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    Saturday marked the end of week 5, so a lovely, HPS-lit photo is in order. Not everything is easily seen here, but 3 of the Miss U Jacks are along the left wall. One unusually structured Miss U Jack is up front, with the big, honkin' colas. She's also half the height of the three against the left wall. (Her pot is sitting on a platform about 1/2 meter high.) Sure hope she kicks ass! The others look good, with lemony frost out the ying-yang, but I don't think they'll produce like the one up front. One of the BQs is up front. These turned out to be relatively short plants for sativas. They are the frostiest fuckers in the tent. Before they matured, I was thinking I'd probably make edibles with them, but they looks so fucking good, Weedstradamus envisions a fiery end. The two good Lemon Thai girls are on the right, in the back. The weak one is not visible. Of the two in the pic, they both have the same scent and amount of frost, but one has better bud structure. Of course, buzz will rule. Almost everything else you can easily see is Pineapple Fields. Structurally, there are differences in them. We'll see how it works out, as to effects, and which might match to which of ProfP's phenos. I think I have two pheno A, one of which is drool-worthy from a visual and scent perspective. It's to the right of the labeled BQ, but you really can't see it well. The ones that DON'T smell like pineapple candy I'm not sure about. Three have a long, thin cola structure. One of them has distinctly pink pistils. The scents are still developing. Nothing that would make someone think roadkill skunk at this point, or pineapple Juice.
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    The indica-doms are about ready for harvest, so I brought them to the front of the tent. They had some of the best spots for the last 7 weeks. I think they'll be chopped at 8 weeks The first two pics are the Peyote Pancakes. If grown in a better way, like a SOG with only Peyote Pancake or similarly growing plants, I think this could be a good producer. Almost all trichs are cloudy (no amber), but there are still white pistils, so they're not going to see the ax today. They seem to be seriously nice, dense buds. Not a huge amount of scent. I couldn't quite come up with a description, but much different than the Lemon Bubba. And speaking of Lemon Bubba, here she is. Really pretty buds. About half are cloudy. As you can see, the grow area in my house does not have the greatest lighting for picture taking. But these bud close-ups are pretty, none-the-less. And while I was shifting things around, my favorite Pineapple Fields (a pheno A, I'm pretty sure) was available, so here are a couple of random buds: This is a pineapple-melon-citrus scented baby. She produces a lot and has nice bud structure, so I'm really hoping she pleases the cerebrum. Well, that will probably do it for pics until the beginning of the bloodbath sap bath, next week.
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    Day 86 first spot of amber so they got the chop. Also my Miss USA for the next run is starting to struggle in the tiny veg tent so needed to get the flower tent available. Just ordered a Rosin press looking forward to dab some of this sativa
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    My favorite Lemon Thai and the only Lemon Bubba: I'm drooling over the limonene terp queen, Lemon Thai. This is a top of my favorite plant — from a visual perspective. The cola in the background is the same plant. This is definitely the pretty one, creating jealousy among her evil step sisters. The Lemon Bubba has gotten little attention here, because there's only one and because there's only one and she'll be chopped at 8-9 weeks, I figured I'd give her a prime spot near the middle of the tent, and it's a pain to get to her. So here she is - somewhat cabbage-like buds, but with stem in between the buds. Leaves are dark purple. I didn't get a good wiff of the scent. Sounds like a mission for later today - what does the LB smell like? A burning question. I think I last sensed lemon and darkness. Anyway, definitely looks like an indica dom. I look forward to falling asleep while watching TV with her.
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    So I listened to an Irie Genetics podcast on defoliation, and pulled off a few leaves this morning. One thing I ignored from the podcast was wearing long sleeves. Now my arms smell like a dispensary. Even though I've got a variety of scents going on in there, with a heavy accent on lemon, my arms lean toward the earthy and hazy smelling terps, at this point in the morning. If I smoked me, I might be like about a 60% sativa now.
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    YOU: It's been a while since Misterdirt droned on and on with his musings on Pineapple Fields phenos. I miss that. ME: You're in luck! Scents and buds are developing, and I think I've got the 3 phenos I wanted. I think these two are examples of pheno A: The first one has the most wonderful bud structure known to humankind and the second one isn't too shabby either, but both have a pineapple - mellon - citrus scent, which makes me think they're the same. This one, that had distinctly pink pistils for most of the grow (disappearing with age), is developing a skunky-diesel (or some unidentified chemical) scent, so I think she's pheno B, the roadkill skunk pheno (RKS): This one is an unknown, but I think it might also be RKS. Purple tint to the leaves, beginning to get a skunky scent: It also looks like I'll have two Miss U leaning phenos (pheno C) which smells like pineapple candy. You can get diabetes from smelling it: Bud structure has a bit to be desired on the pheno C girls. Looks very taily. If the buds behave like the ones from my previous experience with PF, they're those greasy-type buds that are always pliable, even when "bone-dry." There is a strange, greasy feel to them. These might be ready to smoke at a perfect time. The effect I recall from my favorite plants were high-flying sativa with zero anxiousness or paranoia, resulting in a fantastic mood elevator. I often prefer sativas WITH anxiety and paranoia, but a nice, happy-face sativa could be just what the doctor ordered for a shutdown and shut-in smoke.
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    After this round i'll finally switch to led! My buddy made a 660 watts ledlight for me. Ain't it a beauty? Even though it is tempting to install the lamp immediately, i decided to finish this round with hps. I think that is better for the plants.
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    Mac1 purple punch Mac1 and purple punch coming up. Flip in the next few days.
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    Here's how they look under the strips today
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    Sour Diebble(Sour D Riri x Sour Bubble): Gorilla Glue:
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    Day 80 no sign of amber yet. Think i see a seed here and there
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    This is Santero's Lemon Bubba (Misterdirt grown) 7 weeks
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    Removed the one that threw nanners it was much worse than i thought i hope all the others aren't seeded but i have a feeling that its going to be bad Day 70 started feeding ph water
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    One cola of one Blueberry Quintessa hermied. I snipped the cola off, dumped the clone and now I'm going to watch the bitch to see if it will happen anywhere else. Kind of odd to happen to just one cola, so I'm guessing I'll see more. It happens to look and smell GREAT. The other two are still going without any nanners. Thankfully, most plants look like they will finish by 10 weeks or sooner. I think I was traumatized from growing that 18 week Willie Nelson last grow. Some Pineapple Fields, the Thai and maybe one or two Miss U Jacks could go 11. Just ordered an octopot auto fill system. Like an idiot, I bought two ocotopots about a year ago. Then I realized life would be a zillion times simpler with an auto fill system, which comes with 4 octopots, and 4 is about all I can fit in the tent for a grow, according to the Octopot People In The Know. Of course, in spite of warnings, I'll probably try to jam 6 plants in there at once, sooner or later. It's inevitable. It's like an accident you see coming in slow motion, but you can't stop it. And you'll see it all here!
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    6 weeks flower. ph 5.7 ec 1.5 (yesterday) Temp 26.5 and 63RH I will start to taper things off a bit maybe. I think sannie said this was a 9 week strain. Couple of pictures to hold you till next week!
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    Did a trade with AK Bean Brains and he hooked me up. He wanted Some Chocolate Thai, so I hooked him up too!The small pack is TK/NL5 haze x Purple Hindu Kush /NL1
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    I attempted making galaxy lollipops, but I sure can not get a picture of them! They are cool, they are 3D, not necessarily galaxy ha! but cool looking, have to practice . Got a new mold so trying it out, the second one is watermelon, and I got them a nice 80mg each on those.
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    Best looking female, so far. The One / Panama x PCK / Chocolate Thai.
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    Left Killer Grapes. Right Silver Lemon Haze Big one: LemonMaryHaze (Lemon Mary x Sifi/Jaze) small one: Lemon Cheesel > this one is the daddy i am going to use. It’s a smelly one, reeks at diesel/minty Lemon. Reacts very well to training. I hope the Killer Grapes is the same pheno i had last time. It would be a great partner for the Lemon Cheesel. Since I only can grow 5. This is going to be the pool i am searching for some freebee crosses. Stay Safe, Sunnyvale
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    Strawberry Strudels from scratch 150mg
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    Back with the PHK green pheno @ 63 days and harvest.
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    Well its iffy on the geese darn it We were late and one of the last orders We will see But the 15 muscovey ducks And 5 royal palm turkeys are for sure coming in a few weeks My old lady in every way but sexual lol Bought me 4 easter eggers chickens that lay Blue green and even yellow eggs And since she knows the coloured eggs got my fancy she ordered up 25 more of different breeds French Marans...Julia Childs favourite And the only eggs she used As well as others so now one day i will have A bunch of eggs that look like jellie beans Colours. And well i found a man 5 mins from me Who had Welsh Harlquin ducks Omg the darlings Good eggs layers to I got them for me lol No one eats my welshies Oh and the 15 astrolope and wydottes. So thats 37 chickens 22 ducks And 5 turkeys in my flock Sumbitch we farming again This is a welshie hen as an adult And some bud porn
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    Ipa x huck is starting to have nice buds Getting fatter by the day have good weekend everyone!
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    Made some pretty cupcakes for the Mother's in my life Chocolate cupcake with buttercream icing 100mg
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    Left is killaqueen x bluehammer X silverfields and right is ipa x huck
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    it's done, but i'm not going to release that (WAY too much hype). just made that for myself to play with and enjoy, not much more. i guess, i will continue this until i have a reliable glue from seed. but i have other projects that are of much more interest to me. repros of old lines (esko & others) is what i'll continue to prioritize.
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    So it's been 6 years since I grew last according to my post log so I decided to go back to the strain I ended with Chucky's Bride. These are from seed stock I produced during my grow. I started with 7 plants and ended up with 2 females. Funny enough it's the same as the last time, one plant is super stretchy and lanky and the other is super compact with very little stretch. Vegged for 4 weeks and currently just finishing 2nd week since flip. Super cropped and tied down with some fan leaf removal. I wanted something so easy a caveman could do it so these are being grown in 1 gallon all perlite hempy buckets. Each bucket has 60g of omsocote plus controlled release fertilizer granules . Water only grow, saw some grow reports about this stuff working seed to harvest so I figured I would give it a go. So far they are growing like champs, no deficiencies and they look great. I may add some Dr earth bud and bloom top dress mid flower . 32" x32" tent with a full spectrum Mars hydro ts1000 and my old purple led panel for lighting.
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    A few pictures of the Silver Fields pheno i have(sorry i 'm not proud of them, i will try to grow them better on the 2nd round):
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    Made Tie Dye cookies and decided to do some up for 4th of July for the freezer. Pretty cool looking
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    Harvest time left killaqueenxbluehammerX silverfields and right ipa x huck @BeachBud thank you brother!!
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    Old school, Lowryder 2's 9 and half weeks from seed, today.
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    Thought I'd drop in and say hello. Been a while. How's everyone doing?
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    Hey thanks Saxo. I chopped the PHK yesterday at 9 weeks. She smells of blueberry and pine, interesting combination that I have not found before. The purple PHK's had a lavender and pine smell. Curious to see how this one smokes. That leaves the 2 Kali Snapple x SSH (Megafauna) and the single Phuuu's IPA fem, this time the #2 version. They are all 24 days in 12's now and their stretch is slowing. I have 2 very different phenos of the Megafauna. The #3 is sleek and slender, very sativa looking while the #2 has giant fan leaves and a chunkier appearance. #3 has a lemon haze smell while #2 has a sweeter, less lemony smell still on the hazy side. Here's a look at the flower room. Megafauna #2 @ 24 days Megafauna #3 @ 24 days Phuuu's IPA @ 24 days I have 2 cuts from the IPA recently up-potted to #1 pots in the veg space. I hit the PHK I just harvested with some Poisoned Chocolate pollen. I never got a female from the PC but at least I got some pollen. These will be high on my list to try sooner than later. Stay tuned...
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    A few more pics out of the LED light. Been using bonsai wire to pull branches down and to form branch structure. For .20 cents worth of fertilizer I'm quite pleased with the outcome so far. I'm really contemplating culling the small girl, if the big girl keeps spreading out at the rate she is.
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    A couple of harvests to report. A small Harlequin. Nothing impressive. The second is an arrangement of four Afghan CBD x Strawberry Backcross plants in a 3 gallon pot. These just got flushed a couple days ago. I took the smallest plant yesterday. Within a week these should all be drying.
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    Like i promised, here's a picture of the two Amnesia Haze plants after the first day of flowering. Before i switched, i took cuttings for my next round. The start is still hydro! Being self-sufficient means not having to deal with any anus holes . So it pays in all ways!
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    It draws 660 watts and is a 1000 watts hps equivalent.
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    Mac1 and purple punch
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    Today it's the thirty-first day of flowering. I've discovered some thrips! Shit outta luck but it's under control.
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    Purple Hindu Kush - green pheno @ 54 days.
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    Today it's the twenty-sixth day of flowering. Day temp = 28 degrees. Night temp = 23 degrees. Humidity is 20% - 30% never higher. This keeps the plants short and stocky i've been told. Five days after the picture in the previous post this is how they look: See those candles forming? I don't want to jump to conclusions, but will Hydro beat himself to the punch on soil? It sure is starting to look that way! I am watering the plants every other day now, first i adjust the pH to about 5.5. and tonight i gave an Ec of 1.2 (Floranova bloom) instead of 1.3 because they are so green. When they become a little lighter of color, i will raise the Ec to 1.3 the next watering. And that's all there is to it! We'll be back after this short break with more of this goof stuff, so stay tuned in!
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    A few buds were amputated from plants last weekend in a freak, clipper-related accident. (We're reviewing surveillance tapes to try and understand how this could have happened. There is one suspect.) An advanced taste of my favorite Pineapple Fields plant (a pheno A) revealed that Holy Shit! I love this stuff! I won't be chopping it for probably another 2 weeks, but judging from the weed I get from dispensaries with THC percentages, it must be in the low 20s. I had been thinking that over the years since I've grown it, maybe PF became a legend in my mind and it won't live up to my self-created hype. I was wrong. This stuff kicks ass. I'll do full smoke reports on each plant after drying and curing. Edit: FYI It's the plant in the last two pictures, above.
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    Fried yard bird and rotisserie yard bard salad made with crushed Mary leaves. Anybody else get failures to load pictures. They aren’t too big cause I checked size. Then download it separately no problem. Idk @Toker those ducks u won’t eat are extremely beautiful congrats on ur farming dude. @gardenartustreats from the Queen Sistah looking tasty as usual. Two new spring formed pans arrived in the mail. Big and small but squared type with rounded corners. Only thing is I sure as hell didn’t buy any cause I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Addy is in-town and it arrived via priority. I don’t recognize sender info at all. I’m guessing the lady that made a cheese cake for me with the top way too dark. I was pissed as hell when I unwrapped it. My guest said it was good and it was. I spoke to her and complained as well as telling her how to make her cheese cakes better frfr. She called out of the blue a couple weeks ago. She said she was just checking up on folks in the pandemic. It was still weird cause we don’t talk and i’m Not trying to boink her. She’s my obly guess though . I’m going to call and ask. You ever seen squarish spring form pans, I know I haven’t. It might have come from a gifter off Craig’s list or freecycle.org. I’m stumped but very grateful. Stoned too o. The baby gorilla
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    It's the thirty-eighth day of flowering. Yesterday i gave each of the twelve Amnesia Haze plants 1,7 liters of water (pH 5.7) with Floranova bloom (Ec 1.3). The watering before that i gave them clean water (pH 5.6). Anyway, enough talking, here's the pictures. Twenty-eight days more to go.
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    Medicated Strawberry Freezer Jam, it is loose set but nummy, nummy! Made it with honey, not sugar.
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    [repros of old lines (esko & others) is what i'll continue to prioritize.] Well for myself, I'm finding such wonderful jewels in your offerings and others at SH.....and at such fine prices man. The Queen Bee's are just *slap your damn face delicious*!! A perfect plant structure, so easy to grow, huge buds, stunning nose to her. I'm cutting my last SFV78 to day, she went 22-23 weeks or so. I did keep each processed plant in separate masons. What a fun journey it will be to sample these at different ages of cure. They are all fine, some are very good, and with all the Thia showing through, on the last girl, she will be special. Heck all the cuts, I gave away, have folks smiling ear to ear man! Since the cost of these offerings have not been inflated to silly numbers like so many are today, I can give them away free. The Killer Lemon Haze, just a great plant also! Thank you san, and others at SH, for all that work, for a very reasonable cost.
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    Found the perfect boxes for the cupcakes, amazing what all I have in this house.
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    Mother's Finest harvest update. 4 oz from 6 1 gal pots, 12/12 from seed, almost. Nice smoke, very creeper, smell is as I remember, almost none. There's one pheno we'll call the "new cut grass" pheno, which is exactly what it smells like, even after cure. Sensi advertises fruity, and there is a touch. But I've never had a strain that smells so little, would be good for stealth. I've grown her 3-4 times, but this is the first time in about 6-7 years. The original seeds all tasted like hay, and thought I'd blown the cure, but nah, next two runs tasted exactly the same. Not bad, just not tasty, as most strains are these days. But the high is a real kick in the arse, makes you ask, "where we going with this?" if you smoke too much. It's pretty heart pumping right now, without the paranoia of say, a C99. Great summertime concert smoke. The high is definitely old school, all in the head, very shape shifting magic carpet ride, reminds me of the old sinsemilla, as it just keeps coming on for awhile. Taste is very smooth, but not much of it. It will get better with a few months cure in jars. Very nice, chunky, nugs.
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