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    Strawberry Starburst bred by Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics still a bit to go, keeper out of 10 females. She reeks of Sour Strawberries and is a huge yielder.
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    Sherb breath oregon purple diesel x cookies and cream laser tag mountain wizard 3 oregon purple diesel x cookies and cream
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    Skunk 1 Mel franks collection
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    Hey all! So, I just wanna give a shout out to The Fudge. I believe it’s one of Santeros? I was gifted some beans in 2015/16 if I remember right. I grew them all and found my keeper. I cloned it and reveged it….11 times I reveged that girl. Every time she gave amazing smoke. One of my favorite, and my local circles, smoke. It’s never been a big yeilder but I never cared. Beautiful rock hard buds that smell heavenly. The consensus it a light cocoa with almost tha sweet amie haze fragrance. Soaring trippy high that makes you love everything around you. Nature walks are divine. She’s very demanding when it comes to soil. It’s all my own organic mix and only water with uns molasses is fed to the soil. Don’t have many pics but here’s one from right now of it. Outdoor
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    I bought a pack of Cheeseberry Haze by Esko in 2016 from sannies expecting to start growing at the time but due to housing problems didn't get to start gardening until last year. I started with other strains but got to these this summer and here's my experience with them so far. I only had 5 seeds left from the 10 pack due to an aborted grow a while back but ended up with 3 females. One plant ended up in a 5 gallon pot and the other two were flowered in 1 gallons. My setup is a mix of black earth/perlite/peat/ewc and i feed megacrop throughout the grow with Bud Explosion in flower. Lights are a mix of 200-300w quantum boards. It's somewhat of a lazy way to grow but it fits my needs and i've had results to my liking. I'll start off by saying these have turned out different than what i expected based on other people's grow logs. I've only harvested one plant a few days ago so i haven't got to try anything yet but i will put up a smoke report in due time. All 3 plants grew very similar, long-flowering and big airy colas. I took the first 1 gallon plant at 13 1/2 weeks. Barely any smells to this one all throughout flowering. A light woody/floral smell when pressed but hardly noticeable otherwise. Second plant in 1gallon is still flowering and is nearing 15 weeks in flower. Smells throughout the grow have been lemony incense, very pleasant smell that reminded me of Bangi Haze from Ace while in flower. Bud structure is pretty airy, like small clusters amidst a high leaf/bud ratio. It's basically one long lemoney doink. Never expected this to go this long in flower though. I'll be pulling it at 16 weeks regardless of other white pistils or clear trichomes. Third plant in 5gallon is very similar to #2, beautiful lemony smell, but was topped a few times and trained so has many long columnar style tops. It's 11 weeks in flower and is nowhere near the end, i'm guessing it will run as long as #2. This isn't a grow for the impatient as these have shown very slow evolution throughout the grow, alongside plants who have shown gerat vigour. Obviously my way of growing isnt one fits all and perhaps this variety is more finicky than others. I fed on the low side with the 1 gals and heavier with the 5gal and results seem pretty similar. I'm looking forward to the smoke tests and seeing what they're about. Pics are kind of mixed up, my apologies. First is a side by side of the one at 15 weeks and the one at 11 weeks and then other shots of the plants
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    Small bud of Cannatonic #4
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    Ok, 2nd trim job done and took pics of Suomi nugs too.
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    KC 42 (New Zealands Best x KC 639) KC Brains A strain of different penos, different length of blooming and a good yielder. Taste: The taste is okay. Nothing special. Smell: smells like marihuana, sweet, when touched. Yield: good to very good. Strength: It depends on your thc level. It´s so easy on the lungs, that your level will rise. It´s so dreamy and relaxed, that you won´t notice that you smoke too much. Fortunately it´s a strain with a lower level of thc ( 15 -20%) which is very strong. Is it worth, to grow this strain? For people who have patience (10-12 weeks bloom), it´s a winner. For people with commercial interests, it´s a winner. It´s not made for tastefreaks. It may be out of time, but the discription of KC Brains and Ed Rosenthal still fits today. No budrot, no other pests. smile
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    Nom-nom, one of my favs, Orange Zest Belgian Chocolate bar, 200mg, 20mg per section.
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    Sept 20th, she is getting there, probably pull her in 2 weeks. Maybe then I can get a pic of the entirety of her and the others when I pull them.
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    A lot has changed since my last grow report. I had been maintaining a continuous grow for several years. Now I am back to a batch grow featuring six plants in 5-gallon pots. I had been growing in coco coir. But then I helped a friend through her first grow. I recommended she go with soil. She did and her plants out-performed my own. So, I switched back to soil. Finally, I kept my old soil and recharged it for this grow. I have been feeding with compost teas. The plants are doing great. This is shaping up to be my best grow yet. Forgive me. But I am posting from my phone for the first time. These photos did not load in chronological order. I’m just going to roll with it. Two weeks ago. This week, after three nights of 12/12. Three weeks ago, after the plants were first potted up at about five weeks of age.
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    G13 Haze G13 Hashplant
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    Have been lazy with the pics. Just flipped my blavender glue into flower recently. These pics are from a week or so ago. I did a massive defoliation the other day and they are too ugly for me to post so I will soon when they recover from what I did to em :p (they're the taller ones on the right in the first pic). @santero I just snagged a couple of packs of the meridian haze. Any info you could share on it? Curious about the c5 x jack herer. I was in highschool when I first tried jack herer and to this day it's still some of my all time favourite smoke. The stuff I was getting back then (early 2000s) was very different to the jack that I have seen lately though. The stuff I see now is denser and has a lemony smell that I don't like at all. The stuff I loved was wispier lime green braided looking buds (kinda like barney's dr grinspoon but not as scraggly) that were covered in frost and didn't have that lemon smell to it. Wish I still had all my pics pics from back then. Got us all wrecked back in the good days Edit: it now has a description. Read hupla's emperor's haze thread.
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    Afgaan 90 Bubba Hash G13 Hazeplant
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    Blavender glue. Thought I took more pics but I'll make sure there's more than 2 next time. No interesting smells yet. Wonder if any of the stank from the glue will pop through on any of the phenos or if it will be a mostly blueberry sativa party. These were the most vigorous plants out of my grow. They grew super fast in veg and haven't seemed to slow down yet. I had to bend the crap out of some of them because they were like 7ft tall and growing into the lights. I have some g13hp that I started at the same time sitting at like 3 ft :p
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    My G13 Hashplant keeper, a couple weeks out from being chopped. She's been hit with pollen from Original Haze, very excited for those beans. G13 Haze! Also my keeper cut of her. One of their babies: G13 Hazeplant. Made from the G13 Haze above and a male from the Ghash line. Bubba Hash, she's also been hit with pollen from both G13 Hazeplant and Original Haze: And Afgaan 90, from the Real Seed Company/Kwikseeds. It's a weird line, lots of reports of herms and sterile males, but that's a beautiful cola. Watch the smoke be horrible...
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    Chocolate Ganache Truffles, some with nuts, some with dried strawberries. 50mg
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    About five days have passed since i took the pictures above. This is how they look now. I gave each of the plants 1.7 liters of water with Biosevia grow (pH 5.5 and Ec 1.3) which i poured into the crates. Easy does it right? Hydrogrowing can be very low of maintenance, just tag along and i will show you! The humidity is higher then desirable, but in this stage of the grow no biggie. Bye, bye now!
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    This is some of my crew lol. Had the frog since a tadpole and the hawk is a regular at my pond.
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    LA Cheese, I lost her but just popped some seeds, have a couple of babies going. Love this strain. Fat chunky colas, the smell is heavenly and is quite potent.
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    All things goes thru changes, just sometimes and often times those changes are when we don't want. This is mostly about nostalgia and like speaking and reading a few but we are few and more silents by the day.
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    @lumatekfan Thanks I'll def post some pics whenever I get around to growing them. There's actually a restock of the reclining lady there's some in stock right now. I actually missed out on it as well the first time it was stocked because I slacked a bit on checking for seeds :p but I noticed they were restocked when I saw the meridian haze ans got a pack. Some of the more limited ones go pretty damn quick these days. I actually checked yesterday morning for new stuff and didn't see anything and for some reason I checked again later that night and noticed it in stock and grabbed it while I could. I usually check SH all the time because missing out sucks
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    Chocolate-dipped ice cream sugar cone and chocolate-covered banana 200mg each.
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    Sept 20th, she is finishing up gonna pull her in about a week.
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    Violator Kush, indica dom, a sweet overall large cola plant that is on the small compact size, nice plant. With the pot she is 5 ft, pic makes her look smaller. This one will be great for indoor, on the smaller size but huge colas.
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    SBR on right week 7 5 CBombs finishing I never did it by the book Quit feeding 2 weeks ago and the leaves Look like autumn At this point its whenever im ready first pic is 1 sbr 2 c99 3ish weeks into flower
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    Howdy folks, long time no see! I commenced a grow on rock-wool big-blocks under 650 watts of cob ledpower. The nine Amnesia Haze clones are in the first week of flowering. And that's all the news, see ya!
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    Phalaenopsis: just some beauty, in our stark reality...for now. I never even had an eye for these things. I went with my wife to a local nursery, looking for a gift for an old dear friend. We know she does have an eye for orchids, these were $25.00 a pair, or buy one get one free. H'mm free tickles me a bit, and I know wifey needs to see something other than plumber butt, ladder acrobats and the thousand questions that arise during a major construction thingy. Our freaking refrigerator is in the living room, all I need is a crapper LazyBoy, and I'll feel like I'm in the movie Idiocracy!! We bought these last week, and I did add the 3 ice cubes Dr.Internet suggested. Today, the real Dr.Internet spoke up, and said, orchids from mass producers will be in crappy pots, then in a drainless pot, and never add ice cubes to water your orchids. So I gutted them, poked holes with my wood burner, in the very tight plastic pot, dunked them in some ReCharge, a tiny pinch of it, placed them back into drainless pot sitting on some rock. If I do not murder these, I'm going to seek out more, clone them, and fill an old 4x8 tent, I was going to dump. A new hobby for retirement!! Enjoy!!
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    We have been dying for years sadly. This is the only place I visit, I guess I should find new sites, just not sure I want to make the investment of time to make friends just to have them leave. NAW left for a bit, came back, thought all was well, then they really disappeared. I've bought a few strains from here, had many gifted. I am lucky and am able to have access to many breeds in clones, but have grown a few nice strains from here.
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    Yeah, Misterdirt we do not grow one strain, and that is why I like to have a few sites to go to. Since Sannie set this place up, for no politics discussions, and I respect that. I hold my tongue MANY times, as it's just disrespectful to keep up the nanny whine concerning it. For fucks sake, go to PlanetGanja, they love the stuff, and there are some sharp witted folks over there, and you can post your views ad nausem if you want to. I love what they hammered out for their website. They bitch slap me, with solid knowledge, and some crazy off world opinions. At times that shit can really push my wee brain thought process, and god I need that at on occasion. Right now the most vibrant community for me is BeanBasement. From big commercial folks to us wee basement bangers, with so much info, breeders/growing/ maintenance/mediums/ just so much informational head candy, for us lost tinkering fools. And CAP, runs his site, posts in your threads, he loves what he built, and shows no favoritism, that I know of. He asks the community for advice!! He allows beefs to be worked out. His PUSU policy is pure gold!! To become a full member, everyone runs a grow thread start to finish, clone or seed, Put Up or Shut Up! When Santero saw that Escobar may have posted there, I went there, and fell head over heels in love, with the sites policy, and CAP's vision for a site. The world of breeding and sales has sky rocketed on a world wide stage, so not jumping into that and staying in place is death for many great breeders, and I've always encouraged folks to buy Sannies offerings for a long time, since I have huge respect for him, his beginnings, and what he built, since 2008. My last few ordered items, eh not so much. What I've been growing from others for the same costs, are just pounding my last few orders from here. Strains I've loved and given away with pride, seem *muddie* to me now. It is a tough business to stay current, and fluid in todays cannabis scene. My guess, is we are close to an end here, but I felt this a for a few years now. Sites do not seem to reinvent themselves very well, or go total commercial and become sickening with warnings and bans, ICQ mag/420/bunches of them now. But I carry those bans as a badge of honor, LOL! I mean no disrespect to anyone!!
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    sorry for the delay. You can generally cut back pretty drastically. Depends on how stable the genetic and mother is. I would do this, providing that the mother plants are stable. trim to the desired length/shape. repot when repotting, trim roots, about 1/2 to an inch deep. It is ok to go deeper but not crazy. The plant just went through surgery. treat it as such. ensure calcium and magnesium are correct and give some silicon if not already in nutrition. Is not necessary to add extra silicon if it is already in the nutrition or media. careful to not overwater initially. the plant will not uptake well for a minute or two. The plant will come back but might take around a month. Manipulate the plant as wanted.
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    Sept 20th she has about 4 weeks or more to go yet.
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    I am getting exhausted, have 3/4 of the oil run done, I have 960 grams so far, this is the largest run I have ever done. Think I am going to end up with about 1300 grams.
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    That husky looks ready for mischief.
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    Some of the ladies started their striptease today GG#4 and Alien Fire. I always find it funny we grow these to produce large leaf plants, then we strip em bare. I am going to have to use a ladder to get to the Malterzez and Orange Daquari.
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    Update on the experiment with taking off fan leaves when buds first start forming into something more than spits. Did half of a couple of plants. One plant they all grew back, the other it did a touch damage to the bud, turned the pistils dark. There is zero difference in the size of buds from the ones I took the leaf off at this point, might be different at harvest. So it definitely needs time and further along, to strip off the fan leaves does no good to remove them too early. Might have even caused the one plant's energy into producing more fan leaves instead of bud?
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    woah hempyfan, as always, supergood infos and most efficient suggestions for cutting back roots thank you, mate. whenever i might go for big mothers = i'll ensure to follow your excellent suggestions. fool is right, i cloned plants a million times without any changes in genetics, that's complete myth (!) i personally don't hold mothers in a classical sense ... i never have done that. always just re-cloned them and kept them around as "babies" all the time that way it was possible for me to hold over 150 different plants in a relatively small space at the same time for a while with no effort or problems. i hope you have much success, SPW, may your efforts turn out great for ya, my dear broski !
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    Plants on the deck June 4th, second pic August 6th, and third when I put the rest of the netting on August 8th. Not sure I can get a pic now!
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    Greetings to the Open Grow community. Long time no see. Is everyone well? I will share a report on my current grow soon.
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    Hi all a young JOTI black delato It’s got a ghostly gray look all frost
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    4th run of my keeper cut, Punchy Blewster and love it more everyday (Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet), I can’t keep my nose out of it, intense blueberry candy and Banana Terps. I have it outdoors this season and can’t wait to see it finish.
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