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    Best looking female, so far. The One / Panama x PCK / Chocolate Thai.
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    Sour Diebble(Sour D Riri x Sour Bubble): Gorilla Glue:
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    I attempted making galaxy lollipops, but I sure can not get a picture of them! They are cool, they are 3D, not necessarily galaxy ha! but cool looking, have to practice . Got a new mold so trying it out, the second one is watermelon, and I got them a nice 80mg each on those.
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    Time for another update. The 2 Megafauna's (kali snapple x ssh) and single Phuuu's IPA girls are 5 weeks in 12's now and worth a look. The Megafauna's are very different in appearance but share a similar smell that is hard to define. Number 2 has big fan leaves and large rounded buds, it is also a darker green color. Number 3 is very sativa looking and has a lighter shade of green and long slender young colas forming. I hit both with pollen from the Megafauna dude and it looks like both took so I will have more of these to play with down the road. I also hit the IPA so hoping to have some Mega IPA seeds as well. This Phuuu's IPA is showing more AK47 than is usual. I have had this pheno a couple of times already and am glad to see it back. I have 2 cuts from it that are ready to up-pot to #5's and then go to 12's shortly. Here's a look at the little IPA's Flower room. Megafauna #2 @ 5 weeks Megafauna #3 @ 5 weeks Phuuu's IPA @ 5 weeks Looking forward to how these Mega's finish up, seems there is always something special in a Dynasty cross and these two show potential. That's it for now. Hope you all are hanging in there and staying safe. Take care people.
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    Just finished a grow of a pack of Chocolate Rain, had five females, keeping two for a second run. Quite pleased with the pack.
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    Harvest time left killaqueenxbluehammerX silverfields and right ipa x huck @BeachBud thank you brother!!
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    Excited about these, on deck for next indoor and outdoor run. grow bags on left, Relic Seeds Big Cheese (Critical Mass f2 x Exodus Cheese Bx1) regular pots on right @Indican Durbin Thai High Flyer x 68 Afghani.
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    Today it's the forty-seventh day of flowering.
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    Check out the coupon on Grand Rapids Sunday Press
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    Now I made Chocolate, Give me a new machine and I am off to the races Has to set up yet, soft serve ice cream, made out of melted Belgian chocolate.
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    Dang more delicious food. How about some Ice Cream! Ice cream is delicious on a hot sunny day, infused even better! Made with fresh vanilla bean, 100mg 1/2 cup.
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    The turn around is insane All cindy except one cherry bomb
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    Just a quickie. Pretty damn sure the light leek I found is the last one. But don’t think it was the herm cause. The window did that fo sho smdh. Still this was for insurance. BF226B06-8E31-4A7F-B6B3-D4668F250873.MOV E44122E4-5AC5-4404-AED5-5137AD2C9198.MOV
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    Purple punch and Mac1 at three weeks
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    I made the gum so I could make these blow pops I wasn't sure I could do that, but it worked
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    Hi Some pics from @4lv1nn Ciao
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    Bloomday 64 Very nice Aroma.. I think i give them some days more, i will soon harvest two plants, the other two days later. They smell like Orange Bud.. with a little afgahn or critical note.. Very delicious.. #1 #2 #3 #4
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    A free gram, but now I can't get a haircut until mid-June. It's Woodstock III over here.
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    I see no issues at grocery stores in the area live in. I make the energy that sends groceries to many many grocery stores on the east coast area. there are no shortages on our end. Never was. In times when we were short people, the store was contacted and asked to lower their orders so that we could meet the shipping deadline but they chose what they took off, not us. A vast many of the issues are people not going to work and not real shortages. You have many people who are taking advantage of the situation but this is what happens when you pay the lower wages to these jobs. Some kind of benefit needs to come to these workers. I am paid well so I cannot complain but most "essential" employees in the food industry are paid low and we all see how much they risk. In the end, it will be a shut up and get back to work for most. Next year this time I do think we will be talking about the economic booms. It will turn around but we need a song for all the lost people, businesses, and properties that are gone or now owned by others. The meat processors might be a bad bump. Some big major ones shut down for a minute or two but I think they are opened back up. Not sure what to expect on that one. For meat, that is like us shutting down. You will go hungry and wipe again with unconventional things lol. I think more online shopping is going to be a bigger choice for more people than before the corona.
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    Back with the PHK green pheno @ 63 days and harvest.
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    Day 86 first spot of amber so they got the chop. Also my Miss USA for the next run is starting to struggle in the tiny veg tent so needed to get the flower tent available. Just ordered a Rosin press looking forward to dab some of this sativa
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    Well shits been pretty wild here in the land of 10,000 lakes that last few days so on to the fun stuff. Got the new light and it's now bright as fuck in the tent. For 250 total combined watts between the 2 lights I'm quite impressed (found out my Mars hydro light had been running at around 80% power since I got it. When I put the spider farmer in the tent which is 50w less powerful it was alot brighter so I investigated the Mars hydro light). Everything looking good
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    Been messing around with some video production lately too! Watch it in full screen if ya can... Covid19…a novel response - Small.mov
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    @baqualin is making me buy more seeds again. You know, even though we've never met, few people have gotten me to buy more seeds than you. Let's see - Silverfields, Pineapple Fields, two Irie strains (to be popped within the next two weeks) and who knows what else. Now it looks like I'm being forced at gunpoint to buy more.
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    Relic is a division of Dynasty, Prof. P's personal preservation project.
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    Old school, Lowryder 2's 9 and half weeks from seed, today.
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    Well, this WAS going to be my last grow before summer, lol, but a virus got in the way. These are Lowryder 2 F2's and and 3's from 10 years ago, one of my first grows (first was White Widow). 23 seeds, 10 no shows, 5 hermies, and seven nice females. I've always loved this plant, smells just like you barbecued a mango inside a lit rubber tire. Not the strongest, but just a great breezy summer time Brazilian sativa high. Classic totem pole bud pattern in these two, others are more Christmas tree like. I had about 50 seeds, just through the remainder behind my tomato plants, gonna try some stealth, lol. Be well, everyone. Peace.
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    Well 25 muscovey ducklings are in transit Another month and my pure breed lines 35 chicks will arrive. These are coloured egg layers and breeding st Or will be sold. French copper marans who are breeders And my welshies The pekings grew fast looks like boy girl The isa browns are all hens im thinking Roosters are all or mostly white Most excellent Garden grows I picked lettuce 2 times in 5 days Its the kind that keeps growing if ya trim it Corn loves MG lol
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    The cookies are getting frosty!
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    Day 80 no sign of amber yet. Think i see a seed here and there
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    Shes done I almost got her One cola is nice with amber and the others not so much I think Saturday i will chop her. Super quick Dense Whomever created this is a Hero Amazing plant.
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    Bloomday 54 Amazing Aroma.. #1 #2 #3 #4
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    We all know how it is. I was debating between firefly and lemon sunrise for one of my selections. It doesn't seem like you could go wrong. Lemon sunrise won me over because he mentions pine scent. Lemon + pine and my heart is off to the races. I heard him describe the strawberry starburst scent, and it sounds like that is a plant I'll need to grow at sometime or another. He should sell on Sannie's site, and become known in Europe.
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    Cool, lemme know how she smokes when the time comes.
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    When combining plants in a pot to create a dense even canopy, small plants work really well. These four plants were each big enough that they couldn't help but invade their neighbor's space. The stems are lashed together to form a rough circle. It is important to keep all of the stems and branches within the footprint of the pot. The pot on the left, below, is the same as the one above. The difference is roughly eight days. The 'strain' is Afghan CBD x Strawberry Backcross. Same stuff I have been harvesting the last couple of weeks. I wanted to see mature leaves on all of the branches. Tonight she can start 12/12. The pot on the right is about a week behind the pot on the left. The strain on the right is Madchem x Critical. Each plant is responsible for putting out six branches or so. As long as the growth sites are evenly distributed around the pot, there is very little interference between the branches as they develop.
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    looks awesome! how's the smell and everything on the different phenos?
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    Harvest! This is the second 3-gallon pot of Afghan CBD x SBC (Strawberry backcross). Started with three plants, but had to cut what turned out to be a male. The taller branches on these plants were cut back. This allowed some of the lower branches to catch up and contribute, instead of getting shaded out. The first time I grew these seeds out, I was impressed by the high of one of the plants. It had comforting indica qualities, but it also had some high CBD content from the ACBD. This time around, I have not found any high CBD plants. But that's okay. Because, if they are not high in CBD, they make up for it with THC. These plants without the CBD content still inherit the Afghan characteristics from the mom. The result is a heavy hitting indica. This is an awesome night strain. I still have another round of these vegging. They won't start flowering for another week or so. This is a another keeper strain.
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    Hi OpenGrow! Welcome to my grow room: I'm from Denmark and have been growing indoors since 2019. Weed is illegal in Denmak and you can mostly get hash from marocco on the street and it's not cheap. Therefor i decided to grow my own, which was the best decision i have ever made I started out growing auto's only and moved on to photo plants as i got more experienced and comfortable with the plants. This grow report is going to be a grow and show thread where i'm going to post pics from the growroom. I'm growing in soil (Light-mix) And i use Big Plant Science as fertilizer, it's a Danish brand and it's optimized for our water - No PH adjustments. I'm looking for some sort of DWC system instead of soild but haven't found the right setup yet. Sorry for broken english, i hope you enjoy 9 Pound hammer, harvested at day 63: Serious Happiness harvested at day 60: Sensi Star flowering about day 32: That's all for now - I will update as i take new pictures
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    The indica-doms are about ready for harvest, so I brought them to the front of the tent. They had some of the best spots for the last 7 weeks. I think they'll be chopped at 8 weeks The first two pics are the Peyote Pancakes. If grown in a better way, like a SOG with only Peyote Pancake or similarly growing plants, I think this could be a good producer. Almost all trichs are cloudy (no amber), but there are still white pistils, so they're not going to see the ax today. They seem to be seriously nice, dense buds. Not a huge amount of scent. I couldn't quite come up with a description, but much different than the Lemon Bubba. And speaking of Lemon Bubba, here she is. Really pretty buds. About half are cloudy. As you can see, the grow area in my house does not have the greatest lighting for picture taking. But these bud close-ups are pretty, none-the-less. And while I was shifting things around, my favorite Pineapple Fields (a pheno A, I'm pretty sure) was available, so here are a couple of random buds: This is a pineapple-melon-citrus scented baby. She produces a lot and has nice bud structure, so I'm really hoping she pleases the cerebrum. Well, that will probably do it for pics until the beginning of the bloodbath sap bath, next week.
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    May sound gay but growing weed gave me sanity When all this bullshit in the world happened I was like a lot of folks Unsure almost to but luckily not so far as to be paralyzed It did seem as though everything was going in slow motion for a while there I told myself just keep the grow going In 8 weeks we will see whats what in life The grow was my anchor if that makes sense I tuned out of all tv except the tube and then only watched happy stuff Every day i come home and folks were freaking Hiding. Under beds lol I was quite unsettled to But then i poke my head in the tent And my plants would say to me Its all right Relax I know ...i know Some how having their stability added to mine Anyways beautiful day in the southland Cindys in tent is nearly done Big one in 10 coming along nicely And 3 more stretch
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    Looking nice! I used to love C99, but as I got older, it just became a bit too speedy for me. I've got a bunch if Mosca's C99 BX F2's I made, that was all the rage a few years ago, not sure who has the "real" C99 these days, but Brother's Grimm is back in business. Heck, when I started growing 15 years ago(50 if you count the hippie ditch weed grows, lol) C99 was the holy grail, but you couldn't find seeds anywhere. Then they started popping up again a lot 6-7 years ago. Your's are darn pretty!
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    Still creating art... Still under the influence of heroic amounts of weed.... and psilocybin
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    Ok here’s a few pics clones getting ready for the Octopots and a solo cup of the same clone at 6 or 7 weeks into flower gives me a little insight on what they should be like This was a fun project I’ll do it next time but will collect pollen on a fee Male’s and do a seed run
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    Plenty of landrace/heirloom sativas have broad leaves, I've grown several and seen many more. It's possible Nirvana worked some Skunk in there, but I wouldn't say the pics prove that. I recommend you don't let the Eldorado go too long. I did, and it may have ruined it. It's weak and it has a muddy, jittery high. The only thing I like about it is the strong fuelly smell. Hope you have better results.
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