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    Hi @Indicalicious Amnesia is very stable (ibl 7th génération) there is one pheno, plants look like clones Thx Best regards
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    I am in awe. It's great that you have the space for that thing. If Open Grow kept records on hall-of-fame home-grown plants, that one would have to be on that list.
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    Yeah, with a couple of feet to spare. I’m testing things out for some future sativa projects, lol. Only the one is that big this run. It got that big in a 3 gal pot. I vegged longer than I had planned so after it started flowering I felt bad and transplanted it to a 7 gal pot. She’s liking things better now. this is her last week. It’s a little taller now. Buds are bigger. I finally bent the top over because it was taller than the light. I have too many shorter plants to raise the lights for just the one plant. the other night. sorry for the pee colored light. I’m on my phone. peace ✌️
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    They like either sabbath or willie nelson. Nothing in between. Your space looks awesome Mr. G.
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    I have lots of space to grow but I’m taking it slowly. I want to grow produce down there as well but I want to make sure I understand the physics fully because of a dirt floor and right under the living space. It’s coming! Part will be raised beds and part will be vertical gardening for lettuce.
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    Sundae sunsets trained and ready for the next trellis. I’ll be flipping once they adjust. Sundae sunset = sundae driver x sunset sherbet. Ala cannarado genetics.
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    TK crosses are the shit! everything is showing your passion!
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    Kushmints x triangle kush bx3 Aj’s sou Diesel Gg4 And for some reason km x tk bx3 again
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