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    Madberry Sannies seeds 68 days
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    Mmmmmmmmmmmm..., Haaaaaze...
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    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours saw good weather, good food and time shared with family. Now all of a sudden it is December and I for one am not ready for the holidays ahead. The 2 Purple Hindu Kush and 1 Truck females were up-potted to #5 pots last Friday. The PHK's have required pruning of their lower fan leaves to allow light in. They are looking good now and will go to 12's in a few days. Not sure they will stretch much so I'm giving them plenty of time in veg. mode. I was dissapointed I didn't get a PHK male but I have more beans to try again down the road. The Truck's (train wreck x huck kush) gave me 1 male and 1 female. Both are looking good but the dude steals the show. He has definite train wreck leaning leaves and structure so far. He's been in twelves for almost a week now and I curious to see how he develops. The female Truck will get a little more time to veg, she looks more kush oriented and is only about 12" tall now. Here's a look at the youngsters. And here is the Truck dude. The 2 remaining Phuuu's IPA clones are 8 weeks in 12's now. Another week or so and they will be done. Even though I have grown this cross time and again I never tire of looking at her. That's all for now. Busy month ahead but I'll try to sneak an update in before Santa comes. Best wishes to all of you.
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    Who's Scruffy Looking? This is the pot that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.
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    Sadly we had to stop the session and harvest the plants at least 2 weeks too early. We lost the battle against the temperatures and we couldnt heat the grow room up high enough. We decided to end this grow and start in another room that is better insulated and - finally - heatable. Still.... we are still impressed with the genetics of the Grüne Hessin and will do another round with her. Even under those really AWEFULL circumstances (no heating, bad start, everything just in a touch and go manner) we managed to produce some quite solid buds. Thank you everybody. We shall return. And next time we hope to really rock the shit out of the Mädels! Grobi and TBH say thank you @all and - until next time!!!
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    always sounds so negative when people call others a chucker, but as long as i am not breeding (= selecting from HUNDREDS of plants ect) i won't ever call myself that. others might already call themselves breeders (while obviously also "just" chucking ... same as everybody else), but i can't help when people believe what they want to believe and eat up straight lies. but fact is: "breeding" is not made in a tent ... seedmaking is, tho and that's what we are all doing but that's just my personal opinion, haha. if anyone wants to "breed" his seeds (merely call it that), then do knock yourselves out, fellas ... freedom, baby !!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ anyhoo, here's the last photodrop of this run with living plants smoke reports and dry-pics follow later on ... *lazySAN* thermite, 70 days (= wifi, LC cut x sour diesel ibl 2010) tayberry #4, 77 days (blueberry indica F5 x chocolate thai f4) tayberry #1, 77 days (BBI F5 x CT F4) a oaxacan plant i had going along (i didn't show that one yet, i think) not esko's selection, this is made by charlie garcia -> red hair lemon she takes 77 days and has been with me since 2015 or so ... amazing mexican, but she herms -> no seeds for open releases. and last but not least: the lemon piñata (tijuana landrace x lemon thai), day 81 enjoy your smokes, everyone. good vibes , SAN
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    Sundae sunsets trained and ready for the next trellis. I’ll be flipping once they adjust. Sundae sunset = sundae driver x sunset sherbet. Ala cannarado genetics.
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    I am not here to throw stones, as I have at times lived in this glass house. However, given the reason I came here in the first place in addition to respect I have for Sannie, this place and its members I really want to say something. Not have to, I want to. First I think its important that we all remember that although we are a community, we are all guests here. This place is provided as a service, free of charge, by Sannie's Shop. The content on this board reflects on its owners, and can easily have a positive or negative affect on their business. Aside from a place to support their customers and offer insight into the business, Sannie and his crew have given us all a place to learn, discuss, share, and become a community of like minded people all working to the same goal: Grow great plants. If the latter started to interfere or negatively impact the former, I can see them shutting down the community side of things and leaving this as a blog for sannie and support forum for customers only. I know I would. So, if you are going to do, or say, something that you wouldn't normally in a social setting while a guest at someone else's place, don't do it here. The same rules civility apply. At least they should. To that end, I suggest (and I'll be copying this over to the "This Website" forum to discuss there) a "Drama Zero Tolerance" policy. Anybody post that breaches the general and accepted rules of civil behavior while you are a guest at someone else's place should be flagged by the community and deleted by the mods. The poster should be warned, and if the offence is repeated he should be banned. Secondly, IMHO, a lot of folks seem to think that growing and breeding is an art, and they are wrong. Growing is a science. Plant genetics are a science. Granted, there is a large margin of error involved which allows a lot of people to claim that "their way" is the best way because "it works" and can prove it with pictures of the time it worked best for them. But really, there is a science here and the margin of error and amount of variables involved can make a lot of people look good, even when they do not understand why. There is room for disagreement in science, there is even room for opinion and legitimate "educated guessing". I mean, it was only within the past 5 years or so that an acceptable theory of how matter passed from the bottom of the plant to the top was tested and proven. So there is likely a lot still for us to learn, and answers to questions to be debated. But when you have a legit disagreement over a methodology, or even a genetic, well there is a simple way to put your money where your mouth is. Show us. Research. Provide references and foot notes, recent pictures. Hell we have all seen those cop shows where two cops get into a disagreement and settle it in the boxing ring. We, as growers and adults, should be able to settle our differences in a similar way with a grow off instead of just mouthing off no? Side by side, my theory vs yours, all variables listed. There is my two bits. Take care everyone. I have read, enjoyed and even learned from posts by the two members involved in this kerfuffle. I hope they can agree to disagree or ignore each other and keep contributing. From Santero the wise: DB
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    On deck for next run. Purple Urkle x Super Skunk, right pot largest plant (more in another room). Blueberries & Chocolate, 4 plants in left pot top right and middle. Aztec Rain x Birds of Paradise and or Uzbekistan, left pot bottom same size as BB&Chocolate
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    In Colorado, reefer is pretty cheap from dispensaries in comparison to MI. I expect the prices to go down, but not very quickly. A HUGE number of towns and other political entities have opted out of allowing Cannabis sales — something like 80%. Detroit included, though they'll probably start allowing it next year, sometime after January 31. Most people have to travel to Ann Arbor for legal weed, at this time. This will keep prices up. What you would think would bring prices down has not — every household in the state can have 12 plants growing at any time. A med card gets you 12 more, unless you live alone. Even though people can grow it, they don't.
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    Three of the nine Lemon Haze seedlings are almost ready while the others can go for another week or two. And the nine Shiva Skunk cuts are building nicely! And that's all for now!
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    .....there´s nothing on the Desktop ! ....i.m guessing too,it´s just for Mods!
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    these are indeed stains on the chests of the people that posted, but not really necessarily bad for the place, imho. it's good when people can see who they are dealing with. new and more positive frontpages would need to be made. favorably by the ones that learned from their mistakes and convincingly show it too if they stay the same ignorant eejits, then there will be no change of course. stains will keep ap- pearing from time to time and enabling these kinda peepz won't make them stop. it's not this places task to change people to the better. we can only make visible what is there. they need to change themselves if they want "uncomfortable stains" to get unimportant again. all that immense drama before and all the drama after it, will not destroy this place. members come and go, the board always stays ... that's how it was and will be, imo.
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    If you like energetic peppery weed with some citrus thrown in you’ll love a well selected sannies jack!
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    Hey Darth, Phuuu's IPA is so named because her buds smell like a good IPA beer. I noticed this the first time I grew it and through various internal crosses of it that smell has been retained. I had it tested and it's only measurable terpene is Myrcene which is the main terpene in hops. I believe the high Myrcene content may be why it is so effective for my nerve pain but that is conjecture. Thanks for stopping by.
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    It's prices like those that keep the black market strong... $130 for a quarter of an ounce is an insane amount to pay... it's not even that high here in Cali. California is about to raise it's cannabis tax at the beginning of the year, so I suppose we'll see what that will mean to consumers here. All bad, I'm sure. All these legal/medical states have hopes of abolishing the black market with their legal cannabis. Unfortunately, this will never happen when states become so greedy with cannabis taxes and hike prices up so high that it becomes unaffordable to those that need it most. In turn, the exact opposite happens every time, the black market becomes much stronger and offers affordable cannabis to anyone in need, for a much cheaper price. Better yet... get some seeds of something that sounds good to you, grow it, harvest it and see if that doesn't beat what you could have bought for $130 a quarter at the dispensary. I'm thankful I know how to grow my own... as long as I can, I will never have to buy it.
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    @saxo yea I also like it, very relaxing smoke but makes me a bit sleepy so I prefer smoking it in the evening I'm looking for the ultimate evening smoke tho, that's why I popped the other 2 seeds Here's some pics of SAD 2 (the 2nd pheno) This one has a fruity smell while the 1st one is rater sweet/musky I grew both for the 3rd time now, but I still can't decide which one I should kepp. The 1st one seems to be stronger but I really like the fruity smell of nr. 2. The next plants that get harvested will be propably the gorilla girls or one of the SilverFields since they all look done already, but I wanna give them at leat 9 weeks coz 8 feels too early Cya and take care
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    I have been waiting for this moment. 10 days since the females first showed pistils.
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    @Darth Budder a little late reply...from my side. good question bro. It is herijuana you are smoking i think. only not a exact single gene but the name the breeders gave to there creation Herijuana as a cross is great for those looking to get stoned to the bone. Killer new heaven x Petrolia headstash is the genetic make up of Herijuana.(if im not mistaken)Pick apart those strains on seedfinder to see what has been reportedly used to establish the Herijuana cross. This is the only way of getting any ((certainty))about the gene you are working with. The plants we work with are just as diverse as us humans if not more. multihybridisation of our own potential stock is wat we use to create our strains. selecting nothing but the best aspects in overal potency traits derived from a already potent genepool. i hope this info gives you something to work with. Just again like with humans bottlenecking is key to ensure potency. stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH greetz Rhinocbd
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    Heya Here's some pics of the SAD 1
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    If I'm re-posting this sorry, but it kinda fits the discussion,
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    @Maria_sanchez here's some purpling from another clone... I threw this one outside a few weeks ago and the cooler weather has definitely got her to shine
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    We have lost the ability to have patience, be kind, to look at it from anothers point of view. Our world has become harsh, keyboard warriors never having to face those they attack eye to eye. We have lost our integrity. I do not like it either and I try Not to be like that, that is all we can do, show the better way. I do attack at times, and then I don't like I do and wish I had the temperament to ignore at those times.
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    Aztec Rain x Birds of Paradise (and / or ) Uzbekistan. 2 summers ago I started the summer crop early, so plants were pretty large to start and I set them out to early which threw them into pre flower, so I had 3 ea BOP & Uzbekistan males that I let do their thing on the pre flowers of 4 different females one being an Aztec Rain of which I got 2 seeds off of and here they are, curious to see how they turn out. Males were pulled as plants kick back into veg. Good way to make seed without fucking up the whole crop.
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    Nice little male Purple Urkle x Super Skunk in the small tent. I’ll let him veg a little longer then flower him out and grab some pollen.
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    I no longer have a grow of my own do to the twist and turns one sometimes has to deal with in life.. but.... https://www.capitolplantcare.com/ The things I talk about you can find them here. www.culturalhealingandlife.com I do it all. You apply plant physiology knowledge and I am very confident you will only get better. I edited this in: I will add, knowing your strain, either by clone or main phenos to even understanding a bit of the phenos so that you can navigate the grow. I really have should of mentioned that having as much knowledge of the genetic and then applying plant physiology is what will enable optimum growing. This way you can be ontime with the changes to environment to nutrition to better optimize those genetics rather than playing catch up. It is the small differences that can make the biggest impact, its rarely a big thing as the understanding of growing you already have and apply. The changes will typically be in tighter buds, strong terpine development and strong strength generally associated with a good brix. As knowledge is applied from all applicable directions you will fine tune and it is in that difference that will go a long way to help you stand out from the crowd so to speak. It's a tool and there are many ways to use those tools and interpret those tools to a degree. I take nothing away and have full respect for all growers. I mean no indifference nor disrespect. I was once just a regular grower but I can't just do anything small. If I give something energy, it gets it all. I speak here out of respect to Sannie. Just about all those I knew then are gone, many in life and in online. I am just a relic but a wise one. Karma Up! HD!
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    Big Willies, Little Willies, and then I have none lol I am just happy to produce a plant I can make medicine with, on occasion I will pull worthy of bragging, but not often lol I love what I can Do with this plant. I am so damn glad you do not have to be a rocket scientist to grow lol I have seen some amazing grows, and those growers always produce stunning grows I know I will never be like them, but I just do it all as simple as could be, those that go the science route blow me away with theirs, I am just happy to produce it, need no brag rights. Thank God for cannabis, the healing miracle, and Thank God for breeders producing the medicinal ones out here.
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    Professional growing is science. Anyone can grow pot but to optimal grow cannabis, well that is a whole other thing. Most people "think" they get optimum results until they meet someone like me. The key difference is they don't know the science and misinterpret their grow. Not saying they have poor but big difference in those without knowledge and those who do. Learn:. Plant physiology, environment, nutrition, media/soil/hydro and lighting. All your answers.
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    Hi San, are you shure? Tryed it today and can´t find any "button" to remove single pics. Can you please explain "how to..."? Thanx
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    I think i should shut the fuck up but being the asshole i proudly am im going in..... I think you should apologize to each other and all the readers here and there Heres why Cause thats what fucking real men do. I was a dick to fool a while back My points were vaild We don't have to agree But my tone and words made look stupider Than i really am hehehe Words chosen correctly..... No ass kissing Sure sure debate Sure you do not have to accept Agree or adopt anyone's position But don't treat each other like shit heads Dad told me a long time ago dont argue With assholes Hard for innocent buystanders to tell who's who We all have done it Real men realize their errors and apologize That simple. Both of ya seem like cool dudes Ya may never be buddies but hate festers And it really hurts yourself more than the other guy If yall think about it and no shit it kinda feels good when the air is cleared and some form Of peace is made. Anyway yall brought it here and well im an asshole and jumped it Peace
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    Nobody knows what cultivars GSC are made of, that chart is what some believe. People over here in the know do not believe there’s Durban in it.
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    @sunstone Great Post! if i had a male i would have made F2 already... but with these 2 interstellar females i do have and the Power FOOKIES FEM that turned out so beautiful i have to give it a go. because for those not willing or knowing how to spend the effort(of separating male and female). it would be a better chance for customers to end up with quality smokes with these feminized beans... selection and crossing into fem will only ensure/enhance the selected potency. but i am not done with these strains lots more work coming up...more time i need... i did not like femming either until i was smacked in the face by reality! as we smoked the 3 feminized plants from Power FOOKIES fem shooting our minds up into space... so FOOKIES wil drop as a fem at first!! until i find a wanted male to further enhance it to F2 etc.... Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    That has been a few years back...I was just saying they wouldn't delete any picture for any reason. Once you post them, they are there forever. They might delete one if it is bad or hurtful but you get the point.
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    Drying...... Stay safe and Fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    In the mean time. Some lab tested at 22.91 percent total THC, Pure Kush. Along with a day 59 picture of the rear center cola tip.
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    You cannot, and they WILL NOT............why I no longer post anything anymore. If I cannot control it, i will no longer post it here.
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    Let’s see what I find first keep an eye out
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    Silverfields pumping hard!
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    It's been bit, took a little break to regroup. Gotta a few pics. The group consists of Yeah Buddy, left rear and front right. Front left is Indican's Quintessential Kush. Hiding right rear are 2 Perkins Cut. Yeah Buddy, 46 days, 7 gallons vs 2 gallons. The 2 gallon gal has been eating her fans for a week. Buds are thicker on 7 gallon girl. Perkins Cut in 2 gallon bags. They probably won't yield much. I forced them to show sex, which took forever, and they wouldn't revert back to veg, so they are gonna be stubby chicks.
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    Small update. 1st pig potted up is doing well. Roots on the needed green cup clone have finally got some action and just got readjusted and watered in. 2weeks = into a pot. Mall other cuts have root bumbs to one extent or another. As u will see one little pig has a nice bumpy stem I wish I could faithfully duplicate all the time but thankful as is for her. the 3 big pig moms still have their pistils in an all white stage and that’s it. I’m thinking about using the 250mh to flower the big moms as soon as their replacements are potted up. So, 9 weeks is flower time for both approx. I have to play this by sight. Closed window so temps will be 70 deg’s bit not lower to slow things down. As is the lower temps help me contain the big moms
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    Another one bites the dust! Thanks for the heads up, it's much appreciated! Good lookin out, you guys... like the OpenGrow neighborhood watch, I like it!
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    Sometimes we have more dramas than soap operas and beauty salons. Lights peace pipe, Puff puff give! Happy holidays to all!
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