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    The 21st day of flowering. Here's how the plants look a day after defoliation. I only left the lower leaves and removed nearly every leave that had a stem. I see that i missed a couple, but i'll remove them later.
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    Well, I've been working on some Lemon Thai F3 weed the last couple of days, except near bedtime. For me, it's a fairly unique plant, though I don't have a keeper this round. First, the great part — scent and taste. This stuff smells like you've shoved a straw up your nose and snorted dry lemonade mix. It is remarkable. For a while during the grow I was starting to sense other terps, besides limonene, but now I think that is pretty much it. And it is intense. On the way home from the field yesterday, I lite up a joint (rare for me, as I generally smoke bowls). This must be the best tasting weed I've ever smoked. So for scent and taste, 10 and 10. Bud structure is odd. If perfect, rock hard, indica-dom buds are 10, these would be down around 4, though they are much better than any other Thai dominant strain that I've seen. The buds are mostly tails — almost like claws, but the trimming is EASY. The non-10 buds are not really a big deal to me, but they could be important to some. If I like a strain, it looks the way it looks. For potency, I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. None of the three girls I had was very potent. It is true that I have been smoking A LOT lately, and if I were smoking less that could go up to a 7. The buzz is high-flying and a little energizing. Definitely daytime smoke. In spite of the potency score, I really like this stuff. I don't have a keeper, but I have more seeds. All three plants were super-lemony, like this one. I will grow it again, with something that might kick up the potency in a cross. At this point I'm thinking of pollinating @santero's Lemon Bubba with a male Lemon Thai. Which reminds me, I'll have to do a smoke report on that Lemon Bubba. I did find a keeper (my only girl) on that one. REGARDLESS: @smilestyle made and distributed these seeds a few years back (at least 5 years) so there might not be many around anymore. If you have them, and you're into lemony goodness, you have to crack them. When I cross it with Lemon Bubba, or whatever candidate, I'll test them and send them out, if worthy. But that will be next year. My current grow will go through most of October, and the next one will hog the rest of 2020. BTW, while we're on the subject of 2020, I'm giving the year a 1 out of 10. I do not recommend 2020.
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    I flipped them on Sunday or Monday (sorry, I can barely remember to eat lunch, lately), so it seems like time for a Meet The Girls post. A cotillion of cannabis debutantes, if you will. I didn't know what "debs" or debutantes were, until I lived in the south. I still kind of don't know what they are. It seems like there's some custom, among high society in the SE USA, to have a big party when a girl/woman is considered eligible for marriage, or something like that. Weird crap, they get their pics in the paper, blah, blah, blah. But anyway, on with the coming out party. First, @santero's Killer Cookies: Yes, it's my lovely basement with great lighting. The red level on the left is exactly 2 feet long, for scale. There seem to be 2 structural phenos — tall and spindly vs. somewhat shorter and heavy-stemmed. This might become meaningless as the grow continues. Here are the two on the right, to give a better idea. I didn't top any of the Killer Cookies, because they were cracked later than others, and I figured they'd have a better chance competing for light if they had one main stem. Obviously the spindly one branches much more readily: I'm guessing the one on the left is Killer Queen dominant and the one on the right GSC dominant? I've never grown either strain. So there seem to be two of each structural phenotype. Here are the other two: And now, Pink Lemonade. As I recall, I got these at Mosca's booth at some medical cannabis cup event here in MI, before I had a med card. Yeah, I got hold of a wrist band, greased up the hand and next thing ya know, I'm in there, stoned as all living fuck on free dabs, and I'm buying seeds — even though I had no place to grow them at the time, and wouldn't for another year and a half! Did I mention free dabs at literally every fucking booth in the place? Anyway, getting off topic. I'll tell you about the search for my car in the parking lot another time. OK, here we go. Look at these two. Using my intimate knowledge and experience with cannabis over many decades, I'm going to say we have a short pheno and a tall pheno here. The one on the right is the tall pheno. Any questions? Now for the Irie strains. This is Storm Front, the cross between White Widow and Rasta Jeff's magical, everything's gonna be all right Arise male. Very uniform structure to these two. The main difference you see is that I topped the one on the left. It reduced the height by about 5 cm, compared to the untopped one. I don't sense ~trouble~ from these two. I think they may fall into my category of well-behaved indoor plants. The next three are the Lemon Sunrise plants. Irie has a fem strain called Lemon Jeffrey. I listened to a podcast on the fem strain, and the advice given seems like it applies to this one. It's a bit stretchy. Each has been topped, and as soon as that happened, the first branches to come out had extra-long internodes, kind of negating the height-reduction effect of the topping. Looks like I'll be doing some LST and stalk squashing on these girls. Maybe early pruning, as well. As mentioned in the podcast on the fem mother, this strain seems to be a nutrient hog — especially with Mg. There is 1/4 cup of dolomitic limestone per gallon of soil, for a total of 1.25 cups of dolomite per pot, and they STILL got Mg deficiency symptoms on the lower leaves. Thats 0.3 liters of dolomite per 19 liters of soil, for those who don't use what we so fondly refer to as "the English system" of weights and measures. And finally, in an encore appearance, Peyote Pancake. Her clones branch out like crazy. Grown from seed, she wants to grow as a single cola, with smaller branches that parallel the main stalk. I guess this is another strain I'm due to write a smoke report for. Or did I do that already? Did I write that or just think it? I'l find out after I hit Submit Reply, I guess. Edit: After re-reading this, I think you deserve to know that today's writing style was brought to you by @ProfessorP's Pineapple Fields, pheno C! So go to Sannie's Shop and buy some seeds!
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    almost ready.... Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH
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    Hippy Crack Caramel Corn, this could get me in trouble now lol 100mg a cup.
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    I don't know. @smilestyle distributed them after he made them, and that was years ago. As mentioned, this will not be the end of the line for this strain. If I get something worth keeping, the seeds will be widely distributed.
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    August. How the heck did that happen? Summertime at the beach and the people are everywhere. Our population on this little peninsula rises by the thousands on a busy summer day so we spend much of our time these days hiding out at home. Good news is we have never gotten so much yard work done before as my aching muscles can attest. My flower room is filled with IPA's. The two elder girls are 61 days in and the 4 clones are 25 days in. I have been trying to turn one of the clones with silver thiosulfate and after 5 weeks of treatment it is now loaded with male flowers. Now I hope they continue to progress and make me lots of pollen. My only source around here for Sunshine Mix #4 or any other soilless medium has been out for weeks and says it will be weeks more before it is available again. I tried reusing some for my last batch of IPA clones and they are a good foot shorter than the previous ones. I may have to go back to dirt for awhile until the soilless supply chain gets back on track. Anyone else having this trouble in other parts of the country? Ok, on to the pics... And here is one of many buds that are showing male flowers now. That's all for now. I hope you all are staying safe and keeping em green.
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    I do not get you Toker, Fool is sharing something cool, and getting along with others, then you have to pull your shit show in the middle of it. SMH, this was time for the Olive branch, not thorns.
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    Update pictures,I change for bigger size pots soon,1gallon to 3 Gallons.I plan to make clones with root rio cubes soon than the plants is bigger... Thank's for Watching. Have good vibes.
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    A few days later they are filling up nicely all over! I is a happy camper!
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    i just got a little positive boost. good thing i didn't put away the lavender x bbs-ladies. had a kind soul helping me with some more beans, so the project is back up -> seeds are in water. i used those (lavender x blueberry sativa) and hit with them with holy princess-pollen. fresh seeds of a yet unknown combination ... in case someone wants to grow a few of those (no strings attatched), then let me know via pm. don't have many, small share meanwhile: (reclining buddha x lady cane) are about four weeks old = this is also still happening.
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    i have not been around for a while ,but ive still been growing ,here pictures of zkittlez first the lemon kush 2nd .... mac
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    Today I unwrapped grafted pepper scion #9, a Peruvian Purple into the crown of a Bell. The wound is almost seamless on the other side. Below is how the whole crown of the plant looks now, after sealing it and adding a little safety wire. The sealant is effective at catching bugs, and stops them from roaming around. Orange is the new purple!
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    The 18th day of flowering. We're not even into the fourth week of 12/12 and i have to water daily! Don't know if it's the strain, the led or the warmth of summer but i never had to water daily before. Don't get me wrong, no complaints from my end! On the following picture you can already see them yellowing ou t a bit from thirst. Specially the one to the left in the middle. No problem, those leaves will be gone soon after defoliation anyway. And to keep them from yellowing out further i'll increase the Ec a little next watering. That's the convenience of growing mineral. In the back you can see them dying of thirst. These ladies are binge drinkers and they binge drank right after the pictures on my treat! But no alcohol, they ain't eighteen! Bye bye!
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    So I should stop grafting my plants because some anti-vaxxer from Merica says so in a pot forum on the internet? Today's sweet peppers come in a rainbow of colors, but if your soil isn't amenable to growing them, you're going to end up with a plain-looking salad. If your climate is hot and wet during the growing season, many colored peppers won't thrive where chili peppers will. Combine a hardy chili rootstock with a scion, or cutting, of a desirable colored pepper to create a combination that offers the best of both worlds. Your plants will grow strong throughout the hot, wet season and your harvest will include all the gourmet peppers you want to eat. (Source) I've been searching for pictures of plants looking like my Peruvian Purple. The only source I could find is Mr Fatalii from Finland (of all places) who offers seeds of his Purple Bhut Jolokia. He put them in his "super hot" catagory. The fruits of it are not widely available on the market. Jukka sells them to a gourmet restaurant in Helsinki. "People used to think the earth is flat. Now we know better, it is round. Like a pancake!"
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    Be Nice Toker FOTH peppers are gorgeous, I am loving the show.
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    Yesterday was a hot and sunny day. Most pepper plants get a little droopy after a few hours of sunshine, except for the Peruvian Purple. The root stock has an influence on the scion, and the sweet pepper scion on top of the purple plant seems to benefit. It did not show the "drooping" like the other sweet peppers do. The flower buds are developing nicely on both parts of the composite plant. The purple scion on top of the sweet pepper (below) also grows well. Nicely branching, and both parts of the plant also have flower buds. Below is another Purple on top of a sweet pepper, grafted more recently Below is the purple scion on top of a Jalapeno. The Y-shaped scion is growing nicely, and the base plant made it's own crown. Flower buds on both parts. Then there's the little Jalapeno twig on top of a bushy Purple plant. And below is the Jalapeno scion into the crown of a Bell pepper. Big flower buds on the Bell, and very tiny buds on the Jalapeno part of this plant. I watched a few youtube films on grafting peppers, and they all remove the leafs from the scion when they graft it. I just trimmed the big leafs, but kept some smaller on. I think it gives them a better start. I could not believe my eyes this morning. The orange peppers turned red overnight! Should I call it Peruvian Rainbow now? There is more then a week of tropical weather predicted here, we're gonna have heat wave!
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    @santero got some great gear anything he makes brings the fire paps
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    Order placed. Thanks Cristalin
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    I know I'm a noob around here, but I'd be happy to run those out for you if nobody else can!
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    that are some beautiful plants there! i grew some purple bhut jolokia some years ago but i got the seeds from somehwere else. I gifted some plants to my grandma and she still grows them, actually just one plant every year because those chillis are so damn hot that only one dried chili is enough to hot up several meals for her. my favourite chili are the habanero and chocolate habanero, their specific taste and the kind of how the hotness developes in the mouth is very....hot haha
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    I got up this morning, checked on the girls, and they were staging some kind of walk-out protest. I don't speak their language, so I don't know what they were whining about. Since they were out anyway, I took clones from each, changed the carbon filter and did some light pruning/defoliation. It worked out for everyone. Or me, anyway. And when you're dealing with members of the plant kingdom, that's all that matters.
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    hello boys and girls, today I want to introduce to you another friend of the bible! nah just kidding, its update time. ...not much to say actually. I have the feeling that they got stuck for the last days due to a heavy heat we have since last week, could also be just my pov because I see them everyday my temperature gets up to 32-35ºC which is way too high for my liking. the silver lining is that they started to produce resin. the ccb in the back left side produces a nice thick layer while the other ccb in the front left doesn't look bad either. the least amount of resin has the acb which is kinda surprise to me...she has the best smell though and prettiest bud structure. the salmon river OG cones along nicely, I'm definitely looking forward to the dried golf ball nugs! they received a feeding today with 2ml bac-bloom, bacto powder, 5 ml guanolong extract and 0.5 ml cal-mag. I hope the temps drop again otherwise I need some a.c. up in this...attic! pics:
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    The thirteenth day of flowering. Yesterday I pinched the highest branches and also the growth spurts, to hopefully slow down growth a bit. The day before yesterday i poured nearly a hundred liters of water into the d.i.y. leaking tray and left it for the plants to drink. The pH was brought down to 5.5 and the Ec adjusted to 1.2. From left to right: Amnesia Haze and Shiva Skunk. More Shiva Skunk and Super Orange Glue. The Super Orange Glue is obviously less bushy then the other two strains and is known to not yield as heavy. Ideally i probably should have planted more Super Orange Glue plants per square meter. Time will tell! Super Shiva Skunk. No bugs!
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    Here's what I'm working with. Growing this year was rather spontaneous, I've only had a few outdoor plants the last couple of years and this year was going to be no different. A friend then offered to lend me his 18m2 (3x6) polytunnel. We started very late, end may/start june. 79 seeds sprouted and 42 females remain. Kaos (Huckleberry Kush x Ace of Spades) male (chosen out of 25, started january in windowsill) right left almost ready to shed pollen, I'll cut it down tonight and keep a few branches. It has a deep Afghan/Hash smell, hope it's good has a great grow potential though. Lastly the greenhouse with ladies in various flowering stages. Plants are: Atomic Jam Big White x Heribei Fayaka (Nepal x NYCD06) PiPi (Power Plant x White Widow) Sannie's Jack F9 Shackzilla Sugar Punch My own crosses: Huckleberry Kush x Ace of Spades Huckleberry Kush x Extrema (Huckleberry Kush x Extrema) x Strappleberry Huckleberry Kush x Hericules Huckleberry Kush x Mad Shack Huckleberry Kush x Mandala #1 (Katzu Kush x Killing Fields) x (Killing Fileds F3 x Sativa Queen F3) Killing Fields F3 x Sativa Queen F3 Kinky Blaze x Kinky Blaze Strappleberry x Strappleberry Unknown x Des*Tar Bx1 That's it. I have great plans for next year, but that's another story for another time. No updates until close to harvest, september. Have a good one.
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    You're all welcome! Yes it's light deprevation/ force flowering with a tarp. I started July 5th with some plants, the rest entered the schedule up to 2 weeks later. Some ladies have reached close to midway, we're in the 5th week of flowering. Morning update sun Shackzilla Sugar Punch HK x Mandala KF x SQ HK x Extrema Kinky Blaze Strappleberry KK/KF x KF/SQ
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    Thats a lot of work for peppers To each his own I think fruit trees be cooler and well these are bells but they have them in other style pepper seeds Think i paid a buck 50 for mi e last year
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    Thank's for watching and comments.For nutes I just give Buffertabs and my own worms casting juice (10 percent juice for 90 percent water). I order Reverse Osmosis Water filter (for drink water and plants), Water EC 0.5 it's hard.I start to grow organic soon (For better taste and more natural buds) with Sannie's tools Buffertabs+Bacto+Trichoderma, Osmosis water is good for organic grow ? I think I must add Calcium and Magnesium for Osmosis water because EC is 0.I know than Metrop Calgreen is a very good product but expensive. I don't know if it's best choice. New pictures in full sun from The new and Gorilla/zkittlez.Hope you like it.I order soon my Root Rio cubes for make some clones. Tomorrow I move plants in 3 Gallons Pots hope the 1 gallon pot full of roots... Have good vibes,One Love.
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    Nevermind. I guessed it and it works.
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    Day 46 was repotted today in 11l. The next few days i change to 12/12
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    You have some nice strains going. Ace of spades is one, not the cross, that will finish up in the Octopots in 6 weeks. Lovely plants
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    looking good at yours, shed! I hope you'll get a satisfactory haul with those beautiful ladies. the kaos sounds like a decent cross, i hope the male has what you're looking for! greetz
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    Back to the Future haze F2(purple male)....... F3 coming this Christmas be sure to sign up for the party..... o yes, very nice!!!!. also with the slight icing on the cake(pre flower is showing due to this (soon to be purple) haze getting root bound).... fly safe and stay high....
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    Hi Colombian gold clones are ok The first batch of seeds will be in our shop in few days ! Best regards
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    Yesterday i topped all of the bigger plants and made cuts from the Amnesia Haze. After that i poured 75 liters of water (pH 5.0 and Ec 1.3) into the leaking tray for the plants to drink the next couple of days. This morning i lowered both lights to the lowest point possible while trying to find a compromise between the plants in the middle and those on the side. Almost time to flip!
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    Impressive Grow Heya You da man Thanks for showing BigUp
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    Buffertabs should have some cal-mag, it might not be enough. The best and cheapest solution on soil is to buy a bag of dolomite-lime, it will last you several grows. Also do 50/50 on your osmosis water, it's not really nescessary to do osmosis. Rainwater would be best. Get some molasses and guano in your juice for flowering, if you're not going for commercial organic liquid fertilizers.
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    Nice report, you are too funny lol That Leroy I just harvested, has a citrus smell and taste, it is light, but even I can smell it ha!
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    100 grams a month of 1 single fenotype to introduce yourself properly to a single strain......the shorter the better....but i would like to see anyone hold a race with my gear lol....no harm just saying.... keep on keeping on.... genetic diversity/instability can only be bred out by selecting and continuing with true potency.... awesome stuff everyone... (add on) (so take in mind with that one lady to re-check the clone...) which (a clone) is a true representation of what you have in genetic balance and potency seedlings are somewhat of a preview of what you can have... but the clones prove the FIRE fly high and stay safe
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    Day six of flowering. Yesterday i poured 75 liters water with nutriment, pH 5.4 and Ec 1.3 (GHE BioSevia + BioBizz Fishmix.) in the tray and left in in there for the plants to drink the next couple of days. How much easier does growing get? On the left side Amnesia Haze and Super Shiva Skunk and to the right Super Orange Glue. Left. Right. The plants to the right are filling up a little less nice but when they are done growing i can switch crates with those that perform better.
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    I've been burning the candle at both ends lately, but I'm almost ready to flip to 12/12. Started final transplanting last night and got a total of four, yes FOUR plants up-potted. I'll get the rest tonight. The grow, so far, seems to be: 3 Killer Cookies girls, 1 unknown, 1 male 1 Pink Lemonade girl, 1 unknown, 1 male 3 Lemon Sunrise girls, 1 male 2 Storm Front girls, 3 males 1 Peyote Pancake clone from the last run So that's either 10, 11 or 12 in a 5' x 5' tent. That's pretty much in the normal range — except I'll probably have to do some bondage on the Lemon Sunrise girls, or they'll likely try to kiss the bulb. The four transplanted are toward the rear, with the Storm Front near the middle of the tent and the Lemon Sunrises to the right and also the one directly behind the Storm Front. The ones up front are sexed and unsexed Killer Cookies and Pink Lemonades. Then there's the revegged Pineapple Fields keeper (probably the only PF I'm keeping) in the rear left corner. One of her clones rooted, so it looks like the zombie plant will finally be allowed die. Better start cloning.
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    Note to self: Today the 26th of July 2020 i switched the clock to 12/1/2. I vegged the plants for 12 days, which may be a bit too long. Time will tell.
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    Today I removed the plastic bag from the seventh scion. It's Jalapeno into the crown of a Habanero. I removed one of the two top branches of the Habanero and inserted a forked scion (left side) in it's place. There's only an incision on the left side of the Habanero stem. The bag is off for a few hours now and no sign of wilting. I'm very happy with the way this one turned out. Both the Jalapeno scion and the Habanero shoot have little flower buds. I'll remove the wire in upcoming days. And maybe stick another scion in at that spot, in the future, if it heals up nicely. Here's an earlier grafted pepper plant. I just removed it's wire. You can clearly see it's traces.. I put grafting sealant on it after taking the above picture. One more pepper plant has a a scion attached to it that is still in a plastic bag. Coming soon...
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    hell yeah, to each his own grail :) i remember you raving about this one. BIG up, grobling !
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    Thanks guys. Time to catch you up again. We've been seeing decent weather here for the most part but have had some rain for a few days now. The rain has been welcomed as I planted grass seed about 10 days ago in a couple spots. We have been busy the last month or two filling low spots in the back yard. So far we've moved about 4 yards of topsoil and have been able to raise one corner of the yard several inches. We came across some old brick from a construction site and hauled them home to use as edging. Last summer I started building a wind break / seating area in our back yard. In the summer months we often have strong N.W. winds that make our back yard difficult to enjoy. I still have to put the roof on and level and fill the seating area. Gonna use 1/4" minus crushed gravel in the base that we will cover with outdoor area rugs. Gonna build a propane fire box for heat and ambiance and we''ll have some outdoor furniture to lounge around in. I planted a Clematis yesterday to climb and fill part of one wall. It will take a bit but once grown I think it will fill the space nicely. Here's a look... OK, on to grow room news. The 2 Megafauna's and single Phuuu's IPA are 8 weeks in tomorrow and they have bulked up nicely since the last update. I put the 2 IPA clones to 12's about 2 weeks ago and now the flower room is getting full. Gonna be a couple more weeks before the big girls are ready so they will all have to get cozy for a bit. Megafauna #2 @ 55 days Megafauna #3 @ 55 days This pheno of IPA is really impressive. She has the same hoppy IPA smell but it is mixed with what smells like curing epoxy resin, very intense and aromatic. She's not bad to look at either... That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and stay safe out there people.
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    There’s good news for the 54 million people who suffer from arthritis: A study commissioned by The Arthritis Society is investigating avenues toward developing breakthrough therapies using medical cannabis. Canadian researcher, Dr. Jason McDougall, received a Strategic Operating Grant from the organization to complete a three-year study on the ability of cannabis to effectively repair arthritic joints. McDougall is a professor of pharmacology and anesthesia at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and one of the world’s foremost pain researchers. The study aims to discover if cannabis-based medicine does more than simply dulls pain for arthritis suffers—what if it can actually reverse the damage? It’s the first research funded by the organization to look directly into therapies derived from medical cannabis. Cannabis Could Be Reversing Damage to Arthritic Joints
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