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    Gator bait! Funky and dense!
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    well ugly needs represented too. 4 were started at flower switch on 11/26. A Killer Grape S1, a Honey Badger Haze, a Amnesia Star, one lost labeled girl, these have another few weeks, at best. I left enough space to add Mac Stomper after a few weeks. Then about 2 weeks ago put a Big Chillz in. She had recovered much better from the terrible hiding game I played with them for FAR FAR TO LONG! The LET (last tent ever) has amazing smells going on in there, buds are very sticky, very fragrant, and my GLA LED's are pulling some of the nicest colors I've seen on my HBH and she has been with me for years now!! Fantastic work prawn!!
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    Sunshine daydream x chocolate diesel from Useful, filling in nicely at 49 days.
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    Are you Sure you want us all to stop arguing about cultural politics? Remember what happened Last Time...
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    Scarlet Begonias #3 got chopped about an hour ago. Kind of a wine and roses scent. We'll see after a few weeks in a jar. She definitely produced. Wouldn't it be amazing if she was also the keeper? A few buds: My Lemon Sunrise clone came down yesterday. She always produces more than I have any right to expect. The big difference between these two is that Lemon Sunrise will make you jump. Scarlet Begonias is powerful, but doesn't have any raciness/paranoia about it. I still have a couple of Blueberry Butchers, another Scarlet Begonias and another Dark Hollow to go. I doubt they'll see next weekend.
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    Blue God - Bloom Day 13 86.1 F 51% RH 800 PPM So it appears that I may have waited a week too long to flip because these plant are getting very big very fast. Stems are getting thick and the main stalks are almost silver dollar size. I keep upping the PPMs and I haven’t seen a single spot on these leaves. This is the fun of growing new strains cause you just never know how it’s going to go. This strain is a monster grower. I am seriously considering defoliating at 2 weeks instead of 3 because my light is at its max height.
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    Sister pheno with more of a greezy fruity smell with the creamy chocolate
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    While researching for cancer, I found some great info on CBG, it actually repairs nerves, gives an appetite, is anti-nausea, better than CBD, no info if it keeps cancer from metastasizing so could not sub out CBG for CBD for cancer treatment, but could be added to it. But not at the same time, should be given a few hours apart because it can negate some of the benefits of CBD. I had known a few of these things, but had never read about how well it heals nerves. I have never found anything to treat neuropathy pain, I think mine is a bit more complex due to MS and diabetes, but cannabis so far has not touched it. CBG is supposed to treat it really well. Got to talking to a friend here, and I told him like CBD used to be so hard to find so is CBG. He came up with 30 pounds of it for me to process! I am hoping it does actually work for neuropathy, nerve pain is the most difficult to treat, we might have a new line of defense in the cannabis world.
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    Covid Sniffing Dogs Do the dogs wear little masks What if he nozzles Someone with the Omacron Now it's on me Bad dog
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    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want. So not to be a pain but the title says it all. Moderation = CensorshipI am very set against that for the obvious reasons.
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    I recommend making a space that you exhaust your grow room into with rated filter and fan for that area. Too big is an issue as it is with too small. I have seen many times people use a barely rated fan and it essentially is underpowered in reality for their situation. More angles and such with ventilation can cause this easy. - grow room filters into another area. - that room is then filtered again as it is exhausted outside. In periphery areas add ozone or ona smell products or whatnot. Good for entry areas and such. I would change my filters every 1/2 year to 3/4 year. I never pushed it. Keep grow area clean as possible. Check for dust build ups such as ontop of lights and such. If dusty there, that's caked in your filter too. This is more important than most appreciate.
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    I am going to say a political then shut my mouth. I love America and what I see happening is very alarming, I am scared we are losing our democracy. The Russians have infiltrated us with their bots, and we think we are fighting with fellow Americans, they came to conquer and divide us and that is what they have done. We are too dumb to wake up and realize we are going to lose our democracy. The same thing is happening here, the little guys can not make this place great without some moderation going on, and it might just be too late.
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    A mention here and there is not bad, but when we start arguing or being offended by what folks say about politics, time to shut it down, we don't need to fight over that crap.
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    6" carbon filter is overwhelmed. Weed smell, something rotting and some syrupy Sweet smells. Early early SD style fade on some. No biggie. Thank for stopping in!
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    How will you monitor and dump the pan under the bucket? Dish/pan platform Just installed the PSU (Power supply) converts 220V AC to 32V DC (low voltage and save)
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    It’s been a while, so I thought I would pop in say hello and show my latest project. Not really a bud shot, but it’s pretty and potent. A little Purple Mystic for your pleasure! Hope Everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New Years!! Baq
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    Great looking finish! Wine & roses just sounds incredibly appealing.
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    This is what I like: a plant that produces, in spite of the abuse I give it. This is good ol' Scarlet Begonias #3. The scents on this one have changed almost daily. I won't guess how it will end up after curing. It started with apple and spice. More recently it had a rose-like scent. A major producer.
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    So, I caught a 50% off sale = FuckCovid sale at soaknbeans. It took me awhile to choose and this buy wasn’t in the budget ahead of time. i could have spent 911 veterinarian funds but no beans are worth the risk. so, I chose for me a no brainer based on the mother and the fact these were regular seeds not fems. His Abusive Diesel he’s kept a long time over a decade if I recall. this is the same cultivar he pollinated with his clone bubble gum mother. Testers were given these as a thank you for testing and i for one really appreciate it. will they be combined though is the question and the answer is fuk yeah MOs def. i still need to buy the pure bubblegum fems when my budget and then being in stock coincides. been many years pining over left Bubblegum. Since They are fems and I’ve seen them grown it’s mandatory I get these this year. MOs def I’ll save the big surprise for later when it’s done and not just an idea. Ha Ape Tranquilizer (Abusive Diesel X GG#4) X Shut Eye F2 Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks Genetics (Abusive Diesel X GG#4) X Shut Eye F2 Seeds Per Pack 12 so, not the standard description like most strains have on listed but since it’s notable I post it. Description "Most offensively, pungently loud terps in this line. Smells from axle grease, to garlic, to chem, to garlic flavored soft plastics. This match up is one for the ages." ~bayoucitygreenthumb I don’t know this dude but requested to follow him just now.
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    Update All BLG girls are in pots now and the problem child is now turning green. Roots on her were fine but she needed nutes to suit her. Added Epsom salts more frequently and molasses to my normal nute water. made a seed scuffer = 2 sheet sandpaper with plenty of left over, to sand down window seal from cat scratching. As you can see the tent has transformed into a good looking vegetative house. Two boys in pots and one still in a cup, the top from the boy in a cup has roots but will let them continue to grow out before transplant into the same pot who’s male will be killed and soul reused. Lady has to pick up the remaining male and if she doesn’t do that soon enough he will die too. Will only keep 2 small males from now on and cut them back as they get bigger. That’s going to happen to the male in the cup today. 2 Ltr planters are perfect for SOG grows, plants going into 3 gal and above pots as well as those slated to go in ground outside. If you like the drink, planter is free. Ha
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    @Automan as long as you are able to show consideration after being asked for it = all fine. enjoy
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    You seriously need to write a book and have your forum set up to bleed off the book. The knowledge you have is amazing.
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    Thanks Gardenartus! I’ve been fine tuning my pre flower shaping and pruning, I hate trimming larf buds. This is the first seed run of her, they both smell undeniably creamy European chocolate. Not sharp like Hershey, very creamy. The shorter gal leans heavy with berry tones up front with plenty of chocolate in the mix.
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    How's that one smoke, had Sunshine dream, very potent, does this taste or smell like chocolate? you have nice-looking buds.
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    AGP, Thanks! Taller gal is all pine with a hippy funk down deep. Her shorter sister smells mostly of lemon permanent markerish “fume” with a more subtle pine. Notes from this run.. She was first to show me when she was tired of the 3 gal bags in veg, and the only one to need extra oyster shell flower. I’m going to be popping the rest very soon
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    I almost got a pack of these. Curious, what does she smell like? Looks fire!
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    Those national guard troops would have cell phones today.
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    Easy to take care of that all ya gotta do is reach out!
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    Nutes were screwed up, but the buds look like they'll do the trick. Apple scented Scarlet Begonias: Apple scent is still the most prominent, but there are the scents in the background that would make you think twice if an actual apple you were going to eat smelled like this. (Hey! Who peed on my apple??) Only took 9 weeks, from seed. One of the Blueberry Butcher girls is also ready. I expect the others to come down before the end of week 10. Blueberry Butcher is (Blueberry Cookies) x Jack the Ripper F2. This one smells like blueberry-mint, which is very much the way Blueberry Cookies smells, which is somewhat disappointing. The buzz might make up for it. It's a nice scent and all, but the buzz from blueberry cookies is not my favorite — too much toward the indica side of things for me. One of the remaining girls smells like a combination of BBC and JTR. I have greater expectations of that one. Three Scarlet Begonias, two Blueberry Butchers, one Dark Hollow and one Lemon Sunrise clone to go. It's about the time I should either be rooting clones or popping some seeds.
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    The hulkberry-first time I've grown her, not sure what the high is like. She has a diesel smell with a very slight berry smell.
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    A couple of Scarlet Begonias, a Blueberry Butcher and a Dark Hollow have been chopped and are drying. Early impressions: Scarlet Begonias: Only one pheno checked- the apple one. It now has developed a scent like a sweet apple slice that someone wiped under their sweaty armpit. (An improvement over my initial impression, that it was like an apple that a dog peed on). It is a high-flying sativa buzz, but needing no paranoia warning. Blueberry Butcher I would say is roughly 60% sativa, but has the ability to make a newbie paranoid if over-done. The scent is strongly menthol/pine, with some fruity undertones. Dark Hollow will NOT be replacing Peyote Pancake as my go-to, put-me-to-sleep indica. It's powerful, but it's got some serious mind spark. I typically have a heavy indica loaded into my Mighty vaporizer, on my night table. When I wake up at 2 or 3 AM, I draw on it for a couple of minutes, and spiral down to sweet unconsciousness. Well, when filled with DH, I was kept awake for at least an hour, maybe more. I kind of doubt there is anything in the Irie Genetics lineup that can be used as a sleep aid. I think an Indican strain will be in my next seed run.
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    There was once a "no-politics pledge" for this website, and political bullshit was removed. I think that was a good idea. Political commentary was reserved for cannabis-related politics and laws.
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    Dang man, that scarlet begonias of yours is selling me something fierce! Standing by for that smoke report. Looking great man!
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    Available as of today at covidtests.gov 4 free Covid tests
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    Hi Misterdirt, This will be a custom made charcoal filter
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    To be an almost pure indica it definitely is surprising. I feel better because every picture I found of this strain looks the same.
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    I was born in east L.A. in the summer of 65 Things were so different then...
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    And now for something completely different
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    Stoned ramblings are dribbles? Anyway impressive if I do say so myself
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    Gaius Flavious Vaccimeious I got the vax, I also had one for polio yellow fever smallpox mumps tuberculosis tetanus ect, even rabies... I think the side effects of the Covid virus are far worse than a vaccine made out of it. What I never got was a Twitter account, or a Facebook or TicTok or instagrab or any of those other virtual dope habits. I see it all around me, people snorting Koolaid off their phones. I never dreamed that would get people so freaking High.
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    not a question if someone moderated or not. i sure hope that you understood that I DID (!) jet merely didn't like me doing it without favoritism towards him. so again: if there is trouble, JUST REPORT IT !!
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    This is my old age regiment. Works better too.
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    I just did a run of oil, Amazing return, I got 18% Back! I've never gotten more than 15% before. Beautiful oil as well. Love it when the oil runs turn out so grand.
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    Piecemaker pipe, stocking stuffer I picked up for my guy, we have not tried it yet, arrived late. Kind of cool.
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    It's almost the end of week 5 of veg, and everybody seems to be happy. I decided to try some minor defoliating — just removing some of the giant fan leaves to let the light hit those lower tops. Obviously, that one right up front has not lost many of her big fan leaves yet, but her sister did: I left the fan leaves at the top. We'll see how she does compared with the one up front. Both are Blueberry Butchers. Obviously I'm not yet game for the kinds of massive defoliating I've seen people do.
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    thanks SPW, I'm glad that I'm too old to take on a serious mj hobby the way that you have, you and others, are having all the fun and I appreciate the testing and knowledge on this site. I reserved myself to just the enjoyment of growing a few years ago with my limited time available. keep it green
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