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    Just sitting here waiting to hear a peep Out of anyone much less a "valued member" Hehe In the interm Toker got some cows And these cuties
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    4 weeks approx for tropicana and fruit salad Cheese auto has 4 more weeks approx Orange punch autos around 60 days more.
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    YAY, now I get to show off again, TY Santero, New Bath Bomb mold
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    While researching for cancer, I found some great info on CBG, it actually repairs nerves, gives an appetite, is anti-nausea, better than CBD, no info if it keeps cancer from metastasizing so could not sub out CBG for CBD for cancer treatment, but could be added to it. But not at the same time, should be given a few hours apart because it can negate some of the benefits of CBD. I had known a few of these things, but had never read about how well it heals nerves. I have never found anything to treat neuropathy pain, I think mine is a bit more complex due to MS and diabetes, but cannabis so far has not touched it. CBG is supposed to treat it really well. Got to talking to a friend here, and I told him like CBD used to be so hard to find so is CBG. He came up with 30 pounds of it for me to process! I am hoping it does actually work for neuropathy, nerve pain is the most difficult to treat, we might have a new line of defense in the cannabis world.
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    A mention here and there is not bad, but when we start arguing or being offended by what folks say about politics, time to shut it down, we don't need to fight over that crap.
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    Far Red is built in my HLG Scorpion Diablo's. Probably the best leds out there atm. My plants get rooted under HLG 65watt Bspecs, that i have modified with very good dimmers. This is Aero waterbox cloners and some thermostat regulated propapagors, where i germinate seeds in a non stop cycle. 150 - 250 PFD, depending the fase. From there they go to the Larger HLG Bspecs. They contain blue diodes, Azul. My mothers, pregrowth happens in this lightspectrum. 300 - 500 PFD, depending the fase and room. NO UV. The ones i want to flower, go under the HLG Scorpion Diablo's. I still grow eb n flood like in the past, but just a lil more (allot) high tech ... with all kinds of data sensors. The far red lights are always on, same for the UVA (in light cycle, not dark cycle). HLG made a UVA bar that works extraordinary! The IR radiation from HID lights make plants stretch. Far red is mostly important for end of flowering. It mimics the angle of the sunlight in autumn, sunset in particular. Stretch depends on the combination of nm light you give. Some give stretch and some reduce stretch, togheter they give balance. Its complicated. From week 5 i start with 30 mins UVB light, who i have integrated on the Scorpion Diablos. Towards end of flowering i have increased at 2 hours, always mid light cycle. I trigger a SAR response with chitosan from young plants allready. The UVB in combo with chitosan is magic. PAR is history, we are almost in 2022. "ePar" is the todays standard. Pushing my plants up to 1000 pfd (an outer max without Co2), rocksolid buds who are frosty as hell. The downside of all this, is that i had to go overkill in carbonfilters. The terps levels are so high that they make me worry allot. The buds are so potent and smelly, that it has become hard to find strains that are only average potency for daytime usage. Far red differs among who make it, what diodes they use. There are different Nm options. Dont buy em blindfolded. Do research.
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    How do you use your far red lamps? Are they on whenever the main lights are on, or do you time it so it is on at particular times of the light period? How is the increase in stretch? Manageable?
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    Unstopable! nice work. Red spectrum depends what Nm range. The deep or far red, brought me more fire. A peak at red 620 nm is highly recommended, the combo with UV-B 310 nm = WOW
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    Right Fruit Salad SBR center Mindless left Veg tent
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    Show 1 country where the elites don't take advantage of the people. . I wait
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    New soap mold, I think I will have fun playing with this one.
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    copy and paste from og Didn’t do the blavender glue justice but I like the smell of all of them and the high is pretty nice too. I had a couple bananas on a lot of my plants this grow likely due to heat +water stress and possibly a few other things but I liked all of these plants more than I thought I would. They’re pretty ugly but they all smell pretty nice. Another fun strain from san fucked up by me Blavender glue 1. What I can only describe as “spicy thai” (bunch of shit mixed together, bit of wood,bit of dark berry, bit of licorice maybe a few other things) blueberry and a bit of fuel. B;avender glue 2. This one is the hardest to describe. Spicy, savoury (bouillon??), garlic/ onion like, sotolon, slight fuel Blavender glue 3. Spicy, berry, very heavy fuel Blavender glue 4 nice blueberry smell, very slightly minty, bit of gas. Blavender glue 5 similar to number 2 but with more gas.
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    2 fruit salads One Cindy Close up is c99
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    This was a limited release by e$ko, and then repo'ed by San. San sent a lot of these out and they were also on SeedHeaven for awhile. I just wanted to make a thread for people to show their Rhaspberry Truffle grows. I love the aroma, the high, and the structure of this plant - short and tough, is extremely nice. Here's some of mine: latest re-run Earlier version: OD Dried ... please post more
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    My latest rendition... a clone from one of the above
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    Hi, this is King Hydro (Amnesia core cut vs Lemon thai) seeds given by Hidronesia, special seed or special phenotype. I used to be a mapito grower, but i decided to go back to soil and mostly organic, I only use a little bit of metrop. I have used in this run no more than 250 cc in total of fertilisers. I have improve the soil with rock powders, IMO, worm casting, etc..... Pictures were taken two days before harvest. Enjoy it!!! I must thank Hidronesia for this great seed.
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    @GregShe is more racy than the core cut... 2 big breath from Mao's volcano and I was seriously overdosed.. my body was shaking and vibrating for long enough ..not to suggest any newbie... (for sure they will call the ambulance... because the matrix will collapse around them hahah)
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    This is very strong weed, plus super super great taste, too many years doing mapito looking for huge buds and production, but i was missing the best the taste and the organic, real good medicine, treating people with cancer with it too, very strong oil.
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    Chop day, look under the sunshine how they bright like a diamond!!!!! Super sticky and stinky!!!! Thanks god i live in a good area where the smell flies fast away from home!!!
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    for sure has got more aroma then it was in mapito. when drying i have to be very careful. this is a must for the amnesia lovers. When it was in mapito the first run, the buds were even bigger, the second run the buds same as this time in soil. My next run will be pure amnesia core cut, i want to see the differences. But as Hydro said, this AmnesiaCC X L.Thai. is better then the amnesia core cut. The smoke is also very very strong. Two bags of volcano and it will awake your pineal gland!!! hahahaha.
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    Nice one. Hidro and me made a good decision to bring them together. smile
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    My first run of her. Day 60-64, lost track. They will come down in 7 days. 2 different plants. Vegged different, but here at 8 weeks they cannot be told apart. The smell is fantastic, starting to color up too. Easy to grow, buds FAST (faster than my old Girl they are in with). I have them on 11/13 which makes them go LONGER........I bet under 12/12 this pheno would be already done. Appears to be a REAL 8 weeker!!!!! I have heard so much good about this strain, I am looking forward to smoking some of her!!!!! Peace, Jet P.S..........if Esko happens to see this...........YOU R RIGHT my friend.............Choc Rain REEKS of Raspberry big time!!!!! Took her down 4 days ago, my WHOLE house REEKS of FRUIT!!!! lol... I hope the smell translates into the smoke! I threw down 6 more CR Fems a few days ago, wonder how prevelant the "Raspberry" pheno is..................
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