Shop and buy some seeds!
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    The 18th day of flowering. We're not even into the fourth week of 12/12 and i have to water daily! Don't know if it's the strain, the led or the warmth of summer but i never had to water daily before. Don't get me wrong, no complaints from my end! On the following picture you can already see them yellowing ou t a bit from thirst. Specially the one to the left in the middle. No problem, those leaves will be gone soon after defoliation anyway. And to keep them from yellowing out further i'll increase the Ec a little next watering. That's the convenience of growing mineral. In the back you can see them dying of thirst. These ladies are binge drinkers and they binge drank right after the pictures on my treat! But no alcohol, they ain't eighteen! Bye bye!
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    Hey guys! tomorrow I will be leaving for a week of vacation. this is how I leave them and I'm looking forward how tall they will get within this week. next update will be next Saturday then. cheers!
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    The fifth day of flowering. Even just a day after defoliating the plants are still leafy. The different phenotypes all have different drinking needs, so i am lifting up the pots and only water those that need it. I raised the light a little to cause some stretch.
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    Weekly update: Space monkey clones of LC, GG, SC s next seed round: chem club from Bodhi Chem D, Kailash, Chem 91jb Huckleberry kush V3 cookies & cream f3 MB 15 freebies PHK x SOAR (Columbia red x OMG) Chopped #5 x C&C day 50 1st Room 7 weeks 2nd room 6 weeks Snow Cone Short- lemon Chiesel in background GGS1 2 weeks flower hiding in the garden outside! Cream & Tina Enjoy Today!
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    Hi @yesum I'm finishing a little stock of colombian gold (available soon) before to make a more important for october After i think to do double jam and perhaps double zamal But i have work on others strains .... I must have a pack of col'jam, i will see to put it in the store Thx Best regards
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    I show you lol. The last pic is the son of my dog All black and tan shepp. I decided to increase security Im 54 and dont want troubles With my hernia im more inclined these days to shoot your ass as opposed to facial rearrangements lol Birthdays.... So i kept a boy and a girl. Jack is his name Sam gave him And all i can say is here comes trouble.
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    Trying a new thing (for me) this year, netting. Hopefully It will hold things up so I don't have to do so much string tying.
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    almost ready.... Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH
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    Hippy Crack Caramel Corn, this could get me in trouble now lol 100mg a cup.
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    I don't know. @smilestyle distributed them after he made them, and that was years ago. As mentioned, this will not be the end of the line for this strain. If I get something worth keeping, the seeds will be widely distributed.
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    August. How the heck did that happen? Summertime at the beach and the people are everywhere. Our population on this little peninsula rises by the thousands on a busy summer day so we spend much of our time these days hiding out at home. Good news is we have never gotten so much yard work done before as my aching muscles can attest. My flower room is filled with IPA's. The two elder girls are 61 days in and the 4 clones are 25 days in. I have been trying to turn one of the clones with silver thiosulfate and after 5 weeks of treatment it is now loaded with male flowers. Now I hope they continue to progress and make me lots of pollen. My only source around here for Sunshine Mix #4 or any other soilless medium has been out for weeks and says it will be weeks more before it is available again. I tried reusing some for my last batch of IPA clones and they are a good foot shorter than the previous ones. I may have to go back to dirt for awhile until the soilless supply chain gets back on track. Anyone else having this trouble in other parts of the country? Ok, on to the pics... And here is one of many buds that are showing male flowers now. That's all for now. I hope you all are staying safe and keeping em green.
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    Today I unwrapped grafted pepper scion #9, a Peruvian Purple into the crown of a Bell. The wound is almost seamless on the other side. Below is how the whole crown of the plant looks now, after sealing it and adding a little safety wire. The sealant is effective at catching bugs, and stops them from roaming around. Orange is the new purple!
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    Back to the future haze F2 #1 newest strains coming up soon.....+ many more.... so from a kick-ass fast flowering profile in strawberry XL i enhanced the flavour and potency by using my polarbear #2-(green Manalishi #8 x Hasplantdoublestrawberry diesel male) and also increased the flowering time from 45 days to 63 so... by it now having so many hazey influences brought in by Airborne Jack-(Jack hammer F2(knutsel) x G39 F2 male) i thought why not shoot for the moon and bring in some more sativa by pollinating Back to the future haze F2 #1-(silverhaze1996 clone only x Airborne jack F1) with the longer flowering profile of strawbear XL bx1 male-(Strawberry XL 45 day clone only x polarbear F2 male) and see if this will shorten the flowering time of this classic haze....many more to come.... Stay safe and fly FooKInG HiGh
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    Hi Colombian gold clones are ok The first batch of seeds will be in our shop in few days ! Best regards
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    Thanks @saxo! Seed sprouting update: 4 out of 6 Kailash (chem d x Snow lotus) 4 out of 6 Hashplant D (Chem d x 88g13hp) 6 of 6 (chem 91jb x 88g13hp) 4 of 4 Cookies & Cream 3 of 3 MB15 2 HK PHK x SOAR Cream & Tina Outside:
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    Today I removed the plastic bag from the seventh scion. It's Jalapeno into the crown of a Habanero. I removed one of the two top branches of the Habanero and inserted a forked scion (left side) in it's place. There's only an incision on the left side of the Habanero stem. The bag is off for a few hours now and no sign of wilting. I'm very happy with the way this one turned out. Both the Jalapeno scion and the Habanero shoot have little flower buds. I'll remove the wire in upcoming days. And maybe stick another scion in at that spot, in the future, if it heals up nicely. Here's an earlier grafted pepper plant. I just removed it's wire. You can clearly see it's traces.. I put grafting sealant on it after taking the above picture. One more pepper plant has a a scion attached to it that is still in a plastic bag. Coming soon...
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    @Toker nice new family member. my cousin surprised me with a new family member too. a white germ shepherd puppy from Nebraska. i didn't think he would be ready for a new dog so soon and frankly he said he wasn't but got outvoted by his wife and daughter . glad they did because that pup will help heal his heart . can't wait for the visit so my big dog can play with the pup and the pup can play with the cat too hopefully . i wanted a pure ole southern white bulldog but can't find them. ones i found were mixed and that mix will spell their doom. yet they won't get much better performance/working dogs by doing that. they will only kill the ole southern white as a breed. they can't think beyond their own selfishness. i found a bulldog kennel that i like and text the owner enough to realize they are a smart legit breeder. it was refreshing to find that out because normally i'm disappointed by ass-hats that aren't legit breeders. or dogs that are beyond my price range to purchase = levitt bulldogge, boerbole and a few more. i was willing to go with an amstaff from a trusted breeder. his pups are $1,800 and i was willing to pay that. yet, the american bulldog kennel i found pups start at $800 , so i can get a pup for no more than $1k likely. http://nobilis-ab.com/ they have a littler on the ground now but i;m nt ready so didn't try to check if all were spoken for. she used the bitch i really love and a nice male . the male i wanted to go to the black bitch is a 1/2 brother they explained why they didn't want to make that breeding and it made sense to me. i would be more than happy with the stud they used but timing will tell what happens. as of right now they are my only reasonable priced kennel prospect. but i'm still hunting and have time.
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    hi fellows, time to show some pollinated boobs from the f5 mom, she is the only one in the tent that smells very strongly sweet and intense of fruits and berries:, fastest in developing buds, compact in structure and very resinous, even on bigger leafes at a time where all others not showing any resin. The next 2-3 weeks I will take some more images´of all ladys if the boobshow really starts. We are now in week 4 of flowering at 12/12 best vibes
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    Pics Cap’n Shiva’s crunch berries smallest one a month behind her sisters.
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    Back to the future haze F2 #1(CLONE) and just because i had to.....i dusted.... just wait...... and her impressive sister is showing true sparks also. Bammie XL is 7upping her way on to be the leading soon to be clone i will smoke for ages(interstellar).... 4 sisters of Bammie XL... Can't fooking wait....
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    A visitor came over, this afternoon. He's a plant eater, so I sent him away. It turns out I have four different kind of peppers growing. But the Purple Peruvians are at least a month earlier then the rest.
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    I topped the nine Stardawgs and three freebees and made cuts from them. And after that i switched the clock in the grow-room today to 12/12 on the 16th of July.
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    Harvest! Blueberry Quintessa, day 64. Four plants. One particular low-yielding pheno. They all have seeds. But selective breeding starts here. Only the seeds from the best looking plants and buds will be saved. Eager to report back once these dry.
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    Hello guys! quick update. the plants grow mighty fine. "satt grün und glücklich" as we say around here. all three are growing vigorously. I'm pleased by all of them and expect some nice flowers. I switched on Sunday so we are at flowering day #2 today. the ccb male is in full flowering mode under a window, I collected some pollen today and will continue for the next days. when I have enough and before the girls start growing flowers he will be transformed in a nice tea. the first cuttings to root were the acb. ccb will show roots within the next few days. the silverfields x headcandy I replaced with an autoflowering cbd plant. I never grew autos indoors so I thought "why not ?" I'm looking forward what she'll show me. the headcandy get their chance at another spot.
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    entering the final weeks of flowering approx 50 days flowering right now. #1 #2 Stay safe and fly HIGH
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    Hé Thx guys, some news of Colombian gold In progress: Clones: See you soon Ciao
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    it's a profit-free endeavour ... i usually i share them out to friends and also do list a small percentage of the seeds at seedheaven (to cover my costs of production and also for people that don't know me & still want to enjoy).
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    Almost finished and it's going to be my last grow report. Sorry guys and gals, but updating feels like playing in front of an empty bar.
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    So, it´s the very last grow report from you? That´sad. I hope you change a lot in your grow room. It´s the best chance to see more "last" reports from you. smile
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