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    some pretty frosty and good looking tops you´ve got going there,Mister lotsa lecker herbs in the near future ,as it looks like
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    i know about them but last i checked i didn't want to pay their price. i usually do this to find info on unknowns. "canuck seeds" + rollitup, thc farmer, icmag etc etc. and sometimes i ad the word review as well. or has anybody used.. or has any body grown ... those ways get me the most info. if i recall they are in cananda and it was something that made just skip them maybe where they ship too can't quite recall cause i'm searching shit all over quite often. trying to slow down though and concentrate on what at hand and life. peace
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    One day i hope to try more dynasty and my firat relic. From professor p.
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    as of right now i don't know of anyone selling old version of skunk #1. maybe closest might be warlock now done by serious seeds. all the rest haven't cut the mustard based on folks who have gorwn out the hopefulls that say they are the real deal in any capacity. some nice plants but not what folks pretend it is or are looking for. you can bet if it is ever offered the skunk will be on fire for the seller. i stopped looking for road kill and stopped looking for the skunk#1 i grew out from seeds of west va. skunk buds. identical to the HT cover photo and i do mean identical. so. maybe the skunk va clone is what you wamt to get ahold of. i have no way to know of it's the same shit i grew. dudes daughter was.is a drug king pin and i mean a real one not the fake small fish. i have no way to find her now and it's possible her dad might not even be alive. idk if you know folks in VA give them a shout. i got oz for $135 and sold for $12 a gram and no other amount. we all loved that shit. only thing came like that was some awesome skunk that was dark golden and it's origin was jamaica. he sold that and wicked chocolate = better than the skunk imho $20 glass vials and if u weren't there early they sold out every day. nothing sense then have i come across.
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