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    Con Leche from Swamp Boys Triangle Kush x White Og
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    that realy looks white as milk......just yummy !!! .......enjoy Smokey some Auto-Gelato ........
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    Uh-oh. These plants are being photographed against the Backdrop Of Death. That can only mean chop time. I had a shaky hand or something when I took the pics of the Pineapple Fields, pheno A (plant F, for those keeping score at home), so they suck. I didn't realize it until she was already hanging upside-down from a twist-tie. This is my favorite one, from the bud structure/density point of view. A taste of a recently-dried bud makes me guess THC cannabinoids are in the 21 - 23% range (-ish, kinda). By about week 7, she started showing signs that she was going to be a floppy mess, unable to hold up her buds without support. She's now back in the tent, with only the lower 2 branches. I'm going to up the lights to 18/6 soon, to reveg the 3 plants that didn't clone and start the next crop. And below, we have the larger of my two Peyote Pancakes. Strong, but brittle branches. I was doing a little defoliating recently, and the branch snapped before the petiole would give. It started leaning a couple of weeks ago, but really didn't need support. Scent is chemical plant/tire fire. Sort of smells the way New Jersey smelled when I was a kid. This looks like it could be a serious producer in a SOG. It does not like to branch, but it clones easily. Here's to hoping she's as potent as advertised. Others will come down this weekend, as trimming time allows. The PF doesn't look like it will be much of a problem to trim, at all — except for the pheno C ladies, who won't come down for at least a week.
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    Hi Mr D, been a while, I hope all is well. mob is a blueberry line, Maine’s Own Blueberry. It’s either old DJ work or a cross to it. Like most things , there is a convoluted story and lineage . It’s killer though, blueberry muffin terps , pretty colors , not super potent, so good daytime weed.
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    What is "Mob cut" a cut of? I had some weed from a Colorado dispensary called "Mob Boss," that was a super-potent sativa dom (like maybe 60% sativa), but I didn't find any information about it.
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    More of Sans Tahoe Og x M39
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    Here is some of @santero s work , Tahoe Og x M39. Also older pics. these were absolutely awesome plants, great work San.
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    This is the Mob cut I have . These pics are not current, Mob is not in this round , unfortunately...
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    Gsc forum cut end of wk7
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    Well, now that is all sorted out, I can post again... sunset sherbet
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    38 x remaining...lol
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